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              0800 211 8925


              We Are Open Monday Till Thursday's 9am Till 5pm 

               Clock And Watchmakers Research 

              If you are looking to buy a clock, barometer or barograph by a specific maker we provide a sourcing service to find exactly what you are looking for please contact us for further details.  

              For a simple clock repair or major restoration we are happy to help and waiting for you call.

              We provide free information on clock and watch makers to all our customers who have used our service. 

              Bellow is our Database of English Clockmakers  

              Aaron, Alan of Manchester 

              Aaron, Benjamin Wolfe of London

              Aaron, Esther of Birmingham

              Aaron, Simon of Norwich

              Aaronson, George of Manchester

              Abbott, Charles J of Lavenham

              Abbott, Francis of Derby

              Abbott, Frank William of Rayleigh

              Abbott, James of London

              Abbott, Joseph H of Lavenham

              Abbott, Nathan of Liverpool

              Abbott, Thomas of London

              Abel & Katz of Manchester

              Abel Brothers of Faringdon

              Abel, Emanuel of Faringdon

              Abeling, William of London

              Abell, S & Co of Richmond

              Abell, Stephen of Richmond

              Ablit, Frederick of Ipswich

              Ablitt, John of Ipswich

              Abraham, A of London

              Abraham, Barnett of London

              Abraham, Godfrey of London

              Abraham, Josiah of Liskeard

              Abrahams, Ann, of London

              Abrahams, Elizabeth of London

              Abrahams, H of London

              Abrahams, Henry of London

              Abrahams, Isaac of London

              Abrahams, Isaac of Manchester

              Abrahams, Lewis of London

              Abrahams, Maurice of Southend

              Abrahams, Phineas of Manchester

              Abrahams, S of Croydon

              Abrahams, S S & B of London

              Abrahams, Solomon of Croydon

              Abrahamson Brothers of Liverpool

              Abram, George of Poulton-le-Fylde

              Absolon of London

              Ackers, William of Prescot

              Acklam, JP of London

              Ackland, William of Windsor

              Ackrill, Samuel of Woscester

              Acme Acton, Benjamin of Liverpool

              Acton, Benjamin of Manchester

              Acorn Time Recorders of Rochdale

              Adames, N of London

              Adams, Arnold & Co of London

              Adams, Benjamin of Bilston

              Adams, Bertie of Beckenham

              Adams, Edward Hewish of Exeter

              Adams, Ernest of Brighton

              Adams, Francis Bryant of London

              Adams, James CE of Croydon

              Adams, James of Wolverhampton

              Adams, John H of Sheffield

              Adams, John of Butts, Coventry

              Adams, Joseph of Stourbridge, Staffordshire

              Adams, R of Sherbne

              Adams, Richard of Sandy

              Adams, Robert of Stow Market

              Adams, SH of Midhurst

              Adams, Samuel, of Sheffield

              Adams, Thomas R of Sheffield

              Adams, Thomas of London

              Adams, Thomas of Middlewich

              Adamson of Liverpool

              Adamson, Albert of Chobham, Woking

              Adamson, Hugh of Liverpool

              Adamson, James of Manchester

              Adamson, James of Openshaw

              Adamson, John of Kilmarnock

              Adamson, John of Liverpool

              Adamson, Richard of Liverpool

              Adamson, Thomas of Liverpool

              Adamson, W A of Camberley

              Adamson, WA of Camberley

              Adcock, Samuel of Watton

              Adcock, William of Maidenhead

              Addison, John of Wolverhampton

              Adkins, Jesse of Alcester

              Adkins, John of Longton

              Adlard, James of Louth

              Adnum, George of London

              Aeger, Alex Powtrill of Bedford

              Aeschlimann, U of Kettering

              Agar, John of Bolton, Lancashire

              Agar, Thomas Mary & Sons, Bury

              Agar, William & Co of Bolton

              Ager, F & Son of Luton

              Agnew, J & M of St John

              Agnew, James of Randals Town, Belfast, Ireland

              Ahrendt, Frank of London

              Ahronsbeerg, Isaac of London

              Ainswth of Liverpool

              Ainswth, H of Romfd

              Ainswth, Henry of Hnchurch, Romfd

              Ainswth, JB of Croydon

              Ainswth, John of Bury

              Ainswth, John of Grays

              Ainswth, John of Shoeburyness

              Ainswth, John of Thnton Heath

              Ainswth, Joseph of Blackburn

              Ainswth, Thomas of Prescot

              Ainswth, W of Leatherhead

              Ainswth, William of Clayton-le-Mos

              Ainswth, William of Manchester

              Airey Alfred of Sunderland, Durham

              Airey Edward of Sunderland, Durham

              Airey Family of Nthumberland and Durham

              Airey James of Sunderland, Durham

              Airey Robert of Sunderland, Durham

              Airey Thomas of Sunderland, Durham

              Airey, Smith of Nthumberland and Sunderland

              Airey, Thomas and Co of Liverpool

              Aitchison, James of Falkirk, Stirlingshire

              Aitchison, William of Edinburgh

              Aitchison, William of Manchester

              Aitchison, William of Salford

              Aitken, John of Newton, Ayr

              Akeroyd, John J of Nelson

              Akingson, Thomas of South Shields

              Alais, CF of Peckham

              Albert, Emil of Liverpool

              Albert, Otto of Ipswich

              Albert, V of Colwyn Bay

              Albiez, Robert of Manchester

              Albin, John of Blackpool

              Albin, John of Brentwood

              Albin, John of Colchester

              Albin, John of Kettering

              Albin, John of Liverpool

              Albn, Joseph of Windsor

              Albut, John of Gateshead

              Alcock, Henry of Sheffield

              Alcock, Joseph of Maldon

              Alden, William of Gaytou, Colwich

              Alder, C G of Blyth

              Alder, Cuthbert Gibson of Blyth

              Alderslade, JT of London

              Alderson, William H of Manchester

              Aldous, Percival of Ipswich

              Aldred & Son of Yarmouth

              Aldridge, G of Buckhurst Hill

              Aldridge, George of Buckhurst Hill

              Aldridge, Joseph of London

              Aldy, Edward of Lincoln

              Alecock, Edward of Beccles

              Alecock, Joseph of Kelvedon

              Alexander & Son of Coventry

              Alexander Bros Lim of Liverpool

              Alexander S and Son of Coventry

              Alexander, Arthur George of Bungay

              Alexander, Charles of Barnstaple

              Alexander, E of Liverpool

              Alexander, F of London

              Alexander, George of Leith

              Alexander, HT & Co of Sheffield

              Alexander, Elizabeth of Sheffield

              Alexander, Robert of Leith

              Alexander, William of Hexham

              Alexander, William of London

              Aley, Thomas of London

              Alfred & Co of Liverpool

              Alker Brothers of Chley

              Alker, James of Chley

              Alker, John of Wigan

              Alker, Nicholas of Chley

              Allam & Caithness of London

              Allamand, Louis of London

              Allan, Adam of Lancaster

              Allan, Eman Edward of Ramsgate

              Allan, James of Kilmarnock

              Allan, Thomas of Wantage, Berkshire

              Allan, William J of Stockpt

              Allanson, W of Buckingham

              Allanson, William of Buckingham

              Allatson, William of London

              Allatson, William of Witham

              Alldis, Alfred Augustus of London

              Alldritt, Joseph of Burton-Upon-Trent

              Allen, A of Herefd

              Allen, A of Thrapston

              Allen, Alfred Joseph of Haynes, Bedford

              Allen, Alfred of Herefd

              Allen, Charles Downing of Stockport

              Allen, Charles of Bewdley

              Allen, Chas C of Chichester

              Allen, Claude of Aldeburgh

              Allen, Edwin H of Birkenhead

              Allen, Edwin Thomas of Birkenhead

              Allen, Ernest Edward of Dovercourt

              Allen, F G of Newcastle

              Allen, Frank of Newcastle

              Allen, Fred of Hillsbough, Sheffield

              Allen, George of London

              Allen, George of Sheffield

              Allen, H of Pangbourne

              Allen, Harry of Sheffield

              Allen, Henry of Reading

              Allen, J of Rye

              Allen, James of Watford

              Allen, Job of Bath

              Allen, John of St Albans

              Allen, John of Twerton, Bath

              Allen, Ellen of Sheffield

              Allen, Nman of Sheffield

              Allen, Owen of Bath

              Allen, Samuel of Coventry

              Allen, Terrance Gordon of Shoeburyness

              Allen, Thomas of Barnsley

              Allen, Thomas of Tenterden

              Allen, Thomas of Wolverhampton

              Allen, Victor of Market Lavington

              Allen, William of Longton

              Allen, William of Slough

              Allerding, Frederick of London

              Allgood, A of Ledbury

              Allgood, Alfred of Kington

              Allgood, Alfred of Ledbury

              Allgood, E, Miss of Ledbury

              Alliance Stes of Ilford

              Allin, Thomas of Salford

              Alling, James of London

              Allison, John George of Colchester

              Allison, Thomas of Gateshead

              Allkins, Sampson of Hncastle, Lincolnshire

              Allkins, Thomas of Fazeley

              Allkins, Thomas of West Bromwich

              Allmark, Charles of Chester

              Allott, John of Bradford

              Allport, Samuel of Birmingham

              Allson, William of St Albans

              Allsop, Ralph W of Grangetown

              Allsop, Tom S of Middlesbough

              Allsworth, JE of Norwood

              Almond, Richard of Devonport

              Alpen, H of Wimbledon

              Alper, Jacob of Hull

              Alsop, John of London

              Alston, Edward of Preston

              Altman, Abraham of Grimsby

              Altman, Betsy of Grimsby

              Alvey, George of London

              Ambler, George of Clayton

              Ambrose Brothers of Bath

              Ambrose, George of Fest gate

              Ambrose, John of Southport

              Ambrose, Martin of Wisbech

              Ambrose, Matthew of Wisbech

              Ambrosoni, A of Brighton

              Ambrosoni, Francis of London

              Ames, D of Portland

              Ames, James of Grimsby

              Amey, Charles of Southminster, Maldon

              Amoe, T of Worthing


              Ancre Ligne Droite

              Anderson & Geddes of London

              Anderson Robert of Glasgow

              Anderson, R of Dundee

              Anderson, Arthur of London

              Anderson, DS of Sheffield

              Anderson, Edward C of London

              Anderson, Edward Charles of London

              Anderson, F B of Gravesend

              Anderson, Frederick of Gravesend

              Anderson, H of Gravesend

              Anderson, Henry of Kincardine-on-Fth

              Anderson, J B of Newcastle

              Anderson, James of London

              Anderson, John of Hetton-le-Hole

              Anderson, John of London

              Anderson, Joshua Brown of Byker, Newcastle

              Anderson, K of Sheffield

              Anderson, Thomas Barker of Hnsea, Hull

              Anderson, Thomas of Liverpool

              Anderson, William of Auckland

              Anderson, William of Bristol

              Anderson, William of Paisley

              Anderson, William of Taunton

              Andress, Thomas of Buckenham

              Andrew & Lucas Fehrenbach

              Andrew & Son of Grantham

              Andrew, Alex of London

              Andrew, Charles John of Maldon

              Andrew, Charles of Grantham

              Andrew, Edward G of London

              Andrews, Charles of St Albans

              Andrews, Edward of Lower Clapton

              Andrews, Fraser Robert of Street

              Andrews, George of London

              Andrews, Haydock of Dublin

              Andrews, Haydock of Dublin

              Andrews, J of Clapham

              Andrews, John T of Liverpool

              Andrews, John of London

              Andrews, R of Oroundle

              Andrews, WT of Kings Lynn

              Andrews, William Henry Snr of Royston

              Andrews, William of Middlewich

              Anear, Frederick of Truro

              Angel, M of Newbury

              Angell, John Ltd of Maidstone

              Angell, John of Maidstone

              Angell, John of Tonbridge

              Anglo-American Watch Co of Manchester


              Angus, William & Sons of Liverpool

              Annard, William of London

              Anniversary Clocks

              Anns, Benjamin of Highwth, Wiltshire

              Ansell, Bernard of Sheffield

              Ansell, David of Leeds

              Ansell, H of Chatham

              Ansell, Leopold of Walthamstow

              Anthony, John Bray of Saint Ives

              Anthony, William of London


              Appleton & Co (gilders) of Liverpool

              Appleton, Bowser of Hessle, Hull

              Appleton, Henry of London

              Aprile, Family of Sudbury

              Aprile, Joseph of Ballingdon, Sudbury

              Aprile, Napoleon of Ballingdon,

              Arbon, William of Mendlesham, Stowmarket, Suffolk

              Archard, Alfred of London

              Archard, Henry of London

              Archbold, Henry of Yarmouth

              Archer, Christopher of Farnham

              Archer, Joseph of Burton-upon-Trent

              Archer, Richard of Stow-on-the-Wold

              Archer, S Jun of London

              Archer, Samuel Jun of London

              Archer, Samuel William of London

              Archer, Samuel of London

              Archer, T of Stoke Newington

              Archer, Thomas of London

              Archer, William of London

              Argent, Walter of Wthing

              Argent, William T of Rhyl

              Argent, William Tillett of Rhyl

              Argent, William of Colchester

              Argent, William of Rhyl

              Argrave, G P of Canterbury

              Ariell, James of London

              Aris, E & Son of Brixham

              Arkinstall, Francis of Drayton

              Arle, Alfred of London

              Arlot, William of Sunderland

              Armstrong, A of Wallsend

              Armstrong, AW of Liverpool

              Armstrong, Aldred Robert B of Heaton, Newcastle

              Armstrong, Arthur W of Liverpool

              Armstrong, Arthur William of Liverpool

              Armstrong, Azariah of Great Hadham

              Armstrong, B of Colchester

              Armstrong, George of London

              Armstrong, J V & Co of Walthamstow

              Armstrong, James of Richmond

              Armstrong, Robert of Manchester

              Armstrong, Thomas & Brother of Manchester

              Armstrong, Thomas of Adelaide, Lancashire

              Armstrong, Thomas of Bootle, Liverpool

              Armstrong, Thomas of Hawkshead, Milnethpe, Lancaster, Warton and Kendal

              Armstrong, Thomas of Manchester

              Armstrong, W of Saffron Walden

              Armstrong, William of Saffron Walden

              Arnett, C of Butts, Coventry

              Arnold & Dent

              Arnold & Lewis of Manchester

              Arnold Adams & Co

              Arnold, Bening of London

              Arnold, Benjamin of Petworth

              Arnold, Bertie G of Gillingham

              Arnold, Edward of Leicester

              Arnold, George Henry of Croydon

              Arnold, Henry C of Kingston

              Arnold, Henry of Maidenhead

              Arnold, JR of London

              Arnold, James of Nthampton

              Arnold, John Roger of London

              Arnold, NSW of Canterbury

              Arnold, Single of Higham's park

              Arnold, Walter F of Deal

              Arnold, William S of London

              Arnold, William of Stony Stratford

              Arnott, Richard of London

              Arnsby, William John of Nthampton

              Aron, Adolphe of London

              Aronson, Harris of Carnarvon

              Aronson, John of Bangor

              Aronson, Lewis H of Bangor

              Aronson, Saul & John of Bangor

              Arrowsmith, Henry of Birkenhead

              Arter, Martha of Bristol

              Arthur George of Openshaw

              Arthur, Peter of Penzance

              Arthurs, Joseph S of Dorking

              Arthurs, Joseph Seymour of Dorking

              Asbridge, James of Salisbury

              Ascoli, Augustus of Wood Green

              Ash, Ada Mary, of Hove

              Ash, David of London

              Ash, Henry of Dartmouth

              Ashby, John of Liverpool

              Ashcroft, Francis of Manchester

              Ashcroft, William of Wigan

              Ashdown, Charles of West Ham

              Ashdown, W of London

              Ashfield, William of Bury St Edmunds

              Ashford & Relf of Croydon

              Ashford and Davis Ltd of Ilford

              Ashfd and Davis Ltd of Stratford East

              Ashford, Robert of Crawley

              Ashford, Sutton of Haleswth

              Ashford, William of Ipswich

              Ashley Brown & Sons of Deal

              Ashley, David of Whittlesey

              Ashley, Edward & Son of London

              Ashley, Edward of London

              Ashley, John of Liverpool

              Ashley, John of South Bank

              Ashley, Raymond of Sheffield

              Ashman, C of Newmarket

              Ashman, George of Newmarket

              Ashme, Robert of London

              Ashton, F Mrts of Sheffield

              Ashton, Francis W P of Liverpool

              Ashton, George of Leek

              Ashton, James of Tideswell & Glossop

              Ashton, John of Leek

              Ashton, John of Lincoln

              Ashton, Martin of Ashbourn

              Ashton, Susannah, of London

              Ashton, Thomas of Macclesfield

              Ashton, William of Barton Upon Humber

              Ashwell & Chambers of Harlow

              Ashwell & Chambers of Newport

              Ashwell & Chambers of Stansted

              Ashwell, Arthur of Bishops Sorttford

              Ashwin, Thomas & Co of Birmingham

              Ashwth, Jane Victoria, Miss of St Albans

              Ashworth, John & Co of Manchester

              Ashworth, John of Bacup

              Ashworth, Peter of Manchester

              Ashworth, Richard of Manchester

              Ashworth, Thomas of Nelson

              Ashworth, William Herbert of Southport

              Ashworth, William of Blackburn

              Ask, William of Wakefield

              Askew & Son of Westerham

              Askew, James of Preston

              Aslett, Marjie A Miss of Canterbury

              Aspin, Benjamin of Oldham

              Aspinall, Benjamin of Bolton

              Aspinall, William of Bolton

              Astbury, William Henry of Manchester

              Astle, Frederick of Sheffield

              Astley, JL of Cemmes

              Astley, JL of Llanfair Caereinion

              Aston, John of Lincoln

              Astral Atherton, John of St Helens

              Atkin & Rippon of Spilsby

              Atkin, Alfred of Sheffield

              Atkin, E of Sheffield

              Atkin, Francis of Liverpool

              Atkin, John of Liverpool

              Atkin, Robert of Liverpool

              Atkins, Alexander of Grays

              Atkins, F of London

              Atkins, George & Son

              Atkins, John B of Warwick

              Atkins, John of Bristol

              Atkins, Robert of London

              Atkins, William of London

              Atkins, William sen of London

              Atkinson & Rippon of Spilsby

              Atkinson, George A of Liverpool

              Atkinson, George of Liverpool

              Atkinson, George of Louth

              Atkinson, JC of Newton-le-Willows

              Atkinson, John of Dudley

              Atkinson, Robert of Lancaster

              Atkinson, Robert of Liverpool

              Atkinson, William of Wallsend

              Atterbury, John of London

              Attew, J of Battersea

              Atton, FT of Stamford

              Attwell, William of Uxbridge

              Attwell, William Henry of Romford

              Attwood, M of London

              Atwood, William of Lewes

              Aubert & Klaftenberger of London

              Aubrey, Richard Stephen of London

              Audemars, Louis of London

              Audley, Thomas of Liverpool

              Audus, F of Kettering

              Ault, James of Belper

              Ault, RM of Southend

              Ault, Robert M of Southend

              Ault, Thomas of London

              Austen, AM of Loughton

              Austen, Ambrose J of London

              Austen, Hace E of Walthamstow

              Austen, John of London

              Austen, Richard of Liskeard

              Austin, Albert E of Lincoln

              Austin, CR of Withernsea, Hull

              Austin, Charles Robert of Hull

              Austin, Frederick Charles of Richmond

              Austin, Jack of Thoprpe-le-Soken, Clacton

              Avard, Joseph of Guernsey

              Aveery, Robert William of Margate

              Avenall, William of Portsmouth

              Avenell, Charles of London

              Avenell, Philip of Farnham and London

              Avenell, William

              Aves, Nathan E of West Hartlepool

              Awty, C of Buckhurst Hill

              Ayers, Thomas of East Dereham

              Ayle, H of Gatehead

              Aylward , John of Aylesbury

              Aylward , John of Guildfd and Braintford

              Ayres, Joseph of Sheffield

              Ayshfd, R of Crawley

              Azans, Charles of London

              Azulay, Raphael of London

              Baab, John Martin of London

              Babb, Thomas of London

              Bach, Albert of London

              Bach, Anton of London

              Bach, Thomas & Co of Hull

              Back, F W of Dagenham

              Back, Robert of Peterborough

              Bacon, Charles of London

              Bacon, J of Chertsey

              Bacon, James of Chertsey

              Bader, Jacob of Sheffield

              Bader, Joseph of Bangor

              Bader, Joseph of Holyhead

              Badley, James G of Liverpool

              Badollet, John M & Co of London

              Baggs, Samuel of London

              Bagley, M of Llandudno

              Bagley, Martha of Llandudno

              Bagnall, Robert of Penkridge

              Bagnall, William Henry of London

              Bagnell, G of Newcastle

              Bagshaw, David of London

              Bailie, Samuel of Drome

              Bailes, John George of Heaton, Newcastle

              Bailey, Basil W of Brighton

              Bailey, Charles of Manchester

              Bailey, Edward R of London

              Bailey, Edwin James of Surrey

              Bailey, George of Luton

              Bailey, H of Lancaster

              Bailey, Henry Richard of Folkestone

              Bailey, Henry of Widnes

              Bailey, JP of Southampton

              Bailey, James A of Soham

              Bailey, John H of Northampton

              Bailey, John Henry of Berkhamstead

              Bailey, John Henry of Great Berkhamstead

              Bailey, John Simpson of Louth

              Bailey, John of Bingley

              Bailey, John of Brixton

              Bailey, John of Egham

              Bailey, John of Henfield

              Bailey, John of Horncastle

              Bailey, John of London

              Bailey, John of Salford

              Bailey, Junius of London

              Bailey, Junius of Wood Green

              Bailey, Samuel of Newcastle-on-Tyne

              Bailey, W H & Co of Salford

              Bailey, William of London

              Bailey, William of Soham

              Baillie, William of Glasgow

              Baines, DH & Co of Sheffield

              Baines, DH of Sheffield

              Baines, Thomas of Hyams Park, Chingford, Walthamstow

              Baines, Thomas of North mesby, Middlesborourgh

              Baines, Thomas of Preston

              Baird, Eli of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Baird, George of Carlisle

              Baird, W & J of London

              Bairstow, John of Wakefield

              Baker Brothers Jewellers Ltd of Bedford

              Baker Brothers of Hythe & Dymchurch

              Baker, A of Faversham

              Baker, A of Finchley

              Baker, Alfred of Liverpool

              Baker, Ann of Tamworth

              Baker, Charles Frederick of London

              Baker, Charles of London

              Baker, Claude J of Cuckfield, Haywards Heath

              Baker, David of Billinshurst & Horsham

              Baker, E of Gravesend

              Baker, Edward of London

              Baker, F J of Hounslow

              Baker, Frederick of Liverpool

              Baker, Frederick of Twyford

              Baker, George Jnr of Montacute

              Baker, George John of Wigan

              Baker, George of Holborn

              Baker, H E of Warwick

              Baker, Henry of Great Appleby and Appleby Magna

              Baker, Hubert of Horsham

              Baker, J of Banbury

              Baker, J of Preston

              Baker, JC of Torquay

              Baker, J F of Hounslow

              Baker, James of Prescot

              Baker, John of Stafford and Barry

              Baker, Joseph of Appleby Magna

              Baker, Joseph of Hounslow

              Baker, Joseph of Warwick

              Baker, Richard of Tamworth

              Baker, Samuel of Birmingham

              Baker, T W of Ledbury

              Baker, Thomas W of London

              Baker, W of Horsham

              Baker, W of Chipping Norton

              Baker, W of Newcastle

              Baker, William D of Hesham

              Baker, William of Liverpool

              Baker, William of London

              Baker, William of Newcastle

              Bakers of Southampton

              Balchin, H & Son of Sutton

              Baldock Brothers of Brighton

              Baldock, John C of Clacton

              Baldock, Sarah, of London

              Baldrey, James of Southwold

              Baldwin Joseph of Burton-Upon-Trent

              Baldwin, Henry H of Manchester

              Baldwin, Henry H of Southport

              Baldwin, Henry Holmes of Chorlton on Medlock

              Baldwin, J of Hornsey

              Baldwin, James M of Huddersfield

              Baldwin, James of Burton-Upon-Trent

              Baldwin, Jeremiah of Andover

              Baldwin, John of Stowmarket

              Baldwin, Joseph of Burton-Upon-Trent

              Baldwin, Thomas of London

              Baldwin, William of Keighley, Yorkshire

              Bale, Henry of Upper Clapton

              Balfe, T of Potton

              Balfe, Thomas of Potton

              Ball, Benjamin of Utoxetter

              Ball, George Henry of March

              Ball, Joseph of Liverpool

              Ball, Samuel of High Wycombe

              Ball, Thomas of Rotherham

              Ball, William of Manchester

              Ball, William of Rainhill

              Ball, William of Truro

              Ball, William of Wycombe

              Ballantyne, William of Edinburgh

              Ballantyne, William of London

              Ballantyne, William of Musselborurgh

              Ballard & Son of Frome

              Ballard George of Reading

              Ballard, H of Upper Edmonton

              Ballard, J of Hurst Green

              Ballard, John of Leytonstone

              Ballard, W of Cranbrook

              Ballard, William of Cranbrooke

              Ballard, William of Leominster

              Ballinger, Arthur of Southend

              Balmer, Thomas of Liverpool

              Balsom, W Austin of Reading

              Bamber, Abraham of Preston

              Bamber, John of Liverpool

              Bamber, Samuel of Blackpool

              Bamfield, Samuel of Wednesbury

              Bancroft & Co of Darlington

              Bancroft of Stockport

              Bancroft, Isaac of Derby

              Bancroft, James of Stockport

              Bandon, Frederick of Bedford

              Banister, John of Newport, Isle of Wight

              Banister, Joseph of Colchester

              Banister, Joseph of Colchester

              Bank, J & Son of Pt Dorinwic

              Bank, John of Llangefni

              Bank, John of Pt Dorinwic

              Banks, Charles G of Birkenhead

              Banks, Charles R of Sheffield

              Banks, George of Darlaston, Staffdshire

              Banks, James of Ormskirk

              Banks, John of Liverpool

              Banks, John of Ormskirk

              Banks, John of Pt Dorinwic

              Banks, Miss Francis of Sheffield

              Banner, Frank Edgar of Peacehaven, Newhaven

              Banning, William of Liverpool

              Bannister, E C of Midhurst

              Bannister, Henry of London

              Bannister, Henry of Soho

              Bannister, James of London

              Bannock, B of Braintree

              Banting & Gardiner of London

              Banyard, Charles of Upwell

              Barber, Abram of London

              Barber, Aquila of Bristol

              Barber, Benjamin of Cullompton

              Barber, Charles of Nottingham

              Barber, E of Lowerstoft

              Barber, Harry James of Hadleigh, Suffolk

              Barber, John of Droitwich, Worcestershire

              Barber, Jonas of Winster

              Barber, R of Carnarvon

              Barber, RG of Carnarvon

              Barber, Richard of Sheffield

              Barber, W C of Carshalton

              Barber, William of Aylsham

              Barber, William of Eye

              Barcham, Asher of Tonbridge

              Barclay, James of London

              Barclay, Maurice of Brighton

              Bard, Emil of London

              Bardett, Joseph W of Llandudno

              Barfoot Brothers of Hove

              Barfoot, Cnelius Henry of London, Bournemouth and Huntingdon

              Barfoot, R E of South Petherton

              Barfoot, R T & Co of Brighton

              Barfoot, W of Brighton

              Barfoot, William of Brighton

              Barfoot, William of London

              Barham, Arthur John of Dunmow

              Barham, Arthur John of Felstead

              Barham, G & Son of Robertsbridge

              Barham, G of Hawkhurst

              Barham, H & Son of Hawkhurst

              Barham, H M of Colchester

              Barham, Henry Matson of Witham

              Barham, Hace John of Tonbridge

              Bark, William of Kidderminster

              Barker & Sons of Southport

              Barker, B B of Croydon

              Barker, Charles of Manchester

              Barker, Charles of Man Park

              Barker, Edward James of Folkestone

              Barker, Frank of Easingwold

              Barker, J H of Southport

              Barker, James of London

              Barker, James of Southport

              Barker, John of Chichester

              Barker, John & Son of Harlow

              Barker, Joseph of Liverpool

              Barker, Samuel Keer of Framlingham, Suffolk

              Barker, W of Sheffield

              Barker, William Keer of Beccles, Suffolk

              Barker, William of Seaham Harbour

              Barkshire, James of Reading

              Barling, J of Maidstone

              Barlow Benjamin of Ashton & Oldham

              Barlow, James of Northwich

              Barlow, Richard of Manchester

              Barlow, Robert of Liverpool

              Barlow, Samuel of Stockport

              Barlte, James of Alford

              Barnaby, Samuel Bishop of Derby

              Barnacle, David of Preston

              Barnacle, James of Blackpool

              Barnard, Alfred of Maldon

              Barnard, F of Sheerness

              Barnard, Franz John of London

              Barnard, Franz of London

              Barnard, J of Erith

              Barnard, J of Eton, Winds

              Barnard, James T of London

              Barnard, James Thompson of London

              Barnard, James of Sittingbourne

              Barnard, John of Ipswich

              Barnard, RJ of Middlesbough

              Barnard, William of Newark

              Barnby & Rust of Hull

              Barnby & Son of Hull

              Barnby, Bishop of Hull

              Barnby, Samuel Bishop of Hull

              Barned, Israel & Co, of Liverpool

              Barnes & Son of Gainsbough

              Barnes, CM of Haverhill, Suffolk

              Barnes, Charles Frederick of Manchester

              Barnes, F of Epping

              Barnes, F of Romford

              Barnes, Frederick of Epping

              Barnes, G of Acton

              Barnes, G I of Gainsbough

              Barnes, George of Acton

              Barnes, George of Lincoln

              Barnes, George of Sandhurst

              Barnes, J G of London

              Barnes, John of London

              Barnes, Joseph of Alford

              Barnes, Richard of Manchester

              Barnes, Thomas of Gainsbourgh

              Barnes, Thomas of Grimsby

              Barnes, Thomas of London

              Barnett & Scott of Hull

              Barnett, B Ltd of Leyton

              Barnett, Barney of Hull

              Barnett, I of Ramsgate

              Barnett, J of London

              Barnett, John of Tavistock

              Barnett, Michael of London

              Barnett, OJ of Aberdovey

              Barnett, OJ of Llangefni

              Barnett, OJ of Towyn

              Barnett, Owen J of Towyn

              Barnett, Peter of Salford

              Barnett, Philip of Liverpool

              Barnett, Samuel of Spalding

              Barnett, Thomas H of Grimsby

              Barnett, Thomas Henry of Winterton, Brigg

              Barnett, W of Llangefni

              Barnett, William of Llangefni

              Barnfather, H of Newcastle

              Barnfather, Henry of Newcastle

              Barnish, William of Rochdale

              Barnitt, Joseph of Birmingham

              Barns, George P of Leytonstone

              Barnsbery, Thomas of Battersea

              Barnsby, William Walter of Sheerness, Kent

              Barnsby, John Hubert of, Somerset

              Barnsby, T of Battersea

              Barnsby, WJ of Chelmsford

              Barnsby, William James of Chelmsford

              Barnsdale, John of Norwich

              Barnsdale, William of London

              Barnys, The Jewellers of Guildford

              Baroda Gems of Paington

              Baron, Job H of Sheffield

              Barr & Son of Alford

              Barr, Fidele of Newcastle and Edinburgh

              Barr, John of Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland

              Barr, John of Port

              Barr, William (& Son) of Hamilton

              Barr, William of Paisley

              Barraclogh, Thomas of Haworth

              Barrat, Peter of St Day, Redruth

              Barratt, C W of Taunton

              Barratt, F N of Sheffield

              Barratt, George of Norwich

              Barratt, Henry W of London

              Barratt, W H & Son of Sheffield

              Barratt, Walter H of Sheffield

              Barraud & Lund of London

              Barraud & Lunds of London

              Barraud, James of London

              Barraud, John of London

              Barraud, Frederick Joseph of London

              Barraud, Frederick of London

              Barraud, Hilton P of London

              Barraud, Paul Philip of London

              Barrauds' & Lund of London

              Barrell, G of Woolwich

              Barrett, E of Blandford

              Barrett, Edmund of Northampton

              Barrett, Harry of London

              Barrett, Henry William of London

              Barrett, Isaac of London

              Barrett, James of Oldham

              Barrett, John of London

              Barrett, John of Westminster

              Barrett, Percy Reginald of Walthamstow

              Barrett, R of Ipswich

              Barrett, Thomas of Lewes, Sussex

              Barrett, Thomas of Little Waltham

              Barrett, William E of Epping

              Barrett, William of London

              Barrie of Edinburgh, Scotland

              Barrie, Andrew of Edinburgh

              Barrington, Isaac of Liverpool

              Barron, Charles H of Hull

              Barron, J of Conway

              Barron, John of Leeds

              Barron, William Alfred of Islington

              Barron, William of London

              Barrow, Benjamin Francis of London

              Barrow, David of Prescot

              Barrow, J of Ross

              Barrow, John of Bradford

              Barrow, John of London

              Barrow, John of Ross

              Barrow, Nathaniel of London

              Barrow, Robert of Farnworth

              Barrow, William H of Lancaster

              Barrow, William of Bradford

              Barrow, William of Liverpool

              Barrs, Herbert A of Reading

              Barrs, S of Winds

              Barrs, Samuel of Winds

              Barry, Edward of Man Park

              Barry, Frederick William of Beckenham

              Barry, James of London

              Barry, John Prittard of Bath

              Barry, Thomas of Bolton

              Barter, George Gannaway of London

              Barter, J of Dorchester

              Barthelemy, Lewis Charles of London

              Bartholomew, J of London

              Bartholomew, Josiah of London

              Bartholomew, Josiah of Sherborne

              Bartle, Chas of Wellingbough

              Bartle, George of Brigg, Caist and Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

              Bartle, W G of Northampton

              Bartle, William of Market Rasen

              Bartlett, S J of Maidstone

              Bartlett, Samuel of Maidstone

              Bartlett, William of Plymouth

              Bartley & Eggert of Bristol

              Bartley, Andrew of Bristol

              Bartley, Mark of Bristol

              Bartley, Sylvia of Bristol

              Bartman, George of London

              Barton William of Colchester

              Barton, Alfred of Mortlake

              Barton, C of Maidstone

              Barton, Henry of Preston

              Barton, Hudson of Liverpool

              Barton, J of Newcastle

              Barton, James of Newcastle

              Barton, John of Manchester

              Barton, Joseph of Liverpool

              Barton, R of Oxford

              Barton, R of Witney

              Barton, R H of Chertsey

              Barton, R H of Weybridge

              Barton, Rix of Brinton

              Barton, Robert Henry of Addlestone

              Barton, Robert Henry of Walton

              Barton, Thomas of Blackpool

              Barton, Thomas of Hanley

              Barton, Thomas of London

              Barton, Thomas of Manchester

              Barton, W of Braintree

              Barton, William of Braintree

              Barwell, John T of Whittlesey

              Barwell, John Thomas of Whittlesey

              Barwick Brothers of Keighley

              Barwick Brothers of Skipton

              Barwick, Samuel of Boston

              Barwick, Samuel of Spalding

              Barwise, John of London

              Barwise, Lot of Cockermouth

              Bascom & Brother of Liverpool

              Basham, David of Boston, Lincolnshire

              Baskow, Charles Oscar of Howden

              Basnett, James of Liverpool

              Bass, G of Northampton

              Bassett, William of Oakhampton

              Bassnett & Son of Liverpool

              Bassold, Edward of London

              Bastable & Witham

              Bastow, Thomas of Plymouth

              Bate, Louis of Baldock

              Bateman, Andrew of London

              Bateman, John & Sons of London

              Bateman, John of Mold, Nth Wales

              Bateman, T of Cambridge

              Bateman, Teresa of London

              Bates, C of Deganwy

              Bates, Edward of Cuckfield

              Bates, Harry Claude of Sheffield

              Bates, J of Cuckfield

              Bates, J of Kettering

              Bates, J of New Hampton

              Bates, James of New Hampton

              Bates, James of Stanley

              Bates, Robert George of London

              Bates, Thomas of London

              Bates, Walter J of Luton

              Bates, William of Rugby

              Bath, James of Walcot, Bath, Somerset

              Batt, E A of Upton Park

              Batt, John of Petersfield

              Battam & Co of London

              Battens, B of London

              Batterbee, John of Llanfair

              Batton, Arthur Edward of Ipswich

              Batty, John of Halifax

              Batty, John of Stockport

              Batty, William & Sons of Manchester & Liverpool

              Bauerle, A of Edinburgh

              Baum, J of Brighton

              Baum, Maurice, of Sheffield

              Baume & Co of London

              Baume & Lezard of London

              Baumeyer & demeyer of London

              Baumeyer & Mayer of London

              Baumgart, Charles of London

              Baumgart, Charles

              Joseph of Almondbury

              Baur, James of London

              Bausch, F of Newcastle

              Bawden, Edward of London

              Bawden, William of Weston-super-Mare

              Bawden, William of Westonzoyland

              Bax, F of Old Brentford

              Bax, Frank S of Old Brentford

              Baxendine, R of Romford, Essex

              Baxter Brothers of Gravesend

              Baxter Family of Conderton

              Baxter, James of Liverpool

              Baxter, John

              Baxter, John of Shrewsbury

              Baxter, T of Bury St Edmunds

              Baxter, Thomas

              Baxton, William of Bishop Auckland

              Bayer, Mathias of London

              Bayfield, EL of Lowerstoft

              Bayley Brothers of Peckham

              Bayley, Bernard & Son of London

              Bayley, Charles of London

              Bayley, F of Uttoxeter

              Bayley, Joseph of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Bayley, Richard of London

              Bayley, T of Weybridge

              Bayley, W & A of Peckham

              Bayley, W of East Dulwich

              Bayley, William of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Baylie, Barnard of London

              Baylis, H J of Shepton Mallet

              Baylis, Henry John of Reading

              Baylis, William George of Glastonbury

              Baylis, William of Bristol

              Bayliss, Edmund Frank of Brighton

              Bayliss, JP of Barrow-in-Furness

              Bayliss, Maria, of Stockport

              Bayly, John Philip of London

              Bayman, Harry of Sheffield

              Bayne, Arthur of Lowerstoft

              Bayne, John of Stirling

              Bayne, WJ Ltd of Guildford

              Bayne, William of Alstone

              Bayne, William of Alston

              Baynes, Richard of Bolton

              Bazley, KA of Bournmouth

              Beach Novelty Co of Felixstowe

              Beach's of Wrexham

              Beadwell, Edward of Penge

              Beal, J of Oundle

              Beal, John of Fairford

              Beal, Michael of Sheffield

              Beal, R of Sheerness

              Beale, Joseph of Twickenham

              Beale, Joshua of Twickenham

              Beall, M of St Ives

              Beamish, S of Croydon

              Beamont, Edmund Wegg of Hull

              Bean, Thomas of Hayling

              Bear, Robert of Hertford

              Beard's of Cheltenham

              Beard, Philip of Needham Market

              Beard, Robert of Halstead

              Beard, William Henry of London

              Beardme, Joseph of Bristol

              Beardsall's of Rhos-on-Sea

              Beardsworth, W of Liverpool

              Bearman, John of Bristol

              Bearn & Son of Wellingbough

              Beasley, James W of Liverpool

              Beaumont, Allen & Son of New Malden

              Beaumont, C J of Gravesend

              Beaumont, James of Bingley

              Beaumont, Samuel of Manchester

              Beaumont, William of Saffron Walden

              Beaven, E of Tottenham

              Beaven, Ebenezer of Tottenham

              Beaven, G of Farnham

              Beaven, J of Enfield, Middlesex

              Beaver, Jas of Coventry

              Beaver, Louis of Manchester

              Beaver, Marcus of Manchester

              Beavington, Charles of Stourbridge

              Beazley, Frederick William of London

              Beazley, Raymond of Sheffield

              Bebbington, Creasey of Burslem

              Bebbington, James of Burslem

              Bebington, John of Audley

              Bebington, John of Liverpool

              Beck, Charles Edward of Llanfairfechain

              Beck, Charles of Llanfairfechan

              Beck, George of March

              Beck, Richard of Bradford

              Beck, T A of Wimbledon

              Beck, W of Battersea

              Beck, William E of South Shields

              Becker, Edward of London

              Beckett & Co of Whitley Bay

              Beckett, Frederick of New Barnet

              Beckett, JF of Lowerstoft

              Beckett, Watson & Son of Gateshead

              Becton, John of Bury StEdmunds

              Beddows, James of Wolverhampton

              Bedford, Henry Edward of Hallifax

              Bedford, Henry William of London

              Bedford, Stephen of Harborne

              Bedford, William Thomas of Hallifax

              Bedford, William of Hingham

              Bedward, T W of Richmond

              Bedward, TW of Mortlake

              Bedwell, J R of Colchester

              Bedwell, John Robert of Colchester

              Bee, J of St John's Chapel

              Bee, Joseph of Stanhope

              Beech, Charles of Ipswich

              Beecroft, Edward of Leeds

              Beefield, George of London

              Beeland, John of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Beeley, Thoms of Sheffield

              Beeney & Son of Parkstone

              Beer, John R of Plymouth

              Beesley, Edward of Prescot

              Beesley, Eli Samuel of Coventry

              Beesley, George & Robert of Liverpool

              Beesley, James of London

              Beesley, James of Manchester

              Beesley, John of Liverpool

              Beesley, John of Prescot

              Beesley, Joseph of Liverpool

              Beesley, Richard and George of Liverpool

              Beesley, Thomas of Liverpool

              Beesley, William of Appleton

              Beeton, John of Stilton

              Beha, Richard of Sutton

              Beha, Thadeus of Nottingham

              Behrens, Jacob of Nottingham

              Beifield, George of London

              Beiger, Michael of London

              Beirne, W of Wrexham

              Beisly, W R of Wallingford

              Belcher, A of Wantage

              Belcher, Albert of Wantage

              Belcher, J of Faringdon

              Belcher, James of Faringdon

              Belcher, Jesse of Reading

              Belfield, F W of Canterbury

              Belk, Albert of Sheffield

              Bell Brothers of Sheffield

              Bell William of Lancaster

              Bell and Atkinson of Lancaster

              Bell of Boscombe of Bournmouth

              Bell, A of Man Park

              Bell, Adam of Accrington

              Bell, Alfred of Wisbech

              Bell, Benjamin of Tunstall

              Bell, Benjamin of Uttoxeter

              Bell, Edward & Son of Uttoxeter

              Bell, Edward of Ashbourn

              Bell, Edward of Uttoxeter

              Bell, G H of Winchester

              Bell, James of Newcastle

              Bell, John of Burnley

              Bell, John of Kirkby-Longsdale

              Bell, John of London

              Bell, John of Manchester

              Bell, John of South Shields

              Bell, Joseph W of Leeds

              Bell, Joseph of Accrington

              Bell, Joseph of Blackburn

              Bell, Joseph of Norwich

              Bell, Robert of Liverpool

              Bell, Thomas F of Leeds

              Bell, Walter of London

              Bell, William of Darwen

              Bell, William of Sowerby, Thirsk

              Bell, William of Sunderland

              Bellamy, G of Wisbech

              Bellamy, Joseph of Grimsby

              Bellatti, Louis Lawrence of Lincoln

              Bellatti, Louis of Lincoln

              Bellemy, G of Wisbech

              Belling, John of Bodmin

              Bellion, Charles of Chester

              Bellion, Charles of Kington

              Bellion, Charles of Liverpool

              Bellion, Edward of Liverpool

              Bellion, Frederick of Kington

              Bellman, Daniel of Broughton-in-Furness

              Bellman, Thomas of Ulverston

              Bellman, William of Broughton-in-Furness and Kendal

              Belloni, F of Shaftsbury

              Belloni, Frederick of Shaftesbury

              Bellringer, Fraser of London

              Belsey, John of London

              Belsham, Walter of Sunderland

              Belton, Frederick H of Southport

              Bendon, George& Co of London

              Benedict, Elias of Liverpool

              Benfd, John & George of London

              Benfd, John of London

              Bengeman & Aaron of London

              Benham, John of Bradninch, Cullompton

              Benham, John of Cullompton

              Benjamin, Joel of London

              Benjamin, Michael of London

              Benkel, Louis of London

              Bennet, George of Liverpool

              Bennet, John of Liverpool

              Bennet, Thomas of Liverpool

              Bennett Brothers of Liverpool

              Bennett's Ltd of Torquay

              Bennett, E of London

              Bennett, Edward of Liverpool

              Bennett, G W of Blackheath

              Bennett, G of Bexley Heath

              Bennett, George of Ipswich

              Bennett, Giles of Malmesbury

              Bennett, Henry B of Liverpool

              Bennett, James A of Ipswich

              Bennett, James Kirby of Biggleswade

              Bennett, James of Coggeshall

              Bennett, James of Kingsbridge

              Bennett, James of Liverpool

              Bennett, John & Henry of London

              Bennett, John E of Ealing

              Bennett, John of Grays, Thurrock

              Bennett, John of Liverpool

              Bennett, John of London

              Bennett, John of Saint Austell

              Bennett, John, Edmond of London

              Bennett, Joseph of Plymouth

              Bennett, Joseph of Stockport

              Bennett, Joseph of Totnes

              Bennett, Leonard of Hull

              Bennett, E S of Greenwich

              Bennett, Robert of Warrington

              Bennett, Sir John of Greenwich and Cheapside, London

              Bennett, Thomas of Liverpool

              Bennett, Thomas of Preston

              Bennett, WG of Waltham Abbey

              Bennett, William of Liverpool

              Bennion, Randal of Liverpool

              Benniwth Bennewth, Thomas of St Albans

              Benniwth Bennewth, William of St Albans

              Benson SS & JW

              Benson, George of St Helens

              Benson, JW

              Benson, Richard of Liverpool

              Benson, Thomas of Liverpool

              Bent, John of Garboldisham

              Bent, William of London

              Bent-Lynes, Samuel of Billericay


              Bentley, John of London

              Bentley, Joseph James of Liverpool

              Benton, William of Liverpool


              Berendt, Theode of London

              Beres, Samuel of Brighton

              Beresford Brothers of Eckington, Sheffield

              Beresford, H of Welshpool

              Beresford, Samuel of Eckington

              Berger, Michael of London

              Bergna Bros of Sunderland

              Bergna, L & D of Newcastle

              Bergna, Lewis of Newcastle

              Bergstien, Sulam of London

              Berguer, John of London

              Beri and Delard of Leek

              Beringer & Schwerer of Falmouth, Penzance , Redruth and Truro

              Beringer and sons of Helston and Falmouth

              Beringer, Christiana of Falmouth

              Beringer, Fedele of Redruth

              Beringer, Frederick of Helston

              Beringer, George of Helston

              Beringer, Jacob of Helston and Camborne

              Beringer, Joseph of Redruth and Helston

              Beringer, family of Helston

              Berkley, Charles Lucas of Ledbury

              Berkley, L of Ledbury

              Berkley, Lucas of Kington

              Berkley, Lucas of Ledbury

              Berlin & Heckscher of Windsor

              Berlin, J of Winds

              Berlin, Joseph of Winds

              Berman, Charles of London

              Berman, Jacob of London

              Bernascone, Innocent of Wycombe

              Bernfield Bros Ltd of Winchester

              Bernhart, Ullerich & Co of London

              Bernstein, H of Manchester

              Bernstein, John Maurice of Man Park

              Bernstein, Mris of Liverpool

              Bernstone, Joseph of Newcastle

              Berquez, F of London

              Berrick, Bernard of Liverpool

              Berrick, Lewin of Liverpool

              Berridge, J of Ramsey

              Berridge, W of London

              Berridge, William of London

              Berrill, George of Stony Stratford

              Berringer, John of Penzance

              Berrington, James of Bolton Bolton-le-Mos and St Helens

              Berrington, John Johnson of Bolton Bolton-le-Mos

              Berrisford, James of Manchester

              Berrollas, JA of London

              Berry, Arthur of Liverpool

              Berry, Charles T of Marks Tey

              Berry, Edward of Liverpool

              Berry, Frederick of London

              Berry, Josiah of Manchester

              Berry, Richard Edward of London

              Berry, Thomas of Stowmarket

              Berry, William H of Kingston

              Bertand, William of London

              Berwick, John of Shipley

              Berwick, Thomas of Shipley

              Besley, Henry of Croydon

              Bessant, Frederick Robert of Eastbourne

              Besse, Jeremy of London

              Best, George Christopher Henry of Cardiff

              Best, Henry of Shipston upon Stour

              Best, Richard of London

              Best, Robert of London

              Best, William of Ballymena, Ireland

              Bethell, Chas of Colchester

              Bethell, John of Warrington

              Betsworth, AWS of Southampton

              Betsworth, W & Son of Southampton

              Betts Ipswich Ltd of Ipswich

              Betts Brothers of London

              Betts, FS of Ipswich

              Betts, Frederick S of Ipswich

              Bevan, Edward of Birkenhead

              Bevan, Thomas of Stratton

              Beves, S of Dorking

              Beves, Samuel of Dorking

              Bezant, A W of Abingdon

              Bezant, Aaron Walter of Abingdon

              Bianchi, B of Tunbridge Wells

              Bianchi, J of Winds

              Bibby, A of Newcastle

              Bibby, John of Manchester

              Bibby, Maria, of Chorley

              Bibby, SJ of Carnarvon

              Bibby, Samuel J of Carnarvon

              Bibby, Thomas of Liverpool

              Bick of Cheltenham

              Bickell, J L of Chelmsford

              Bickell, John Lyddon of Caterham Valley

              Bickell, Richard John of Molton

              Bickell, Richard John of South Molton

              Bickerstaffe, Edward of Liverpool

              Bickerstaffe, Peter of Liverpool

              Bickerstaffe, Robert of Liverpool

              Bickerstaffe, William of Liverpool

              Bickerton, George of Kidderminster

              Bickerton, William of Stourport

              Bickley, Henry of London

              Bickley, John of London

              Bickley, Joseph of London

              Biddle, George& Co of London

              Biddle, George of Birmingham

              Bidgood, George of Cullompton

              Bidlake, J & JH of London

              Bidlake, James H of London

              Bidlake, John of London

              Biggerstaff, James of Stratford upon Avon

              Biggs, ET of Maidenhead

              Biggs, Herbert of Devizes

              Biggs, Richard of Rumsey

              Bigme, Albert of Ramsey, Huntingdon

              Biles, G & Co of Bury St Edmunds

              Biles, George of Bury St Edmunds

              Billiard & Gay of London

              Billiet, Vict of London

              Billington, John of Bletchley

              Billington, John of Woburn

              Bills, J of Dover

              Bindley, Joseph of London

              Bindley, William of London

              Binks, Anthony of Darlington

              Binks, Arnold of Hillsbough, Sheffield

              Binks, John of Manchester

              Binks, Joseph of Worksop

              Binks, Thomas of Bolton

              Binning Bros Ltd of Southampton

              Binns, James Robert of Byker, Newcastle

              Binns, Robinson of Wilsden

              Bins, Charles L of Whitby

              Birch & Gaydon of Fenchurch Street London

              Birch, James of Liverpool

              Birch, Richard of Heywood

              Birch, Thomas William of London

              Birch, William of Bradford

              Birch, William of Derby

              Birch, William of London

              Birch, William of Tenterden

              Birchall, Charles of Liverpool

              Birchall, Peter of London

              Birchall, Robert of Pendleton, Manchester

              Birchall, Robert of Salford

              Birchall, Thomas of Derby

              Birchall, Thomas of Nantwich

              Birchall, William of London

              Birchall, William of Manchester

              Birckley, Frederick of Manchester

              Birckley, John B of Bolton

              Bird, Charles Stanley of Lowerstoft

              Bird, Charles of Liverpool

              Bird, Henry of Liverpool

              Bird, John M of Bacup

              Bird, John of Coventry

              Bird, John of Liverpool

              Bird, John of London

              Bird, Joseph H of Liverpool

              Bird, Joseph Henry of Liverpool

              Bird, Reginald G of Reigate

              Bird, Robert of Yeldham

              Bird, William of Liverpool

              Bird, William of London

              Birdlake, James of Ewell, Epsom

              Birehall, Thomas of Derby

              Birkett & Hall of Stratford East

              Birkett & Hall of Stratford East

              Birkett, John J of Stratford East

              Birkle Brothers & Co of London

              Birkle Brothers of Croydon

              Birkle Brothers of London

              Birkle, B and Co of Croydon

              Birley, Samuel of Birmingham

              Birmingham Watch Company

              Birnstein, Richard of London

              Birtles, Thomas of Edge Hill

              Bish, Amelia, of Hemel Hempstead

              Bish, William of Great Berkhamstead

              Bish, William of Hemel Hempstead

              Bishop George of Lincoln

              Bishop James of Halesworth

              Bishop, Bert Charles of Benfleet

              Bishop, George of Redmile

              Bishop, Herbert of Bromyard

              Bishop, Herbert of Ledbury

              Bishop, J of Cerrigy-Druidion

              Bishop, J of Towyn

              Bishop, James G of London

              Bishop, John William of Raynes Park

              Bishop, John of Ledbury

              Bishop, John of Sherborne

              Bishop, Leman of London

              Bishop, R William of Bungay

              Bishop, RW of Halesworth

              Bishop, Samuel Robert of London

              Bishop, William & Son of Trowbridge

              Bishop, William of Southampton

              Bishopp, James of London

              Bissett, James of London

              Bitten, Lee of Warboys, Huntingdon

              Bittern, Frans of Harlow

              Bittner, William of London

              Biven, Edward of London

              Black and Murray Company of London and Calcutta

              Black, George of Brechin

              Black, JN of Nuneaton

              Black, James of Brechin

              Black, John of Brechin

              Black, Samuel of Brechin

              Black, Thomas of Sheffield

              Blackburn, David of Horncastle

              Blackburn, David of Lincoln

              Blackburn, John of Liverpool

              Blackburn, Richard of Wigan

              Blackburn, Stephen of Oakham

              Blackburn, Thomas of Liverpool

              Blackburn, William of Liverpool

              Blackford, F of Portsmouth

              Blackhurst, G of Warrington, Lancashire

              Blackhurst, James of Over

              Blackhurst, Joseph of Weaverham

              Blackie, George of London

              Blackie, George of Musselburgh

              Blacklock, R H of Sunderland

              Blacklock, Robert & Co of Sunderland

              Blackme, James of Sidmouth

              Blackme, John of London

              Blackme, John of Woking

              Blackme, Thomas of Liverpool

              Blackwall, William of Liverpool

              Blackwell, William S of Holywell

              Blackwell, William of London

              Blackwood, of North and South Shields

              Blades, James of Bradford

              Blades, William of Horncastle

              Bladon, Thomas of Uttoxeter

              Bladwell & Son of Newhaven

              Blagburn, J of Gateshead

              Blagburn, John of Gateshead

              Blagden, George of Chichester

              Blagrove, E & Son of Lewes

              Blair, George H of Southport

              Blake, Alfred Henry of Biggleswade

              Blakebough, Henry of Leyburn and Burnley

              Blakebough, John M of Bacup

              Blakebough, Jonathan of Leeds

              Blakebough, Richard of Pateley Bridge and Otley

              Blakebough, Richard of Ripon

              Blakebough, William R of Heywood

              Blakeley, John of Manchester

              Blakeway, John of Rushbury

              Blakeway, Thomas of Broseley

              Blakeway, Thomas of Kinfare, Staffordshire

              Blakeway, Thomas of Rushbury

              Blakey, F W of Sunderland

              Blakey, George of Gainsbough

              Blanchard, Abraham of London

              Blanchard, Albert William of Lincoln

              Blanchard, E of Camberwell

              Blanfd, George of London

              Blankensee, Joel of Birmingham, England

              Blankensee, Solomon Blankensee, of Birmingham, England

              Blankensee, of Birmingham, England

              Blaylock Family of Longtown and Carlisle

              Bleak, Robert of Newport, Isle of Wight

              Blezard, Charles of St Helens

              Blight, Walter of London

              Bliss, John of Newport

              Bliss, Thomas E of Ross

              Blissett, Isaac of London

              Block, PJ of Hastings

              Blockley, Herbert of London

              Blog, William of South Shields

              Blomfield, Ernest Alfred of Stratford

              Blomgren, Bernard of London

              Blomgren, C of Reading

              Blomgren, Charles of Reading

              Blond, Bernard of Hull

              Blondell , Nicholas, of Guernsey

              Blonder, Robin of London

              Blood, Alfred of Crowland, Peterbough

              Blood, H of Southend

              Bloom & Co of Leyton

              Bloom, R J W of Sunderland

              Bloomfield John of Norwich

              Bloomfield, Ernest Albert of Woodford Green

              Bloomfield, Samuel of Fest gate

              Bloomfield, Samuel of Ilford

              Bloomfield, W V of Maidenhead

              Bloomfield, William Valentine of Maidenhead

              Blo, John of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Blow, Joshua of Tamwth

              Blowes, James of Fyfield, Ongar

              Blowes, James of Ongar

              Blumfield Bloomfield, John of Norwich

              Blundell & Burgess of Liverpool

              Blundell, Henry of Liverpool

              Blundell, Henry of London

              Blundell, Thomas & Sons of Liverpool

              Blundell, Thomas E of Liverpool

              Blundell, Thomas of Liverpool

              Blundell, William S of Liverpool

              Blunden, James of Fishborn

              Blunt, A of Coleshill, Birmingham

              Blunt, Deleni of Northampton

              Blurton, John of Stourbridge

              Blyth, A of Llanfairfechain

              Blyth, Ernest of Walthamstow

              Blyth, Frederick William of Epping

              Blythe, Bernard of Grimsby

              Blythe, Frederick William of Epping

              Boatman & Harrison of Grays

              Boatman Ltd of Grays

              Boatman, AW of Grays

              Boatman, James of sett

              Boatsman, Arthur Wilson of Grays, Thurrock

              Boby & Jannings of Ipswich

              Boby & Jannings of Ipswich

              Boby, William of Ipswich

              Boddington, Emma of Rhyl

              Boddington, Henry Charles of Manchester

              Boddington, William of Altringham

              Boddington, William of Birmingham

              Boddington, William of Rhyl

              Boddy, John Thomas of Newington, Hull

              Bodsworth, Walter T CMBHI of Ipswich

              Bohrer, John of Liverpool

              Bold, Calab S of Liverpool

              Bold, Caleb of Liverpool

              Bold, George of Liverpool

              Bold, John of Liverpool

              Bold, John of Warrington

              Bold, Sarah of Liverpool

              Bold, William of Liverpool

              Bolingbroke, Arthur of East Ham

              Bollen Bach, PF Co

              Bolliter, J of Carnarvonshire

              Bolloten, J of Upper Bang

              Bolt, A & Co of Wimbledon

              Bolt, James John of Croydon

              Bolt, Richard of Teignmouth

              Bolt, Thomas & Co of Liverpool

              Bolt, William of Dawlish

              Bolton family of Chester-le-Street

              Bolton, E of Egremont

              Bolton, Henry of Liverpool

              Bolton, John of Chester-le-Street and Durham

              Bolton, John of Durham

              Bolton, Lancelot of Chester-le-Street

              Bolton, Richard of Belford

              Bolton, T of Bradford

              Bolton, TE of Mold

              Bolton, William Jn of Grays

              Bond & Kedge of Putney

              Bond, A A of Waltham Abbey

              Bond, Arthur of Waltham Abbey

              Bond, Henry Charles of Reading

              Bond, James Charles of London

              Bond, Lewis of London

              Bond, Ralph of Morecambe

              Bond, William of Liverpool

              Bond, Wordley of Lincoln

              Bond,Charles of North Tawton, Okehampton, Devon

              Bone, Samuel of London

              Bone, William Lee of Burwell, Cambridge

              Bonetto, Peter A of London

              Boney, John of Padstow

              Bonhote Brothers of London

              Bonie, William of Gorbals

              Boniface, Alfred William of Southend

              Bonner & Sons of Colchester

              Bonner, Arthur of Southend

              Bonner, T of Brighton

              Bonner, Thomas of Portmadoc

              Bons, Simon Peter of London

              Bonsall's of Lowerstoft

              Bonsall, John of Lowerstoft

              Bonsalls' of Lowerstoft

              Boodle and Dunthorpe of Liverpool

              Booker, Neville C of Ticehurst, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

              Boone, Alfred of London

              Boman & Son Ltd of Gravesend

              Boman, J L of Gravesend

              Boosey, N of Great Yeldham

              Boosey, Nathaniel of Great Yeldham

              Boosey, William of Great Yeldham

              Boot, John of Sutton in Ashfield

              Bootes, Walter F of Luton

              Booth, George of Manchester

              Booth, JB of Manchester

              Booth, James of Accrington

              Booth, James of Auchinblae

              Booth, James of Dublin

              Booth, Joseph of Bridpt, Dorset

              Booth, Peter of Duckinfield

              Booth, WT of South Norwood

              Booth, William of Blackburn

              Booth, William of Congleton

              Booth, William of Reeth

              Boothby, G of Scarbough

              Boothroyd, Frederick William of Loftus

              Boothroyd, George of Reeth, Richmond

              Boothroyd, Herbert of Guisbough

              Bootle, Richard of Liverpool

              Bootle, Thomas of Wigan

              Boots, Albert of Leytonstone

              Booz, Joseph of Liverpool

              Border, George of Sleaford

              Border, Mary Ann, of Sleaford

              Beham, Samuel of London

              Beli, Domenic of Stonehouse

              Belli, C & Sons of Farnham

              Belli, C of Camberwell

              Belli, Charles & Sons of Farnham

              Belli, Charles of Farnham

              Belli, G of Reading

              Belli, Gaetano of Reading

              Bley, John henry of London

              Breli, Dominick of Plymouth

              Brell, Henry of London

              Brell, Louis Howe of London

              Brell, Maximilian John of London

              Brell, Maximillian J of London

              Btner, Alexander H of Sheffield

              Btner, Alexander Henry of Sheffield

              Boss, Maurice of Louth

              Bostock Thomas of Sandbach, Cheshire

              Bostock, Charles of Clay Cross, Chesterfield

              Bostock, John of Middlewich

              Bostock, Thomas of Oldham

              Boswell, F P of Ipswich

              Boswth, Reuben of Nottingham

              Bothamley, Benjamin of Boston

              Bothamley, Henry of Boston

              Bothamley, Parkinson Jarkinson of Boston

              Bothamley, William of Kirton-in-Holland & Spalding

              Botley & Lewis of Reading

              Botley, George of Reading

              Botly & Lewis of Reading

              Botly, G of Reading

              Bott, Alfred T of Birkenhead

              Bott, Alfred Thomas of Birkenhead

              Bott, Edward H of Leicester

              Bott, Frederick of Liverpool

              Bott, John of Redditch

              Bott, Samuel of Melbourn

              Bott, Thomas and Co of Liverpool

              Botta, Charles of Poole

              Botten, Charles of Colchester

              Botten, Jabez Henry of London

              Botten, Josiah of London

              Bottger, Gustavus Adolph of London

              Botting, Ebenezer of London

              Bottomley, J of Halstead

              Bottomley, James Cocker of Manchester

              Bottomley, W & Son of Sheffield

              Boucly, Edward of London

              Boudry, Gustavus of London

              Bough, Jane of Peckham

              Boughey, Arthur of Manchester

              Boult, Thomas Griffith of Oakingham

              Boult, Thomas of Wokingham

              Boulter, S of London

              Boulton, Henry of Egremont

              Boulton, Henry of London

              Boundry, G of London

              Boundry, G of London

              Bouquet Bouquett, Solomon of London

              Bourchier, William of London

              Bourdelot, Edward L of London

              Bourne, F R of Brighton

              Bourne, Frederick A of Bexhill

              Bourne, Henry of Rye

              Bournemouth Goldsmiths & Silversmiths of Bournmouth

              Bourns, George of Kirkby

              Bouwer, William of London

              Bovet Freres & Co of London

              Bowder, CA of Chesterton, Cambridge

              Bowell, Alfred of Croydon

              Bowen and Holt of London

              Bowen, John of London

              Bowen, Samuel of London

              Bowen, Thomas of London

              Bower, David of Alfreton

              Bower, George of Buxton

              Bower, John of Falkirk

              Bower, John of Kirriemuir

              Bower, Joseph F of Liverpool

              Bower, Peter of Redlynch, Redlench Redlinch, Wiltshire

              Bower, Samuel of Chesterfield

              Bower, William of Chesterfield

              Bowers, Robert of Chester

              Bowers, Thomas of Oldham

              Bowes, James of Bradford

              Bowie, J of South Shields

              Bowker, James A of Huddersfield

              Bowler, J of Thame

              Bowler, Joseph of Manchester

              Bowles, H Carter FRSA FRMS FRH Inst of Cheltenham

              Bowles, John of Dunstable

              Bowles, W G of Beccles

              Bowlzer, William of Chesterfield

              Bowman, Arthur Hart of London

              Bowman, Edward Charles of London

              Bowman, Edward of London

              Bowman, Johnston of Carrickfergus

              Bowman, Robert Thomas of London

              Bowman, William of Reading

              Bowness, George of Lancaster

              Bowra family of Sevenoaks, Kent

              Bowra, James of Sevenoaks Kent

              Bowra, John of London

              Box, John of Dursley

              Box, John of Launceston

              Box, William B of London

              Boxall, T of Brighton

              Boxell, F of Cuckfield, Sussex

              Boxer, John of Folkstone

              Boxer, Walter of Brighton

              Boxtall, T of Hurstpierpoint

              Boyall, Joseph of Spilsby

              Boyall, Ellen of Louth

              Boyall, Richard of Louth

              Boyce of East Derham

              Boyce, Ernest P of Clacton

              Boyce, Ernest of Clacton

              Boyce, James of London

              Boyce, John of Teignmouth

              Boyce, Joseph Alfred of London

              Boyce, Peter of Wangford and Beccles

              Boyce, Samuel H of East Dereham

              Boyce, Thomas of London

              Boyce, William of Stockport

              Boyd, John & Co of Manchester

              Boyde, James of Thrapston

              Boyes, CFG of Blaenau Festiniog

              Boyfield, Richard of Dalby Magna, Melton Mowbray

              Boyle, William of London

              Brabrook, Arthur of Bury St Edmunds

              Brace, Thomas of Leicester

              Bracebridge of London

              Bracebridge, Edward of London - see Bracebridge of London

              Bracebridge, James of London - see Bracebridge of London

              Bracewell, FW of Upton Park

              Bracewell, Henry of Scarbough

              Bracewell, L of Scarbough

              Bracey, CW of Westcliff

              Bracher & Sydenham of Reading

              Bracher, R of Reading

              Brackenridge, James Charles of Manchester

              Bradbourne, John of Westerham, Kent

              Bradbury, Albert of Malton

              Bradbury, William of Bolton

              Braddock, George of Martham

              Braddock, James of Cheadle

              Braddock, James of Colchester

              Braddock, John of Manchester

              Braddy, Alfred of Colchester

              Bradford, Edward of Stockport

              Bradford, Edward of Teignmouth

              Bradford, Henry of London

              Bradford, James of Newton-Abbotts

              Bradford, James of Tquay

              Bradford, James of Totnes

              Bradford, Philip of London

              Bradford, Philip of Molton

              Bradford, Thomas of Nottingham

              Bradford, William of Exeter

              Bradley, Alfred of Somerton

              Bradley, C of Stratford East

              Bradley, Charles of Waltham Abbey

              Bradley, Charles of Walthamstow

              Bradley, Charles of Woodford

              Bradley, George& Sons of Sheffield

              Bradley, George of Sheffield

              Bradley, Harry Bridges of Manchester

              Bradley, James Gibson of Liverpool

              Bradley, Jeremiah of Long Sutton

              Bradley, John of Louth

              Bradley, John H of London

              Bradley, John of Manchester

              Bradley, Joseph of Hanley and Shelton

              Bradley, Joseph of Shelton

              Bradley, Langley of London

              Bradley, Nathaniel of Braintree

              Bradley, Robert G of Wantage

              Bradley, Robert of Lambourn

              Bradley, Thomas of Newent

              Bradley, William of Manchester

              Bradley John of Manchester

              Bradshaw, Augustus of Liverpool

              Bradshaw, George of Ellesmere

              Bradshaw, George of Whitchurch

              Bradshaw, H of Bracknell

              Bradshaw, Henry Charles of Bracknell, Binfield

              Bradshaw, James of Blackburn

              Bradshaw, John of Liverpool

              Bradshaw, John of Manchester

              Bradshaw, Matthew of Liverpool

              Bradshaw, S of Reading

              Bradshaw, Samuel of Berkhamstead

              Bradshaw, Samuel of Great Berkhamstead

              Bradshaw, Samuel of Reading

              Bradshaw, T of St Albans

              Bradshaw, Thomas & William of Bolton

              Bradshaw, W & J of Rochdale

              Bradshaw, William S of Preston

              Bradshaw, William of Blackburn

              Bradshaw, William of Bracknell

              Bradshaw, William of Liverpool

              Bradshaw, William of Wigan

              Brady & Adams of London

              Brady, D H of Chatham

              Bragg, E & Son of Winds

              Bragg, Edward of Winds

              Bragg, William John of London

              Braham, James of Torquay

              Braham, Joseph John of London

              Braham, William T of Manchester

              Braitch, A of Midhurst

              Braithwaite, James Walter of Great Driffield

              Braithwaite, William of Carnforth, Lancashire and Dartmouth, Devon

              Braithwaite, William of Dartmouth

              Braithwaite, William of Hawkshead

              Braitling, Christian F of Biggleswade

              Brake Arthur Richard of Kettering

              Brake Arthur Richard of Northampton

              Bramble, B of London

              Bramble, Joseph of London

              Bramble, William & Edward of London

              Bramble, William of London

              Brambles, Robert of Leeds

              Brame, Philip & Co of London

              Bramhall, Isabella of Manchester

              Bramley, William of Barnsley

              Bramley, William of Newbury

              Brams, S of Stratford

              Bramwell & Harbron of Darlington

              Bramwell, Richard of Grimsby

              Brand, Edward of London

              Brand, Edward of Longbenton, Newcastle

              Brand, Edward of North Shields

              Brandon, Frederick William of Bedford

              Brandreth, Obadiah of Middlewich

              Brandt, Charles of London

              Brandt, Laurent of London

              Branfd, Charles of East Grinstead

              Branfd, HV & Son of Beccles

              Branfd, HV of Beccles

              Branksey, Ellis of Newcastle

              Branskey, E of Newcastle

              Branton, J F of Bolton

              Brash, Isaac of Manchester

              Bratt, Nathan of Manchester

              Bratt, William of Manchester

              Braun, Ferdinand Barnard of London

              Braund, John of Hatherleigh

              Braund, W of Dartford

              Braund, William of Dartford


              Bray, AE of Sheffield

              Bray, Arthur Edward of Sheffield

              Bray, T of London

              Bray, William James of Stevenage

              Bray, William T of London

              Brayley, Joseph of Islington, London

              Brayley, William of London

              Brearley Brothers of Manchester

              Brearley, Lewis of Manchester

              Brecknell, Job of Peckham

              Brecknell, T and Son of Wolverhampton

              Breeden, William Henry of Widnes

              Breese, James of Wisbech

              Brehon, Collins of Limerick

              Brenchley, George of London

              Brenchley, Harold Edward of Snodland

              Brenchley, JE of London

              Brener, William of Yeadon, Yorkshire

              Brentnall, Thomas of Sutton Coldfield

              Brentnall, William of Mold

              Brentnall, William of Sutton Coldfield

              Brereton, William Henry of Liverpool

              Bretherton, Joseph of Liverpool

              Brevet Brevet SGDG

              Brewer, Albert Arthur of Leigh

              Brewer, Arthur G of Liverpool

              Brewer, J of London

              Brewer, Thomas of Preston

              Brewer, William of Blackburn

              Brewin, George of March

              Brewin, George of Wisbech

              Brewin, Thomas of Scarbough

              Brewster, Thomas of Durham

              Briant, Robert of London

              Brice of Wigton

              Brice, Stephen of London

              Brice, WL of Taunton

              Brice, William of Sandwich

              Bridge, FI of Broadstairs

              Bridge, John of East Dulwich

              Bridge, Thomas of London

              Bridgeman, James of Liverpool

              Bridger, Richard of Godstone

              Bridges, John of Ipswich

              Bridgman, WH of London

              Brierley, John of Oldham

              Brierley, John of Saddleworth-cum quick

              Briggs, A of Kington

              Briggs, Arthur William of Kington

              Briggs, Charles of Wisbech

              Briggs, Edward H of Southend

              Briggs, Edward Hugh of Norwich

              Briggs, Jonathan T of Spalding

              Briggs, Luke of Wisbech

              Briggs, Stephen of London

              Briggs, William of Manchester

              Briggs, William of Thirsk

              Bright & Sons of Scarbough

              Bright, E of Brighton

              Bright, H of Brentwood

              Bright, Hace of South Weald, Brentwood

              Bright, Isaac & Sons of Buxton

              Bright, Isaac of Leamington

              Bright, Jerome of Saxmundham

              Bright, Samuel of Caterham

              Brightme & Co of Stockport

              Brighton Watch Co of Brighton

              Brightwell & Co of Man Park

              Brignall, W H of St Leonards

              Brignell, Cecil Charles of Braintree

              Brillman of London

              Brindle of Lancashire

              Brindle, James of Liverpool

              Brindle, Ralph of Liverpool

              Brindle, William of Prescot

              Brindley, A of Wimbledon

              Brindley, James of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Brindley, John Beavis of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Brindley, Joseph George of Leeds

              Brine, J of Blandford

              Brinkman, G of London

              Brinkman, George of London

              Brinkman, Henry of London

              Brinton, R N of Brighton

              Brislane, JH of Bournmouth

              Brissington, W of Stonehouse

              Bristol Goldsmiths' Alliance

              Bristow, John of Low Hill

              Bristow, Richard G of Bromley

              Briten, Robert Richard of Chertsey

              British Supply Cpation Ltd of London

              British United Clock Company

              Brittain, Arthur S of Rotherham

              Brittain, J of Docking

              Brittan, John of London

              Brittan, Meshach of Devizes

              Britten, James William of Woodford

              Britton, GL of Sheffield

              Britton, George E of Sheffield

              Britton, George E of Sheffield

              Britton, John James of Stockton

              Britton, John of Stamford

              Britton, John of Willenhall

              Britton, Lawrence of Sheffield

              Broad, C of Burnham

              Broad, John of Bodmin

              Broad, W of East Dulwich

              Broad, William of London

              Broad, William of Lostwithiel

              Broadbent, George of Newcastle

              Broadbent, Sarah of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Broadbridge, Alfred Ernest of Maidstone

              Broadbridge, Alfred Ernest of Rochester

              Broadbridge, R of Rhyl

              Broadhead, Edward of Belper

              Broadhurst, James of Liverpool

              Broadhurst, Thomas of Duckinfield

              Broadhurst, William of Birkenhead

              Broadhurst, William of Liverpool

              Broadridge, Henry of Lower Mitcham

              Broadway, Edward of Upton upon Severn

              Broady, Jacob of West Hartlepool

              Broatman, S of Farnbough Station

              Brock, James of London

              Brock, John of London

              Brock, W of Chapletown,Sheffield

              Brockbank & Grove

              Brockbank Atkins & Moe

              Brockbank & Atkins

              Brockbank, John Gilbert of Laindon

              Brockbank, John of Corney

              Brockbank, John of London

              Brockbank, William of London

              Brocklebank and Son of Coventry

              Brocklebank, Henry of Coventry

              Brocot, Archille & Son of London

              Broderick, Francis of Whittlesey

              Broderick, Thomas of Holbeach, Peterbough and Spalding

              Broderick, William of Boston

              Broderick, William of Swineshead

              Brodie, G of Hertford

              Brodie, J of Amble, Acklington

              Brodie, John of Wooler, Northumberland

              Bromby, Samuel of Cottingham, Hull

              Bromley, E H of Bexley Heath

              Bromley, J & Son of Horsham

              Bromley, John of Horsham

              Bromley, T of Woolwich

              Bromley, William & Edward of Hallifax

              Bromwich H of Coventry

              Bromwich, John of Dudley

              Bronn, Peter of Birmingham

              Brook, FJ of Peterbough

              Brook, Thomas Harvey of London

              Brook, William and Son of Edinburgh

              Brooke, John of London

              Brooke, Sarah of Coventry

              Brooke, William of London

              Brooker, Arthur James of Croydon

              Brooker, John of Lingfield

              Brooker, John of Lingfleld

              Brooker, R of East Grinstead

              Brooker, Thomas of Colchester

              Brooker, William N of Addlestone

              Brooker, William N of New Malden

              Brookes, John of Stratford upon Avon

              Brookes, William of Stow

              Brookhouse & Tunnicliffe of Derby

              Brookhouse of Sheffield

              Brookhouse, Joseph & John of Derby

              Brookhouse, Richard Burton of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Brookhouse, Robert of Easingwold

              Brooks, E of Sevenoaks

              Brooks, F of Sheffield

              Brooks, H of Chester

              Brooks, HF of Ilford

              Brooks, J of London

              Brooks, William of Dursley

              Brooks, William of Grimsby

              Brooksbank, William of Bradford, Yorkshire

              Broom, Henry Edwin of Liverpool

              Broom, John & Anthony of Exeter

              Broom, John of Exeter

              Broome, J of Rhyl

              Broome, John of Rhyl

              Broomfield, Joseph of Coventry

              Brotherson & Mackay of Dalkeith

              Brotherton, George of London

              Broughton, J of Sheffield

              Broughton, Miss Elean of Benwell, Newcastle

              Brounlee, Henry of Hamilton

              Brow, Robert of Prescot

              Brown & Co of Islington, London

              Brown & Son of Chester

              Brown Albert, Edward of Chelmsford

              Brown Cliffd of Sheffield

              Brown Browne, Edward of Norwich

              Brown Browne, Joshua of Liverpool

              Brown, James of Oxford

              Brown, A of East Ham

              Brown, A of Rayleigh

              Brown, Alexander of Bradford on Avon

              Brown, Archibold C of Bungay

              Brown, Augustine of Southend

              Brown, Brothers of Chester

              Brown, C W & Son of Bungay

              Brown, Catherine, of Liverpool

              Brown, Charles George of Newbury

              Brown, Charles of Bungay

              Brown, Charles of Eccleshall

              Brown, Charles of London

              Brown, Clifford of Sheffield

              Brown, David of Grimsby

              Brown, EB of Cambridge

              Brown, EB of Hornsey

              Brown, Edward B of Cambridge

              Brown, Edward F of Sheffield

              Brown, Edward of Manchester

              Brown, Ernest of Ware

              Brown, Frederick of Balham

              Brown, Frederick of Clacton

              Brown, G of Bang

              Brown, George Henry of Bradford

              Brown, George of Bang

              Brown, George of Chester

              Brown, George of London

              Brown, George of Minehead

              Brown, George of Wooler

              Brown, George of Wrexham

              Brown, H L & Son of London, Sheffield, Derby, Leeds & Doncaster

              Brown, H of Melcombe Regis

              Brown, Henry Thomas of London

              Brown, Henry of Burnley

              Brown, Henry of Liverpool

              Brown, Ilisha of Chester

              Brown, J and Sons of Kilmarnock

              Brown, J of Colchester

              Brown, J of Haltwhistle

              Brown, J of London

              Brown, James of Liverpool

              Brown, James of London

              Brown, James of Matclock

              Brown, James of Prescot

              Brown, John of Exeter

              Brown, John C of Walthamstow

              Brown, John Charles of Gillingham

              Brown, John Joseph of Islington, London

              Brown, John Joshua of London

              Brown, John of Harleston Redenhall

              Brown, John of Mauchline

              Brown, John of Modbury

              Brown, John of Wellington

              Brown, Joseph of Walthamstow

              Brown, Mathias of Exeter

              Brown, Mris of Leeds

              Brown, JD of Cheltenham

              Brown, Nicholas of Kingsbridge

              Brown, Percy Romanus of Hadleigh, Suffolk

              Brown, R of Enfield

              Brown, R of London

              Brown, Robert of Attercliffe, Sheffield

              Brown, Robert of Cheltenham

              Brown, Robert of Colne

              Brown, Robert of Gloucester

              Brown, Robert of Newtown

              Brown, Robert of Sheffield

              Brown, Roger of London

              Brown, Romanus of Stowmarket

              Brown, Samuel of Bingham

              Brown, T of Maidstone

              Brown, Thomas of Birmingham

              Brown, Thomas of Chester and Stockport

              Brown, Thomas of Litchbough

              Brown, Thomas of Liverpool

              Brown, Thomas of Manchester, Lancashire

              Brown, William of Bradford

              Brown, William of Bungay

              Brown, William of Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire

              Brown, William of Prescot

              Brown, William of Preston

              Brown, William of Sheffield

              Brown,Nathaniel of Manchester

              Bownbill, James of Liverpool

              Brownbill, James of Poulton-le-Fylde

              Brownbill, John of Leeds

              Brownbill, John of Liverpool

              Brownbill, Robert of Fleetwood

              Brownbill, Robert of Liverpool

              Browne, Edward Charles of Brighton

              Browne, Jermiah

              Browne, Joseph of Manchester

              Browne, Robert of Bottisdale, Suffolk

              Browne, Seymour of Canterbury

              Browning, Frederick of London

              Browning, Joseph of Street

              Brownlee William of Hamilton, Scotland

              Brownless, J F of Newcastle

              Brownless, John F of Newcastle

              Brownless, John of Staindrop

              Brownridge, FW of Ampthill

              Brownridge, Henry Joseph of London

              Brownswd, John of Nottingham

              Brownswd, Peter of Derby

              Brownsword, Peter of Derby

              Broxup, James of Burnley

              Bruce & Co of Sheffield

              Bruce & Hart of Seaford

              Bruce, Alexander of Manchester

              Bruce, George of Emsworth, Hants

              Bruce, George of Sheffield

              Bruce, John Hale of Clare

              Brugger & Straub of London

              Brugger, A of London

              Brugger, Andrew & Co of Islington

              Brugger, Barnard of London

              Brugger, Beck & Co of London

              Brugger, E of Northampton

              Brugger, L & A of London

              Brugger, M & L of Newcastle

              Brugger, Marther Elizabeth of Kings Lynn

              Brugger, Robert of Canning Town

              Brugger, Robert of Fest gate

              Brugman, William J C of Man Park

              Brumbley, Clarence of Lowerstoft

              Brumhead, John of London and Stamford

              Brumhead, John of Stamford

              Brumpton, T of Swaby, Alford

              Brundell, William of Blofield

              Brundreth, Ob of Middlewich

              Brunfd, William & Son Ltd of Eastbourne

              Brunger, Ernest William of Maidstone

              Brunner, Englebert of Hull

              Brunner, Ignatius of Birmingham

              Brunton, John of London

              Bryan, Mark of Luton

              Bryan, Martin of Luton

              Bryan, R of Deddington

              Bryan, Robert H off of Lincoln

              Bryan, Robert of Lincoln

              Bryan, William Henry of Great Driffield

              Bryan, William of Liverpool

              Bryant, E of Shotton

              Bryant, Felix of Manningtree

              Bryant, John of Liverpool

              Bryant, WG of Shotton

              Bryant, William of South Benfleet

              Bryce, David of Stockport

              Bryce, William of Southport

              Bryer, John of London

              Bryer, John of London

              Bryer, TJ & Son of London

              Bryers, Arthur of Chester

              Bryne, John of Liverpool

              Bryson family of Dalkeith

              Bryson, James of Dalkeith

              Bryson, John of Dalkeith

              Buchan, Henry of London

              Buchan, James of Sheffield

              Buchanan, Alfred Daniel of Boston

              Buchanan, Alfred Daniel of Coningsby Tattershall

              Buchanan, Allan of Deal

              Buchanan, Archibald of Dublin

              Buchanan, John of Ashton-under-Line

              Buck & Roberts of Romford

              Buck, T of Dorking

              Buckenham, John Charles of Norwich

              Buckingham, J of Annfield Plain

              Buckingham, J of Haltwhistle

              Buckingham, James of Chester-le-Street

              Buckland, George of London

              Buckley, James Hampshire of Saddleworth-cum quick

              Buckley, William of Liverpool

              Buckmaster, George of Royston

              Buckmaster, S of Royston

              Bucknall, William of Stoke

              Bucknell, William of London

              Buckney, Daniel of London

              Bucksher, J of London

              Buckwell, Edward of Brighton

              Budds, CA & Son of Huntingdon

              Budge, W of Callington, Cornwall

              Budgen, John of Croydon

              Budgen, John of Sevenoaks

              Budgeon, Thomas of Croydon, London

              Buequet, David A of London

              Buffham, Reuben of Spalding

              Bugby, Joseph of Arlesford

              Bugden David of London

              Buhrer, Abraham of London

              Bulford, John of London

              Bull John & Co, (Bedford) Ltd of Bedford

              Bull, J of Ashford

              Bull, J of Bedford

              Bull, John

              Bull, John & Co of Bedford

              Bull, John & Sons of Bedford

              Bull, John of Bedford

              Bull, Thomas of Bristol

              Bull, William of Walthamstow

              Bullen, Benjamin of Hempnall

              Bullen, Joseph of Pulham

              Bulley, A J of Paington

              Bullingfd of London

              Bullingford, Benjamin of Liverpool

              Bullingford, C of London

              Bullingford, F of London

              Bullingford, J of London

              Bullingford, R M of London

              Bullock, Benjamin of Ayford and Marshfield

              Bullock, George H of Richmond

              Bullock, J Jnr of Felixstowe

              Bullock, J of Felixstowe

              Bullock, J N of Ipswich

              Bullock, James of Prescot

              Bullock, John N of Ipswich

              Bullock, John W of London

              Bullock, John of Bishops Waltham

              Bullock, John of Bradford

              Bullock, John of St Helens

              Bullock, P of Ipswich

              Bullock, Robert of Beccles

              Bullock, Robert of Haleswth

              Bullock, Thomas of Bath

              Bullock, Tom of Chippenham

              Bullock, William of Trowbridge

              Bulman, William John of Fest gate

              Bulmer, Thomas of Liverpool

              Bundock, Arthur Samuel of Hadleigh, Essex

              Bunker, Edward of Holbeach

              Bunn & Dick, of Newcastle

              Bunn, A & Co of Newcastle

              Bunn, Jack Cecil of Ipswich

              Bunston, Thomas of Chard

              Bunton's of Winton

              Bunyan & Gardner of Salford

              Bunyan, Thomas & James of Chorlton on Medlock

              Bunyan, Thomas of Manchester

              Bunyan, Thomas of Salford

              Burbidge Ward & Co Ltd of Chelmsford

              Burbidge, Elizabeth of Manchester

              Burbidge, Henry of Sturminster

              Burbidge, Joseph of Manchester

              Burbridge, H of Sturminster Newton

              Burbridge, H of Melcombe Regis

              Burch, E of West Southbourne

              Burch, R of Maidstone

              Burch, W of Maidstone

              Burch, William of Maidstone

              Burchall, James of St Helens

              Burcham, Percival Henry of Colchester

              Burdall, Annie, Miss of Canterbury

              Burdall, John of Market Deeping

              Burdess, Adam of Coventry

              Burditt, John G of Liverpool

              Burditt, John George of Liverpool

              Burdon, Edward of London

              Burdon, George of Gravesend

              Burfield, Robert of Arundel

              Burfield, Sidney H of Bildeston

              Burge, PN of London

              Burger, Adolphus of London

              Burger, Frederick Joseph of Maidstone

              Burgess & Son of Hatfield

              Burgess, Bezeliel of Liverpool

              Burgess, Charles Smith of Ipswich

              Burgess, Charlotte, of Hatfield

              Burgess, Daniel of Tilbrook, Huntingdon

              Burgess, E of Wandswth

              Burgess, Edgar H of Rochester

              Burgess, Edward of Bidgwater

              Burgess, Frank A of Cranleigh, Guildford

              Burgess, George of Poole

              Burgess, Henry of Boston

              Burgess, Henry of South Norwood

              Burgess, John of Hatfield

              Burgess, Mary Ann, of Barrow-in-Furness

              Burgess, Richard of Liverpool

              Burgess, Thomas of Hatfield

              Burgess, William of Hatfield

              Burgess, William of London

              Burghart, Augustine of Salford

              Burgoyne, T of Lower Tottenham

              Burley, George of London

              Burling, William M of Linton, Cambridge

              Burlingham, J S of Peterbough

              Burlingham, John of Kings Lynn, Norfolk

              Burlington, Elizabeth & Co of Kings Lynn

              Burlington, John of Durham

              Burlock, Edward of London

              Burman, Samuel of Manchester

              Burn, A of Blyth

              Burn, G of Newcastle

              Burn, Leonard V of Devizes

              Burn, Robert T of Newcastle

              Burnes, Joseph of Barnes

              Burnet, Thomas of Bolton

              Burnett, Arthur L of Frest Row

              Burnett, Charles H of Chiddingford, Godalming

              Burnett, Harold W of Tunbridge Wells

              Burnett, J R of Durham

              Burnett, John Henry of Lincoln

              Burnett, Thomas of Jarrow

              Burnett, William R of Newcastle

              Burnett, William Robert of Newcastle

              Burnett, William of Durham

              Burnish, John of Rochdale

              Burns, Ella, Miss of Southwold

              Burns, James of London

              Burns, John R of Mold, Flintshire, Wales

              Burns, R D of Ashington, Northumberland

              Burns, Robert of Melrose, Renfrewshire, Scotland

              Burr, John of Bedford

              Burr, RJ of Bedford

              Burr, Robert of Rye

              Burr, T of Leighton Buzzard

              Burr, Thomas of Leighton Buzzard

              Burrell Brothers, of West Auckland

              Burrell, AG & Co Ltd of Sheffield, Yorkshire

              Burrell, Benjamin of London

              Burrell, Benjamin of North Frodlingham

              Burrell, George of Sheffield

              Burrell, H R of Chertsey

              Burrell, J E of Stockton

              Burrell, John Campbell

              Burrell, John of Beverley

              Burrell, John of Gateshead

              Burrell, M & Louis of London

              Burrell, Mary of Wiston & Lewes

              Burrell, Thomas of North Collingham

              Burrell, William of London

              Burrington, John of Exeter

              Burroughs Burrows, William James of Barbican London

              Burroughs, J of Montgomery

              Burroughs, James of Ironbridge and Dawley

              Burroughs, John of Newtown

              Burroughs, John of Welshpool

              Burroughs, Joseph of Montgomery

              Burroughs, Rowland K of Dawley

              Burrow, Henry of Manchester

              Burrows, A of Wickham Market

              Burrows, Edward of London

              Burrows, Henry of Chorlton on Medlock

              Burrows, James of Ironbridge and Dawley

              Burrows, James of London

              Burrows, Peter of St Helens

              Burrows, R & Co of London

              Burrows, R of Prittlewell

              Burrows, Rachael of St Helens

              Burrows, Richard of Liverpool

              Burrows, Robert of London

              Burrows, Thomas of Liverpool

              Burtenshaw, G of Brighton

              Burton and Avenell of Battersea Park

              Burton, A of Hackney

              Burton, Alfred Arthur of Bracknell

              Burton, Alfred of Bury St Edmunds

              Burton, Alfred of Surbiton

              Burton, Emanuel of Kendal

              Burton, Frederick of Louth

              Burton, George of Uttoxeter

              Burton, Henry of Penge

              Burton, Henry of Tquay

              Burton, Isaac of Ulverston

              Burton, James of London

              Burton, John of Great Bardfield

              Burton, S of London

              Burton, S of Peckham

              Burton, Samuel of London

              Burton, Thomas of Hanley

              Burton, W of Grimsby

              Burton, William of South Shields

              Burton F of Lewisham

              Burtt, Charles Miller of London

              Burwash, Thomas of London

              Busby & Baxter of Guildford

              Busby and Baxter of Guildford

              Busfield, John Thomas of Torhnley

              Bush, James of London

              Bush, Joseph of Hull

              Bushell, Matthew of Aston by Budworth, Cheshire

              Bushfield, George H of Colne

              Bushman, John of London

              Bushman, Joseph of London

              Busley, Daniel of Morecambe

              Bussey, James of Bristol

              Buston, Robert of London

              Butcher Brothers of Ross

              Butcher, Benjamin N of Bedford

              Butcher, Fred of Egham

              Butcher, George& William of Ross

              Butcher, H S of Wellingbough

              Butcher, Henry, of Wellingbough

              Butler's of Cheltenham

              Butler, Abraham of Northwich

              Butler, Caleb of Christchurch

              Butler, Charles Cyril of Oulton Broad, Lowerstoft

              Butler, Cuthbert of Blackburn

              Butler, Edward H of Ilford

              Butler, Edward of Tutbury

              Butler, J of Reading

              Butler, Jacob of Bolton

              Butler, James & John of London

              Butler, James of Bolton

              Butler, W of Chatham

              Butler, William of St Helens

              Butt & Co Ltd of Wrexham

              Butt, Alfred W of Wrexham

              Butt, Francis of Chester

              Butt, James of London

              Butt, John of Liverpool

              Buttall, John of Plymouth

              Butterfield, Fredericik of Liverpool

              Butterfield, Frederick T of Liverpool

              Butterfield, John of Rotherham

              Butterfield, John of Toddmden

              Butterfield, Thomas of Liverpool

              Butterill, Harry Bradley of Sheffield

              Butterwth, Samuel of Rochdale

              Buttifant, James of Reigate

              Button, A of Wakefield

              Button, James of London

              Buxton & Son of Romford

              Buxton, F & Son of Romford

              Buxton, Frederick William of London

              Buxton, George Samuel of Colchester

              Buxton, George W of Manningtree

              Buxton, Henry of West Carnforth

              Buxton, William of Bishop Auckland, Northumberland

              Buy, John of Sutton Benger

              Byrne, John of Liverpool

              Byrne, John of Liverpool

              Byrne, Thomas Patrick of London

              Byworth, Mary, of London

              Byworth, Thomas J of Uxbridge, London

              Byworth, Thomas of London

              Cabrier, Charles of London

              Cachard, Gaspard of London

              Cackett, William & Thomas of Cranbrook, Kent

              Caddick, Richard of Liverpool

              Cade, GW of Colchester

              Cade, Robert of Ipswich

              Cain, Charles William of Hallifax

              Cain, Henry Charles of Hallifax

              Cairns Bros of Brampton

              Cairns Family of Berwick-on-Tweed

              Cairns, Alexander of Liverpool

              Caldwell, John of Appleton

              Calcott Callcott, John, of Cotton

              Calderwood, Andrew of London

              Calender, Aubrey George of Chatham

              Callcott, John of Wembley

              Caltenbach, Carl of Hulme

              Caltenbach, Carl of Manchester

              Calver, John of Woodbridge

              Calvert, R of Uttoxeter

              Calvert, John T of Croydon

              Calvert, Joseph Henry of Hallifax

              Cambridge, Robert of Bath

              Camera & Fuller & Co

              Camera Kuss & Tritschler & Co

              Camera, Andrew & Co

              Camera, Joseph

              Camera, Lawerence & Co

              Camera, Ropp & Co

              Camerer Cuss & Co

              Camerer Kuss

              Cameron & Son

              Cameron, Alexander of London

              Cameron, Angus of London

              Cameron, John Russell of Liverpool

              Cameron, John of Kilmarnock

              Camfield, Thomas of Tonbridge-Wells

              Camm, Richard of Stroud

              Cammack, Robert & Son of mskirk

              Cammack, Robert & Son of Skelmersdale

              Cammerer, M of London

              Camozzi, C of Bicester

              Camozzi, E & Son of Bicester

              Campbell & Lumby of Liverpool

              Campbell, Andrew of London

              Campbell, Charlotte, of Leeds

              Campbell, D of Alnwick

              Campbell, Francis of Oswestry

              Campbell, John of Glasgow, Scotland

              Campbell, John of Birkenhead and Liverpool

              Campbell, John of Liverpool

              Campbell, Joseph mcgreg of London

              Campbell, Thomas of Amble,Acklington

              Campbell, William of London

              Canadine, Joseph of Stourbridge

              Canadine, William of Rotherham

              Candwell, James of Liverpool

              Caney, William of Market Rasen

              Canham, E of Watford

              Canham, William of Hull

              Cannon, Frederick Thomas of Hastings

              Cannon, Robert of London

              Cannon, William of London

              Cannon, William of Wallingford

              Canova, John of Haleswth and Southwold, Suffolk

              Canova, RJ of Lowerstoft

              Cansdale, Solomon of Ipswich

              Cant, E Jnr of Canning Town

              Cant, Edward & Son of Canning Town

              Cant, Edward & Son of London

              Cant, Edward of Canning Town

              Cant, Thomas Edward of Canning Town

              Cantoni, Biassio of Horsham

              Cant, George Harry of Sheffield

              Cant, Jacob of London

              Canty, G W of Barton-on-Humber

              Canty, George W of Barton-upon-Humber

              Capeling, Raymond of Haverhill

              Capes, James of Hull


              Capitain and Wehrle of London

              Caplan, Solomon of Sheffield

              Capon, George of Leeds

              Caps, Richard of Liverpool

              Capt, Henry (Geneva) of London

              Card, Joseph of London

              Cardwell, Thomas B of Liverpool

              Cardwell, Thomas Bryham of Liverpool

              Cargill, William D of Chesterfield

              Carless, E of Hounslow

              Carley, George& Co of London

              Carley, George of Diss

              Carley, George of London

              Carley, Jonathan of Thetford

              Carley, Richard of Bungay

              Carlhian & Cbiere of London

              Carlin, Issac of Hull

              Carlos, Sidney Jnr of Man Park

              Carman of Tiverton

              Carman, Samuel of Harleston ( Redenhall)

              Carmcross, C of Babbacombe, Torquay

              Carmichael, George F of Cullercoats, Whitley Bay

              Carmichael, R of Newcastle

              Carmichael, William of Houghton-le-Spring

              Carmichael, William of Newcastle

              Carmichael, William of Whitley

              Carne & Co of Liverpool

              Carne, SJ of Ipswich

              Carne, Sidney James of Ipswich

              Carnegie, James of Manchester

              Carnes, John of Liverpool

              Carpenter Brothers of Charshalton

              Carpenter, David of London

              Carpenter, Felix E of Walthamstow

              Carpenter, George of Wanstead

              Carpenter, Thomas of London

              Carpenter, Thomas of New Barnet

              Carpenter, W of Banbury

              Carpenter, William of London

              Carpenter, William of Manchester

              Carpenter, William of Salterton, Exmouth

              Carr, Charles James of Liverpool

              Carr, D of Maidstone

              Carr, H of Penge

              Carr, Henry of Penge

              Carr, James of Chipping, Clitheroe

              Carr, James of Chorley

              Carr, James of Garstang

              Carr, John E of Swaffham

              Carr, John of London

              Carr, Joseph of Newcastle

              Carr, Samuel of Birmingham

              Carr, Thomas of Preston

              Carr, W & J of Garstang

              Carr, Wilfred of Stockton

              Carr, William H of Liverpool

              Carr, William Henry of Bedford


              Carrick, William of Paisley

              Carrington, Thomas of London

              Carroll & Cotton of Rhos

              Carroll, H of Hnsey

              Carroll, Henry of London

              Carroll, James of Widnes

              Carri, B of High Wycombe

              Carri, Benjamin of Wycombe

              Carruthers of Longtown

              Carruthers of Pershe

              Carruthers, George of Langholm

              Carson & Muter of Manchester

              Carson, Alexander of Manchester

              Carson, David of Chlton on Medlock

              Carson, James of Manchester

              Carson, Samuel of Manchester

              Carswell, George of London

              Carter, AG of Haverhill

              Carter, Albert George of Haverhill

              Carter, Charles of Rochford

              Carter, E of Walton-on-Thames

              Carter, Elizabeth, of Warrington

              Carter, Ernest Letherby of Shoeburyness

              Carter, G of Hitchin

              Carter, George O of Long Melford

              Carter, George of Cambridge

              Carter, George of Cavendish, Sudbury

              Carter, George of Hackney

              Carter, George of London

              Carter, George of Reading

              Carter, George of South Shields and Seaham Harbour

              Carter, Harry R of Linton, Cambridge

              Carter, Henry of Long Melford

              Carter, Henry of Rochford

              Carter, Henry of Romford

              Carter, J of Liverpool

              Carter, J F of Southminster

              Carter, Jaazaniah of Denston, Newmarket

              Carter, Jaazaniah of Haverhill

              Carter, James R of Hitchin

              Carter, James of Blackpool

              Carter, James of Oldham

              Carter, James of Warrington

              Carter, Jane F of Southminster

              Carter, John of Cnhill, London

              Carter, John of Dovercourt

              Carter, John of Harwich

              Carter, Jonathan of Faversham and Herne Bay, Kent

              Carter, M of London

              Carter, Mris of Leigh

              Carter, Mris of Rochford

              Carter, Nathaniel of Rayleigh

              Carter, Nathaniel of Rochford

              Carter, Nman of Maidstone

              Carter, Philip of Huntingdon

              Carter, Samuel of Stansfield, Clare

              Carter, Samuel of Warrington

              Carter, Stephen of Southminster, Maldon

              Carter, Thomas of Bishop Auckland

              Carter, Thomas of London

              Carter, W of Stansfield, Clare

              Carter, William & Son of Andover

              Carter, William & Son of Salisbury

              Carter, William Edward of London

              Carter, William of Exmouth

              Carter, William of Ingatestone

              Carter, William of London

              Carter, William of Reading

              Carters & Cox of Goodmays

              Cartier & Amez-Droz of London

              Cartier, Charles of Liverpool

              Cartmell, John of Kirkham

              Cartwright Family of Chertsey

              Cartwright Family of Silverdale, Staffdshire

              Cartwright, A of Liversedge

              Cartwright, EM of Maldon

              Cartwright, James of Chertsey

              Cartwright, John of Guildford

              Cartwright, John of Horncastle

              Carved Longcase cases

              Carvell, Ernest of Leytonstone

              Carver, William of Eye

              Cary, George A of Farnworth

              Caryl, John of Crewe

              Casben, Henry of Guildford

              Case, Charles J of London

              Cashme, J of London

              Cashme, John of London

              Cashme, William of Coventry

              Casper, Ellis & Co of London

              Casper, Nathan of London

              Cass, Jacob of Manchester

              Castle, George M of Manchester

              Castle, John Thomas of Stanley, Durham

              Castle, Robert of Bath

              Castleberb, M of London

              Catchpole, AO of Brandon

              Catchpole, G of Bishops Stortford

              Catchpool, William of London

              Cater, William of Bury St Edmunds


              Catford, Wiliam of Wellington

              Catherwood, Joseph of London

              Catherwood, Thomas of London

              Catherwood, William of London

              Cathro, G & R of London

              Cathro, George and Robert of London

              Catley, R of Hoole, Chester

              Catlow, Alice, of Clitheroe

              Catlow, William H of Blackburn

              Cato & Co of Manchester

              Caton, Charles of London

              Caton, Cyril H of Ely

              Caton, Walter of Springfield, Chelmsford

              Cattaneo, J of Folkestone

              Cattaneo, P of Croydon

              Cattaneo, Peter of Croydon

              Cattauen & Co of Stockton

              Catterall, Jos of Bolton

              Catterall, Peter of Liverpool

              Cattermole, B of Sittingbourne

              Cattermole, BH of Chatham

              Cattlin, Henry of London

              Cattlin, James of London

              Catton, William of London

              Cave, Herbert of Boston

              Cave, William H of Winds

              Cave, William John of Eastry and Dover, Kent

              Cavell, William of Sevenoaks

              Caven, Robert of Liverpool

              Cawdle, William of Torquay

              Cawley, Robert of Chester

              Cawse, Richard JC of Wimbledon

              Cawson, Elean of Liverpool

              Cawson, James of Liverpool

              Cawson, Mary of Liverpool

              Cawson, William of Liverpool

              Cawthn, John of Lincoln

              Cealey, William of Market Deeping

              Cetti, J of Buckingham

              Cetti, John of Buckingham

              Chadwick, Benjamin of Liverpool

              Chadwick, J of Bury

              Chadwick, James of St Helens

              Chadwick, John of Liverpool

              Chadwick, Joseph of London

              Chalfen, B of Reading

              Chalfern, B of Reading

              Chalfont, John William of London

              Chalfont, Walter William of London

              Chalk, Frederick of Ipswich

              Chalker, J of Dchester

              Chalker, Thomas of London

              Challen, W of Brighton

              Challin, Thomas of Rochdale

              Chalmers, Robert of Yetholm, Roxburghshire

              Chalmers, Robert of Yetholm, Roxburghshire

              Chambera, Frederick Lovall of Stratford

              Chamberlain, James of Manchester

              Chamberlain, Mary Ann, of Manchester

              Chamberlain, Septimus of Stockport

              Chambers, Den J of Ruckle-Church

              Chambers, Frederick William of Epsom

              Chambers, Frederick of Epsom

              Chambers, G & Sons of Colchester

              Chambers, GC of Romford

              Chambers, George Charles of Romford

              Chambers, George of Colchester

              Chambers, J of Highgate

              Chambers, James of Liverpool

              Chambers, John B of Liverpool

              Chambers, John Benjamin of Liverpool

              Chambers, John Thomas of Gateshead

              Chambers, John of Liverpool

              Chambers, Octavius Bertram of Warminster

              Chambers, R of Luton

              Chambers, Robert of Little Bolton

              Chambers, W & J of Ruabon

              Chambers, William Henry of Chipping Ongar

              Chambers, William Henry of Ongar

              Chambers, William of London

              Chambley, Edward of Wolverhampton

              Chambley, Francis of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Chambley, John of Wolverhampton

              Chambley, William of Tamwth

              Champion, George of London

              Champness, T of Bury St Edmunds

              Chance, John of Chepstow

              Chance, John of Stepney

              Chandler, Edward of Leamington

              Chandler, GT of Margate

              Chandler, WG of Sudbury

              Chant, James of Brigg

              Chaplin, Robert John H of London

              Chaplin, Thomas and William of London, Bury St Edmunds and Lavenham

              Chapman & Son of Belvedere

              Chapman's of Ilford

              Chapman, D of Oxford

              Chapman, Daniel of Chatham

              Chapman, E of Chatham

              Chapman, E of Leigh

              Chapman, Elizabeth of Lincoln

              Chapman, George of Lincoln

              Chapman, H & Co of Chelmsford

              Chapman, H & Co of Chelmsford

              Chapman, Herbert of Chelmsford

              Chapman, J of London

              Chapman, J of Llanidloes

              Chapman, J of Watford

              Chapman, JW of Llanidloes

              Chapman, James of Lincoln and Salford

              Chapman, James of Liverpool

              Chapman, James of Royston

              Chapman, Jane of Bristol

              Chapman, John of Loughbourogh

              Chapman, Josiah of London

              Chapman, LJ of Brighton

              Chapman, Moses of Liverpool

              Chapman, R of Barton-on-Humber

              Chapman, Robert of Stockport

              Chapman, Thomas of Gravesend

              Chapman, William Robert of Bath

              Chapman, William of Lincoln

              Chapman, William of Metheringham, Kirton Lindsey

              Chapman, William of Sleaford

              Chappuzeau, John Christopher of London

              Chappuzeau, Laurent of London

              Charle, George of London

              Charles & Co of Liverpool

              Charles & Co of Newcastle

              Charles A Kleiser of Reading

              Charles, Edward & Co of Liverpool

              Charles, John of London

              Charlton, Charles of Canning Town

              Charlton, Edward of West Auckland

              Charlton, James of London

              Charlton, Jesse of Staindrop

              Charlwood, James Samuel & Sons of Eastbourne

              Charman, Peter of London

              Charman, W of Epsom

              Charman, William of Epsom

              Charpentier & Sons of London

              Charter, John William of Hull

              Chartia, Issac of London

              Chartres, Charles of London

              Chase Continuous Cloche Ltd of Bedford

              Chasty, Robert of Hatherleigh

              Chasty, William of Teignmouth

              Chatelain, Elmond of London

              Chater, Jonathan of Watford

              Chater, Richard of London

              Chater, William of London

              Chatfield, AW of Wrentham, Lowestoft

              Chatfield, Edward of Longton

              Chatfield, Edwin M of Barrow-in-Furness

              Chatfield, Edwin of Liverpool

              Chatfield, Edwin of Longton

              Chatfield, Ira AD of Woodbridge

              Chatfield, Samuel of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

              Chatfield, W of Wrentham, Beccles

              Chatfield, WA of Kessingham, Lowestoft

              Chatfield, William of Dunmow

              Chauney, Jerome of Birkenhead

              Chawner, Benjamin of Colchester

              Cheeseman, Herbert Francis of Leyton

              Chenery, Frederick of Bungay

              Cheney, J of Thame

              Cherici, Frank of Stockton

              Chesarkie, Arthur of Edinburgh

              Chessell, Rodney Gordon of Worthing

              Chester, Cyril Edward of Chislehurst

              Chester, George of Leamington

              Chester, W of London

              Chester, William H of Manchester

              Chester, William of London

              Chesterton, A of Kettering

              Chesterton, J of Wrexham

              Cheswth, John of Prescot

              Chettle, William of London

              Chick, RH of South Wimbledon

              Chick, Revett H of Wimbledon

              Chicks, Samuel of Weymouth

              Chiesman, Benjamin of Altringham

              Child, B of Great Missenden, Berkhampstead

              Child, Benjamin of Missenden

              Child, Henry of Chelmsford

              Child, Robert William of London

              Ching, GC of Ipswich

              Ching, William of Devonport

              Chinn, Edward William of Huddersfield

              Chipping, CJ of Lower Norwood

              Chipping, CJ of Streatham

              Chissell, GB & Son of Bexhill

              Chittock, AR of Ipswich

              Chitty, Caleb of London

              Chivers, J & Son of Marlborough

              Chivers, Samuel of Bath

              Chopping, John of Thnton Heath

              Christian, John of Gosport

              Christian, John of Liverpool

              Christie, George of Wallingford

              Christie, Henry of London

              Christie, James of Bechin, Angus

              Christie, Robert Livingston of Leith and Edinburgh

              Christie, William of London

              Christmas, James of Yarmouth

              Christmas, Robert of Walthamstow

              Christmas, W of Plaistow


              Chumbley, Joseph of Sheffield

              Chumbley, William of Retford

              Church, CH of Winchester

              Church, G of Bedford

              Church, Thomas of Gainsbough, Lincolnshire


              Churchill, George Joseph of Wooton Bassett

              Churton, Joseph of Whitchurch

              Chuter, E of Farnham

              Chuter, W of Farnham

              Chuter, William of Farnham

              Ciro Pearls Ltd at Robinson & Cleever Ltd of Bournmouth

              Ciro Pearls Ltd of Sheffield

              City Clock Co of London

              City Souvenier Stes of Chester

              Clack, William of Colchester

              Clamp, George of Leamington

              Clamp, James Hill of Colchester

              Clamp, Walter R of Bedford

              Clapham & Nman of Coggeshall

              Clapson, Frederick of Bexley Heath

              Clapson, Frederick of Welling

              Clapson, Lomas of Attercliffe, Sheffield

              Clapson, Lomas of Sheffield

              Clarance, Frederick of Smethwick

              Clare Family of Bedford

              Clare, Alfred Howard of Bedford

              Clare, Charles Thomas of Bedford

              Clare, Daniel of Bedford

              Clare, Henry James of London

              Clare, Hugh of Leigh

              Clare, James of Bedford

              Clare, Joseph of Bedford and Kimbolton

              Clare, Peter of Manchester

              Clare, Samuel of Warrington

              Clare, Thomas Pinkerd of Bedford

              Clare, Thomas of Bedford

              Claridge, George of Chepstow

              Claridge, William of Bristol

              Clark, Alan Charles of Bournmouth

              Clark, Barron of Peterbough

              Clark, C of St Ives

              Clark, Charles of Epworth

              Clark, E of Man Park

              Clark, EC of Snodland

              Clark, EJ of Melcombe Regis

              Clark, Ebenezer Charles of Egham

              Clark, Edward of Swaffam Pri

              Clark, Edwin of Weymouth

              Clark, Elizabeth, of London

              Clark, Frank of Montgomery

              Clark, Frederick of Liverpool

              Clark, Frederick of Reading

              Clark, George of London

              Clark, George of Tring

              Clark, Isaac of Peckham

              Clark, J of Farnham

              Clark, James Henry Edward of London

              Clark, James of Bath

              Clark, James of Edinburgh

              Clark, James of Frome

              Clark, John F & Son of Holbeach

              Clark, John of Caterham

              Clark, John of London

              Clark, John of Newcastle

              Clark, Matthew of Roryston

              Clark, Matthew of Swaffam Pri

              Clark, Nathaniel of Crewkrne

              Clark, Peter of Romfod

              Clark, R of Dchester

              Clark, Richard of Horncastle

              Clark, Richard of Spennymo

              Clark, Robert Henry of Royston

              Clark, Robert of Cerne Abbas

              Clark, Robert of Kilmarnock

              Clark, Robert of Norwich

              Clark, Theode of Ulverston

              Clark, Thomas of Burton-upon-Trent

              Clark, Thomas of Crawcrook

              Clark, Thomas of Epworth

              Clark, WL of Canterbury

              Clark, William R of Lower Norwood

              Clark, William R of Newbury

              Clark, William of Liverpool

              Clarke, Alfred of Chorlton on Medlock

              Clarke, Alfred of Manchester

              Clarke, Arthur John of Luton

              Clarke, CFC & Son of Rochester

              Clarke, Charles of Daventry

              Clarke, Charles of Liverpool

              Clarke, Charles of Lowestoft

              Clarke, EJ of Melcombe Regis

              Clarke, Edwin of London

              Clarke, F of South Norwood

              Clarke, FH of Armagh

              Clarke, Frederick of Liverpool

              Clarke, George& Henry of Huddersfield

              Clarke, George W of Oundle

              Clarke, George of London

              Clarke, H of Reading

              Clarke, Harry of Bishops Sorttford

              Clarke, J of St Ives

              Clarke, JB Ltd of Bedford

              Clarke, James William of London

              Clarke, James Z of London

              Clarke, John T of Mexbough, Rotherham

              Clarke, John T of London

              Clarke, John of St Helens

              Clarke, Joseph William of Clapham

              Clarke, RB Ltd of Southampton

              Clarke, Rosina, of London

              Clarke, T of Beaumaris

              Clarke, Thomas J of Norwood

              Clarke, W of Daventry

              Clarke, W of Oundle

              Clarke, William & Sons of London

              Clarke, William Staffart & Son of Chatteris

              Clarke, William Staffart of Chatteris

              Clarke, William W of Ampthill

              Clarke, William of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Clarke, William of Coventry

              Clarke, William of St Ives

              Clarkson, George Finlay of Northallerton

              Clarkson, Hewet of Stockport

              Clarkson, John of Liverpool

              Clarkson, Thomas of Beverly, Yorks

              Claus, Henry of London

              Claxton, Richard Charles of Brentwood

              Clay Family of Gainsbough and Messingham, Lincolnshire

              Clay, Alfred of Boston

              Clay, Thomas of Liverpool

              Claypoole, H & Sons of Boston

              Clayson & Son of Canterbury

              Clayson, Edward Percy of London

              Clayson, F of Canterbury

              Clayson, JW of Ramsgate

              Clayton, Henry A of Blackburn

              Clayton, Henry of Ware

              Clayton, J Bland of Bradford

              Clayton, J H of Darlington

              Clayton, Martin of Manchester

              Cleak, Adam of Bridpt, Dorset

              Cleaver, Harold Thomas of Belvedere

              Cleaver, J Thomas of Coventry

              Cleeve, H

              Clegg, Benjamin of Salford

              Clegg, Daniel of Manchester

              Clegg, Daniel of Manchester

              Clegg, Harry E of Oldham

              Clegg, James of Manchester

              Clegg, Samuel James of London

              Clegg, William of Manchester

              Clemence Freres of London

              Clement, J of Manchester

              Clement, JT & T of Tring

              Clement, JT of Tring

              Clement, John T of Tring

              Clement, John of Manchester

              Clement, Robert Albert of Consett

              Clement, T & J of Tring

              Clements, Arthur Edwin of Northampton

              Clements, E of Hungerford

              Clements, ES of Brighton

              Clements, G of Hammersmith

              Clements, H of Halstead

              Clements, Handley & Co of London

              Clements, Herbert of Halstead

              Clements, James Thomas of Walsall

              Clements, John of Oxford

              Clements, Robert of London

              Clementson, Edward Walter of Leytonstone

              Clementson, Edward Walter of Walthamstow

              Clementson, Edwin of Fest gate

              Cleminson, W of Ovingham

              Clemson, John of Reading

              Clerke, Frederick James of London

              Clerke, Frederick William of London

              Clerke, Frederick of London

              Clerke, George of London

              Cleverley, Albert Edward & Co of Cambridge

              Cleverley, Albert of Cambridge

              Clewer, William Henry & Son of Todmden

              Clewer, William Henry of Todmorden

              Clewley, Alfred of London

              Clidsdale Clysdale, Robert of Edinburgh

              Cliff, Frederick of Liverpool

              Cliff, George of Tutbury

              Cliffd, Francis of Salisbury

              Clifton, J of London

              Clifton, Walter of Walthamstow

              Clifton, William of London

              Cliftonville Goldsmiths Co Ltd of Margate

              Clinton, Richard of Eccleshall

              Clish, Matthew of Durham

              Clitherow, Robert of Chorley

              Clitherow, Thomas of Liverpool

              Cloake, Thomas of London

              Clode, Herbert R of Croydon

              Close, Henry of Liverpool

              Closon, Peter of London

              Clothier, James of London

              Clough, Frank H of Maldon

              Clough, John Arthur of Manchester

              Clough, John J of Bolton

              Clough, John of Bolton

              Clough, Jos of Oldham

              Clowes, F of Bishop Auckland

              Clowes, John of Liverpool

              Clowes, John of London

              Clows, John of Liverpool

              Cluley, A of Leytonstone

              Clunes, Robert of Airdrie and Motherwell

              Clymer, Marmaduke of Bristol

              Clysdale, Robert of Edinburgh

              Coales, CJ of Luton

              Coales, WP & D of Newport Pagnnell

              Coales, William Peck of Newport Pagnell

              Coastguard Watch, John Neve Ltd, of Rye

              Coates , James of Horncastle

              Coates, Giles of Chedworth

              Coates, J & Son of Hereford

              Coates, James H of London

              Coates, James of Middleham

              Coates, John of Cirencester and Tetbury in Gloucestershire

              Coates, Richard of Droitwich

              Coates, Richard of Dudley

              Coates, WP & D of Newport

              Coatswk, G of London

              Coatswth, Joseph of Middleton-in-Teesdale

              Cobb, George of Ollerton

              Cobb, James L of Liverpool

              Cobb, James of Liverpool

              Cobden, George of leyton

              Cochran & Shaw of Belfast

              Cochran, J And Son of Paisley

              Cochran, W of Brighton

              Cochran, William of London

              Cochrane Family of Lurgan, New Ross, Belfast, Ptadown and Tanderagee

              Cochrane, George of Ptadown

              Cochrane, Hugh of New Ross

              Cochrane, Samuel of New Ross

              Cochrane, Edward of Belfast

              Cochrane, Hugh Hall of Lurgan, New Ross Co Wexfd, Ptadown and Tanderagee

              Cock, Richard of London

              Cockburn, Adam of Haddington

              Cockburn, J R of Brighton

              Cockburn, John of Richmond, Surrey

              Cockburn, William of Haddington

              Cocker, James of Oldham

              Cocker, Robert of Preston

              Cockings, Spencer R of Bridgwater

              Cockshoot, Charles of Liverpool

              Cockshoot, Thomas of Liverpool

              Cockshoot, William of Liverpool

              Cockshut, William of Liverpool

              Cogdon, Thomas Samuel and Son of London

              Cogger, Thomas of Hastings

              Coghill, H W of Chatham

              Cohan, Asher & Sons of Liverpool

              Cohan, John of Liverpool

              Cohen & Samuel of London

              Cohen, A of Manchester

              Cohen, C of Flintshire

              Cohen, D of Newcastle

              Cohen, Daniel of Lincoln

              Cohen, Daniel of Sheerness

              Cohen, David of Sheffield

              Cohen, Ely Joseph of Oldham

              Cohen, Emanuel of Redruth

              Cohen, George of Wigan

              Cohen, H of Wisbech

              Cohen, H of Sunderland

              Cohen, Henrietta, of Salford

              Cohen, Henry of London

              Cohen, Isaac of Hastings

              Cohen, Isaac of Leeds

              Cohen, Jacob of Manchester

              Cohen, Joel of Manchester

              Cohen, John of Manchester

              Cohen, Louis of Newcastle

              Cohen, Mayer of Liverpool

              Cohen, Meyer of Manchester

              Cohen, Meyer of Salford

              Cohen, Mris of Liverpool

              Cohen, Moses of Sheffield

              Cohen, of Connah's Quay

              Cohen, Priscilla of Liverpool

              Cohen, RL of Dover

              Cohen, Samuel of Canning Town

              Cohen, Simeon of Liverpool

              Cohen, Solomon of Manchester

              Cohen, Solomon of Norwich

              Coigley, James of Liverpool

              Coiley, James Joseph of London

              Colbeck, William of Louth

              Colbeck, William of Market Rasen

              Colbourne, Walt of Plaistow

              Coldwell, Bertram of Sheffield

              Cole of Devizes

              Cole, Lucy, & Frederick of Cambridge

              Cole, Albert - see Cole of Devizes

              Cole, Albert J of Tunbridge Wells

              Cole, Frederick & Co of Cambridge

              Cole, Frederick of Newcastle

              Cole, George of Liverpool

              Cole, Harry of Ipswich

              Cole, J & Sons Ltd of Poole

              Cole, J of Sherbne

              Cole, James Ferguson of London

              Cole, John of Sherbne

              Cole, L & F Ltd of Cambridge

              Cole, Richard Stinton of Ipswich

              Cole, Richard of Ipswich

              Cole, Robert & Son of Staplehurst

              Cole, Robert William of Cambridge

              Cole, Thomas of Devizes

              Cole, Thomas of London

              Cole, William of Devizes

              Cole, William of Mpeth

              Coleman & Chapman of Liverpool

              Coleman, GA of Oldham

              Coleman, H S of Sandwich

              Coleman, of Manchester

              Coleman, TH of Kington

              Coleman, Thomas H of Kington

              Coleman, Thomas Hall of Kington

              Coleman, Thomas of London

              Colen, Maurice A of Witham

              Coles TC of Southam

              Coles, R of Buckingham

              Coles, Richard of Buckingham

              Colinwood, J of London

              Collard, Daniel of London

              Collbran, John of London

              Collbran, T of Hailsham

              Colledge Richard of West Ham

              Collett, E of London

              Collett, Jonas of Fakenham

              Collier Benjamin of London

              Collier, Archibald of London

              Collier, David of Gatley

              Collier, Osmond Henry of Paulington, Bristol

              Collier, Robert of Blackburn

              Collier, Samual William of Swindon

              Collier, Samuel of Cheadle Bulkeley

              Collier, Samuel of Gatley

              Collier, Thomas of Glossop

              Collier, Thomas of Howard's Town

              Collingridge, John of London

              Collingridge, Thomas of London

              Collings & Tyrer of London

              Collings, Alfred of Thonbury

              Collings, Edward Fras of Bath

              Collings, Harris of Coleford

              Collings, Joseph of Thonbury

              Collings, TG of Dunstable

              Collings, Thomas George of Dunstable

              Collingwood & Co of London

              Collingwood & Co of West Hartlepool

              Collingwood & Rainton of Rochdale

              Collingwood & Son Ltd of Sheffield

              Collingwood & Son Ltd of Colwyn Bay

              Collingwood & Son of Middlesbough

              Collingwood, C of Streatham, London

              Collingwood, Henry Nelson & Son of Coatham, Redcar

              Collingwood, Matt of Alnwick, Nthumberland

              Collingwoods of Torquay

              Collins, Bradley of Herne Bay

              Collins, Charles Alfred of Stanford-le-Hope

              Collins, D of Plaistow

              Collins, James of Stratford

              Collins, John of Chipping Sodbury

              Collins, Samuel of Thnbury, Malmesbury and Chipping Sodbury

              Collins, Thomas of Botesdale

              Collins, Thomas of London

              Collins, William of Herne Hill

              Collinson, Benjamin of Kendal

              Collinson, Edward of Butlerknowle, Nthumberland

              Collis & Russell of Ipswich

              Collis of Romfd and Brentwood

              Collis, WH & Son Ltd of Bury St Edmunds

              Collis, William & Son of Bury St Edmunds

              Collis, William Humphrey of Bury St Edmunds

              Collis, William Robert of Ipswich

              Collyer Benjamin of London

              Collyer, Thomas Robert of Highbridge, Somerset

              Collyer, Thomas of Barnet

              Collyer, William of Glastonbury

              Colpman, William A of Wellingbough and Kings Lynn

              Coltman, William of Dewsbury

              Colyer, Allen & Son of Guildford

              Colyer, Allen of Witham

              Colyer, William of Hertford

              Coman, William Frederick of Seven Kings

              Comber, Joseph of Woking

              Comber, Percy John of Croydon

              Comberbach, ES & Sons of London

              Combernbuch, Edward Stephen of Blackburn

              Combs, Thomas of London

              Comeli and Son of Dudley

              Commander, Samuel of London

              Compagnie, Generale des Hloges Pneumatiques of London


              Comper, Walter Augustus of Hsham

              Compigne, D of Winchester

              Compton of Newcastle

              Conconi, L of Margate

              Conde, Edward Jacques of Bristol

              Condliff, James of Liverpool

              Condliff, Thomas of Liverpool

              Conduit, Harry of Haslemere

              Conen, George of London

              Coneybear, James of Ashburton

              Conles, George of Winds

              Conn, James of Frinton-on-Sea

              Connard, A & Son of Southport

              Connell, R M of Blyth

              Connell, William George of London

              Connell, William of London

              Conner, PO of Dublin

              Conneybear, James of Ashburton

              Connold, Thomas of Aylsham

              Connolly, John of London

              Conroy Couch Ltd of Tquay, Devon

              Consitt, Robert of Whitby

              Constable & Tookey of London

              Constadt, Thomas of Trowbridge

              Constantine, William Albert of London


              Continental Jewels of Tquay

              Conway, Andrew & Co of London

              Conway, James of Stockport

              Conway, John of Sturminster

              Conyers, Arthur of Clacton

              Coochey, Charles of Kingston, Surrey

              Cook & Burchett of Geneva and London

              Cook Brothers of London

              Cook, Bert of Debenham, Stowmarket

              Cook, Charles of Blackburn

              Cook, George of London

              Cook, Isaac of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Cook, JE of Lancing

              Cook, John Thomas of Hull

              Cook, John of London

              Cook, John of London

              Cook, Joshua of London

              Cook, Matthew of Manchester

              Cook, Richard W of Dunstable

              Cook, Richard Walter of Dunstable

              Cook, T of Newcastle

              Cook, Thomas of London

              Cook, William of Sheffield

              Cooke, Charles of London

              Cooke, Ernest of Sheffield

              Cooke, Frederick D of London

              Cooke, Hannah A, of Southport

              Cooke, Henry W of Walsall

              Cooke, Henry of Manchester

              Cooke, Hace Wilfred of Sheffield

              Cooke, John of Hexham

              Cooke, Lewis H of Croydon

              Cooke, Michael of Jeynsham

              Cooke, Robert of London

              Cooke, William Wilfred of Sheffield

              Cooke, William of Liverpool

              Cookson Brothers of Oldham

              Cookson, Alice, of Liverpool

              Cookson, William of Drypool, Hull

              Cooley, William of Haywards Heath

              Cooling, Alfred of Redhill Surrey

              Coombes, Cyril Bernard of Tunbridge Wells

              Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd of Sheffield

              Cooper Thomas T of London

              Cooper, Augustus of New Barnet

              Cooper, Brothers of Leytonstone

              Cooper, Brothers of Walthamstow

              Cooper, Charles Robert of Maidenhead

              Cooper, Charles of Whitchurch, Shropshire

              Cooper, E of Manchester

              Cooper, Edward of Long Sutton, Wisbech

              Cooper, Edwin James of Ross

              Cooper, Emile of Bath

              Cooper, FH of London

              Cooper, Frederick R & Son of Colchester

              Cooper, Frederick R of Colchester

              Cooper, Frederick Ryle of Colchester

              Cooper, Frederick of Sheffield

              Cooper, G of Thnaby-on-Tees

              Cooper, George of Great Wakering

              Cooper, Henry of Sheffield

              Cooper, Hace of Leyton

              Cooper, Isaac Dan of Reigate

              Cooper, Isaac Daniel of Colchester

              Cooper, Isaac Daniel of Reigate

              Cooper, James of Croydon

              Cooper, James of Wolverhampton

              Cooper, John Albert of Walthamstow

              Cooper, John T of Leytonstone

              Cooper, John of South Benfleet

              Cooper, Joseph of Eccles

              Cooper, Joseph of Malpas and Whitchurch

              Cooper, Richard of Wolverhampton

              Cooper, S of Leiston

              Cooper, Samuel of Preston

              Cooper, Stephen of Wolverhampton

              Cooper, T of New Barnet

              Cooper, Thomas Frederic of London

              Cooper, Thomas S of Liverpool

              Cooper, Thomas William of London

              Cooper, Thomas of Derby

              Cooper, Thomas of London

              Cooper, Thomas of Newton-le-Willows

              Cooper, Thomas of Tamwth

              Cooper, W of Leytonstone

              Cooper, William G of Burnley

              Cooper, William H of Sheffield

              Cooper, William of Filey

              Cooper, William of Hull

              Cooper, William of London

              Cooper, William of Sheffield

              Cope & Molyneux

              Cope Thomas of Nottingham

              Cope, Charles John of London

              Cope, Francis of Radfd, Notts

              Cope, G & W of Radfd, Notts

              Cope, George& Francis of Nottingham

              Cope, George of Radfd, Notts

              Cope, Joseph of Nottingham

              Cope, Thomas of Nottingham

              Cope, William of Radfd, Notts

              Copeland, Robert of Manchester

              Copeland, Samuel H of Stoke

              Copeslake, Henry of London

              Coppel, Zallel of Liverpool

              Copple, William & John of Prescot

              Corbet, Brothers of Southend

              Corbet, E of Leigh

              Corbett, Alfred James of Spennymo

              Corbett, Samuel of Coventry

              Corby, Charles of London

              Corby, Thomas of London

              Cordall, Walter of Alcester

              Cordell, M A of Brigton

              Cdingley, William of Leeds

              Cordner, William Henry of Newry, Ireland

              Cfield's of Carno

              Corfield, AT of Carno

              Corfield, William of Lichfield

              Corke, William of Wolverhampton

              Corker, D of London

              Corker, DS of Lower Tooting

              Corker, DS of Tooting Graveney

              Corker, Daniel of London

              Cker, John of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Corker, John of Stafford

              Corker, Nathaniel of London

              Corker, Thomas of Eccleshall

              Corker, Thomas of Stafford

              Corless, Richard of Stockport

              Cornah, James of Lancaster

              Cornelius, William Henry of Brighton

              Cornell, Alfred Edmund of Tonbridge

              Cornell, BW of Braintree

              Cornell, Bertie William of Braintree

              Cornell, C M of Royston

              Cornell, EW of Braintree

              Cornell, G & Sons Ltd of Maidstone

              Cornell, G & Sons of Maidstone

              Corner, Benjamin of Richmond

              Cner, Nicholas of South Shields

              Corney, of Rhyl

              Corney, Harold Austin of Leigh

              Corney, JE of Rhyl

              Corney, Robert of Bourne

              Cornfth, William Barber of Macclesfield

              Cornish, A of Taunton

              Cnish, Alfred of Horley

              Cornu, Leon & Co of London

              Cornwall, James of Liverpool

              Corrall, Francis of Lutterwth

              Corrall, William of Lutterwth

              Corrie, James of London

              Crie, Philip of Langholm, Dumfries

              Corringham, R of Canterbury

              Corsan, Thomas of London

              Corson, James of Liverpool

              Corson, Joseph of Keswick

              Corthn, John of Lincoln


              Coross, William C of London

              Costello, Thomas of Oldham

              Costen, Adam of Kirkham

              Costen, William of Kirkham

              Costenoble, E of bo

              Coster, C of Henley-upon-Thames

              Coster, J of Stoney Stratford

              Coster, James of Maidenhead

              Coster, James of Marlow

              Coston, Edward of Wimbledon

              Cottebrune, Charles & Son of London

              Cottell Brothers of Swindon, Wiltshire

              Cottell, Charles of Swindon

              Cotterell, Francis of Belper

              Cotterill, Joshua of Bakewell, Bosnall, Cromford and Wirksworth

              Cottingham, Edwin of Thrapston

              Cotton, Joseph William of Barmouth

              Cotton, Richard of Pocklington

              Cotton, William Browne of Yarmouth

              Cottrell & Co of Reading

              Cottrell, FC of Stratford East

              Cottrell, Henry of Stratford

              Couch, Richard of Brixham, Devon

              Coughiu, James of Manchester

              Coulebourne, Henry of Liverpool

              Coules, GG of Windsor

              Couls, George of Windsor

              Coulson, Matthew of Gateshead

              Coulten , John of York

              Coulter, Arthur William of Woking

              Coulter, Thomas of Alford

              Coulton family of Sheffield

              Coulton, Francis of York

              Coulton, John of Ulverston

              Coulton, John of York

              Coulton, Thomas of Ulverston

              Coulton, William of York

              Counsell, E of Faringdon

              Counsell, Edwin of Faringdon

              Counsell, Henry of Faringdon

              Counsell, John Webb Francis of Ross

              Counsell, John of Ross

              Count, EL of Ashington

              Count, John Clarke of Sleaford

              County Goldsmiths Ltd of Bedford

              Coupe, Thomas of Manchester

              Coupe Frederick of Harwich

              Courlander, L Ltd of Croydon

              Courlander, Louis of Kingston

              Courlander, N of Richmond

              Courlander, Nton of Richmond

              Court & Co of Leytonstone

              Court, Charles E of Grange-over-Sands

              Court, Cnelius of Leamington

              Court, J of Southwold

              Court, J of Brightlingsea

              Court, Joseph of Bromsgrove

              Courti, Paul jun of Exeter

              Courvoisier Freres of London

              Cousens, Frederick Henry of Hull

              Cousens, Frederick of London

              Cousens, Henry John of London

              Cousins & Sons of Bath

              Couttz, L of Hamilton

              Coventry, Henry of London

              Covington, James of Wimbourne, Southampton

              Cowan & Burgess of St Helens

              Cowan, Isaac of Birkenhead

              Coward, James of Royston

              Cowburn, Henry of Kirkham

              Cowburn, John of Preston

              Cowderoy, RF of London

              Cowderoy, Richard F of London

              Cowderoy, William of London

              Cowdrey, Christopher of Oxted, New Oxted

              Cowell, John of London

              Cowen, David of Manchester

              Cowen, M & Co of Manchester

              Cowen, WM & Co of Manchester

              Cowles, Alfred of London

              Cowley, Edwin of Stockton

              Cowley, John Q of Manchester

              Cowlin & Hawkins of Ilford

              Cowlin, H of Ilford

              Cowpe, Jesse of Blackburn

              Cowper, C of Cork

              Cox, A of Reading

              Cox, Adam of Reading

              Cox, Adrian of Reading

              Cox, Alfred of London

              Cox, Charles Edwin of Trowbridge

              Cox, Charles Humphrey of Wallingfd, Leamington, Coventry and Northampton

              Cox, Edward of Cuckfield

              Cox, Edward of Nottingham

              Cox, F Ltd of Luton

              Cox, Frederick D of Norwood

              Cox, Frederick J of Langport

              Cox, Frederick of Bath

              Cox, Frederick of London

              Cox, Henry of Walthamstow

              Cox, Jason of Long Acre, London

              Cox, Joseph of Ilford

              Cox, Martha of Kidderminster

              Cox, Nathaniel of London

              Cox, Richard Wkman of Bristol

              Cox, Robert of Christchurch

              Cox, Stephen of Kidderminster

              Cox, T of London

              Cox, Thomas of London

              Cox, Thomas of Shoeburyness

              Cox, W C of Devonport

              Cox, W of Walker, Newcastle

              Cox, William of London

              Coxall, Samuel of Royston

              Coxhead, W & Son of Reading

              Coxhead, W of Reading

              Coxhead, William of Reading

              Coxon, E of Alnwick

              Coxon, John L of Liverpool

              Cozens & Son of London

              Cozens, Matthew & Thorpe of London

              Cozens, RL & Sons Ltd of Taunton

              Cozens, Robert Lionel of Taunton

              Cozens, William & Co of London

              Cozens, William & Son of London

              Cozens, William of Enfield Wash

              Crack, Walter of Bury St Edmunds

              Cracknell, John of St Mary Cray

              Cradock, Edward of London

              Crafter, Edward John of London

              Cragg, E N of Colchester

              Cragg, G of London

              Cragg, John of London

              Cragg, William of Sculcoates, Hull

              Cragie, Arthur of Southwold

              Craig, Joseph of Maryport

              Craig, James of Johnstone

              Craig, John Stuart of Liverpool

              Craig, John of Maryport

              Craig, John of Morpeth

              Craig, R M of Newcastle

              Craig, RA of Conway

              Craig, Robert M of Newcastle

              Craig, William of Haltwhistle

              Craighead & Webb of London

              Craigmyle, John of London

              Crake, E of Lowestoft

              Crake, EF of Lowerstoft

              Crake, Edmund Fisher of Lowerstoft

              Crake, Edmund of Loddon

              Crake, John of Surlingham

              Crambrook, William of Deal

              Crambrook, William of Deal

              Cramp, Edward CD of Byfield

              Cramp, J Ltd of Horsham

              Crampton, John of Dublin

              Cranage, Alfred of Southport

              Cranage, F of Montgomery

              Cranage, F of Newtown

              Cranage, John of Liverpool

              Cranage, Joseph of Liverpool

              Cranage, Thomas Stokes of Liverpool

              Cranage, Thomas of Liverpool

              Crane, Charles of Bacup

              Crane, George of Worcester

              Craney, George of London

              Cranshaw, Esther of Bolton

              Cranshaw Crawshaw, Andrew of Rotherham

              Cranstoun, W of Brighton

              Crapper, Walter of Sheffield

              Crapper, William of Hull

              Crate, George of New Barnet

              Craven, H N of Clacton

              Craw, Alexander of Arbroath

              Crawfd, Walton of Pickering

              Crawley, G of Southend

              Crawshaw, Thomas of Retford

              Creak, William of London

              Creasey, Joseph of Barking

              Creddas, John & Co of Durham

              Creek, David of whittlesfd, Cambridge

              Creek, William of Sawston, Cambridge

              Creek, William of whittlesfd, Cambridge

              Crees, TS of Lyme Regis

              Creighton, John of Broughshane and Ballymena

              Cresswell, Edmund of Manchester


              Creswick, Richard of Sleaford

              Crewe, Cyrus of Tetbury

              Crewe, Henry of Ledbury, Herefdshire

              Crews, Charles F of Plymouth

              Crews, Charles Frederick of Plymouth

              Cribb, T J of Kilburn

              Cribb, William E of London

              Cribb, William of London

              Crick, Christopher Thomas V of Woodfd Green

              Crick, Francis Richard of Newmarket

              Crickmer, PS of Ipswich

              Crickmer, Percy S of Ipswich

              Criggall, W T & Son Ltd of Torquay

              Cripps, ES of Lewes

              Cripps, F of Oxford

              Crisp Brothers of London

              Crisp, William Baker of London

              Crispe, Stedman Sruhbsole of London

              Crispe, Thomas of London

              Critchey, Robert of Liverpool

              Critchley, Joseph of Hyde

              Critchley, Joseph of Liverpool

              Critchley, William of Liverpool

              Critchley, William of St Helens

              Crittenden, Charles of London

              Crittenden, G of Chatham

              Croall Croal, Robert of Alyth, Perthshire

              Croasdale, Thomas Roscoe of Bury

              Crocker Brothers of Kingston

              Crocker, J of London

              Crocker, James of Dunster

              Crocker, James of Kingston

              Crocker, LT of Greenwich

              Crocker, Samuel of Kingston

              Crocker, William Henry of London

              Croft, George of Etchingham

              Croft, George of Robertsbridge

              Crofts, James John of London

              Crofts, James of Stratford-on-Avon

              Cromer, Conrad of Basset

              Crompton, John William of Wigan

              Croneen, Hace George of Gillingham


              Cronney, Henry of Manchester

              Crook, Albert of London

              Crook, Thomas of Chorley

              Cropper, H of Crowle, Doncaster

              Cropper, Samuel of Nottingham

              Crosby, Charles of Colshill

              Cross of London

              Cross, AN of Llandudno

              Cross, Charles of Exeter

              Cross, Charman of Newcastle

              Cross, Ernest of Sheffield

              Cross, Herbert of Manchester

              Cross, John Henry of Brigg

              Cross, John of London

              Cross, Joseph of London

              Cross, M of Walthamstow

              Cross, Percy of Brigg

              Cross, Ralph HB of Rainham, Gillingham, Kent

              Cross, Richard of Wallingford

              Cross, Walter of Harwich, Essex

              Cross, William Henry of Sheffield

              Cross, William of London

              Cross, William of Manchester

              Crossland, James of London

              Crossley, Catherine of Manchester

              Crossley, Frank of Lincoln

              Crossley, Henry of Manchester

              Crossley, James of Oldham

              Crossman, Frederick of Newton-Abbotts

              Crouch, A of St Albans

              Crouch, AD of Reading

              Crouch, Ben of Cambridge

              Crouch, Charles of St Albans

              Crouch, D of Dover

              Crouch, E & Son of Streatham

              Crouch, E of Brixton

              Crouch, Edmund of Clapham

              Crouch, Edmund of London

              Crouch, George of St Albans

              Crouch, Henry of Glastonbury

              Crouch, J of St Albans

              Crouch, W of Aylesbury

              Crouch, WH of Cambridge

              Crouch, William H of Cambridge

              Croudace, John of Durham

              Crout, TF of Leytonstone

              Crow, Edward of Faversham

              Crow, Francis of Margate

              Crow, Henry of Liverpool

              Crow, William of Stratford East, London

              Crowdell, Thomas of London

              Crowe, John of Liverpool

              Crowfoot, HJ of London

              Crown, Harry of East Ham

              Crowther, Daniel of Leeds

              Crowther, GT of Coventry

              Crowther, Hannah, of Sheffield

              Crowther, James Walter of Manchester

              Crowther, Joseph of Manchester

              Crowther, Joseph of Sheffield

              Croxall, George of Cambridge

              Croxall, T of Leytonstone

              Croydon & Co of Felixstowe

              Croydon & Sons of Ipswich

              Croydon, CW of Felixstowe

              Croydon, Charles Henry of Ipswich

              Croydon, Charles of Devonport

              Croydon, Frederick George Harry of Colchester

              Croydon, Frederick of Colchester

              Crozier, William Edward of Bexhill

              Cruickshanks, Alex of Liverpool

              Crump, George of Brighton

              Crump, Robert W of Machynlleth

              Crundell, AB of Edenbridge

              Crundwell, J of Edenbridge

              Crundwell, J of Hadlow

              Crundwell, S S of Tunbridge Wells

              Crundwell, S of Tunbridge

              Crundwell, Stephen of Tonbridge-Wells

              Cruttenden, J & G of Burgess Hill

              Cruttenden, Sawyers & Co of East Grinstead

              Cubbin, Richard of Liverpool

              Cubbin, Thomas of Liverpool

              Cuff, William of Shepton Mallet

              Cufflin, Robert Stephen & Arthur St Patrick of Nwood

              Cufflin, Robert Stephens of London

              Cull, William B of Dorking

              Cullen, Wm Thos of Guildford

              Culley, George Arthur of Sheffield

              Cullingfd, Percy of Ipswich

              Cullwick, B of Hereford

              Cullwick, Benjamin of Hereford

              Culverwell, Richard, Major of Liverpool

              Culyer, Alfred of Halstead

              Culyer, George of Halstead

              Culyer, S of Halstead

              Cumberbirch & Dutton of Manchester

              Cumberbirch, James of Manchester

              Cumming, James of Falmouth

              Cumming, John & Son of London

              Cumming, John of London

              Cummings, George Wilmer of Middlesbough

              Cummings, J of Battersea

              Cummings, Robert Daniel of London

              Cummins, Thomas of London

              Cummins, AJ of Woodfd Green

              Cummins, Charles of London

              Cummins, Thomas of Stockton, Darlington

              Cumpsty, Thomas & Co of Liverpool

              Cundall, JT of London

              Cunditt, R & F of Brighton, Sussex

              Cundy, George Albert of London

              Cunningham, F of Luton

              Cunningham, JM of Manchester

              Cunningham, John M of Burnley

              Cunningham, Mary of Wrexham

              Cunningham, R of Liverpool

              Cunningham, Robert W of Manchester

              Cunningham, Robert William of Manchester

              Cunningham, VR of Camberley

              Cunningham, VR of Camberley

              Cunningham, William Frederick & Son of Lowerstoft

              Cunningham, William Frederick of Lowerstoft

              Cunningham, William of Lowerstoft

              Cunningham, William of Sanquhar, Scotland

              Curle, John of Kelso

              Curphey, John of Liverpool

              Curr, George L of Sheffield

              Curr, William of Sheffield

              Curr, William & Son of Sheffield

              Curran, Thomas of Liverpool

              Currer, Robert of Falkirk

              Currey, W of Spennymore

              Curreyer, William Barratt of London

              Currie, M of Greenock, Scotland

              Currier, William Thomas of Mexbough, Rotherham

              Curry, T & Co of Hexham

              Curry, Thompson of Hexham

              Curryer, T of Brixton

              Curryer, Thomas of Camberwell

              Curryer, Thomas of Clapham

              Curson, Matthew of Wells

              Curtis, Albert Richard

              Curtis, F of Dchester

              Curtis, Joseph of Chatteris

              Curtis, William of Battersea

              Curtis, William of Exeter

              Curwen, Thomas of Liverpool

              Curzon, C of London

              Curzon, John of Coventry

              Cushine, John Herbert Archibold of Lowerstoft

              Cutcliffe, Robert of London

              Cuthbert, William of Whitchurch

              Cuthburt, RC of Grays

              Cutler, Richard of Blackburn

              Cutme, John of London

              Cutting, Sidney H of Margate

              Cuttler, WH of Brighton

              Cuzner, Henry Lionel of Alcester

              Cuzner, J of Shepton Mallet


              D F & Co

              D'Hunty's Patent Electric Watch of Liverpool



              Dabine, William Cox of London

              Daddon, William of Modbury

              Dagg, James of Liverpool

              Daglish, Robert P of Liverpool

              Daglish, Robert P of St Helens

              Dagnall, Henry of Prescot

              Dakin, H of Llangollen

              Dalby, Arthur H & Son of Manchester

              Dalby, Arthur Henry of Chorlton on Medlock

              Daldph, Adolph of London

              Daldph, John Adolph of Croydon

              Dale, Edmund of Fordingbridge

              Dale, Edmund of Fordingbridge

              Dale, George U of Horsham

              Dale, J of Reading

              Dale, Joseph of Reading

              Dale, William S of West Hartlepool

              Dales, JW of Bridlington Quay

              Dalgety, A of Peckham

              Dalgety, Alex of Peckham

              Dallaway, Thomas of Bexhill

              Dalrymple, Robert of Gateshead

              Dalrymple, William of Kilmarnock

              Dalton & Garner of West Hartlepool

              Dalton, Daniel of Church Lawford

              Dalton, J of London

              Dalton, John of London

              Dalton, P of Llandudno

              Dalton, Thomas of Sheffield

              Dalton, WJ of Coventry

              Daltrey, HJ of Rhyl

              Dalzell, WR of Gravesend

              Damp, John Alfred of Tarring, Worthing

              Damper, W of Tunbridge Wells

              Danby, George of London

              Danby, George of Nortwich

              Dance, F of Ipswich

              Dance, Joseph of Ipswich

              Dando, Thomas of London

              Dane, Thomas of London

              Danell, Joseph of London

              Danels, Thomas of Chelmsford

              Daniel Nicholas of Penzance

              Daniel, FH of Leigh

              Daniel, George of Liverpool

              Daniel, Henry & John of Liverpool

              Daniel, Henry and John of Liverpool

              Daniel, Henry of Bristol

              Daniel, Henry of Faringdon

              Daniel, Henry of London

              Daniel, J & H of Liverpool

              Daniel, Richard Thomas of Penzance

              Danielli, James of London

              Daniels, H & J of Liverpool

              Daniels, John H of Bolton

              Daniels, John Thomas of London

              Dann, Charles W of Wisbech

              Dann, Harry of Wisbech

              Dann, Henry of Wisbech

              Dann, James E of Farnham

              Dann, James Edward of Farnham

              Dann, James of Littleport

              Dann, James of Wisbech

              Dann, W of Maidstone

              Darby, Horace of Blackburn

              Darby, John of London

              Dare, Clarence of Guildford

              Dargie, JL of Ramsgate

              Darke, John of London, Holsworthy & Barnstaple

              Darling, Charles C of Sheffield

              Darlington of Liverpool

              Darlington, John of Burslem

              Darnton, Frederick of Benwell, Newcastle

              Darracott, Claude R of Deal

              Darrell, J of Waterloo, Blyth

              Dart, Henry of London

              Darvill, Walter of Sheffield

              Davall, S & Son Ltd

              Davenpt, JW of Manchester

              Davenpt, James of Macclesfield

              Davenpt, John Watson of Liverpool

              Davenpt, Samuel of Wigan

              Davey, Boyd E of Sible Hedingham

              Davey, Daniel B of Great Bardfield, Braintree

              Davey, Daniel of Great Bardfield

              Davey, Daniel of Wethersfield

              Davey, EL of Lewes

              Davey, Edward of Norwich

              Davey, JM of Fakenham

              Davey, James of Liverpool

              Davey, James of Manchester

              Davey, John of Ipswich and Needham Market, Suffolk

              Davey, Robert of Kenninghall

              Davey, Thomas of Bradford

              Davey, William of Burnham Market

              David, William of Wellington College Station

              David, William of Wokingham

              Davidson & Essex of London

              Davidson, Adam of London

              Davidson, Edward of Wetwang, York

              Davidson, FH of Manchester

              Davidson, J A of Newcastle

              Davidson, James of Airdrie and Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland

              Davidson, Matthew of Chester-le-Street

              Davidson, Robert of Newcastle

              Davidson, William of Beaumaris

              Davidson, Willima Mris of London

              Davie, Christopher of Linlithgow

              Davie, Joseph of London

              Davie, Joshua of London

              Davies Davis, George of Todmorden

              Davies, A of Penaenmawr

              Davies, AL of Caergwle

              Davies, Alfred A of Brandon

              Davies, C of Newcastle

              Davies, CW of London

              Davies, Charles William of London

              Davies, Charles of Burnley

              Davies, Charles of Madley

              Davies, Charles of Newcastle

              Davies, Daniel of Cheltenham

              Davies, David of Machynlleth

              Davies, David of St Asaph

              Davies, E of Llanfair Caereinion

              Davies, Edward Snr Ltd of Gilwern, Abergavenny

              Davies, Edward & Sons of Colwyn Bay

              Davies, Edward A of Liverpool

              Davies, Edward George of Hereford

              Davies, Edward of Ellesmere

              Davies, Edward of Old Colwyn

              Davies, Emanuel of Salford

              Davies, Ephraim of Mexbough, Rotherham

              Davies, FA of Littlept

              Davies, Francis of Wrexham

              Davies, G of Hereford

              Davies, G of Jarrow

              Davies, George Alfred of Holywell

              Davies, George of Hereford

              Davies, George of Holywell

              Davies, Griffith of Dolgellau Dolgelley, Wales

              Davies, H of Coedpoeth

              Davies, Harris of Sheffield

              Davies, Howell of Dolgelley

              Davies, Hugh of Abergele

              Davies, J of South Petherton

              Davies, James of London

              Davies, John of Becon

              Davies, John of Chester

              Davies, John of Manchester

              Davies, Owen of Llanidloes

              Davies, P of Abergele

              Davies, Peter of Torquay

              Davies, Pierce of Abergele

              Davies, R & Son of Blaenau Festiniog

              Davies, R Saunders of Penmaenan

              Davies, R of Llandaniel

              Davies, R of Newtown

              Davies, RP of Blaenau Festiniog

              Davies, RS of Abergele

              Davies, Robert & Son of Blaenau Festiniog

              Davies, Robert of Festiniog

              Davies, Robert of Llandaniel Fab

              Davies, Theophilus of Llanrwor

              Davies, Thomas of Liverpool

              Davies, U of Hereford

              Davies, Uvedale of Weobley

              Davies, William J of Harlech

              Davies, William of Shiffnall

              Davis, A of Oxford

              Davis, A of Clapham

              Davis, Aaron D of London

              Davis, Albert C of Stamfod

              Davis, Albert of Sheffield

              Davis, Alexander of Chichester

              Davis, Ann of Leominster

              Davis, Arthur James of Cambridge

              Davis, D & Co of Woolwich, London

              Davis, David Aaron of London

              Davis, David of London

              Davis, E of Worthing

              Davis, Edwin of Bradford

              Davis, Elias of Sheffield

              Davis, Evan of Runcorn

              Davis, H & A of East Ham

              Davis, Henry & Co of London, Canada

              Davis, JP of Boston

              Davis, James of Cambridge

              Davis, James of London

              Davis, John Frederick of London

              Davis, John of Chesterfield

              Davis, John of Dublin

              Davis, John of Wolverhampton

              Davis, John, of Peterbouorgh

              Davis, Joseph, of Chesterfield

              Davis, Leslie of Bournmouth

              Davis, N of Brighton

              Davis, Rosa, of London

              Davis, S H & Son of Westcliff

              Davis, Stanley Harold of Westcliff

              Davis, T of Gateshead

              Davis, Thomas of Bath

              Davis, Thomas of London

              Davis, Thomas of Worcester

              Davis, W & J of London

              Davis, William & Son of Birmingham

              Davis, William Clifford of Swindon

              Davis, William Henry of London

              Davis, William Henry of Stratford

              Davis, William Henry of Wellington

              Davis, William of London

              Davis, William of Shifnal

              Davis, William of Shrewsbury

              Davison of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

              Davison, E of Beaumaris

              Davison, Elizabeth of Beaumaris

              Davison, Evan of Beaumaris

              Davison, George of Wooley

              Davison, J of Willington

              Davison, W & E of Kettering

              Davison, W of Kettering

              Davison, William of Baumaris

              Davison, William of London

              Davy, C of Oxford

              Davy, Charles of Stockport

              Davy, Elijah & Son of Yarmouth

              Dawes of Whitehaven

              Dawes, Arthur of Fest gate

              Dawes, CG of Stoke Newington

              Dawes, James of Attlebough

              Dawes, John of Whitehaven

              Dawes, W of Stoke Newington

              Dawes, WJ of Stoke Newington

              Dawes, William Matthias of London

              Dawes, William of Gravesend

              Dawkin, J & F of Southend

              Dawkins, Fras E of Richmond

              Dawkins, Fraser of Richmond

              Daws, Richard of Devonport

              Dawson & Son of Halesworth

              Dawson, C of Colchester

              Dawson, Charles O of Cavendish, Sudbury

              Dawson, Charles O of Clare

              Dawson, Charles W of Hoddesdon

              Dawson, Charles of Boxford, Colchester

              Dawson, Charles of Collis, Clare

              Dawson, Charles of Groton, Colchester

              Dawson, Cyril of Sheffield

              Dawson, David Andrew of Oldham

              Dawson, Edward Charles of London

              Dawson, Frith George of Boxford, Colchester

              Dawson, Frith of Boxford, Colchester

              Dawson, George Walter of Halesworth

              Dawson, George of Sudbury

              Dawson, HS of Bolton

              Dawson, James of Bradford

              Dawson, John W of Sheffield

              Dawson, Stewart & Co of Liverpool & London

              Dawson, Stewart of Rotherham

              Dawson, Thomas Henry of Oldham

              Dawson, William H of Putney

              Dawson, William Henry of Putney

              Dawson, William Henry of Stockton

              Dawson, William P of Leintwardine

              Dawson, William of Holbeach

              Dawson, William of Sheffield

              Dawson, William of boor

              Day, EJ of Westcliff

              Day, Edwin & Son of Ramsgate

              Day, FW of Canterbury

              Day, Henry James of London

              Day, Henry James of Stratford East

              Day, Henry William of Braintree

              Day, Henry of London

              Day, Henry of Saffron Walden

              Day, Herbert of Cambridge

              Day, James and Son of Stratford East

              Day, John of Hadleigh, Essex

              Day, John of London

              Day, John of Rochford

              Day, John of Wakefield, Yorkshire

              Day, S of Peckham

              Day, Richard T of Ramsgate

              Day, Thomas of Kensal Green

              Day, Thomas of Liverpool

              Day, Thomas of London

              Day, William Henry of Dewsbury

              Daykin, Jonathan of Skipton, Yorkshire

              De Boo, Philip of London

              De Boo, William of London

              De Charmes Simone of London & Paris

              De Fontaine, Louis of London

              De Frece, Jacob of London

              De Frece, Jacob of London

              De La Cour, G of Chatham

              De La Fons, John of London

              De La Salle, James Thomas of London

              De La Salle, Thomas of London

              De Lannoy, Andren of London

              De Leenw, Gustave of Leyton

              De Pury, Henry Edward of London

              De Raay, Franz of London

              De Raay, John H of Reading

              De la Salle, James of London

              Defontaine, LW of London

              Desolla, Jacob & Son of London

              Deacon & Son of Swindon

              Deacon, CA of Lower Norwood

              Deacon, CA of West Norwood

              Deacon, E & Sons of Luton

              Deacon, Edwin of Luton

              Deacon, George& Son of Swindon

              Deacon, Henry of Westbury

              Deacon, Hubert John & Son of Swindon

              Deacon, John of Leicester

              Deacon, John of London

              Deacon, Joshua & Son of Swindon

              Deacon, Michael & Son of Swindon

              Deacon, Richard & Son of Swindon

              Deacon, Samuel of Barton in the Beans

              Deadman, Joseph Edward of Beckenham

              Deal, John of Richmond, Surrey

              Deal, William of London

              Dean Charles of Liverpool

              Dean, Charles of Bradford

              Dean, HC & Co of Sheffield

              Dean, Henry of Bury St Edmunds

              Dean, Henry of Stockport

              Dean, J of Walthamstow

              Dean, John of Accrington

              Dean, John of Leigh

              Dean, Richard of Leigh

              Dean, Thomas of Eccles

              Dean, Thomas of London

              Dean, William of Leigh

              Dear, J G of Baldock

              Dearden, Charles of Manchester

              Dearing, F of Esher

              Dearing, FT of Kingston

              Dearing, Frederick of Claygate, Esher

              Dearling, C of Croydon

              Dearling, GW of Croydon

              Dearling, George H of Carshalton

              Dearling, George William of Croydon

              Dearling, Goodwin of Beckenham

              Dearling, Goodwin of Purley

              Deaves, Richard of Whitchurch

              Debenham, Ernest of Tiptree

              Debert, Peter of Liverpool

              Debnam, C of Bishop Stortford

              Debnam, Charles William of Bishop Sorttford

              Debnam, Charles of Newport, Essex

              Debney, James of Manchester

              Debney, James of Wednesbury

              Decks, Thomas of Warboys

              Deeble, Richard of Cork

              Deeley, M of Tquay

              Defries, Jonas & Sons of London

              Degan, Joseph of Balham

              Degen, Joseph of Balham

              Dehler, H of Southampton

              Delagarde, Gustavus of London

              Delander, Daniel of London

              Delaour, George of Chatham

              Delasons, John of London

              Delicate, Thomas G of Esher

              Delicate, Thomas of Esher

              Dell, Isaac of Bristol

              Dell, T of Harrow

              Dell, Thomas of Harrow

              Dellesser, Ellis of Liverpool

              Deloche, Constantine of London

              Delolme, Henry of London

              Delve, John of Barnstaple

              Dempsey, James of Hallifax

              Dench, William E of Horsham

              Denham, Charles of Durham

              Denham, John Barden of London

              Denise Michele Ltd of Torquay

              Denman, Edward George of London

              Denman, George Frederick of London

              Denne, John of London

              Dennett, James of St Helens

              Dennett, John of Wigan

              Dennett, Richard of Newport, Isle of Wight

              Denning & Henderson of London

              Dennis, John of Great Trington

              Dennis, John of Trington

              Dennison Watch Cases

              Dent, E & Co of London

              Dent, E J & Co

              Dent, Frederick of London

              Dent, James of Kendal

              Dent, John George of London

              Dent, John Jarvis of Brigg

              Dent, M F

              Dent, Raymond of Sheffield

              Dent, Richard Edward of London

              Denton, Joseph of Liverpool

              Denton, Joseph of Stoke-upon-Trent

              Denton, Joseph of Winds

              Denton, Rebecca, of Windsor

              Denton, William of Sheffield

              Denz, Charles of Liverpool

              Denz, Rose, of Liverpool

              Depree, Elias, E of London

              Dermont, Richard William of London

              Derwood, William of London

              Des Granges, Peter of London

              Desbois & Sons of London

              Desbois & Wheeler of London

              Desbois, Daniel of London

              Desilva, William of Liverpool

              Despres, Alfred of Liverpool

              Deunett, Ann of Liverpool

              Deutch, A of Liverpool

              Devall, M of Colchester

              Devall, W M of Colchester

              Devall, William Maples of Great Bentley

              Deverell, John of Winslow

              Devoto, B of London

              Dewar, J D of Newcastle

              Dewey, William of London

              Dewhurst, Thomas Firth of Hull

              Dewhurst, Thomas of Hull

              Dewhurst, William Bolton of Clitheroe

              Dewitt & Talbot of Warwick

              Dewsnap, George of Manchester

              Dexter, Charles of Market Rasen

              Dexter, James C of Boston

              Deykin Deakin, Henry of Worcester

              Di-nitto, Nicola of Sheffield

              Dinitto, N CMBHI of Sheffield

              Diamond, Susannah of Harwich

              Diamondstone Mandelson of Sunderland

              Diamondstone, Mendleshon of Blyth

              Dibdin, George Michael of London

              Dibley, W of Rye

              Dickason, JT of Richmond

              Dicken of Cambridge

              Dicken, William of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Dickinson, David T of Dovercourt

              Dickinson, Frederick C of London

              Dickinson, Henry Stanley of Chippenham

              Dickinson, Matthew of Newcastle

              Dickinson, Matthew of Nth Shields

              Dickinson, T of Amble, Acklington

              Dickinson, Thomas of Boston, Lincolnshire

              Dickinson, W D of Durham

              Dickinson, Walter Arthur of Ipswich

              Dickman, John of MWShe Sunderland

              Dieck, Henry Von of London

              Diesch, A of Melcombe Regis

              Diesch, Alfred of London

              Diettinger, Edmund of Kings Langley

              Diger, William of Peterbough

              Dilger, A of Mold

              Dilger, Blasins of London

              Dilger, Emil of London

              Dilger, G of Canning Town

              Dilger, John W of Sheffield

              Dilger, John of London

              Dilger, John of Sheffield

              Dilger, M & W of London

              Dillistone, Edward of Royston

              Dillistone, Harry of Esher

              Dillon, OS of London

              Dimier Brothers & Co of London

              Dimmer & Son of Chester

              Dimmock, James of Cambridge

              Dingle, WE of East Ham

              Dingley, Geoffrey Frederick of Clacton

              Dingley, Leonard of Atherstone

              Dinion, L of Newcastle

              Dinion, Louis of Newcastle

              Dinitto, Frank CMBHI of Sheffield

              Dinitto, Frank of Sheffield

              Dinsdale, George of Blyth

              Dinsdale, Robert of London

              Dipple, George Henry of Woodford Green

              Disme, Thomas of Liverpool

              Dison, Jeremiah James of Potton and Cambridge

              Ditchfield, T of London

              Dittman, Theode of London

              Dixon, George of Sheffield

              Dixon, James of St Helens

              Dixon, William of London

              Dixon, William of St Helens

              Dixon, William of Whitehaven, Cumbria

              Dobb, Henry of Helston

              Dobbie, John of Calton, Glasgow

              Dobbie, Robert of Felixstowe

              Dobbie, Thomas of Glasgow

              Dobbie, W & G of Glasgow

              Dobbie, William of Falkirk

              Dobbin, A of Luton

              Dobbs, Albert Edward of Hull

              Dobbson, William of Liverpool

              Dobbyn, George of Dublin

              Dobell, E of Hastings

              Dobell, J of Canterbury

              Dobie, John of Tanfield

              Dobson, Arlander of London

              Dobson, Benjamin of Weston-super-Mare

              Dobson, J of Sheffield

              Dobson, Richard H of Leeds

              Dobson, W of Cowpen Quay,Blyth

              Dobson, William of Blyth


              Dodd Brothers of Liverpool

              Dodd, E of Daventry

              Dodd, Edward of Blyth

              Dodd, Edward of Devonport

              Dodd, Joseph of Walthamstow

              Dodd, Philip George& Son of London

              Dodd, William of London

              Dodds, John of Sunderland

              Dodds, Joseph of Kirton

              Dodds, Thoms E of Heaton, Newcastle

              Dodge & Co of Manchester

              Dodge, Edward of Stowmarket

              Dodge, W & M of Manchester

              Dodson, William of Norwich

              Doe, Ronald P of Gillingham

              Doggett, Bertie Frank of Cambridge

              Doke, Richard of Liverpool

              Doke, Richard of Prescot

              Dolby, Thomas of East Dulwich

              Dold, A of Rochester

              Dold, Albert of Grimsby

              Dold, Anton of Grimsby

              Dold, Edwin of Canning Town

              Dold, George of Manchester

              Dold, Julian of Liverpool

              Dold, P of Maidstone

              Dold, Thomas of Merthyr Tydfil, Glamgan, Wales

              Dold, V of Newcastle

              Dold, Vict of Heaton, Newcastle

              Dolding, Edward of East Ham

              Dollery, J of Dking

              Domaille, Charles Henry of Colchester

              Dommen, Henry P of Croydon

              Donagon, William of Cambridge

              Donald, Adam of Newcastle

              Donald, George of Newcastle

              Donald, James (& Son) of Newcastle

              Donald, John of Newcastle

              Donald, Robert of Newcastle

              Donaldson, George of London

              Donaldson, JF of Newmarket

              Doncaster, Samuel of Burslem

              Donisthpe, Joseph of Leicester

              Donisthpe, Richard of Loughbough

              Donkin, T of Scarbough

              Donkin/Donking, Gerard of Liverpool, Lancashire

              Donking, James of Liverpool

              Donne, Lewis of London

              Donohoe, George of Southampton

              Donwth & Co of Hull

              Doodson, George of Liverpool

              Doogood, Robert of Leominster

              Dooley, James

              De, Henry of Manchester

              Dey & Lester Co of Kilburn, London

              Dmain, DA of Southend

              Dning, Robert of Devonpt

              Drell (Drill) Family

              Drell, Francis of London

              Drell, John of London

              Drell, Maximilian of London

              Drell, William of London

              Dvey, George of London

              Dosser, Thomas of Slingsby, York

              Dotter, Richard of Bromley

              Dotter, Richard of Chislehurst

              Dougherty, JH of Huddersfield

              Doughty, Joseph of Workshop

              Douglas, Andrew of Whitehaven

              Douglas, Daniel of Whitehaven

              Douglas, James of Egham, Chertsey, Surrey

              Douglas, Nathaniel of Whitehaven

              Douglas, Robert of Liverpool

              Douglas, William Henry of Stourbridge

              Douglas, William of Jedburgh

              Dow, Alex of London

              Doward Family of Farnwth, Widnes

              Doward Family of Farnwth, Widnes

              Doward, William of Farnwth, Widnes

              Dowling, William of Liverpool

              Down, J G of Sevenoaks

              Down, Robert of Bideford

              Downes, Robert of London

              Downes, William of Liverpool

              Downey, John of London

              Downham, JS of Wimbledon

              Downing, Arthur of Manningtree

              Downing, David W of Manchester

              Downing, Frank of Wimbledon

              Downing, T of Colchester

              Downing, Thomas of Colchester

              Downing, William of Walthamstow

              Downs Downes, Valentine of Louth, Lincolnshire

              Downs, Albert of Kemptown, Brighton

              Downs, Benjamin of Mansfield

              Dowsett, Charles of Margate

              Dowsing, WA of Blyth

              Dowsing, William of Halesworth

              Dowsing, William of Waterloo, Blyth

              Dowson, T of Bishop Auckland

              Doyle, John of London

              Doyle, Lawrence Joseph of Liverpool

              Drage, John of Leighton Buzzard

              Drage, William H of Northampton

              Drake, C of Heaton, Newcastle

              Drake, C of Newcastle

              Drake, Edwin of Hallifax

              Drake, Henry Joseph of London

              Drake, Richard of Beaminster

              Drake, Samuel of Reading

              Drake, Sl of Reading

              Drakefd, Edward of Congleton

              Drakefd, John of Congleton

              Draper, Henry of London

              Draper, Henry of Manchester

              Draper, John of Maldon

              Draper, Thomas of London

              Dray, Percy Thomas of Hythe

              Draycot, Thomas of Chard

              Draycott, Samuel of Burnham Market

              Drayton, J of Chard

              Drayton, James of Taunton, Somerset

              Dreher, Gottlob of Ptishead

              Drescher & Son of Kingston

              Drescher Dreschler, John of Hull, Headon and Hutton

              Drescher, Edward of Hull

              Drescher, Joseph A of Hull

              Drescher, K of Kingston

              Drescher, NB of Hull

              Drescher, Pius of Hull

              Drescher, Simon of Manchester

              Dresser, Herbert B of Manchester

              Drielsma, George of Liverpool

              Drielsma, Isaac Jones of Liverpool

              Drielsma, Maurice of Liverpool

              Drielsma, Simon of Liverpool

              Drinkwater, Alfred Henry of Coventry

              Drinkwater, Charles of Manchester

              Driver, Henry of Keighley

              Droyton, J of Chard

              Druce, Charles of Carshalton

              Drukker, Meyer of London

              Drummer, Edward L of Bogn Regis

              Drummon, Thomas of Liverpool

              Drummond, JM of London

              Drury, Francis of Liverpool

              Drury, Frank of Sheffield

              Drury, W J of Mayfield

              Drury, William Edward of Hull

              Dryden, G of London

              Dryden, George Henry of Berwick

              Dryden, James of London

              Dryden, James of Thnton Heath

              Dryland, E of Gillingham

              Du Hamel, Isaac of London

              Dubail, Monnin, Frossard & Co of London

              Ducker, Henry of London

              Duckett, Charles of Stoke-upon-Trent

              Dudgate, Richard of London

              Dudman, Thomas of London

              Duerre, Charles William R of London

              Duesbury, Samuel of Salfd

              Duff & Nephew of Liverpool

              Duff, David of Edinburgh

              Duff, James & Son of London

              Duff, James of London

              Duff, John of Manchester

              Duff, William of Liverpool

              Duffield, Francis of London

              Duffner & Son of London

              Duffner, Edmund of Manchester

              Dufner, Bennett of Coventry

              Duggins, E of Leamington

              Duggleby, WH of Scarbough

              Duke, James of Manchester

              Duke, Joseph of Denbigh

              Dukes, G of Canterbury

              Dumbell, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

              Dumbell, John of Wolverhampton

              Dumbell, Joseph of Liverpool, Lancashire

              Dumbell, Joseph of Rochdale

              Dumbell, Nathaniel of Wolverhampton

              Dumbell, Samuel of Wolverhampton

              Dumbell, William H of Liverpool, Lancashire

              Dumbell, William of Prescot

              Dumville, John Winter of St Ives, Huntingdonshire

              Dumville, John of Alderley

              Dumville, John of Chelford

              Dumville, John of Nether Alderley, Cheshire

              Dumville, John of St Ives, Huntingdonshire

              Dumville, Nathaniel of Alderley and Wilmslow

              Dumville, Nathaniel of Stockport

              Dun, James of Acrom, Scotland

              Duncan, Alexander of Elgin

              Duncan, Alfred Ernest of Sheffield

              Duncan, James of London

              Duncan, T of Nth Shields

              Duncan, W of Llandudno

              Duncan, William Rankin

              Dunderdale, Charles of Keighley

              Dungey, David I of Wthing

              Dunkley, Thomas of London

              Dunn, Charles of London

              Dunn, J W of Shildon

              Dunn, Richard of Boston

              Dunn, Robert of London

              Dunn, S E of Canterbury

              Dunnett, Fitzwilliam Sparling of Southend

              Dunning, John of Great Ayton

              Dunsfd, Jas Emmanuel Baker of Swindon

              Dunsgate, Frs of Holt

              Dunstall & Co of Gravesend

              Dunstone, William of Hetton-le-Hole

              Dunswell, James of Eccleshill

              Dunwell, John of Leeds

              Duplock & Wiggins of London

              Duplock, Charles of London

              Dupree, E of London

              Dupree, Elias of London

              Dupree, Elie of London

              Dupree, GW of Camberwell

              Dupuy, George of Canning Town

              Durden, John of London

              Durham, William of Dunbar

              Durran & Carter of Reading

              Durran & Son of Reading

              Durran, BP of Daventry

              Durran, EH of Banbury

              Durran, JH of Banbury

              Durran, A of Banbury

              Durrant Brothers of Croydon

              Durrant, Arthur John of Colchester

              Durrant, Arthur of Brightlinsea

              Durrant, Henry W of Dover

              Durrant, JJ & Son of London

              Durrant, JP of Anerley

              Durrant, John Thomas of Thnton Heath

              Durrant, OP of Croydon

              Durrant, Richard of Beccles

              Durrant, Richard of London

              Durrant, SC & Son of Guildfd

              Durrant, Solomon Joseph Augustine of South Nwood

              Durrant, T of Croydon

              Durrant, William of London

              Durre, Randolph of London

              Dutch, Lesser of Liverpool

              Dutront of Beaumont

              Dutterau, John of London

              Dutton of Fleet Street, London

              Dutton, Abraham of Hanley and Shelton

              Dutton, Abraham of Hanley

              Dutton, CR of Chester

              Dutton, Edward of Tipton

              Dutton, Fanny of Walsall

              Dutton, Frederick N of Bromsgrove

              Dutton, George S of Manchester

              Dutton, James of Manchester

              Dutton, John of Liverpool

              Dutton, Joseph of Chester

              Dutton, Matthew of Fleet Street, London

              Dutton, Thomas, London

              Dutton, Thomas of Longton

              Dutton, Thomas of Walsall

              Dutton, W & Sons, London

              Dutton, William, London

              Dutton, William of Manchester

              Dwerrihouse & Bell of London

              Dwerrihouse & Carter of London

              Dwerrihouse & Ogston of London

              Dwerrihouse, Bell & Son of London

              Dwerrihouse, John of London

              Dwerryhouse, James of Liverpool

              Dye, JR of Lowerstoft

              Dyer, Caleb of Northampton

              Dyer, Ernest of Eastbourne

              Dyer, Harry of Eastbourne

              Dyer, James of Sutton

              Dyer, John Benjamin of London

              Dyer, John of Bath

              Dyer, William of Barnstaple

              Dymond, Charles of Devonport

              Dyson, Humphrey of Manchester

              Dyson, John of Leeds

              Dyson, Thomas of Sheffield

              Dyton, John of Harrow

              Eacott, John of Bruton

              Eacott, M Thomas of Kingston

              Eacott, MT of Kingston

              Eade's of Folkestone

              Eade's of Ramsgate

              Eade, Richard Stedman of Barnehurst, Bexleyheath

              Eades, W Jonas of Southminster

              Eagle, C of Soham

              Eagle, James of Soham

              Eales, Owen of Peterbough

              Eames Brothers of Bath

              Eames Family of Bath

              Eames, Frederick of Bath

              Eames, George of Freshford, Bath

              Eames, George of Plaistow

              Eames, Jacob of Bath

              Eames, Samuel of Bath

              Eames, Thomas of London

              Eames, William of Tiverton

              Earles, Henry of London

              Early, Henry T of London

              Earnshaw, John of Hipperholm-cum-Brighouse, Halifax

              Earnshaw, John of London

              Earnshaw, T of London

              Earnshaw, Thomas Jun of London

              Earnshaw, Thomas Sen of London

              Earnshaw, Thomas of London

              Earthy, J of Manningtree

              Eary, Edwin J of West Mersea

              Eary, Edwin John of Haverhill

              Easterbrook, William of Kingsbridge

              Easterbrook, William of Merton

              Eastmond, WP of Redhill

              Eastmond, William P of Redhill

              Easton, James of Largs

              Eastwood, J of Liverpool

              Eastwood, James of Liverpool

              Eastwood, M A of Barnsley

              Eaton, Herbert H of Sheffield

              Eaton, James of Barnsley

              Eaton, John & Son of Rotherham

              Eaton, John & Son of Sheffield

              Eaton, John of Rotherham

              Eaton, John of Sheffield

              Eaton, TW & Co of Sheffield

              Eaton, William & Son of West Hartlepool

              Eaton, William Chas of Sheffield

              Eaton, William of Middlesbough

              Eaves, Charles of Birmingham

              Eaves, Charles of West Bromwich

              Eaves, William & Co of London

              Ebben, William of London

              Ebdon, Ernest E of Bournmouth

              Eberlin, Louis of Mo, Sheffield

              Eball, Edmund of Llangollen

              Eball, Edward of Llangollen

              Eball, John of Warwick

              Ebswth, John of London

              Eccles, George& Son of Liverpool

              Eccles, JR of Stratford-on-Avon

              Ecker, HM of Wimbledon

              Eckersley, Sarah, of Manchester

              Eckert & Blake of East Sheen

              Edden, Arthur of Kineton, Warwick

              Ede, John of Camelford

              Ede, PH of Bromley

              Eden, S of Stockton

              Eden, Thomas of Liverpool

              Edey of Liverpool

              Edey, S S of Kingston

              Edgar, Robert of Whitehaven

              Edgar, S of Bath

              Edgar, Silvester of Gillingham

              Edgar, William of London

              Edgar, Wthington of London

              Edge, Richard of Liverpool

              Edgecomb, Nathaniel of Bristol

              Edgehill, Edward of Liverpool

              Edgell, Steward of Coleford, Bath

              Edghill, E of Liverpool

              Edgson, Henry of Peterbough

              Edkins, James Samuel of Ross

              Edkins, James of London

              Edley, Archie of Sheffield

              Edma, Jewellers ltd of Luton

              Edmead, William of London

              Edmonds, John of London

              Edmonds, John of London

              Edmondson, John of Bingley

              Edmunds, E of Battersea

              Edward & Sons of Greenock

              Edward Tate of Winterton

              Edward Tupman of London

              Edward, E of St Asaph

              Edward, George& Sons of London

              Edwards & Co of Scarbourogh

              Edwards of Islington

              Edwards, A J of London

              Edwards, AH of Walthamstow

              Edwards, Alfred of Darlaston

              Edwards, Benjamin of Henley

              Edwards, Benjamin of Knowle, Warwickshire

              Edwards, Benjamin of London

              Edwards, Bennett of East Dereham

              Edwards, D of Chester

              Edwards, David of Stoke, Coventry

              Edwards, E of Romford

              Edwards, Fred of Cambridge

              Edwards, G W S of Glasgow and Greenock

              Edwards, Gabriel of Ruthin

              Edwards, J Jun of Godalming

              Edwards, James Frank of London

              Edwards, James T of Dudley

              Edwards, James of Croydon

              Edwards, James of Dudley

              Edwards, James of London

              Edwards, James of Stourbridge

              Edwards, James of London

              Edwards, John Frederick of Dover

              Edwards, John T of Corwen

              Edwards, John Thomas of Corwen

              Edwards, John of Corwen

              Edwards, John of Denbigh

              Edwards, John of Llangollen

              Edwards, John of Llanidloes

              Edwards, John of Mold

              Edwards, Joseph of Darlaston

              Edwards, Joseph of Liverpool

              Edwards, Leonard of Willenhall

              Edwards, Louis J of Willenhall

              Edwards, Owen of Holyhead

              Edwards, P of Winchester

              Edwards, R of Liverpool

              Edwards, RA of Broughton

              Edwards, Richard of Liverpool

              Edwards, Robert of Holyhead

              Edwards, Robert of Liverpool

              Edwards, Robert of Wrexham

              Edwards, SF of Brentwood

              Edwards, Thomas of Crowen

              Edwards, Thomas of Folkestone

              Edwards, Thomas of Llangollen

              Edwards, Thomas of North Kirkdale, Liverpool

              Edwards, Thomas of Southampton

              Edwards, Thomas of Willenhall and Wolverhampton, Staffordshire

              Edwards, Walter of Manchester

              Edwards, Walter of South Norwood

              Edwards, William & Son of Devonport

              Edwards, William & Son of London

              Edwards, William H of Liverpool

              Edwards, William Henry of Liverpool

              Edwards, William Jones of Penrhyn

              Edwards, William of Bishop's Castle

              Edwards, William of Derby

              Edwards, William of Derby

              Edwards, William of Llanidloes

              Edwards, William of London

              Edwards, William of Tipton, Darlaston and Wednesbury and Wolverhampton

              Edwards, Willliam Henry of Liverpool

              Egginton, John E of Leytonstone

              Eggleston, Joseph of Salford

              Eglen, CW & Co of Sheffield

              Eglese, Joseph of London

              Eichel, Jacob of London

              Eiffe, James S of London

              Eisen, Arthur of Manchester

              Ekins, F G of Greenwich

              Elam, Earl M of Northwich/ Middlewich

              Elbern, H of Amersham

              Elbert, Albert of London

              Elburn, Henry of Amersham

              Elder, Henry of Durham

              Eldridge, C of Worthing

              Eley & Co of Biggleswade

              Eley, Edward of Haslemere

              Eley, Hodson of Boston

              Eley, Joseph of Belper


              Elford, A M of Kingston

              Elford, JE of Kingston

              Elford, Joseph Evan of Kingston

              Elford, Joseph of Axminster, Devon and Lymington Hampshire

              Elias Family of Bang, Caernarvonshire, Wales

              Elias, David of Ebenezer

              Elias, David of Llanberis

              Elias, David of Bangor

              Elias, John D of Bangor

              Elias, William of Bangor

              Elias, William of Bangor

              Elisha, Calib of London and New York, USA

              Elkington & Co Ltd of Liverpool

              Elkington and Co

              Elkington of Manchester

              Elkington, Francis of Brentwood

              Elkington, Francis of Romford

              Elkington, Frank E of Sheffield

              Elkington, Frank of Brentwood

              Elkington, L of Haverhill

              Ellam, Thomas of Tarvin

              Ellard, John of St Neot's


              Elleby, John of Ashbourn

              Elleby, Robert James of Manchester

              Ellenger, Patterson of BW Sunderland

              Ellicock, Joseph of Bourne

              Ellicott & Smith

              Ellicott, Charles of London

              Ellicott, Edward

              Ellidge, John of BW Sunderland

              Elliot & Son of Ashford

              Elliot and Son of Ashford, Kent

              Elliot, A of Fence Houses

              Elliot, A of Greenwich

              Elliott , F W Ltd

              Elliott, Frank B of Glemsford

              Elliott, George of Southend

              Elliott, Henry of London

              Elliott, JC of Blyth, Selkirk and Leeds

              Elliott, JJ & Co of Croydon

              Elliott, John Henry of Blyth, Selkirk and Leeds

              Elliott, John of Ashford

              Elliott, Luke J of Reading

              Elliott, Luke of Reading

              Elliott, Robert Thomas of Blyth, Selkirk and Leeds

              Elliott, Tom of Yeovil

              Elliott, William of London

              Ellis, AJ & Son of Guildford

              Ellis, Benjamin of Woodbridge

              Ellis, David of St Asaph

              Ellis, Elias of London

              Ellis, F of Ipswich

              Ellis, FM of Ipswich

              Ellis, H of Winds

              Ellis, Henry & Sons of Exeter

              Ellis, Henry of Exeter

              Ellis, Henry of Winds

              Ellis, John Edward of Watford

              Ellis, Joseph of Clapham

              Ellis, Michael of London

              Ellis, Samuel & Co of Sheffield

              Ellis, Thomas J of Lincoln

              Ellis, Thomas of Bishop Auckland

              Ellis, WH of Southampton

              Ellis, William of Mold

              Ellison & Cohen of Ck & Munster

              Ellison, David of Liverpool

              Ellsnm, William of Spalding

              Ellson, William George of Marlow

              Ellson, William of Belper

              Ellwood, Martin of London

              Elms, George of Hungerford

              Elsey, G of Reading

              Elsey, George of Penge

              Elsley, George of Reading

              Elson, James of Coventry

              Elston, Edward of Lincoln

              Elston, George Henry of London

              Elwin, William of Hull

              Elwood, Herbert of Barton-on-Humber

              Ely, Chas of Buckhurst Hill

              Ely, Walter of Buckhurst Hill

              Emanuel, - of London

              Emanuel, Abraham of Cambridge

              Emanuel, David of London

              Emanuel, E of London

              Emanuel, Emanuel of Deal

              Emanuel, Joel of London

              Emanuel, Lewis & Son of London

              Emary, Charles H of Leigh

              Emeney, William Joseph of Stanford-le-Hope, Essex

              Emery, Cecil B & Son of Chelmsford

              Emery, Cecil B of Chelmsford

              Emery, Ezekiel of Southampton

              Emery, JM of Kingson

              Emes, of Worcester

              Emler, Albert of London

              Emmerson, RAH of Gainsbough

              Emmerson, Samuel of Leeds

              Emmerton Brothers of Northampton

              Emmerton, Caleb of Salford, Woburn

              Emms & Dovey of Woburn Sands

              Emms, Joshua of Woburn Sands


              Empsall, Edward of Hipperholm-cum-brighouse, Halifax

              Emsley, Frederick of Leeds

              Emsley, Joseph of Leeds

              Ender, Hace of Newbury

              Enfield Clock Company Ltd

              Engelsman & Lepmann of Aylesbury

              Englan, JR of London

              England, Fannie, of Woodford Green

              England, William J of Loughton

              England, William J of Woodford Green

              England, William J of Woodford

              England, William J of Woodford

              England, William Jn of Woodford

              England, William John of woodford

              English Inglish Mary of Manchester

              English Clock Facty - see Henry Williamson Ltd

              English Clock and Watch Manufacture Ltd

              English Watch Co Ltd of Birmingham

              English Watch Co of Birmingham

              Enoch, Henry of Warwick

              Enoch, William of Warwick

              Enock, E of Banbury



              Epps, AE of Parkstone

              Errington, F of London

              Eschwege Brothers of Liverpool

              Esdaile, Andrew of Bingham

              Esser, Ferdinand of Egham

              Esther Family of Morpeth

              Estwick, Thomas of London

              Etchelist, Charles of Liverpool

              Etchells, Charles T of Coningsby, Lincoln

              Etches, John of Liverpool

              Etheridge, George& William Ellis of Norwich

              Ettles, W of Leyton

              Eusden, James A of Cambridge

              Eustance Eustace, Edward of Bristol and Liverpool

              Eva, David of Langonoud

              Eva, Richard of Falmouth

              Evans & Co of London

              Evans & Son of Godalming

              Evans, Arthur of Lincoln

              Evans, Charles of London

              Evans, DH of Machynlleth

              Evans, DJ & Sons of Machynlleth

              Evans, David H of Machynlleth

              Evans, David of Aberystwyth

              Evans, E of Menai Bridge

              Evans, Evan & Son of Llanfair

              Evans, Evan of Llanfair

              Evans, Evan of Menai Bridge

              Evans, George F of Llandudno

              Evans, H T & Son of Godalming

              Evans, HT & Son of Godalming

              Evans, Henry of Stafford

              Evans, J of Hammersmith

              Evans, John William of Liverpool

              Evans, John of Alfreton

              Evans, John of Alnwick

              Evans, John of Colwyn Bay

              Evans, John of Llanberis, Wales

              Evans, John of Llanfyllin, Wales

              Evans, John of London

              Evans, John of Penllan

              Evans, John of Welshpool

              Evans, Joseph Thomas of Manchester

              Evans, Nathaniel Corker of London

              Evans, Rees of Machynlleth

              Evans, Richard of Shrewsbury, Shropshire

              Evans, Robert of Halstead, Essex

              Evans, Robert of Liverpool

              Evans, Robert of London

              Evans, Stephen of Coventry

              Evans, TS of Machynlleth

              Evans, Thomas Percy of Anfield, Liverpool

              Evans, Thomas of Bang

              Evans, Thomas of London

              Evans, Tom of Machynlleth

              Evans, William T of Haslingden

              Evans, WF & Sons of Birmingham

              Evans, William F of Handsworth

              Evans, William Frederick of Birmingham

              Evans, William of Llanrug, Carmarthanshire

              Evans, William of Machynlleth

              Evans, William of Shrewsbury

              Evans, William of Upton upon Severn

              Eve, Charles H of Southend

              Eve, Charles of Maldon

              Eve, Henry Percy of Maldon

              Evens, Evan of Totnes

              Evens, Nicholas of Totnes

              Everall, John Buckingham of Montreal and London

              Everard, James William of Stamford

              Evered, Charles of London

              Everitt, F of Bishop Auckland

              Everitt, Walter of Teddington

              Evers, Peter of Chester

              Evershed & Sons of Hove

              Evershed, VC of Tunbridge Wells

              Every, Henry of London

              Eves, William of Liverpool

              Evill, William of Bath, Somerset

              Ewart, Charles M Liverpool

              Ewer, CR of Brighton

              Ewing, JH of Llangefni



              Exquicite of Sheffield

              Eydmann, H of Turnham Green

              Eyges, Israel of London

              Eyres, Edwin of Louth

              Ezard & Son of Scarbourogh

              Ezard, Thomas F of Great Driffield

              Ezekiel, A & E of Newcastle

              FH Cartwright of Chertsey Fackler

              Fagg, Jacob of Folkestone

              Fagg, John of Margate

              Fagg, William of Ramsgate

              Faiers, Edward of Colchester

              Faiers, Edward of Dedham, Colchester

              Faiers, Edward of Dedham

              Fair, John of Chirnside and Berwick

              Fairall, Samuel of Disley, Cheshire

              Fairbairn, John of Durham

              Fairbrother, Henry James of Stockport

              Fairclough, George J of Leytonstone

              Faires, Samuel of Hadleigh

              Fairey, J of Lyme Regis

              Fairey, J of Portland

              Fairey, J of Melcombe Regis

              Fairey, John & Son of London

              Fairey, John of London

              Fairey, Richard of London

              Fairgrieve Brothers of Alnwick

              Fairhurst, John of Liverpool

              Fairweather, Bertie of Woodbridge

              Fairweather, Thomas of Gateshead

              Faith, AJ of Chichester

              Faith, G of Chichester

              Faith, George of Chichester

              Faithfull, Frederick of London

              Falk, D of Newcastle

              Falk, David of Manchester

              Falk, Marcus of Newcastle

              Falkston, Lewis of Falmouth

              Fall, Richard of Manchester

              Faller & Hettich of London

              Faller George of South Norwood

              Faller, A of Battersea

              Faller, Benedict of Leeds

              Faller, George of South Norwood

              Faller, Lenz of London

              Faller, P & Co of Northampton

              Faller, Samuel of Newcastle

              Fallow, Jos of Newcastle

              Fallow, Martin of Newcastle

              Fallows, John Baptist of Manchester

              Fane, John of London

              Fardon, J of New Woodstock

              Fardon, J of Woodstock

              Farebrother, James E of Liverpool

              Farebrother, William T of London

              Fargher, William of Liverpool

              Farmer Family of Stockton, Durham

              Farmer, EC of Winchester

              Farmer, R of Maidstone

              Farmer, Thomas of Stockton, Durham

              Farmer, William of Stockton, Durham

              Farnham, J of Bridport

              Farnham, J of Lyme Regis

              Farnham, M of Bridport

              Farnham, Thomas of Bridport

              Farnworth, John of Liverpool

              Farnworth, Thomas of Blackburn

              Farquhar, William of London

              Farquharson, Donald of Perth

              Farr, George Melson of Rye

              Farr, John of walsall

              Farr, Thomas Joseph of Sheffield

              Farr, Thomas of Broad St Bristol

              Farr, William Henry of London

              Farran, Henry W of Colchester

              Farrar, George T of Liverpool

              Farren, J of Battersea

              Farren, James E of East Molesey

              Farren, James of East Molesey

              Farrer Farrar, Jonathan of Halifax

              Farrer, George Thomas of Liverpool

              Farrer, George of Tunbridge Wells, Kent

              Farrer, John of Pontefract

              Farrer, Thomas of Saxmundham

              Farrington, Mitchell of Bristol

              Farrington, Thomas of Bristol

              Farrow Farran, S of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Farrow, EW of Croydon

              Farrow, John of London

              Farrow, William of London

              Farson, R of Denbighshire

              Fattini & Sons of Bradford, Leeds and Harrogate

              Fattini, Innent of Skipton

              Fattini, Thomas of Skipton

              Faulkener, JD of South Norwood

              Faulkner, Alfred of London

              Faulkner, Edward of Leyton

              Faulkner, G of Croydon

              Faulkner, Henshall of Northwich

              Favey, F of London

              Faville, John North of Leek

              Faville, John of Cheltenham

              Faville, William Hardy of Cambridge

              Favre, Henry of London

              Favre, Louis of London

              Fawcett, Thomas of Spalding

              Fawcett, William of Emgate, Bedale

              Fawsitt, Thomas of Manchester

              Fazakerley, John of Liverpool

              Feale, William M of Bristol

              Fear Family of Bristol, Pill & Trowbridge

              Fear, Amos D of Bristol

              Fear, Daniel of Bristol, Pill & Trowbridge

              Fear, George of Bristol, Pill & Trowbridge

              Fear, Reginald of Bristol, Pill & Trowbridge

              Fearby, A of Rhyl

              Fearn, George Hubert of Gillingham

              Fearnley Fernly, Peter of Wigan

              Feather, Edwin of Haworth

              Featherstone, Cliffd of Haywards Heath

              Fehr, Louis Phillip of London

              Fehrenbach & Co of London

              Fehrenbach of Bishops Sorttford

              Fehrenbach, Adolph of Chatham & Rochester

              Fehrenbach, Albin of Strood

              Fehrenbach, B of London

              Fehrenbach, Eduard of Chatham

              Fehrenbach, Emil of Chatham and Strood

              Fehrenbach, Englebert of Coggeshall, Kelvedon

              Fehrenbach, Ewin of Chatham

              Fehrenbach, F & O of Dover

              Fehrenbach, Godfrey of East Ham

              Fehrenbach, Gottfried of London

              Fehrenbach, Herman of Chatham

              Fehrenbach, Joseph of London

              Fehrenbach, Joseph of Wycombe

              Fehrenbach, L of Reading

              Fehrenbach, Lawrance of London

              Fehrenbach, Leo & Co of London

              Fehrenbach, Leo of London

              Fehrenbach, Otte of Chatham and Strood

              Fehrenbach, S Jnr of Barking

              Fehrenbach, S of Barking

              Fehrenbach, Severin & Son of Barking

              Fehrenbach, Severin & Son of Upton Park

              Fehrenback, Englebert of Ipswich

              Fehrenbak & Ketterer of Plymouth

              Feis, Charles & Co of London

              Feitelson Leon of Ilford

              Feitelson, L of Romford

              Feitelson, Leon of East Ham

              Feitelson, Leon of Ilford

              Feitelson, Leon of Upton Park

              Feitelsons Ltd of Chelmsford

              Felixstowe Stone Co of Felixstowe

              Felkin, John of Kirton

              Fell Charles of Hornchurch

              Fell, Charles of Louth

              Fellows, Williamof London

              Felmingham, William of Bungay

              Feltham, William of Harleston Redenhall

              Fenn, J of Greenwich

              Fenn, Robert A of Kingston

              Fenn, Robert Albert of Kingston

              Fenn, Robert Albert of London

              Fenn, Samuel of London

              Fennell, Richard of Kensington, London

              Fenney, William of Liverpool

              Fenton & Roe of Sheffield

              Fenton, James of Tamworth

              Fenton, Samuel of London

              Fenton, Samuel of Worksop

              Fenton, Thomas of Bristol

              Fenton, Thomas of London

              Fenwick, TR of Grays

              Ferderen, John of Birmingham

              Ferderer, T of White Chapel, London

              Ferdinand, William of Redhill

              Ferenbach, Joseph & Co of Exeter

              Ferguson, Mark of Worark

              Ferguson, Montgomery of Mauchline

              Fernbach Bros of London

              Fernbank Brothers of Chatham

              Fernbank Fehrenbach Brothers of Chatham & Rochester

              Ferran, WM of Manchester

              Ferrant, F of Merthur


              Ferrett, Thomas of Gloucester

              Ferris of Calne

              Feser, Herman & Co of Salford

              Fesser, Hubert of Cheltenham

              Feudal Watch Company

              Fewller, John of Liverpool

              Fidgett, William of London

              Fidler, Edward Sibson of Sheffield

              Field, B of Tunbridge Wells

              Field, Benjamin of Tonbridge-Wells

              Field, CN of Hitchin

              Field, John George of Kettering

              Field, Thomas of Aylesbury

              Field, W of Melcombe Regis

              Field, William of Malton

              Fielders, Henry of Atherstone ,Cannock and Tamworth

              Fielding, A of Greenwich

              Fielding, Enoch (& Son) of Glossop

              Fielding, James of Boston

              Fielding, Walter of Manchester

              Fieldsend, James of Sheffield

              Fieldsend, Kendrick W of Rotherham

              Fietson, Andrew of Liverpool

              Fifer, Joseph of Sheffield

              Fillans, William of Huddersfield

              Fillery Family of Eastbourne

              Fillinger & Co of Ely

              Filtness, Robert of Brighton

              Finan, I & Son of Bournmouth

              Finch, Arthur E of Ipswich

              Finch, Caleb & Samuel of Maldon

              Finch, Caleb & Samuel of Witham

              Finch, Harold of Maldon

              Finch, John of Wokingham

              Finch, R of Potters Bar

              Finch, Robert of Potters Bar

              Finch, Samuel of Maldon

              Finch, Stephenson of London

              Finding, George of Ampthill

              Finding, Samuel of Ampthill

              Findlay & Co of London

              Findlay, George of Arbroath

              Findley, George of London

              Finemark, Israel of Salford

              Finer & Nowland of London

              Finer, Hatio of London

              Finking, DG of Bournmouth

              Finlay Campbell & Co of Liverpool

              Finlay, William of Bishop Auckland

              Finnegan, P of Liverpool

              Finneme & Sons of Birmingham

              Finneme, Geo & Wm of Birmingham

              Finneme, William of Birmingham

              Finney, Joseph of Liverpool

              Finney, Richard of Liverpool

              Finnime, William of Exeter

              Finter, Walter of Needham Market, Suffolk

              Fiinger, Louis of London

              Firderer, AM of Northampton

              Firderer, John of Birmingham

              Firderer, Peter of London

              Firdirer, John of Birmingham

              Firmstone, JB of Mold

              Firrell & Sons of Ramsgate

              Firth, James of Leeds

              Firth, Nathan Crossley of Chester

              Fish Brothers Ltd of Walthamstow

              Fish, Arthur of Hull

              Fish, Charles of Walthamstow

              Fish, FH & Son of Ipswich

              Fish, FH of Ipswich

              Fish, Frederick of Liverpool

              Fish, Henry of London

              Fish, Thomas E of Ipswich

              Fish, William of Liverpool

              Fisher & Co of Ely

              Fisher & Lagiure of London

              Fisher Ltd of Newcastle

              Fisher and Clark of Stafford

              Fisher family of Preston

              Fisher, CM of Rushden

              Fisher, Ebenezer of Bilston

              Fisher, Ebenezer of Walsall

              Fisher, Ebenezer of Wednesbury

              Fisher, Ebenezer of West Bromwich

              Fisher, Edmund Charles of Ipswich

              Fisher, Ferdinand & Kaspar of Ely

              Fisher, Henry of Preston

              Fisher, John Dixon of Lincoln

              Fisher, John S of Walsall

              Fisher, John of Bilston

              Fisher, John of Dudley

              Fisher, John of Preston

              Fisher, John of Tipton

              Fisher, John of West Bromwich

              Fisher, Joseph Moses of North Shields

              Fisher, Richard of Liverpool

              Fisher, Richard of Manchester

              Fisher, Robert of Preston

              Fisher, Samuel of Bilston

              Fisher, Thomas C of Liverpool

              Fisher, William of Huddersfield

              Fisher, William of Nuneaton

              Fishwick, James of Boughton, Cheshire

              Fitch, George& Co of London

              Fitt, John of Aylsham

              Fitton, Whiteley, Samuel of Sowerby Bridge

              Fitz, P of Gateshead

              Fitzen, Andrew of Liverpool

              Fitzer, William of Liverpool

              Fitzgerald, George of Watford

              Fitzgerald, William of Limerick

              Fitzsimmons, George of Liverpool

              Fitzsimmons, Richard of Liverpool

              Fitzwilliam, Harold of Ilford

              Flaggett Flagett, William of Newbury

              Flaggett Flagett, William of Newbury

              Flaig, Rohrer & Co of London

              Flaig, X of Leighton Buzzard

              Flanagan, Michael of Holmfirth

              Flashman, George of London

              Flashman, Joseph of Modbury

              Flaxman, E of Chingford

              Flaxman, Edward of Woodford Green

              Flaxman, M of Woodford Green

              Fleet, Edward of London

              Fleming, David of London

              Fleming, James of Liverpool

              Fleming, Richard of Liverpool

              Fleming, Thomas of Liverpool

              Fletcher, Charles of Liverpool

              Fletcher, Charles of London

              Fletcher, Charles of Retford

              Fletcher, James of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Fletcher, James of Chester

              Fletcher, John & Sons of London

              Fletcher, John of Crowle, Doncaster

              Fletcher, John of London

              Fletcher, John of South Norwood

              Fletcher, John of Ulverston

              Fletcher, Robert of Chester

              Fletcher, Robert of Hockley

              Fletcher, Thomas of Barnsley

              Fletcher, W of Upton Park

              Fletcher, Wm Frederick of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Fletcher,Samuel of Cambridge

              Flinn & Co of Coventry

              Flint, William of Ashford, Kent

              Flitcroft, Joseph of Manchester

              Flockhart, A of London

              Flook, John of Bristol

              Flinger, E of Wanstead

              Flinger, Louis of London

              Floute, LF of Farnham

              Flower, Edward of Liverpool

              Flower, Frank of London

              Flowers, Henry of Salford

              Fodem, Edward Rothwell of Manchester

              Foden, Thomas of Congleton

              Fogden, Henry of Chichester

              Fogg, George William of Cringham

              Fogg, John of Liverpool

              Fold, Andrew of Lincoln

              Folkerd, Samuel of Bury StEdmunds

              Folland, William John of Exeter

              Follit, John of Lichfield

              Follows Fellows, William of London

              Follows, Thomas of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Folwell, T of Deal

              Fontana, C of High Wycombe

              Fontana, Charles of Wycombe

              Fod, James of Hastings

              Foot, R of Faversham, Kent

              Foot, H & Son of Botsdale, Diss

              Foot, H & Son of Ipswich

              Foot, Henry of Burnham

              Foot, William John of Southend

              Foot, William of Southend

              Foote, William Edward of St Leonards

              Fber, Edward of Liverpool

              Fber, Joseph of Liverpool

              Fber, Joshua of Liverpool

              Fbes, JE of Southend

              Fbes, JE of Southend

              Fbes, John of London

              Fbes, R of Newcastle

              Fbes, Robert of Newcastle

              Fd, Alfred of Newtown

              Fd, George Sharratt of Newtown

              Fd, George Sharrett of Newtown

              Fd, Hannah of Wellington

              Fd, Harry of Redhill

              Fd, JM of St Leonards

              Fd, James of Birmingham

              Fd, John of Arundel

              Fd, P of Barking

              Fd, Thomas of Liverpool

              Fdyce, I of Newcastle

              Feman, John of Bedlington

              Festier, Leon of Coventry

              Ffar, CW of Llandudno

              Forge, T of Barking

              Forge, Thomas Jun of Barking

              Forge, Thomas of Barking

              Forge, Thomas of Ilford

              Forge, Thomas of Little Ilford

              Forrest, John of Islington

              Forrest, John of London

              Forest, Silvester of Bradford

              Forrest, William of Chesterfield

              Forrester of Newcastle

              Forshaw, Robert of Liverpool

              Forshaw, Samuel of Liverpool

              Forster, Albert of Man Park

              Forster, Alfred William of Sheerness

              Forster, Andrew of Morpeth

              Forster, H & H of Sheffield

              Forster, Irvine of Heaton, Newcastle

              Forster, J of Newcastle

              Forster, J of Newcastle

              Forster, James William of Hexham

              Forster, John of Liverpool

              Forster, John of Newcastle

              Forster, John of Sheerness

              Forster, Joseph of Newcastle

              Forster, Martha of Prescot

              Forster, William Henry of Gravesend, Kent

              Fort, John W of Manchester

              Forward, FJ of Woodford

              Forster, EW of Ramsgate

              Foster, G of Stockton

              Foster, George & Son of Guildford

              Foster, George John of Ashford

              Foster, H of Winchelsea

              Foster, Henry of Chorlton on Medlock

              Foster, Henry of Liverpool

              Foster, Henry of Manchester

              Foster, Henry of Molton

              Foster, Henry of South Molton

              Foster, John & Thomas of Manchester

              Foster, John of Liverpool

              Foster, John of Manchester

              Foster, John of Prescot

              Foster, John of Sheffield

              Foster, Randal Rowland of Rotherham

              Foster, Thomas of Tiverton

              Foster, W of Rochester

              Foster, WL & Son of Rhyl

              Foster, William of Appleton

              Foster, William of Cheetham

              Foster, William of Leintwardine

              Foster, William of Lincoln and Oldham

              Foster, William of Whitehaven

              Foulger, Thomas of Epsom

              Foulks, Francis of Bakewell

              Foulsham , James of Norwich

              Fountain, Alfred C of Sharnbrook, Bedford

              Fountain, Thomas of Sharnbrook, Bedford

              Fountain, William of London SW

              Fountain, William of Maldon

              Fountain, William of Newport

              Fountain, William of Saffron Walden

              Fountain, William of Streatham

              Fowlds, James of Kilmarnock

              Fowle & Sons of Redhill

              Fowle & Speed of Redhill

              Fowle, E of Westerham

              Fowle, H of Redhill

              Fowle, Henry of Redhill

              Fowle, J of Reigate

              Fowle, John of East Grinstead, Sussex

              Fowle, Richard of East Grinstead

              Fowle, W of Uckfield

              Fowle, William of Uckfield

              Fowler, George of Horncastle

              Fowler, J of Chester

              Fowler, JF of Beaconsfield

              Fowler, James & Son of Liverpool

              Fowler, Joseph of Bala

              Fowler, Joseph of Chester

              Fowler, Walter of Liverpool

              Fox & Son of London

              Fox, Calvin of London

              Fox, Charles Ltd of Bournmouth

              Fox, Charles James of Beverley

              Fox, Charles of Yeovil

              Fox, Edmund of Ely

              Fox, Edmund George of Ely

              Fox, Edmund George of Soham

              Fox, Jonathan of Nth Walsham

              Fox, LF of Sheffield

              Fox, Ronald DS of Bournmouth

              Fox, S of Ely

              Fox, Thomas of Swindon

              Foxcroft, James Charles of London

              Foxton, James of Mansfield

              Foy, Walter of Watchet

              Frame, George of Gateshead

              Frampton & Co of Newcastle

              France, Richard of Warrington

              Francis J Kleiser of Reading

              Francis, AT of Wrexham,Denbighshire

              Francis, AT of Wrexham

              Francis, E of Carno

              Francis, Edward of Caersws

              Francis, Edward of Carno

              Francis, George of Tranmere

              Francis, John of Southampton

              Francis, Joseph S of Stansted Mountfitchet

              Francis, Joseph Sawkins of Stanstead

              Francis, Joseph of Newport

              Francis, Joseph of Stansted Mountfitchet

              Francis, Keen & Co of Sheffield

              Francis, MS of Wrexham

              Francis, Percy of Leytonstone

              Francis, Richard of Wymondham

              Francis, William of London

              Frank, David of Cheetham

              Frankcom & Mowat of Bath

              Frankcom, Charles of Bath

              Frankland, Alfred J of Liverpool

              Frankland, Alfred James of Liverpool

              Frankland, W of Loughton

              Frankland, Wilson of Loughton

              Franklin William of London

              Franklin, A of Coventry

              Franklin, Abraham of Manchester

              Franklin, Henry of Liverpool

              Franklin, John of London

              Franklin, Joshua E of Kemptown, Brighton

              Franklin, Siegfried of Chesterfield

              Franks, Henry of Long Sutton

              Franks, Henry of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Franks, John F of Dewsbury

              Franks, WH of Long Sutton, Wisbech

              Fraser, Frederick of Wrexham, Wales

              Fraser, J I of Worcester

              Fraser, James of Aberdeen

              Frasers Ltd of Felixstowe

              Frasers Ltd of Ipswich

              Frazer & Haws of London

              Frazer, Alexander of Comber

              Frazer, William John of Rickmansworth

              Frederick Douglas Hudson of Merton Surrey

              Frederick, Joseph of Harlow

              Frederick, Joseph of Sawbridgewth

              Frederick, Lead of Wolverhampton

              Frederick, Leonard of Bilston

              Frederick, Leonard of Wolverhampton

              Fredericks, Leod of Bilston

              Fredlander, J of London

              Freebody, T of Esher

              Freebody, T of Weybridge Station

              Freeman & Sons of Southampton

              Freeman, Alfred of St Neots

              Freeman, C B of Hitchin

              Freeman, C B of Welwyn

              Freeman, Charles Bailey of Welwyn

              Freeman, Emma Jane, of Southend

              Freeman, Francis John of Welwyn

              Freeman, H of Wallingford

              Freeman, HA of Leigh

              Freeman, Hect A of Leigh

              Freeman, M of Southend

              Freeman, Mark of London

              Freeman, Nathaniel of London

              Freeman, Richard of Lechlade

              Freeman, Richard of Thatcham

              Freeman, Solomon of Lincoln

              Freeman, W of Rhyl

              Freeman, Wyndham Lloyd of Southampton

              Freemantle, John George of Spalding

              Freke, Daniel of Bridport

              French & David of Wenvoe, Wales

              French & Son of Maidstone

              French, B of Bedford

              French, Bernard of Clacton

              French, Bernard of Maldon

              French, Bernard of Walton-on-the-Naze

              French, Brooks of Bedford

              French, Brooks of Upwell

              French, J of London

              French, J of Maidstone

              French, JM of London

              French, Jacob of London

              French, James Moe of London

              French, James of Bristol

              French, Jesse of Enfield

              French, John of Felstead, Chelmsford

              French, John of Great Chesterford

              French, Luther of Walthamstow

              French, Richard Arthur of Halstead

              French, Richard Vig of Maidstone

              French, Robert of Glasgow

              French, S & Apps, W of Maidstone

              French, T V of Newcastle

              French, Thomas of Norwich

              French, William of London

              Frengley Brothers of Dublin

              Fresle, T of Hereford

              Freston, Alfred of Ipswich

              Freud, Philipp of Manchester

              Frewin, J & S of Bristol

              Frewin, James of Hereford

              Frewin, James of Hereford

              Frewin, James of Sodbury

              Frey, Emile of Folkestone

              Frey, Hugo Adolf of Richmond

              Frey, Hugo Adolph of Richmond

              Fricker, John of Coggeshall, Kelvedon

              Friday, Robert of Salford

              Friedly, Emil of Bradford

              Friedman, Marcus of Hull

              Friend, John Walter of Lyme Regis

              Frisch, Schierwater & Co of Liverpool

              Frisch, Schierwater & Co of Liverpool

              Friskney, Albert of Thnaby-on-Tees

              Frisley, John of London

              Fritsche, H of Burnham

              Fritz & Faller, Birmingham

              Frodhsam, Henry of Bedford

              Frodsham & Keen of Liverpool

              Frodsham, Charles of London

              Frodsham, George& William of London

              Frodsham, George Edward of London

              Frodsham, George William of London

              Frodsham, Henry Herbert of London

              Frodsham, Henry of Liverpool

              Frodsham, J of London

              Frodsham, John & Son of London

              Frodsham, Thomas of Rainhill

              Frodsham, William James of London

              Fromant, Frank Dudley of Bourne

              Fromant, John Henry of Market Deeping

              Fromont, Frederick D of St Ives

              Frost, Adam of Handsworth

              Frost, Bertram Ellis of Parkgate, Rotherham

              Frost, Fredrick James of Seven Kings, Ilford

              Frost, John of Renwick

              Frost, L of Walthamstow

              Frost, Richard J of Leighton Buzzard

              Frost, Walter of Bury St Edmunds

              Frost, William of Bedford

              Frost, William of Exeter

              Frowd, W of Hemel Hempstead

              Froysell, GH of Newbury

              Fry, FH of Ilford

              Fry, Frederick W of New Arlesford, Hampshire

              Fry, Mark of Liverpool

              Fry, William of Odiham and Southampton

              Fry, Young of New Arlesford and Southampton

              Fryatt, FH of Seven Kings, Ilford

              Fryatt, Frederick of Ilford

              Fryer, Alfred of Ulceby

              Fryer, John Henry of Newington, Hull

              Fryer, William James of London

              Fryer, William Juni of Leeds

              Fudge, Frederick TH of Bassett, Southampton

              Fugill, Henry E of Banwell RSO

              Fulcher, Thomas N of Wisbech

              Fuller, A & Sons of Westerham

              Fuller, Hubert Cyril of Newhaven

              Fuller, Samuel of London

              Fuller, Thomas of Bury St Edmunds

              Fuller, William Crofts of London

              Fullilove, PGW of Croydon

              Fullilove, PGW of Croydon

              Funnell, C of Ipswich

              Funnell, D Richard of Henfield

              Funnell, Edward of Brighton

              Funnell, G & Sons of Brighton

              Funnell, George of Brighton

              Furley, J of Huntingdon

              Furnace, Anthony of Cockermouth & Keswick

              Furner, F of Rochford, Essex

              Furness, Adrian of Chelmsford

              Furness, John of London

              Furnis, Thomas of London

              Furniss, George of London

              Furniss, Henry of London

              Furniss, James Frost of Manchester

              Furniss, James William of London

              Furniss, Micah of Manchester

              Furniss, Thomas of London

              Furnival, Joseph Alexander of Manchester

              Furnivel, Joseph A of Manchester

              Furrer, John & Co of London

              Furse & Son of Brighton

              Furse, C of Fest gate

              Furston, John B of Mold

              Furter, Winterhalter & Co of London

              Furtwangler, Andreas of London

              Furtwangler, F of London

              Furtwengler, Sebastian of Llanelli

              Futelson, L of Leyton

              Fyfield, Joseph of Winchester

              G P O Timer

              Gabriel, Ernest J of Hale End, Essex

              Gabriel, William of London

              Gacoine, W of Norton, Malton

              Gadsby of Lincoln

              Gadsby, Ann of Lincoln

              Gadsby, George of Lincoln

              Gadsby, William of Lincoln

              Gaenswein, E of Stratford

              Gafney, John William of Eckington, Shefield

              GaGorer, Alfred William of Braintree

              Gaggis, Valentine of London

              Gaigarrett, Reginald V of Bogn Regis

              Gala Jewels Ltd of Paington

              Gale, EC of Guildford

              Gale, John N of Sunderland

              Gale, John of London

              Gale, V of Taunton

              Galewski, Israel of Sunderland

              Gallagher, Peter of Liverpool

              Gallant, Steven Alfred of Clacton

              Gallenski, Jacob of Sunderland

              Gallewski, N of South Shields

              Galley, George of CambridGore

              Gallichan, John of Reading

              Gallington, William of London

              Gallon, William of South Shields

              Galloway Brothers of Leeds

              Galloway John of Leeds

              Galloway, FC of Hereford

              Galloway, Francis C of Hereford

              Galloway, Francis Clement of Hereford

              Galloway, Henry of London

              Galloway, John James of Liverpool

              Galloway, John of Liverpool

              Galloway, MT of Leeds

              Galloway, William of Leeds

              Gambell, Francis of London

              Game, James Isaac of Ipswich

              Game, James of Chattisham, Ipswich

              Gamma Gore, B of WoodbridGore, Suffolk

              Gamma Gore, Thomas and Son of London

              Gammon, William of Birmingham

              Gander, John of Eastbourne

              Gander, S of Brighton

              Gandy, F of Chichester

              Gandy, Richard of London

              GanGore, Cyril John of TunbridGore Wells

              Ganney, Henry of London

              Gannon, Sydney James of Chelmsford

              Ganter & Co of Wolverhamporton

              Ganter, Bernard of London

              Ganter, Blesi of London

              Ganter, Caroline, of London

              Ganter, Charles & John of Ipswich

              Ganter, Frederick W of Man Park

              Ganter, George of Wolverhamporton

              Ganter, John & Co of London

              Ganter, Joseph of London

              Ganter, Matthew of Manchester

              Ganter, Thaddans, and Co of Wolverhamporton

              Ganter, Thaddeus of London

              GaNorthony, Charles of London

              Ga Northony, Richard Pinfold of London

              Ga Northony, Richard of London

              Ga Northony, Robert Davey of London

              Ganz, Ferdinand of London

              Ganz, Xaver of Swansea

              Garden, James of London

              Gardiner, Edward of Houghton-le-Spring

              Gardiner, J of Newcastle

              Gardiner, SH of Reading

              Gardiner, Stephen H of Reading

              Gardiner, Stephen Henry of Reading

              Gardiner, William of Southend

              Gardinere, W of WreNortham, Wangford

              Gardner Gardiner, Thomas of London

              Gardner, Alexander of Bathgate and Slamanna

              Gardner, Alfred of London

              Gardner, Edward of Lancaster

              Gardner, Francis Joseph of Northamporton

              Gardner, George of London

              Gardner, HA of Sheffield

              Gardner, John of Manchester

              Gardner, Robert of East Sheen

              Gardner, William of Manchester

              Gardner, William of Penrith

              Gardner, William of WoodbridGore

              Gardthausen, Christian of London

              Garland, Harry Saxty of Berwick

              Garland, Henry of London

              Garland, James of Newcastle

              Garland, Richard of Plymouth

              Garland, Thomas of Dickleburgh

              Garlick, T & Co of Newbury

              Garlick, T of Newbury

              Garmonsway, Charles of London

              Garn, Henry of London

              Garner, James of Liverpool

              Garnett, Elizabeth & Sons of Farnworth

              Garnett, James of Manchester

              Garnish, William Henry of London

              Garon, Peter of London

              Garrard Clock Company of London

              Garrard, Francis John of Kingston

              Garrard, Robert of Bury St Edmunds

              Garrard, Robert of Great Bardfield

              Garratt, Arthur of Guildford

              Garratt, Frank of Kingston

              Garratt, Garrett of Peterbourogh, Northamportonshire

              Garratt, Henry of mskirk

              Garratt, John of Peterbourogh

              Garratt, H of Guildford

              Garratt, W of Guildford

              Garrett & Bronghton of Sheffield

              Garrett, Arthur of Towcaster

              Garrett, Derek WB of Sheffield

              Garrett, FT & H of Dunstable

              Garrett, Fred T of Dunstable

              Garrett, Peter of Peterbourogh

              Garrett, Samuel Charles of London

              Garrett, W & Son of Hertford

              Garrett, W of Hertford

              Garrett, William & Son of Hertford

              Garrett, William of Hertford

              Garrett, William of London

              Garrett, William of Peterbourogh

              Garrett, William of Sheffield

              Garretts of Kemportown, Brighton

              Garrod, John Frederick of Needham Market

              Garside, Edward of Macclesfield

              Garside, Samuel of Manchester

              Garson, William S of South Shields

              Garvey, W J of Liverpool

              Garvey, William J of Liverpool

              Garwood, Risdon W of Guildford

              Garwood, Risdon W of Woking

              Gaskell, Ann of Salford

              Gass, David & Co of London

              Gasser, A of Newcastle

              Gasser, Alois of Newcastle

              Gassett, C of Wandsworth

              Gater, James of Salisbury

              Gates, E of Brighton

              Gates, H of Brighton

              Gath, Thomas of Bristol

              Gath, Thomas of Sherborne

              Gatley, Daniel of Bury St Edmunds

              Gatty, Thomas of Bodmin

              Gatward Henry T of Saffron Walden

              Gatward, B of Welwyn

              Gatward, Benjamin of Welwyn

              Gatward, C Wilson of Hitchin

              Gatward, Charles Thomas of Holywell

              Gatward, Charles W of Liverpool

              Gatward, Charles of Holywell

              Gatward, Chas William of Liverpool

              Gatward, Cnelius W of Hitchin

              Gatward, Henry Jun of Saffron Walden

              Gatward, Henry T of Saffron Walden

              Gatward, Henry of Saffron Walden

              Gatward, J of Hitchin

              Gatward, Jos of TonbridGore, Kent

              Gatward, Henry T of Saffron Walden

              Gatward, Benjamin of Welwyn

              Gatward, S of HuntinGordon

              Gatward, T of Saffron Walden

              Gatward, Thomas of Saffron Walden

              Gatward, William Arthur of Saffron Walden

              Gatwood, Edmund of Bang

              Gatwood, H of Saffron Walden

              Gatwood, S of HuntinGordon

              Gaunt, Benjamin of Barnsley

              Gaunt, Joseph of Barnsley

              Gaunt, Thomas of Tintwistle

              Gaunt, William of London

              Gaworthne, George of Liverpool

              Gay, Lamaille & Co of London

              Gay, C of London

              Gay, John of London

              Gaydon & Sons of Kingston, Surrey

              Gaydon, Alfred of Croydon

              Gaydon, Francis of Barnstaple and Upper Norwood, Croydon

              Gaydon, Frederick of Great Trington

              Gaydon, Henry and Edwin of Richmond, Surrey

              Gaydon, John of Barnstaple

              Gaydon, Thomas W of Barnstaple, Devon; Balham, London and Swansea, Wales

              Gayfer, DW of pington

              Gayl, John RoGorers of Buntingford-with-Layston

              Gayl, John RoGorers of Buntingford

              Gaze, Brothers of London

              Gaze, Samuel B of London

              Goreall, J of Dchester

              Gorearing, W of Lewes

              Goreater, Henry of Bristol

              Goreddie, John of Huntley, Scotland

              Goree, Adam of London

              Goree, John of Derby

              Goree, William of Limerick

              Goreen, J of Epsom

              Goreen, William of Cley-near-the-sea

              Gorefaell, U of London

              Gorehres, Albert of Ilford

              Gorehres, Albert of London

              Goreig, James of Perth

              Gorelling, Alfred of Liverpool

              Gorelling, John of Liverpool

              Gorellman, S & Co of Plaistow, East Ham

              Gorellman, S & L & Son of East Ham

              Gorendle, Thomas of Plymouth

              Goreneral Watch & Clock Co of Croydon

              GorenGore, JP & Co of Jersey

              Gorenn, James Ditchett of Falmouth

              Gorensign of London

              Gorent, Joseph of Walsall, Staffordshire

              Gorent, William of Manchester

              Gorentry, WF of Leytonstone

              Gorentry, Walter Henry of Leytonstone

              George & Co of Liverpool

              George Airey of Sunderland, Durham

              George Tate of Winterton

              George, Henry of St Albans

              George, SF of Southamporton

              George, Walter of Leytonstone

              Gorerard, William of Liverpool

              Gorermain, W of Brighton

              Gorermaine, George of Folkestone

              Gorerosa of Brixham

              Gorerrard, William of Liverpool

              Gorerrard, William of Turriff and Banff

              Gorerrish, Albert of Melksham

              Goreves, Edwin of Sheffield

              Giadman, Percy William of Hassocks

              Gibb, James of Strathaven

              Gibbard, Thomas of London

              Gibbins, John William of Lincoln

              Gibbons, John of London

              Gibbons, John of Salford

              Gibbons, Joshua of London

              Gibbs, George of Bury St Edmunds

              Gibbs, George of London

              Gibbs, Henry of London

              Gibbs, Joseph, of Deddington and Souldern

              Gibbs, J of Crook

              Gibbs, Stephen of London

              Gibbs, Thomas of Stratford upon Avon

              Gibbs, William Arthur of London

              Gibbs, William of London

              Gibezzi of West Bromwich

              Gibson & Baume Co Ltd

              Gibson Master Clock

              Gibson, Arthur T of Bromley

              Gibson, Charles of Liverpool

              Gibson, David of Holywell

              Gibson, EAG of Braintree

              Gibson, EAG of CogGoreshall

              Gibson, FW of Newbury

              Gibson, Frederick William of Newbury

              Gibson, George of Braintree

              Gibson, Henry John of Tooting Graveney

              Gibson, Herbert Jnr of South Benfleet

              Gibson, JOB of Sheffield

              Gibson, James of Hebden BridGore

              Gibson, John of Scarbourogh

              Gibson, John of Glasgow

              Gibson, John of London

              Gibson, John of Saltcottes

              Gibson, Joseph of Bishop Auckland

              Gibson, Joseph of Newcastle

              Gibson, Thomas of Alnwick & Berwick-on-Tweed

              Gibson, Thomas of Ilford

              Gibson, Thomas of Pocklington

              Gibson, William of London

              Gibson, William of Maidenhead

              Gibson, William of Manchester

              Gibsons of Ilford

              Giddens, Frank of Dover

              Gidney, Robert of Norwich

              Giffin, Thomas of London

              Gifford, Frank E of Margate

              Gilbert & Son of Chester

              Gilbert of Gosport

              Gilbert, CV of RuGoreley

              Gilbert, Davies of Tredrea

              Gilbert, F of Chester

              Gilbert, Francis of Chester

              Gilbert, Fred of Prudhoe, Prudhoe Station

              Gilbert, J of New Romney

              Gilbert, James of Lichfield

              Gilbert, NS of Burnham

              Gilbert, R & Sons of Coventry

              Gilbert, T of Hythe

              Gilbert, Thomas and George of RuGoreley

              Gilbert, Thomas of Hythe

              Gilbert, Thomas of RuGoreley

              Gilbert, William of Bedford

              Gilbert, William of RuGoreley

              Gilchrist, Joseph of Leeds

              Gilder & Son of Hull

              Gilder & Son of Hull

              Giles, AJ of Welshpool

              Giles, Aaron B of Dronfield

              Giles, Aaron of Mo, Sheffield

              Giles, J S of Maidstone

              Giles, Nicholes of Maidstone

              Giles, Richard of Wellington

              Gilhooly, Ephraim of Manchester

              Gilkes Tobias of AbinGordon

              Gill, David of Aberdeen

              Gill, Edward of Liverpool

              Gill, Henry James of Boston

              Gill, James of Lockwood

              Gill, John of London

              Gill, John of London

              Gill, John of Manchester

              Gill, John of North Tawton

              Gill, Thomas of Brixham

              Gill, William of Maidstone

              Gillan, John of Keithhall, Inverurie

              Gillard, Samuel of Barnstaple

              Gillett & Co

              Gillett & Johnston

              Gillett, Herbert E of Chingford

              Gillett, Robert Mortimer of Sidcup, Kent

              Gillett, William of London

              Gillett Bland & Co

              Gillham, William of Luton

              Gillham, William of Ottery St Mary

              Gillings, James of Eye

              Gillings, James of Manchester

              Gillis, Frederick Ludwig of Liverpool

              Gillman, Percival John of Lowerstoft

              Gilman of Liverpool

              Gilmour, Thomas of Dreghn, Ayrshire, Scotland

              Gilphill of Preston

              Gilpin, Henry of Sheffield

              Gilpin, William R of Teignmouth

              Gilson, T of Pocklington

              Gilson, W of Market Weighton

              Gilson, William of Pocklington

              Gimlett, Edward Barry of Folkestone

              Gimson, Samuel of March

              Girling, BD of London

              Girling, Benjamin of London

              Giscard John of Chatteris, Ely, Cambs, Norwich, Swaffham, Norfolk

              Giscard, William of Downham Market, Ely and Soham

              Gladden, TA of Rhyl

              Gladding, D of Hackney

              Glading, F of Brighton

              Glanville, W of AbinGordon

              Glanville, William of AbinGordon

              Glase, Thomas of BidgNorth

              Glasgo, Samuel of Brixton, Surrey

              Glasgow, David of Coleraine and London

              Glass, B of Rhyl

              Glass, James of Bristol

              Glass, James of Salford

              Glassup, Thomas of London

              Glatz & Wunderley of Manchester

              Glatz, Joseph of Manchester

              Glazebrook, John of Mansfield

              Gleave, John of Liverpool

              Gledhill, Richard of Manchester

              Gledhill-Brook Time Recder Co Ltd England

              Gleed, Edwin H of Ilford

              Gleed, SJ of Leytonstone

              Glen, James Home of London

              Glodt, David of Manchester

              Glover, Benjamin of Gildersome

              Glover, George of Cronton

              Glover, Henry of London

              Glover, J of Richmond

              Glover, J of Richmond

              Glover, James of Cronton

              Glover, Job & Peter of Cronton

              Glover, Job of Lincoln

              Glover, John of Lowerstoft

              Glover, John of Richmond

              Glover, John of Widnes

              Glover, Joseph of Leicester

              Glover, Joseph of Manchester

              Glover, Thomas of Cronton

              Glue, David of Manchester

              Glue, Harold of New Brighton, Liverpool

              Glynn, James of Liverpool

              Goad, Alfred & Sons of London

              Goatley, Daniel of Canterbury

              Godball, Gustave of Felixstowe

              Goddard, F of London

              Goddard, Flimond of London

              Goddard, Henry of Tenterden and Dover

              Goddard, Robert William of London

              Godden, Henry of Malling

              Godden, Thomas of Hythe

              Godfrey Jewellers Ltd of Bedford

              Godfrey, Arthur J of Northam

              Godfrey, George of London

              Godfrey, Richard Ltd of Southamporton

              Godfrey, Rowland of Sudbury

              Godfrey, Thomas Leigh of London

              Godwin, George Alfred of London

              Goering & Co of London

              Goettler, John of London

              Goffe, Frederic of Burnham

              Goggin, Richard of Dublin

              Golay, Charles of London

              Gold, Isaac of Lewes

              Goldberg, Kiva of Manchester

              GoldenGorer, Levy of Newcastle

              Goldhill, A of Chelmsford

              Golding & Co of Clacton

              Golding, EH of Hadleigh, Essex

              Golding, John of Rugby

              Golding, Julius of Man Park

              Goldman, S of Grimsby

              Goldman, Samuel of Cleethorpes

              Goldman, Samuel of Grimsby

              Goldsack, GW of Folkestone

              Goldsby, Thomas Henry of Somersham, St Ives

              Goldsby, Thomas Henry of Walthamstow

              Goldsmid, Albert Aaron of Hammersmith

              Goldsmith, AD of Leeds

              Goldsmith, Abraham D of Sheffield

              Goldsmith, Harmon of Windsor

              Goldsmith, Henry of Croydon

              Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co of London

              Goldsmiths & Silversmiths of Llandudno

              Goldsmiths Alliance Limited of Cornhill

              Goldsmiths Co of Liverpool

              Goldsmiths' Alliance Ltd

              Goldstein, Bernhard of London

              Goldstein, M of Grimsby

              Goldstein, Hettie of South Shields

              Goldstein, W of Sunderland

              Goldstone, Sampson of Manchester

              Goldstraw Bros of Rhyl

              Goldsworthy, J of London

              GolledGore, R of Sorttford

              GolledGore, Richard of London

              Golsby, William of Greatworth

              Goltman, Rose of Liverpool

              Gontard & Co of London

              Gooch, Albert of London

              Gooch, Ellis of London

              Gooch, Hace of London

              Gooch, Norton of Manchester

              Gooch, William of London

              Goodacre, Able of Spalding

              Goodacre, E & Sons of Billingbourogh

              Goodacre, Edwin of Billingbourogh & Donnington

              Goodacre, Edwin of Billingbourogh

              Goodal, Charles of London

              Goodall, George of Micklefield, Tadcaster & Aberford

              Goodchild, TR of Streatham

              Goodchild, William Greaves of Worthing

              Gooddwin, William of Manchester

              Goode, Francis of Sleaford

              Goodey, EG of Reading

              Goodey, Edwin George of Reading

              Goodhugh, R of London

              Goodhugh, Richard of London

              Goodhugh, William of London

              Gooding, John CS of Westcliff

              Gooding, John of Southend

              Goodman & Son of London

              Goodman Brothers of Manchester

              Goodman Brothers of Southend

              Goodman I & Co of Newcastle

              Goodman, AEJ of Taunton

              Goodman, Charles & Son of London

              Goodman, Charles C of Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire

              Goodman, I of Newcastle

              Goodman, J & Son of London

              Goodman, John of Taunton

              Goodman, S of Manchester

              Goodman, Walter of Taunton

              Goodwill, Robert of Newbottle

              Goodwin, George Alfred of London

              Goodwin, Henry of Newark

              Goodwin, Henry of Newark

              Goodwin, Hatio R of Macclesfield

              Goodwin, Hatio R Jun of Manchester

              Goodwin, Hatio R of Manchester

              Goodwin, James of London

              Goodwin, James of Streatham

              Goodwin, John of Manchester

              Goodwin, Marcus of Gravesend

              Goodwin, W of Manningtree

              Goodwin, WH of Thpe-le-Soken, Colchester

              Goodwin, WH of Thpe-le-Soken

              Goodwin, William Henry of Thpe-le-Soken

              Goodwin, William of CambridGore

              Goodwin, William of Nottingham

              Goodwin, William of Salford

              Goody, DG of Southminster

              Goody, J of Southminster

              Goody, Reginald George of WoodbridGore

              Goodyear, Thomas of Wombwell, Barnsley

              God, Alec Charles of Brighton

              Gordon Alfred Warren of St Neots

              Gordon, Adam of BridGorend

              Gordon, Alex of Dublin

              Gordon, Edward of Newcastle

              Gordon, James of Perth

              Gordon, John of Lane End

              Gordon, John of London

              Gordon, John of Longton, Staffordshire

              Gordon, Thomas of Edinburgh and New York

              Gordon, William of London

              Gore T & Son of Lowerstoft

              Gore, Arthur Albert Donald of Freemantle, Southamporton

              Gore, John of Liverpool

              Gore, Richard of London

              Gore, TW of Lowerstoft

              Gorely, Harry of Wokingham

              Gorfin, Henry of Devonport and London

              Groham, JA of Ipswich

              Groham, James of London

              Gromully, Philip of Devonport

              Goshawk, John of Elmham

              Gosling, G of Putney

              Gostling, Thomas of Diss

              Goswell, Thomas of Reading

              Gothard, Thomas of Ossett-cum-Gaworthpe

              Gotts, Robert of Bushy, Watford

              Gotz, Georgeof London

              Gough & Co of Manchester

              Gough, Wilfred of Mere

              Gould, Chester of London

              Gould, James of London

              Gouldar, Edward & John of Gloucester

              Goulding, FH of Plymouth

              Goulstine, Henry of Hull

              Gout, David Ralph of London

              Gout, Ralph of London

              Gow, J of Newcastle

              Gow, James of Newcastle

              Gowans, James of East Linton

              Gower, Edward of London

              Gower, Joseph of London

              Gowing, Stephen of Lowestoft

              Gowland & Read of London

              Gowland Brothers of London

              Gowland family of Sunderland

              Gowland, Clement of Sunderland

              Gowland, George of Sunderland

              Gowland, J of London

              Gowland, James of London

              Gowland, Robert of Sunderland

              Gowland, Thomas of London

              Gowland, Thomas of Sunderland

              Gowland, William of Sunderland

              Grace, E of Tetsworth

              Grace, E of Wheatley

              Grace, WE of Thame

              Grace, William of London

              Gradon, D of Black Hill

              Gradwell, Arthur V of Sidcup

              Grafton, Henry Jun of London

              Grafton, Henry Sen of London

              Grafton, John & Edward of London

              Graham & Foster of Liverpool

              Graham, Arthur James of East Ham

              Graham, Benjamin of Wakefield

              Graham, Edward of Jarrow

              Graham, Gore o rGore of Cockermouth

              Graham, Georgeof London

              Graham, H of Ipswich

              Graham, James of London

              Graham, James of Spalding

              Graham, John of Liverpool

              Graham, John of Maldon

              Graham, Thomas of Liverpool

              Grahurst & Harvey of London

              GrainGore, James of Manchester

              GrainGore, R of South Shields

              GrainGorer, J of Scarbourogh

              Gramlick, CJ Ltd of Chelmsford

              Gramlick, CJ of Chelmsford

              Gramlick, Charles John of Chelmsford

              Grant & Son of North Shields

              Grant, A of Newcastle

              Grant, Georgeof London

              Grant, J & Son of South Shields

              Grant, John of Fleet Street, London

              Grant, Joseph of Chester

              Grant, R of Hurst Green

              Grant, William of Battle

              Grant, William of London

              Granville, Samuel of Devonport

              Grason & Sons of Leamington

              Grassey, Stephen of Wolverhamporton

              Grave, George of London

              Gravell & Tolkein of London

              Gravell, William of London

              Gravell, William of London

              Graves, JG of Sheffield

              Graves, Joseph of Witham

              Graves, Thomas of Liverpool

              Gray & Reynolds of Wimborne

              Gray & Son of Melksham

              Gray, A of Glasgow

              Gray, Benjamin and Vulliamy, Justin

              Gray, Edward of Canterbury

              Gray, Frederick of Warminster

              Gray, Henry of Inverkeithing and Lesslie

              Gray, James of Edinburgh

              Gray, John of Barnsley

              Gray, John of Liverpool

              Gray, John of Newcastle

              Gray, Thomas of Barrow, Hull

              Gray, Thomas of London

              Gray, Thomas of Luton

              Graydon, Dobson of Ebchester

              Grayhurst, Harvey & Co of London

              Grayson, W of Henley-on-Thames

              Grayston, Joseph of Ipswich

              Greader, Henry W of Willenhall

              Greader, Henry of Willenhall

              Grean, A of Castleton, Grosmont

              Greatbatch, Richard of Birmingham

              Greatrex Edward of Birmingham

              Greaves, Henry & Son of Hillsbourogh, Sheffield

              Greaves, Henry & Son of Sheffield

              Greaves, Henry of Hillsbourogh, Sheffield

              Greaves, Henry of London

              Green Peter of Liverpool

              Green, AE of Burnham

              Green, AH of Canning Town

              Green, C of London

              Green, Charles of Farnham

              Green, Charles of Gra Northam

              Green, Charles of Oakhill, Bath

              Green, Edwin of Carshalton

              Green, Edwin of Sudbury

              Green, Elijah of Eye

              Green, GeorgeA of Liverpool

              Green, Gore o rGore of Liverpool

              Green, Georgeof Tenbury

              Green, Henry of London

              Green, Herbert of Liverpool

              Green, James of Gloucester

              Green, James of Liverpool

              Green, James of Newcastle

              Green, Jesse of Sudbury

              Green, Job of London

              Green, John of Wallingford

              Green, Joseph of North Shields

              Green, Peter of Clifton, Bristol

              Green, Richard of London

              Green, Samuel of London

              Green, T of London

              Green, Thomas of Liverpool

              Green, W of Grimsby

              Green, WE of Reigate

              Green, WH of Carnarvon

              Green, William of Bristol

              Green, William of Milton Under Wychwood

              Green, William of Prescot

              Green, William of Spitlegate, GraNortham

              Green, William of Wigan

              Greenaway, Ernest of Bedford

              Greenbaum, Philip of London

              Greene, Alfred John of Grays

              Greene, Edward of London

              Greener & Co of Liverpool

              Greener, Francis & Co of Liverpool

              Greener, Francis of Liverpool

              Greenfield, Robert Clark of Manchester

              Greenhalgh, John of Accrington

              Greenhalgh, John of Chorlton on Medlock

              Greenhalgh, John of Manchester

              Greenhill, CF of Worthing

              Greenhill, Julian GF of St Leonards

              Greenhow, Joseph of Chelmsford

              Greening, Benjamin of Clapham

              Greening, Francis E of Grays

              Greening, J of East Ham

              Greenslade, Frederick of Weston-super-mare

              Greenslade, William of Bath

              Greenwell, Gore o rGore of Alstone

              Greenwell, Georgeof Alston

              Greenwood, James of Kingston

              Greenwood, John & Sons of London

              Greenwood, John of Dover

              Greenwood, John of London

              Greenwood, Thomas of London

              Greenwood, Thomas of Stoke Newington

              Greenwood, William of Bingley

              Greenwood, William of Liverpool

              Greenwood, William of Rochester

              Gregg, Francis of London

              Gregg, J J of Sunderland

              Gregy Werny of Reading

              Gregy, EF of Grimsby

              Gregy, GeorgeF of Caist

              Gregy, JM of Hampstead

              Gregy, James of Southport

              Gregy, John William of East Dulwich

              Gregy, John of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Gregy, Thomas of Odiham

              Gregy, W of Maidenhead

              Gregy, William of Dublin

              Gregy, William of Maidenhead

              Gregson, John of Lancaster

              Gregson, T of Newcastle

              Grenfell, J of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

              Grennan, Edward of London

              Gresham & Son of Bradford

              Gresham & Son of Leeds

              Gresham, Chas of Chippenham

              Grew, EA & S of Brighton

              Grew, TH & Sons of Chelmsford

              Grew, TH &Son Ltd of Chelmsford

              Grew, Thomas of Chelmsford

              Grice, Job of mskirk

              Griffin, B of Wisbech

              Griffin, B of Chipping Ongar

              Griffin, Bonner of Chipping Ongar

              Griffin, Francis of London

              Griffin, R of Burford

              Griffin, Walter of Hoddesdon

              Griffis, P of Maldon

              Griffis, Paul of Southminster

              Griffith and Son - of Denbigh, Holyhead and Carnarvon

              Griffith Rowland of Llanrwst

              Griffith, Benjamin of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Griffith, Benjamin of Tunstall

              Griffith, David of Denbigh, Holyhead and Carnarvon

              Griffith, David of Pwllheli

              Griffith, Donald of Llanrwst

              Griffith, Edward of Bang

              Griffith, Edward of Chester

              Griffith, Edward of Denbigh

              Griffith, FW Fidel of Croydon

              Griffith, J & G of Pwllheli

              Griffith, JW of London

              Griffith, John Widlake A of London

              Griffith, John of Aberconway

              Griffith, John of Caernarvon and Blaenau Ffestiniog

              Griffith, R of Grasvesend

              Griffith, Richard of Denbigh

              Griffith, Richard of Upper Bang

              Griffith, WH of Mfa Nevin

              Griffith, William of London

              Griffiths, Albert Thomas of Thornton Heath

              Griffiths, Alfred of Manchester

              Griffiths, Benjamin of Tiporton

              Griffiths, Benjamin of Walsall

              Griffiths, D & G [Prop David Griffith] of Pwllheli

              Griffiths, D Lloyd of Denbigh

              Griffiths, David of Rhyl

              Griffiths, EM of St Asaph

              Griffiths, Edward of Aber Gorele

              Griffiths, J of Clapham

              Griffiths, J of Ross

              Griffiths, JS of Southsea

              Griffiths, John of Carnarvon

              Griffiths, John of Ross

              Griffiths, John of Tremadoc

              Griffiths, Neh of Chester

              Griffiths, R of Upper Bang

              Griffiths, Samuel of Liverpool

              Griffiths, Thomas G of Manchester

              Griffiths, W of Upper Tooting

              Griffiths, William of Hereford

              Griffths, W of Mfa Nevin

              Grigg, Humphrey of Plymouth

              Grignon, T of London

              Grignon, Thomas of London

              Grimalde & Johnson of London

              Grimaldi, P of London

              Grimes, Fred of Tiportree

              Grimes, Joseph of Wolverhampton

              Grimshaw, Baxter & JJ Elliott Ltd

              Grimshaw, James of London

              Grimshaw, John of Liverpool

              Grimsley, Misses L & L of Leyton

              Grindon & Crow of Canning Town

              Grindow, W of London

              Grinlaw, Alexander of Duns

              Griodon, William of Brighton

              Grocock, Arthur of Sheffield

              Grohe, James of Wigme Street, London

              Groom, George of Croydon

              Groom, WD of Llanfairfechan

              Groome, R of Mountnessing, Brentwood

              Grooms, Joseph of Manchester

              Grooms, William Dockett of Manchester

              Gre, John of Liverpool

              Grose, Alfred of Swindon

              Grosrey, Celestin of London

              Grosrey, EuGorene of London

              Grosrey, Peter C of London

              Gross, Maux of Walthamstow

              Grossmann, John & Co of London

              Grosven, Robert of Drayton

              Grosven, Thomas of Knowle, Birmingham

              Grounds, John of Wigan

              Grounds, Johnson of Wigan

              Grout, John jun of London

              Grout, John of London

              Grout, John sen of London

              Grove, Richard of London

              Grover, Lovell & Son of Barking

              Grover, Lovell & Sons of Barking

              Grover, Lovell of Barking

              Groves, Charles of Brentwood

              Groves, William of Leeds

              Grudgings, KS of Bournmouth

              Gruier, Armand of London

              Grundy, John of Whalley

              Grunert, Richard of Beverley

              GruNorthall, Julius of Leeds

              Grute, William of Totnes

              Grzimish, Philip of London

              Guarnerio, G & Co of Peckham

              Guarnerio, P of Huntin Gordon

              GudGoreon, George of Bury St Edmunds

              GudGoreon, John of Bury St Edmunds

              Guenat & Co of London

              Guest, William of Winds


              Guildford & Kirby of Uxbrid Gore

              Guillaume & Moe of London

              Guillaume, A of London

              Guillaume, Edward & Charles of London

              Guillaume, Georgeof London

              Guilliford, William Doverhay of Plock, Taunton

              Guinand, Celestin of London

              Guinness, B of Brighton

              Guinness, J of Brighton

              Gulde, Gorerman of London

              Gulliver, Georgeof Stratford East

              Gunn, AJ & Co of Dover

              Gunn, William of Hulme

              Gunn, William of Wallingford

              Gunnell, William of Newbury

              Gunning, Thomas of Somerton

              Gunston, Samuel of Glastonbury

              Gunter, John & Co of London

              Gunton, Henry of Norwich

              Gurdon, George of Hadleigh

              Gurnett, J & Sons of Grays

              Gurnett, James of Grays

              Gurney, Frederick of Amporthill

              Gurn, Thomas of Ickleton

              Gurr, David of Eastbourne

              Gurr, Ebenezer of Eastbourne

              Gurr, George of Battle

              Gussin, Thomas of Loughton

              Guthrie, George of Willington Quay

              Guthrie, M of Jarrow

              Guthrie, William of Hetton-le-Hole

              Guthrie, William of Willington Quay

              Gutmann, John of London

              GutteridGore, R of Godmanchester, HuntinGordon

              Guttman, Isaac of Sheffield

              Guttman, Tobias of Sheffield

              Guy, Edward of London

              Guy, George of Blackburn

              Guy, Jasper of Shaftesbury

              Guy, Samuel of London

              Guy, William E of London

              Guy, William of Shaftesbury

              Guye, Philippe & A of London

              Gyatt, RA of Guildford

              H Williamson Ltd

              HB & Co Ltd


              Haas, Joseph of Taunton

              Haberstroh, G of Taunton

              Habesoh & Son of Rhyl

              Habron, Charles of Darlington

              Hackman, J of London

              Haddon, GH of Northampton

              Haderer, G and D of West Bromwich

              Hadfield, Thomas of Chapel-en-le-Frith

              Hadida, Joseph of London

              Hadley, Humphrey of Birmingham

              Hadley, Thomas of Birmingham

              Hadwen, Isaac of Liverpool and Ormskirk

              Hadwen, Joseph of Liverpool

              Haffner, Charles of London

              Hagan, Matthew of Liverpool

              Hagger, AL of Ipswich

              Hagger, Arthur L of Ipswich

              Hague, Joseph H of Manchester

              Hague, Lawrence of Sheffield

              Hague, Richard of Cheetham

              Hague, Roy of Lincoln

              Haigh, Abraham of Manchester

              Haigh, Thomas H of Sheffield

              Haigh, Thomas Henry of Huddersfield

              Haine, W of Bournemouth

              Haines, F of Sherborne

              Haines, Frederick John of Bognor

              Haines, G of London

              Haines, Henry of Knowle, Birmingham

              Haines, J of Bedford

              Haines, John of Bedford

              Haines, W of Bedford

              Haines, W of Chester

              Haines, William of Bedford

              Hair, George Bush of London

              Hais, George of Walsall

              Halden, William of Gayton

              Hale, Charles Bert of Eye

              Hale, Ernest of Jaywick, Clacton

              Hale, J & J of London

              Hale, William of Holyhead

              Hales, Alfred Joseph of Ilford

              Haley & Milner of London

              Haley, Charles of London

              Haley, Thomas of North Walsingham, Norwich and London

              Halfhide, Alfred Edward & Co of Wimbledon

              Halfhide, Alfred Edward of Wimbledon

              Halfhide, George William of London

              Halfhide, William of Hereford

              Halford, E of Leighton Buzzard

              Halford, Robert Hosier of London

              Halford, William of Northleach

              Halksworth, William of London

              Hall, Abel of Chumleigh

              Hall, Alfred of Penge

              Hall, Charles Ellis of Sheffield

              Hall, Charles J & Son of Bromley

              Hall, Dewance of Alfreton

              Hall, Edward Samuel of Liverpool

              Hall, Francis of Whitby

              Hall, Frederick Charles of Yoxford

              Hall, George & John of Wakefield

              Hall, George F of Newcastle

              Hall, Harry of Burnham

              Hall, Henry of Birkenhead

              Hall, Henry of Sheffield

              Hall, JS of Beaumaris

              Hall, Jacob Dixon of Chester-le-Street

              Hall, John & Co of Manchester

              Hall, John of Great Grimsby

              Hall, John of Grimsby

              Hall, John of Sleaford

              Hall, Jonathan of Manchester

              Hall, Joseph & Co of Manchester

              Hall, Joseph Sparling of Colchester

              Hall, Joseph of Alford

              Hall, Joseph of Beaumaris

              Hall, Joseph of Chorlton on Medlock

              Hall, Joseph of Great Grimsby Joseph Hall, of Great Grimsby

              Hall, Joseph of Manchester

              Hall, Joseph of Skipton

              Hall, Leonard & Son of Grimsby

              Hall, Leonard of Louth

              Hall, Martin of Framlingham

              Hall, Robert of Oswestry

              Hall, Robert of Wells

              Hall, TJ Jun of Northampton

              Hall, Thomas of Banbury, Oxfordshire

              Hall, Thomas of Bradford

              Hall, Thomas of Cannongate, Edinburgh

              Hall, Thomas of Liverpool

              Hall, Thomas of Rumsey

              Hall, Tomas Sen of Northampton

              Hall, William L of Manchester

              Hall, William Robert of Wanstead

              Hall, William of Ipswich

              Hall, William of London

              Hall, William of Manchester

              Hall, William of New Bolingbroke

              Hall, William of Plymouth

              Hallam, Edward of London

              Hallam, John of London

              Hallam, Thomas of Nottingham

              Hallam, Thomas of Sheffield

              Hallen, Walter James of Canning Town

              Hallett, Harry of Tadworth, Epsom

              Hallett, John of Lyme Regis

              Hallett, Mathew of London

              Hallett, RD of Beaminster

              Hallett, William George of Bradford

              Hallett, William of London

              Halliwell, John of Warrington

              Halliwell, Thomas of Dewsbury

              Hallows, Jonathan of Liverpool

              Halls, John of Nayland, Colchester

              Halpern, Mark of Brentwood

              Halsall, Edward of Bristol

              Halsall, Robert of Ormskirk

              Halton & Slocombe of London

              Halton, William of Saltburn-by-the-Sea

              Ham & Son of Maker

              Ham John of London

              Ham, Charles John of Bedford

              Ham, George Frederick of Surrey

              Ham, Henry of Bodmin

              Ham, John of Antony and Kingsand, Cornwall

              Ham, Joseph of Liskeard

              Ham, ST of Farnborough, Surrey

              Ham, T of Frimley, Farnborough, Surrey

              Ham, William of Liskeard

              Hambley, William of Falmouth

              Hambly, John of Grimsby

              Hambridge, Robert U of Leigh

              Hamer, Ezekiel of Sheffield

              Hamer, John of Llanidloes

              Hamilton of Bournmouth

              Hamilton, E M of Spennymoor

              Hamilton, Edward T of Bradford

              Hamilton, James of Sheffield

              Hamilton, John of Hexham

              Hamilton, John of Owlerton, Sheffield

              Hamilton, Richard Frederick of Sheffield

              Hamilton, Robert of Hexham

              Hamilton, Thomas of Liverpool

              Hamilton, William of Whiteburn

              Hamley, JO of London

              Hamley, John O of London

              Hamley, Osb John of London

              Hammett, Benjamin & Walter of Plaistow

              Hammon, James & Son of London

              Hammond, Charles B of London

              Hammond, E of Hoddesdon

              Hammond, George & Son of Manchester

              Hammond, HB & Son of Southampton

              Hammond, J of Bournmouth

              Hammond, John of Clare

              Hammond, John of Manchester

              Hammond, Thomas & George & Thomas of Manchester

              Hammond, Thomas of Manchester

              Hammond, William of Salford

              Hamnett, Samuel of Drypool, Hull

              Hamond, George of Shudehill

              Hampshire watch Co Ltd of Eastleigh, Southampton

              Hampson & Thelwell of Manchester

              Hampson, Joseph of Liverpool

              Hampson, Robert of Manchester

              Hampson, William of London

              Hanby, Edwin of Bradford

              Hancock & Falkner of Reading

              Hancock, Carlton of Derby

              Hancock, Cox & Co of Yeovil

              Hancock, Daniel of Bradford

              Hancock, John of Yeovil

              Hancock, Joseph of Manchester

              Hancock, Josiah & Son of Manchester

              Hancock, Luke of London

              Hancock, Walter of Newbury

              Hand, Fraser of Sheffield

              Handcock, EF of Sittingbourne

              Handcock, Edward F of Sittingbourne

              Handford, Thomas of Ross

              Handley, Frederick Herbert of London

              Handley, G & Moore, J of London

              Handley, John of Runcorn

              Handman, D of Leytonstone

              Hands, Daniel of Bilston

              Handscomb, E of Woburn

              Handy, Henry of London

              Hanger, Henry of Manchester

              Hankins, Jacob of Farningham, Kent and Upper Clapton

              Hannah, Alexander of Bungay

              Hannam, Edward of London

              Hannington, William of Glasgow

              Hanny, James of Shrewsbury

              Hanscond & Son of Woburn

              Hansford, John & Son of Illminster

              Hanson, Charles of Huddersfield

              Hanson, Charles of London

              Hanson, W of Windsor

              Hanson, William of Windsor

              Hanwell, William of Liverpool

              Harbin, Clifford of Liverpool

              Harbinson, J F and Co of Belfast

              Harbottle, Alfred of Thornaby-on-Tees

              Harbour Gift Shop Ltd of Paington

              Harbron, Charles of Bridlington


              Hardaker & Rook of Bradford

              Hardcastle, William of Manchester

              Hardeman, E S of Canterbury

              Hardeman, Samuel of Bridge & Canterbury

              Hardeman, W of Canterbury

              Harden, EM of Maidstone

              Hardie & Christie of Manchester

              Harding, B of Bedford

              Harding, Benjamin of London

              Harding, Charles of Sidmouth

              Harding, Henry of London

              Harding, John of Ashburton

              Harding, John of Carnarvon

              Harding, John of Llanerchymedd

              Harding, John of London

              Harding, John of Portmadoc

              Hardisty, Jonathan L of Manchester

              Hardman, Thomas of Manchester

              Hards, Alfred of Woodford Green

              Hardt, GH of Leyton

              Hardt, Harry of London

              Hardt, Henry of Leytonstone

              Hardwick, of Eversholt

              Hardwick, Richard of Ashwick, Somerset

              Hardwick, Thomas of Ridgmount

              Hardwick, W of Eversholt, Woburn

              Hardy Brothers Ltd

              Hardy Brothers of London

              Hardy, Charles K of Lincoln

              Hardy, George of London

              Hardy, James and Son of Dorchester

              Hardy, John C of Holbeach

              Hardy, John of Aberdeen

              Hardy, Richard of Newark

              Hardy, S of St Ives

              Hardy, Samuel of St Ives

              Hare, Alexander of London

              Hare, Austin of Newcastle and South Shields

              Harfield, J of Brighton

              Hargrave, John of Sleaford

              Hargreaves, J & Co of Liverpool

              Hargreaves, James of Morley

              Hargreaves, W of Leeds

              Harker, Frank of Abingdon

              Harkin, Peter of Liverpool

              Harkness, John of Arundel

              Harland, E of Ramsgate

              Harland, Henry of Chaterham Valley

              Harland, Henry of Croydon

              Harland, Henry of Godstone

              Harland, M of Croydon

              Harle, Alfred Lucas of Gateshead

              Harle, Charles of London

              Harling, J of London

              Harlock, JE of Southend

              Harlock, James of London

              Harlock, Robert of Ely

              Harlow, Benjamin of Bath

              Harlow, Benjamin of Hanley and Shelton

              Harlow, Benjamin of Lane End

              Harlow, Benjamin of Longton

              Harlow, William of Sheffield

              Harmer, Joseph Norman of London

              Harms, George of London

              Harmston, George Jnr of Lincoln

              Harmsworth, John of Cambridge

              Harmsworth, John of London

              Harper and Son of Shrewsbury

              Harper, Alfred of Lincoln, Birmingham, Southampton, Winchester and London

              Harper, Henry of London

              Harper, Henry of Scarborough

              Harper, John of London

              Harper, Richard of Shrewsbury

              Harper, Thomas of Shrewsbury

              Harral, Benjamin of Barnsley

              Harrild, Robert of London

              Harrington, R of Witham

              Harrington, RM of Farnham

              Harrington, Robert Micklem of Farnham

              Harrington, Robert of Witham

              Harrington, William Thomas of London

              Harrington, Willie of Coggeshall

              Harrinson, Mayer & Co of Liverpool

              Harris & Sons of Manchester

              Harris of Morton

              Harris, Abraham of Stratford East

              Harris, Alfred of Rhyl

              Harris, Arthur V of York Town, Camberley

              Harris, Asher of London

              Harris, Baily of Westbury

              Harris, CF of Sollihull, Birmingham

              Harris, Charles of Liverpool

              Harris, Charles of Peterborough

              Harris, Charles of Reading

              Harris, Charles of Ross

              Harris, Clement of London

              Harris, E & Co of Liverpool

              Harris, Edward & Co of Liverpool

              Harris, Edward of Bromyard

              Harris, Edward of Kingswinford

              Harris, Ephraim of Cambridge

              Harris, G of Bicester

              Harris, George of Milton, Weston-super-Mare

              Harris, H & Son of Witney

              Harris, H of Northampton

              Harris, H of Oxford

              Harris, Henry & Son of Maidstone

              Harris, Henry James of Manchester

              Harris, Henry James of Salford

              Harris, Henry of Grimsby

              Harris, Henry of Truro

              Harris, Hirsh of Streatham

              Harris, Isaac & Son of Liverpool

              Harris, Israel of Exeter

              Harris, Israel of Truro

              Harris, J of Brixton

              Harris, J of Sevenoaks

              Harris, J of Witney

              Harris, JC & Son of Spalding

              Harris, JJ of Brixton

              Harris, James J Jun of Camberwell

              Harris, James R of London

              Harris, James of Camberwell

              Harris, James of Liverpool

              Harris, James of London

              Harris, John C of Spalding

              Harris, John James of London

              Harris, John of Islington

              Harris, John of Kirton

              Harris, John of London

              Harris, Joseph of Cheetham

              Harris, Joseph of Grimsby

              Harris, Josiah of Manchester

              Harris, L of Gravesend

              Harris, L of London

              Harris, Lazarus of Liverpool

              Harris, Lewis of Cambridge

              Harris, Morris Hart of Penzance

              Harris, RH of Newport

              Harris, Richard of Northiam, Sussex

              Harris, Richard of Wellington, Shropshire

              Harris, Samuel of Gillingham, Dorset

              Harris, Samuel of London

              Harris, Samuel of Sheffield

              Harris, Simon of Cambridge

              Harris, T of Brackley

              Harris, T of Bromyard

              Harris, T of Hawkhurst

              Harris, Thomas Robert of London

              Harris, Thomas of Bromyard

              Harris, Thomas of Canterbury

              Harris, WH of Chatham

              Harris, WM of Uxbridge

              Harris, Walt of Chatham

              Harris, William M of Uxbridge

              Harris, William jun of London

              Harris, William of Chorlton on Medlock

              Harris, William of London

              Harris, William of Mildenhall

              Harris, William of Newmarket

              Harris, William of Northiam

              Harris, William of Woodford

              Harris, William sen of London

              Harrison & Son of Darlington

              Harrison, Agnes of Warkworth and Morpeth

              Harrison, Charles of Limerick

              Harrison, Charles of Morpeth

              Harrison, E & RS of Tunbridge Wells

              Harrison, E of Birkenhead

              Harrison, E of Whyteleafe

              Harrison, Edward of Warrington

              Harrison, Edwin of London

              Harrison, Francis and William of Hexham

              Harrison, Francis of Hexham

              Harrison, Francis of London

              Harrison, Francis of London

              Harrison, Frederick of Wellsbourne Mountford, Warwick

              Harrison, George F of Caistor

              Harrison, George Frederick of Wragby

              Harrison, George William of Wallsend

              Harrison, George of Sheffield

              Harrison, Henry W of Liverpool

              Harrison, J of Darlington

              Harrison, JW of Bridlington Quay

              Harrison, James of Manchester

              Harrison, Jas Park Road of West Hartlepool, Durham

              Harrison, John of London

              Harrison, John of Darlington

              Harrison, John of Drayton

              Harrison, John of Liverpool

              Harrison, John of Mold

              Harrison, John of Newcastle

              Harrison, John of Warkworth and Morpeth

              Harrison, L Apark of Guildford

              Harrison, Richard of Mold

              Harrison, Robert of Bradford

              Harrison, Thomas of London

              Harrison, Thomas of Morpeth

              Harrison, W & Co of Hull

              Harrison, William E of Stockton

              Harrison, William of Liverpool

              Harrn, Alexander of Upton Park

              Harrocks, George W of Liverpool

              Harrocks, George of Liverpool

              Harrocks, Joshua of

              Harry, John of Penryn

              Harry, Samuel of Hertford

              Harscher, Ferdinand of Macclesfield

              Hart & Co of Barrow

              Hart & Harvey of London

              Hart, Charles & Sons Ltd of Taunton

              Hart, Henry of Hull

              Hart, John Napthali of London

              Hart, Josiah of North Walsham

              Hart, LM of Cleethorpes

              Hart, Lewis of Liverpool

              Hart, M D of Newcastle

              Hart, Maurice of London

              Hart, Mordecai of Liverpool

              Hart, Napthali & Son of London

              Hart, Nathan of Liverpool

              Hart, Philip of London

              Hart, S & M of London

              Hart, Samuel of Devizes

              Hart, Thomas of Horsley Field, Wolverhampton

              Hart, William George of Norwich

              Hartley, Charles of Lincoln

              Hartley, Elizabeth of Manchester

              Hartley, John of Liverpool

              Hartley, Thomas William of Manchester

              Hartley, Thomas of Liverpool

              Hartman, Abraham of Sheffield

              Hartmann, Otto of London

              Hartnall, Thomas of Cirencester

              Hartshorn, Edmund of London

              Hartshorn, Thomas of Colshill

              Hartshorne, Alex of London

              Harvey, A of Grimsby

              Harvey, Albert of London

              Harvey, Charlotte, of London

              Harvey, Fraser Robert of Lowerstoft

              Harvey, George of London

              Harvey, Henry Thomas of Wandsworth

              Harvey, James Henry of Southampton

              Harvey, James of Chesterfield

              Harvey, James of London

              Harvey, John of London John Harvey of London

              Harvey, RC of Berwick

              Harvey, Robert Carr of Berwick

              Harvey, Thomas of Baldock Thomas Harvey of Baldock

              Harvey, Walter of Farnborough

              Harwood, C of Waltham Abbey

              Harwood, Cecil Charles of Shefford

              Harwood, F of Enfield

              Harwood, Frederick George of Waltham Abbey

              Harwood, John of the Isle of

              Harwood, Robert of Liverpool

              Harwood, W of Littlehampton

              Hasberry, Samuel J of Tunbridge Wells

              Hasberry, Sidney J of Tunbridge Wells

              Hase, William of Saxthorpe

              Haselhurst & Son of Devizes

              Haselhurst, John of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

              Haselhurst, S of London

              Haskard Samuel of Derby

              Haskell, JA Ltd of Ipswich

              Haskell, James A of Ipswich

              Haskell, James of Salisbury

              Haskins, Robert Rd of Bedford

              Haskins, Robert of Bedford

              Haslehurst, Vincent A of Bexley Heath

              Hassell, Harry of Haslemere

              Hastings, Hercules of Burford,Oxfordshire

              Haswell, A of London

              Haswell, James of London

              Haswell, Robert & Sons of London

              Haswell, Robert of London

              Hatfield and Hall of Manchester

              Hatfield, William of Sheffield

              Hathorn, Peter of Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale and Newcastle

              Hathornthwaite, Peter of Kirkby Lonsdale and Newcastle

              Hatton & Co of Hereford

              Hatton & Harris of London

              Hatton, George Cooper of Lancaster

              Hatton, George of St Albans

              Hatton, JY of London

              Hatton, Joseph York of London

              Hattrell, George P of Godalming

              Haughan, Thomas of Dipton

              Hausburg, Freidrich LL of Liverpool

              Hauser, Philip of Inverness

              Havens of Poole

              Havers of Bournmouth

              Havers of Winton

              Haward, Edward of Walton-on-the-Naze

              Hawdon & Son of Grimsby

              Hawdon, CH of Grimsby

              Hawdon, Charles of Grimsby

              Hawdon, J F of Newcastle

              Hawdon, J T of Newcastle

              Hawes, William of London

              Hawkes, Alfred of Manchester

              Hawkings, Richard of London

              Hawkins, Christopher Henry of London

              Hawkins, JH of Parkgate, Rotherham

              Hawkins, Philip of Royston

              Hawkins, Richard of London

              Hawkins, S of Chesham

              Hawkins, Samuel of Chesham

              Hawks, Charles Albert of Beckenham

              Hawksey, Enoch of Nantwich

              Hawksley, Lewis T of Liverpool

              Hawksworth, JC of Scarborough

              Hawley, John & Charles of London

              Hawley, John of London

              Hawley, WH of Coventry

              Hawleys and Co, London

              Hawman, John of Stockton

              Haworth, Richard of Liverpool

              Hawthorn, Peter of Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale and Newcastle

              Hawthorn, Thomas of Burslem

              Hawthorn, Thomas of Hanley

              Hawthorne, M of Montgomery

              Hawtin, Jabez George of Stowmarket

              Hay, John of Leith

              Hay, Peter of London

              Hay, Thomas William of Shrewsbury

              Hay, William of Wolverhampton and Tatenhall Wood, Staffordshire

              Haydock, Joseph Eli of Manchester

              Haydon, D of Hereford

              Hayes, Aaron of Salford

              Hayes, Christopher of Oldham

              Hayes, Edward of Leigh

              Hayes, George of Forest gate

              Hayes, George of London

              Hayes, James Henry of Oldham

              Hayes, John of Grimsby

              Hayes, John of Wrexham

              Hayes, K of Llandudno

              Hayes, Ralph of Kirkby-Longsdale

              Hayford, Henry of London

              Hayford, William of London

              Hayhurst, John of Preston

              Hayler, William of Chatham

              Haylock, Charles E of Spalding

              Haylor, Charles of London

              Hayman, A & Co of Cheltenham

              Hayman, A of Sheffield

              Hayman, Arnold of Darnall

              Hayman, George of London

              Haythernthwaite, Peter of Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale and Newcastle

              Hayton, D of Hereford

              Hayton, Daniel of Hereford

              Hayton, Daniel of London

              Hayward Brothers of Swindon

              Hayward, A of Woodbridge

              Hayward, Edward & Son of Walton-on-the-Naze

              Hayward, Edward of Ashford, Kent

              Hayward, Edward of Folkestone

              Hayward, Edward of Walton-on-the-Naze

              Hayward, G of Reading

              Hayward, George B of Reading

              Hayward, James of Bath

              Hayward, James of Hertford

              Hayward, James of Walthamstow

              Hayward, John of London

              Hayward, Robert of London

              Hayward, T of Blandford

              Hayward, Thomas of Hulme

              Hayward, Thomas of Manchester

              Hayward, W of Farnham

              Hayward, Walter Charles of Surbiton

              Hayward, William of Hoddesdon

              Hayward, William of London

              Haywood, David of Manchester

              Haywood, Richard of Leamington Richard Haywood of Leamington

              Hazelden, Charles Percy of Worthing

              Hazelton, Edgar A of Ipswich

              Hazelwood Brothers of Wisbech

              Hazelwood, HH of Woodbridge

              Hazelwood, Henry of Woodbridge

              Hazlewood, Charles E of Croydon

              Hazlewood, Giles of Steeple Bumpstead

              Hazlewood, Giles of Steeple Bumpstead

              Head, John of Bingham

              Headsworth, Phineas of London

              Headworth, A J of Ware

              Headworth, P of London

              Headworth, T of Friern Barnet

              Headworth, T of London

              Heal, Thomas of Devonport

              Heald, Alfred of Wisbech

              Heald, John Clarke of Wisbech

              Healey, Thomas of Manchester

              Healey, Thomas of Salford

              Healy Thomas of London

              Healy, Benjamin of London

              Healy, Thomas of Patricroft

              Heap, Charles of London

              Heap, John of Burnley

              Heap, Richard of London

              Heap, Thomas of London

              Heap, Thomas of Manchester

              Hearn, William of Upper Norwood

              Hearsey, Charles of Barnes

              Hearsey, Charles of London

              Hearsum, David of Thorpe- Le- Soken, Essex

              Heartwell, John of Bourton

              Heasman, Alfred & Son of Colchester

              Heasman, Alfred of Colchester

              Heasman, Walter of Lindfield, Sussex

              Heater, George of Wantage

              Heater, John R of Wantage

              Heater, William A of Wantage

              Heater, family of Wantage

              Heath, H Ltd of Poole

              Heath, John of London 2,

              Heath, T of Great Berkhampstead

              Heath, William of Moreton-in-Marsh

              Heath, William of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Heathcock, George Albert of Norbiton, Kingston

              Heather & Son of Reigate

              Heather, Edward John of Reigate

              Heaven, W of Stourbridge, Worcestershire

              Hebden, Jeffrey of Hawes

              Hebert, Anthony of London

              Hechle, Henry Harrison of Liverpool

              Heckle, Aof Liverpool

              Heckle, Henry Harrison of Liverpool

              Heckscher, Henry of Reading

              Hector, P & Co of Ilford

              Hector, P A of Ilford

              Hector, Percival of Ilford

              Hector, RL & Sons Ltd of Glasgow

              Hedge, James of Cambridge

              Hedge, Nathaniel of Liverpool

              Hedger, G of London

              Hedger, GH of Leamington

              Hedger, George of London

              Hedley, John of Durham

              Heeley, Benjamin of Deptford

              Heighton, T of Kettering

              Heigold, Herbert of Rotherham

              Heine, Wendlin of Newcastle

              Heinekey, Robert of Liverpool

              Heinemann, BJ of Wimbledon

              Heitmann, Herrmann of West Stoke, Stoke-sub-Hamdon

              Heitzman & William of Dublin

              Heitzman family of Wisbech and March Cambs

              Heitzman, Andrew of Ware, Hertfordshire

              Heitzman, F & Co of London

              Heitzman, Felix of Hastings

              Heitzman, Frederick J of Cheadle and Walsall

              Heitzman, George of Bloxwich, Walsall

              Heitzman, James of Walsall

              Heitzman, M of Walsall

              Heitzman, Matthew of Burton-upon-Trent

              Heitzmann Brothers of London

              Heitzmann, Ferdinand of London

              Heizman of Canterbury

              Heizman, A of Rochester

              Heizman, Rochuz of London

              Heizman, Tobias of London

              Heizman, W of Blandford

              Hellaby, John of Rainhill

              Helsby, James Gooden of Liverpool

              Helsby, John Roscoe of Liverpool

              Helsby, John of Liverpool

              Helsby, Mark of St Helens, Lancashire

              Helsby, Richard of Liverpool

              Helsby, Samuel of Liverpool

              Helsby, Thomas and Co

              Helsby, Thomas and John

              Helsby, Thomas and Sons of Liverpool

              Helsby, William of St Helens

              Helton, George of Chatham

              Hemingway, John of Manchester

              Hemins, Edward of Bicester

              Hemming, William James of Liverpool

              Hemsworth, Frederick C of Alford

              Henbest, FJ of Totton, Southampton

              Hender, Thomas Row, of East Looe

              Hender, William of Callington

              Henderick, John of Droitwich

              Henderson, Andrew of Newcastle

              Henderson, Charles W of Brigg

              Henderson, Herbert Clifford of Rotherham

              Henderson, John H of Manchester

              Henderson, Joshua H of Salford

              Henderson, MM Ltd

              Henderson, MM of Coatbridge

              Henderson, MM of Falkirk

              Henderson, Matthew McLaren

              Henderson, Matthew of Manchester

              Henderson, Robert of Scarborough

              Henderson, Thomas of Houghton-le-Spring

              Henderson, William of Spennymoor

              Hendley, Frederick of Maidstone

              Hendrick, C of Dartford

              Hendrick, J & P of Liverpool

              Hendrick, John of Liverpool

              Hendrick, John of Manchester

              Hendrick, Thomas of London

              Hendrie, James of Wigton

              Henn, Silas of Darlaston

              Henn, Silas of Tipton

              Henney, Alex of Dover

              Henning, Henry of Lymington

              Henry Pidduck, Hanley

              Henry Williamson Ltd

              Henry, S of London

              Henry, William of London

              Henshall, David of Wilmslow

              Hensler, W A & Son of Walthamstow

              Henson, F of Leyton

              Henson, T of Wansford

              Hepburn, John H of Prudhoe, Prudhoe Station

              Hepting & Ferderer of London

              Hepting, L of Shepherd's Bush

              Hepton, G of Thrapston

              Hepton, William of Northallerton

              Herbert & Payne of Forest gate

              Herbert, Douglas of Croydon

              Herbert, Samuel of Liverpool

              Herbert, William of Ludlow

              Herbstrilt, George of Epping

              Herman, George of London

              Herman, Ignatz of London

              Herman, Jacob of Salford

              Herman, Joseph of Manchester

              Hermann, Anthony of London

              Hermann, I of East Dulwich

              Hermann, J & Co of Salisbury

              Hermann, Joseph of Manchester

              Hermann, Leo of Dartford

              Hern, John of Cottenham

              Heron, John of Blyth

              Heron, William of Newtownards and Liverpool

              Herr, Joseph of Bradford

              Herrieff, Thomas of Richmond, Surrey

              Herring Joseph, of London

              Herron, J of Cowpen Quay, Blyth

              Herron, John of Blyth

              Hervey, M of Wellingborough

              Herzog, Carl & Co of London

              Heselton, George of Bridlington

              Heskah, William - watch cap maker of Liverpool

              Hesleton, James Cape of Beverley and Bridlington, Yorkshire

              Heslop, Richard of Huddersfield

              Heslop, William of London

              Hess, Rosetta of Liverpool

              Hetherington, J of Newcastle

              Hetterich, Mary, of London

              Hetterich, Otto & Son of Walthamstow

              Hetterich, Otto of London

              Hettich, K of Oxford

              Hettich, William of London

              Hettick, C of Newcastle

              Hewardine, George of Stilton

              Hewerdine, G of Stilton

              Hewett, Arthur A of Margate

              Hewiit, Herbert H of Blyth

              Hewit, David of London

              Hewitt & Barnes of Gainsborough

              Hewitt, A of Grimsby

              Hewitt, Alfred of Gainsborough

              Hewitt, G of Grimsby

              Hewitt, George & Son of Grimsby

              Hewitt, George of Grimsby

              Hewitt, J of Burnham, Maidenhead

              Hewitt, J of Higham Ferrers

              Hewitt, John Henry of Lincoln

              Hewitt, John of Burnham

              Hewitt, John of Liverpool

              Hewitt, John of London

              Hewitt, Joseph, Thomas & James of Prescot

              Hewitt, Joshua of Liverpool

              Hewitt, L of Higham Ferrers

              Hewitt, LD of Wimbledon

              Hewitt, Lifford D of Wimbledon

              Hewitt, Michael of Chester

              Hewitt, S of London

              Hewitt, SF of Eckington, Shefield

              Hewitt, Samuel of London

              Hewitt, T of London

              Hewitt, Thomas & Son of London

              Hewitt, Thomas of London

              Hewitt, Thomas of St Helens

              Hewitt, William of Gainsborough

              Hewlett, Isaac of Bristol

              Hewson, Sidney of Wainfleet All Saints

              Hewson, William of Lincoln

              Hext, Giles of Reading

              Heyes, Christopher of Oldham

              Heyes, James of Rainhill

              Heyes, W of Wimbledon

              Heyes, William Thomas of Wimbledon

              Heyes, William of Wimbledon

              Heymann, J & Co of Whitby

              Heywood, David of Salford

              Heywood, John of Birkenhead

              Heywood, Samuel of Northwich

              Heywood, Thomas of Bangor

              Heywood, Thomas of Birkenhead

              Heywood, Thomas of Carnarvon

              Heywood, Thomas of Wrexham

              Heywood, W of London

              Hiams, G of Hastings

              Hiart, Henry James of Prescot

              Hiatt , Henry of Prescott and Liverpool

              Hibbert, Henry of Manchester

              Hibbert, Isaac of Manchester

              Hibbert, John of Sheffield

              Hibbert, Thomas of Salford

              Hibbins, John of Stamford

              Hicklin, J of South Dore

              Hickling, John of London

              Hickman, William of Stamford

              Hicks, Charles of Liverpool

              Hicks, Charles of London

              Hicks, DA of Leigh

              Hicks, George of Northampton

              Hicks, John of Stamford

              Hickton, Samuel of Manchester

              Hide, William B of London

              Hief, J R of Market Harborough

              Hief, John R of Kettering

              Higginbotham, Henry of Macclesfield

              Higginbotham, John of Macclesfield

              Higgins, George of Alcester

              Higgins, John of Shipston

              Higgins, T of Ashby-de-la-Zouch

              Higgins, Thomas Simons of Royston

              Higgins, Thomas of Gloucester

              Higgins, Thomas of Shipston on Stour,

              Higgins, William of Alcester

              Higginson, Adam of Liverpool

              Higginson, John of London

              Higgs & Evans of London

              Higgs, E of Newbury

              Higgs, G of Liverpool

              Higgs, George of Liverpool

              Higgs, Henry of Newbury

              Higgs, Robert of London

              Higgs, W of Wandsworth

              Higgs, WA of Reading

              Higgs, WW of Newbury

              Higgs, William Austin of Reading

              Higgs, William of Ruabon

              Higgs, William of Wandsworth

              High, W of Bishop Stortford

              High, William of London

              Higham, Robert of Salford

              Highfield, Alfred of Ipswich

              Highfield, Edward of London

              Highfield, William F of Liverpool

              Highfield, William of Liverpool

              Highfield, William of Wrexham and Oswestry

              Highley W Reeves of Chatham

              Highley, Henry of Sheerness on Sea

              Highley, John of Chatham

              Higho, James of London

              Hilaby, Richard of Sheffield

              Hilbrand, H of Walton-on-Thames

              Hildesheimer, Morris of Stratford

              Hildyard Brothers of Wickham Market

              Hildyard Brothers of Woodbridge

              Hildyard, Arthur of Southend

              Hildyard, Arthur of Westcliff

              Hildyard, David of Caterham Valley

              Hildyard, Davis of Colchester

              Hildyard, Duncan of Braintree

              Hildyard, John of Lowerstoft

              Hill, Arthur of Liverpool

              Hill, Benjamin of London

              Hill, Charles Frederick of Felixstowe

              Hill, Charles J of Coventry

              Hill, Charles J of Coventry

              Hill, Charles of Preston Charles Hill of Preston

              Hill, D of Colchester

              Hill, D of Kirby Moorside

              Hill, Daniel of Colchester

              Hill, Elsie, of Ipswich

              Hill, Eva, of Liverpool

              Hill, F of Hungerford

              Hill, FB of East Ham

              Hill, FF of Shackleford

              Hill, Frederick of Lambourn

              Hill, Harry C of Ipswich

              Hill, J of New Romney

              Hill, Jacob of Liverpool

              Hill, James Richard of Brigg

              Hill, James of Tunstall

              Hill, John H of Trimdon Colliery

              Hill, John K of Barton

              Hill, John Spencer of Burslem

              Hill, John William of Sheffield

              Hill, John of Alcester

              Hill, John of Burslem

              Hill, John of Chertsey

              Hill, John of Evesham

              Hill, John of Liverpool

              Hill, John of London

              Hill, Jonas of London

              Hill, Joseph of Bristol

              Hill, Joseph of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Hill, PJ of Chatham

              Hill, RW of Luton

              Hill, Richard of Liverpool

              Hill, Robert of Penrith

              Hill, Robert of Stafford

              Hill, SC of London

              Hill, Samuel of Totley, Ecclesfield and Sheffield

              Hill, T & G of Hungerford

              Hill, TH CMBHI of Basingstoke

              Hill, Thomas of Barton Upon Humber

              Hill, Thomas of Little Haywood, Staffs

              Hill, Thomas of Liverpool

              Hill, Thomas of London

              Hill, Thomas of Rochdale

              Hill, VC of Ipswich

              Hill, William Henry of London

              Hill, William of Walsingham and Wells Next Sea, Norfolk

              Hill, William of Coventry

              Hillaby, Richard of Sheffield

              Hillary, Edmund of Rosymedre, Ruabon

              Hillary, George of Guisborough

              Hillbrand, Hermann of Walton-on-Thames

              Hillier, George of London

              Hilllary, Edmund of Rhosymedre

              Hillman, Walter of London

              Hillmoth Brothers of Dudley

              Hills Brothers of Sudbury

              Hills of Sudbury

              Hills, Arthur of Weybridge

              Hills, Edward P of Sudbury

              Hills, Edward Percy of Kelvedon

              Hills, Edward of Clare

              Hills, Edward of Long Melford

              Hills, Edward of Sudbury

              Hills, Francis G of Cambridge

              Hills, John of East Grinstead, Sussex

              Hills, Newman Norwood of St Albans

              Hills, Richard of Cambridge

              Hills, Thomas of Sandwich

              Hills, W of Walthamstow

              Hills, William of Walthamstow

              Hilsbach, Henry of Manchester

              Hilton, Emanuel of Portsmouth

              Hilton, John of Liverpool

              Hinchcliffe, Lee of Filey

              Hinchliffe, Joe of Huddersfield

              Hinde, Benjamin W of London

              Hinde, Benjamin William of London

              Hinderwell, John of Norton and Stockton

              Hindley, Henry of Wigan and York

              Hindley, Joseph W of York

              Hinds, Brothers

              Hinds, George of London

              Hinds, Harry of Croydon

              Hinds, Henry of Markyate, Bedford, Luton, Ampthill, Beds & Redbourn, Herts

              Hinds, Joseph of Stamford & Colchester

              Hinds, Joseph of Stamford

              Hinds, Richard of London

              Hinds, William Henry of Aylesbury

              Hine, Claude of Chatteris

              Hine, Thomas of Watlington, Oxfordshire & Fleet Street London

              Hines, Frederick of Camberwell

              Hines, James William of Ipswich

              Hinks & Radcliffe of London

              Hintley, William Newcastle Under Lyne

              Hinton, Thos of Spalding

              Hippach, Karl of London

              Hippisley, Gordon A of Ipswich

              Hipwell, MG of Liverpool

              Hird, Henry Cook of Hull

              Hirsch & Co of Gateshead

              Hirsch, Pritchard & Co of London

              Hirschfeild, Abraham of Brighton

              Hirschfeld, A of London

              Hirst Bros & Co

              Hirst, Alex of North Shields

              Hirst, Walter of Sheffield

              Hirst, William of Heckondwike

              Hirst, William of Sheffield

              Hirt, M of Colchester

              Hirt, Titus of Kensal New Town

              Hiscocks, Zach of London

              Hislop, Alexander of Liverpool

              Hislop, Richard of London

              Hislop, Robert of London

              Hislop, William of London

              Hitchcock, James of Hermitage

              Hitchin, James of Wednesbury

              Hitchin, Samuel of Wednesbury

              Hitchinson, James of Walsall

              Hitchkins, Alfred of London

              Hitt, Peter of Liskeard

              Hitzman, Henry of Cambridge

              Hitzman, John of Cambridge

              Hitzman, Joseph of Cambridge

              Hobart, William of Bury StEdmunds

              Hobbins, E of Sollihull, Birmingham

              Hobbins, Henry of Manchester

              Hobbs, Charles of Bridgwater

              Hobbs, Elias of Bampton, Devon

              Hobbs, FG of Leamington

              Hobbs, Robert of Treeton, Rotherham

              Hobday, Edgar of Clevedon

              Hobdell, Richard of London

              Hobley, Alfred John of Salford

              Hobs, Robert Rayment of Huntingdon

              Hobson, Charles J of Rotherham

              Hobson, Harry of Rotherham

              Hobson, Thomas Charles of London

              Hoch, C of London

              Hoch, Carl of Salford

              Hoch, Felix of Manchester

              Hoch, John of London SW

              Hoch, Nicholas of London

              Hochfeld, David of London

              Hock, Cattfried of London

              Hocking, James of Chasewater, Redruth

              Hocking, John of Redruth

              Hoddell, James & Co of London & Coventry

              Hodge, Henry of Liverpool

              Hodge, John of Plymouth Dock

              Hodge, Jonathon of Helston

              Hodges, Charles H of Newtown

              Hodgeson, Thomas of Durham

              Hodgett, AT of Colwyn Bay

              Hodgett, J S of Llandudno

              Hodgetts & Weissbeck of Llandudno

              Hodgetts, AT of Colwyn Bay

              Hodgetts, Alfred T of Llandudno

              Hodgetts, J of Llandudno

              Hodgson, Charles jun of Newcastle

              Hodgson, J S of Liverpool

              Hodgson, John S of Liverpool

              Hodgson, John of Liverpool

              Hodgson, Matt of South Shields

              Hodgson, Samuel of Gosforth, Newcastle

              Hodgson, Thomas of Durham

              Hodgson, Walter of Manchester

              Hodgson, William of Lancaster

              Hodkinson, William of Liverpool

              Hodnett, Thomas of West Bromwich

              Hodon, F of Colchester

              Hodsoll, William of London

              Hodson, Charles of Dudley

              Hoeber, Louis of London

              Hoer & Haberstroh of London

              Hoer, Oskar of London

              Hoff Brothers of Hailsham

              Hoffenberg, B of Manchester

              Hoffman, Jens von of South Shields

              Hoffmayer, Alexander Joseph of Liverpool

              Hoffmayer, Joseph A of Liverpool

              Hoffmayer, Martin of Liverpool

              Hoffmeir, Martin of Chelmsford

              Hoffmeyer Brothers of London

              Hogan, J of London

              Hogan, Joseph of London

              Hogan, Thomas of Basset Thomas Hogan of Basset

              Hogg & Shaw of Manchester

              Hogg, George of London

              Hogg, John J of North Shields

              Hogg, John T of Gateshead

              Hoghton, William of Houghton Lancs

              Hoguet, Augustus of Birmingham

              Hoile, Charles & Co of Kew

              Hoile, Charles of Kew

              Holden & Co of Croydon

              Holden Joseph of Liverpool

              Holden, J of Great Marlow

              Holden, John H of Liverpool

              Holden, John Henry of Liverpool

              Holden, John of Manchester

              Holden, Joseph of Liverpool

              Holden, W of Whitstable

              Holden, William of Kettering

              Holdred, T of London

              Holdsworth, George of South Shields

              Holdsworth, Jonas of Halifax

              Holdsworth, William of Bingley

              Hole, Henry of London

              Holgate, William of Wigan

              Holl, Frederick Richard of London

              Holl, George of Buckenham

              Holland, James A of Birkenhead

              Holland, Samuel of Nottingham

              Holland, Sidney Stanley of Crayford, Dartford

              Holland, William of Birkenhead Holland

              Holland, William of Brackley

              Holland, William of Chester

              Hollander, Victor of Folkestone

              Hollands, Thomas of Brighton

              Hollandson of Liverpool

              Hollebon, Ernest of Whitstable

              Holleyhead, Armel of Sheffield

              Hollidge, Samuel of London

              Hollingshead, G of Olney

              Hollingshead, James of Olney

              Hollinrake, James of Todmorden

              Hollins, Edward or Edwin John of Coventry

              Hollins, Henry of Stoke-upon-Trent

              Hollins, Richard Halfpenny of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Hollins, Richard of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Hollison, Alexander of Liverpool

              Hollison, William of London

              Hollister, George of London

              Holliwell & Holliwell of Derby

              Holliwell, John of Warrington

              Holliwell, William of Derby

              Holloway, Neilson J & Co of London Neilson J Holloway & Co of London

              Holloway, Thomas Charles Pinnell of Eastbourne

              Hollowell, C of Northampton

              Hollyhead, Enoch of Sheffield

              Hollywood, John of Dudley

              Holman, John of Lewes

              Holman, M of Lewes

              Holmden, John George of London

              Holmden, R of Lower Norwood

              Holme & Smithard of Derby

              Holme, Daniel of Derby Daniel

              Holme, George of Rainhill

              Holme, Samuel of Liverpool

              Holmes of Wolverhampton

              Holmes, Alfred of Woodford

              Holmes, Andrew of Lane End

              Holmes, C & J of Cheadle

              Holmes, Conway of Wycombe

              Holmes, FJ of Ipswich

              Holmes, Henry of Longton

              Holmes, James of Cheadle

              Holmes, John of Wolverhampton

              Holmes, M Steel of London

              Holmes, Matthew of London

              Holmes, Peter of Liverpool

              Holmes, Richard of Liverpool

              Holmes, Richard of Sheffield

              Holmes, Thomas Hardy of Ilkley

              Holmes, W of London

              Holmes, William H of Liverpool

              Holmes, William Henry of Liverpool

              Holmes, William of Crouch End

              Holmes, of Cheadle

              Holness, Wilfred Cecil of Canterbury

              Holness, William Alfred of Herne Bay

              Holroyd, Samuel Henry of Hull

              Holt, B of Downham

              Holt, George of Moss Side, Manchester

              Holt, Louis of Hull

              Holt, Richard of Newark

              Holt, Robert of Birmingham

              Holt, Robert of Upper Norwood

              Holt, Walter of Hulme

              Holt, William of Eastbourne & Petworth

              Holtby, Alfred of Great Driffield

              Holton, C & Son of Luton

              Holyland, A H Humbra, Leicester

              Holzmann, Fernbach of Watford

              Homan, J of Colwyn Bay

              Homan, Peter of London

              Homes & Gardens of Cheltenham

              Honderwood, James of Ayr

              Hone, AJ & Co Ltd of Chelmsford

              Hone, Edward Stephen of London

              Honey, Thomas of Launceston

              Honeybone & Pearce of Old Brentford

              Honeybone, George of Fairford

              Honeybone, Richard of Luton

              Honeybone, T of London

              Honeybone, T of Old Brentford

              Honeybone, T of Old Brentford

              Honeybone, of Nottingham

              Honeychurch/ Honychurch of London

              Honney, Cecil William of Southbourne, Emsworth

              Honvells, Thomas

              Hood Robert of Blandford Forum, Dorset

              Hood, Arthur of Royston

              Hood, J of Melcombe Regis

              Hood, John & Son of Colchester

              Hood, William of Atherstone

              Hook, G of Clacton

              Hook, George of Clacton

              Hook, John of Midsomer Norton, Bath, Somerset Hook

              Hook, of Clacton

              Hooke, Thomas of Lyme Regis

              Hooker, AW of Brighton

              Hooker, William of Lewes

              Hooper, George of London

              Hooper, John of Winchester

              Hooper, S & Son of Mere

              Hooper, William London

              Hooson & Roberts of Wrexham

              Hooton, George of Scawby-cum-Sturton, Brigg

              Hopcraft, James Baker of Grays

              Hopcraft, James C of Grays

              Hope, John Lawton of Strangeways, Manchester

              Hope, William of Hexham

              Hopkin or Hopkins, Abraham of Bourne

              Hopkin, Abraham of Bourne

              Hopkins, E of Woodstock

              Hopkins, FH of Old Colwyn

              Hopkins, Frederick Charles of Dagenham

              Hopkins, R of London

              Hopkins, R of New Brentford

              Hopkins, William E of Redhill

              Hopkins, William of London and Tenterden

              Hopley, W of Dover

              Hopley, W F of Dover

              Hopley, William of Dover

              Hopley,James of Manchester

              Hopper, William of Durham

              Hopwood J C & Son of Colchester

              Hopwood, J C of Colchester J C Hopwood of Colchester

              Hopwood, Son & Payne of Colchester

              Horden, William of Rothwell, Kettering

              Hordern, John of Leamington

              Horley, Alfred of London SW

              Horlick, James of Wantage

              Horlick, SJ of Botsdale, Diss

              Hornblower, William of London

              Hornby, George of Liverpool

              Hornby, Gerard of Liverpool

              Hornby, James of Liverpool

              Hornby, John of Liverpool

              Hornby, Richard & Son of Liverpool

              Hornby, Richard of Liverpool

              Hornby, Robert H of Alford

              Hornby, Robert of Liverpool

              Horne & Thornthwaite of London

              Horne, John of Canterbury

              Horne, William & Son of Leyburn

              Horne, William of London

              Horner, Wilfred of Masborough, Rotherham

              Horrocks, F of Rochdale

              Horsefield, William of Bradford

              Horseman, William of Bromyard

              Horstmann Gear Co Ltd of Bath & Weston-super-mare

              Horstmann, Gustav of Bath & Weston-super-mare

              Horstmann, Henry of Weston-super-Mare

              Horstmann, Otto G of Bath

              Horswill, A of Gainsborough

              Horswill, Albert of Sheffield

              Horton, Arthur of London

              Horton, J of Newcastle

              Horwitz, Max & Co of London

              Hoskin, Richard Augustus of Callington

              Hoskin, Thomas John of Hull

              Hosking, John of Camborne

              Hosking, William Luce of London

              Hoskins & Bird of London

              Hoskins, George of London

              Hoskins, LA & Son of Bromley

              Hosmer of Tonbridge

              Hotton, F of Colchester

              Hough, Frederick of Coventry

              Hough, William of Salisbury

              Houghton, Charles Arthur of Newport

              Houghton, J of London

              Houghton, James of Liverpool

              Houghton, James of London

              Houghton, John of Tillingham, Maldon

              Houghton, Stephen of St Helens

              Houghton, Thomas of Liverpool

              Houghton, William S of Liverpool

              Hounsom, James of Liss, Hampshire

              Houston, James of Johnstone

              How, Edward of Holford

              How, J of Bromley

              How, James N of London

              How, P of Woolwich

              How, S S of Tunbridge

              Howard, Alfred of London

              Howard, Charles of London

              Howard, Christopher of Donington

              Howard, Edward of London

              Howard, George Edward of Bedford

              Howard, J of Liverpool

              Howard, James of Liverpool

              Howard, James of Manchester

              Howard, John Bird of London

              Howard, John of Manchester

              Howard, Thomas of Liverpool

              Howard, W of Enfield

              Howard, W of Ponders End

              Howard, William of Dunstable

              Howard, William of Liverpool

              Howard, William of Ponder's End

              Howard, William of Redbourn, St Albans

              Howarth, James of Liverpool

              Howarth, Richard of Salford

              Howe, Ernest of Sheffield

              Howe, Frank of Hull

              Howe, Frederick of Hereford

              Howe, George of Rochdale

              Howe, J of Deal

              Howe, John of Wigton

              Howe, Robert of Cheetham

              Howe, Samuel of London

              Howe, William H of Sudbury

              Howell & James of London

              Howell or Howells, William of Bristol

              Howell, Charles B of Chester

              Howell, Davies of Coedpoeth

              Howes, Benjamin of Downham Market

              Howes, Henry of Ballingdon-cum-Brundon

              Howes, JP of Wallingford

              Howes, John of Wallingford

              Howes, Martin of Chatteris

              Howes, Suckling of Downham Market

              Howlett, John of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

              Howorth, Hartley of Bacup

              Hoy, Damien John & John of Mattishall

              Hoy, Edward of Whissonsett

              Hoyle, Alfred J of Huddersfield

              Hoyle, Joseph of Stalybridge

              Hoyle, William of Rochdale

              Huband & Bevis of Evesham

              Huband, Charles James of Evesham

              Huband, James of Evesham

              Hubbard, A & W of Ipswich

              Hubbard, Arthur George & William Samuel of Ipswich

              Hubbard, Edward of London

              Hubbard, Ernest J of Dorking

              Hubbard, John of Bury StEdmunds

              Hubbard, John of London

              Hubbard, Richard of Alford

              Hubbard, Tomas of Dorking

              Hubber, Raymond of London

              Hubble, D of Maidstone

              Huber, Conrad of Bedford

              Hubert, James of London

              Huckbody, Walter of Manchester

              Hucker, C of Slough

              Hudson, George of Manchester

              Hudson, John of Otley

              Hudson, R & Son of Upper Mitcham, Surrey

              Hudson, W of Hereford

              Hudson, W of Sunderland

              Hudson, William of Hereford

              Hug, William of Dublin

              Huggett, J of Ramsgate

              Huggin, Thomas of Wolverhampton

              Hughan, Margaret of Liverpool

              Hughe Bros of Prestatyn

              Hughes & Co of Carnarvon

              Hughes & Son of Denbighshire

              Hughes & Son of Llangollen

              Hughes & Son of Wrexham

              Hughes & Sons of Wrexham

              Hughes , J of Chirk

              Hughes Bros of Bala

              Hughes Bros of Flint

              Hughes Bros of Prestatyn

              Hughes Thomas of London

              Hughes of Pwllheli

              Hughes, Ann of Carnarvon

              Hughes, C of Chirk

              Hughes, Charles of Manchester

              Hughes, David of Festiniog

              Hughes, David of London

              Hughes, Edward E of Carnarvon

              Hughes, Ezekiel of Machynlleth

              Hughes, HE of London

              Hughes, Henry & Son of London

              Hughes, Henry E of London

              Hughes, Hugh of Caernarvon Gaerwen, Llangefni, Llanrhyddlad,

              Hughes, J of Chirk

              Hughes, J of Machynlleth

              Hughes, John O of Amlwch

              Hughes, John of Carnarvon John Hughes of Carnarvon

              Hughes, John of Festiniog

              Hughes, John of Nevin

              Hughes, John of Pwllheli

              Hughes, Jonathan of Liverpool

              Hughes, Joseph of Machynlleth

              Hughes, Lewis of Liverpool

              Hughes, OH of Aberdovey

              Hughes, OH of Bala

              Hughes, OM of Prestatyn

              Hughes, Owen H of Bala

              Hughes, Richard P of Llanrwst

              Hughes, Richard Pritchard of Llanrwst

              Hughes, Robert of Llangollen

              Hughes, Robert of Ruabon

              Hughes, Samuel of Llangollen

              Hughes, T & J of Wrexham

              Hughes, Thomas Roger of Manchester

              Hughes, Thomas of Ruabon

              Hughes, WC of Bethesda

              Hughes, William Charles of Bethesda

              Hughes, William E of Bethesda

              Hughes, William of Llanberis

              Hughes, William of Rhos

              Hughes-Jones, J of Abergele

              Huguenin, A & Son of London

              Huguenin, Amie of Liverpool

              Huguenin, Sarah of Liverpool

              Huguenin, Son & Hall of London

              Hukins, G H of Tenterden

              Hukins, GW of Tenterden

              Hukius, James of Tenterden

              Hulbert, Ben of Bath

              Hulbert, Benjamin of Marshfield

              Hulbert, Henry A of Lowerstoft

              Hulbert, Henry A& Sons of Lowerstoft

              Hulbert, Percival W of Felixstowe

              Hulbert, Percival Walter of Lowerstoft

              Hulbert, WH of Lowerstoft

              Hull Brothers of Manchester

              Hull, Henry of Southend

              Hull, John Charles of Hull

              Hull, John K of London

              Hull, Percival John of Woodford

              Hull, Robert of Newmarket

              Hulm, David of Coventry

              Hulman, L of Bangor

              Hulme, Richard of Liverpool

              Hulme, Richard of London

              Hulme, Thomas of Manchester

              Hulse, Henry of Manchester

              Hulse, John of Buckhurst Hill

              Hulse, John of Pitsea

              Hulse, Robert of Bury

              Hume, J of Newcastle

              Hume, John of London

              Hume, John of Newcastle

              Hume, Samuel of Durham

              Humel, D of Brighton

              Hummel Brothers of London

              Hummel, Frederick of London

              Hummel, John & Sons of Pangbourne, Reading

              Hummel, John of Reading

              Hummel, Leonard of Reading

              Humphrey, Benjamin of Steeple Bumpstead, Haverhill

              Humphrey, David of Machynlleth

              Humphrey, T of Hurstpierpoint

              Humphrey, Walter Scott jun of Hetton-le-Hole

              Humphrey, Walter Scott of Sunderland

              Humphreys Brothers of Croydon

              Humphreys, Andrew of Runcorn

              Humphreys, John of Thrapston

              Humphreys, Joseph of Liverpool

              Humphreys, Samuel of Taporley

              Humphreys, Thomas of Barnard Castle

              Humphreys, William of Hartlepool

              Humphries & Edwards of Bedford

              Hunns, JA of Whittlesey

              Hunot, Samuel M of London

              Hunt & Roskell of London

              Hunt, C of Staplehurst

              Hunt, Frank of Richmond

              Hunt, HAJ of Rayleigh

              Hunt, Isaac of Prescot

              Hunt, J of Oxford

              Hunt, James of Upwell, Wisbeach

              Hunt, John of Barnstaple

              Hunt, Peter of Hutton Rudby, Yarm

              Hunt, Peter of Wingate

              Hunt, Thomas of London

              Hunt, William & Son of Yarmouth

              Hunt, William George of London

              Hunt, William of Manchester

              Hunter & Edwards of London

              Hunter & Son of London

              Hunter, Alexander of New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland Alexander Hunter

              Hunter, JT & Son of Clapham

              Hunter, James of Liverpool

              Hunter, John of Bridlington

              Hunter, Peter of Alloa

              Hunter, Peter of London

              Hunter, S of Clapham

              Hunter, Samuel sen of London

              Hunter, T of Blyth

              Hunter, Thomas of Liverpool

              Hunter, Thomas of Ramsgate

              Hunter, W D of Ramsgate

              Hunter, William of London

              Hunwick, Edwin H of Bungay

              Hurcombe, WE of Haslemere

              Hurdley, Henry of Rotherham

              Hurlock, Albert of Clacton

              Hurrell, Derrick R of Southampton

              Hurrell, Henry F of Ilford

              Hurrell, Henry F of Seven Kings

              Hurren, A of Yoxford

              Hurren, Simon Carew of Yoxford

              Hurricks, Frederick of Gillingham

              Hurry, Jeramiah of Whittlesey

              Hurry, John Jnr of Whittlesey

              Hurry, John of Whittlesey

              Hurst, Arthur James of Ilford

              Hurst, Arthur John of Ilford

              Hurst, James of Beaconsfield

              Hurst, Job of Midhurst

              Hurst, Moses of Middleton

              Hurst, Stephen William of Basingstoke

              Hurst, William J of London

              Hurst, William Joseph of London

              Hurst, William of London

              Husband, Charles James of Evesham

              Husband, Thomas of Hull

              Huskisson, JC of Leominster

              Hussey, Henry T of London

              Hussey, Henry of London

              Hussey, Thomas & Co of Liverpool

              Hussey, William of London

              Huster, John of Sheffield

              Hutchings, Henry John of Sandwich

              Hutchins, T of Shepton mallet

              Hutchinson, Cuthbert of MW Sunderland

              Hutchinson, G & Co of Clapham

              Hutchinson, G of Clapham

              Hutchinson, George of London

              Hutchinson, John of Appleby

              Hutchinson, John of Darlington

              Hutchinson, John of Hulme

              Hutson, Percy of Loughton

              Hutton & Imray of London

              Hutton, Charles of Burslem

              Hutton, John of London

              Hutton, SE of Llandudno Junction

              Hux, J & Sons of London

              Hux, James of London

              Hux, John of London

              Huxtable, Henry of Barnet

              Huxtable, John of London

              Huxtable, William Randle of London

              Huzzey Morgan & Sons of Luton

              Hyam , David & Co of London

              Hyam, D & M of Manchester

              Hyams, Benjamin of Wolverhampton

              Hyams, Joshua of London

              Hyams, N of Brighton

              Hyams, Samuel of Liverpool

              Hyams, Simon of Liverpool

              Hyatt, Edward of Wolverhampton

              Hyatt, Frederick of Southwick, Sunderland

              Hyatt, John of Chester

              Hyde & Son of Sleaford

              Hyde & Sons of Sleaford

              Hyde Ann of Sleaford

              Hyde John of Sleaford

              Hyde T & S of Stamford and Market Rasen

              Hyde Thomas of Sleaford

              Hyde, J and Sons of London and Paris

              Hyde, John of Sleaford

              Hydes, Wilfred H of Rotherham

              Hyland, John of London

              Hyman, Henry M of Benwell, Newcastle

              Hyman, Joseph of Bangor

              Hyman, William of Rusthall

              Hynam, Robert of London

              Ideson, William of Bradford

              Igglesden, John of Dover and Chatham

              Ihringer George of Abertillery

              Ihringer, August of Walton-on-Thames

              Iliffe, Henry of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Illingworth, William of Kirkby-Longsdale

              Illman, Charles (and Son) of Greenwich, London

              Charles Illman (and Son) of Greenwich, London

              Imbery, Charles of Manchester

              Imbery, Otto of Manchester

              Imhof, Nicholaus of London

              Immhof, N of London

              Imperial Supply Co of Leigh

              Import, J of London


              Inclined Plane Clocks

              Incolay, Kent

              Indermaur, Charles herman of Walthamstow

              Indge, Charles of Chard

              Ing, FH of Aldeburgh

              Ingersoll (UK)

              Ingham, F of Darlington

              Ingham, Henry of Todmorden

              Ingham, Samuel of Ripon

              Ingham, Thomas of Wakefield

              Ingham, William of Todmorden

              Ingleby, Richard S of Rhyl

              Inglesent, Frederick of Jarrow

              Inglis, Adam of London

              Inglis, David of London

              Inglish, Mary of Manchester

              Ingram & Co of Sheffield

              Ingram, A of London

              Ingram, Christopher of St Ives

              Ingram, David C of Bourne

              Ingram, John of Hayle

              Ingram, KR of Braintree

              Ingram, William of London

              Ingrams Jewellers Ltd of Sheffield

              Inman of Liverpool

              Inman, John A of Liverpool

              Inman, Sophia of Liverpool

              Inman, William of Liverpool

              Innes, David of London

              Innes, Robert of London

              Inskip of Shefford

              Inskip, Alfred Thomas of Shefford

              Inskip, Hampden of Shefford

              Inskip, Thomas of Shefford

              Instant Watch Co Ltd of Sheffield

              Iorus, Thomas of Alcester

              Iredale, Charles of London

              Irish, James of Steyning and Brighton

              Irish, Joseph of Havant

              Irving, Alexander of London

              Irwin, Ebenezer of Liverpool

              Isaac & Co of Liverpool

              Isaac, Augustus William & Sons of West Hartlepool

              Isaac, Henry P of London

              Isaac, Joel of Portsmouth

              Isaac, Ralph of Liverpool

              Isaacs, Alexander of Manchester

              Isaacs, Julius & Co of Sheffield

              Isaacs, Lewis of London

              Isaacs, Ralph of Liverpool

              Isaacs, Solomon of Manchester

              Isherwood, John of Bolton

              Ishmael, SJ of Walton-on-the-Naze

              Ison, Charles of Redhill

              Issacs, Juius & Co Ltd of Sheffield

              Ive, Edwin Robert of Southend

              Ive, Edwin of Southend

              Ive, R of Worthing

              Ive, R of Worthing

              Ives, HA of Chelmsford

              Ives, HA of Brentwood

              Ives, Herbert Augustus of Chelmsford

              Ives, Herbert Augustus of Maldon

              Iveson, Richard of Kirkby-Stephen

              Ivison, John of Carlisle

              Ivory, Charles of London

              J T S & Co

              Jacard J of London

              Jaccard David & Son of London

              Jaccard David of London

              Jack William & Son of Liverpool

              Jack William Robert of Chelmsford

              Jackman Alfred & Son of Bath

              Jackman C of Tunbridge Wells

              Jackson & Eusden of Cambridge

              Jackson John & Eastcott William of Tavistock

              Jackson Aaron of Durham

              Jackson Aaron of Hornsea Hull

              Jackson Abraham of Liverpool

              Jackson Albert of Coventry

              Jackson Alexander of Manchester

              Jackson Charles of Bristol

              Jackson Charles of Dunchurch

              Jackson Frank M of Liverpool

              Jackson Frank Meyer of Liverpool

              Jackson Frederick A of Liverpool

              Jackson G of Battersea

              Jackson George Henry of Boston

              Jackson George of Lancaster

              Jackson George of Leeds or Hampshire

              Jackson George of Sheffield

              Jackson Henry & Son of London

              Jackson J of Barnard Castle

              Jackson J of St John's Chapel

              Jackson JH of Tunstall

              Jackson James of Accrington

              Jackson James of Newcastle

              Jackson John A of Scunthorpe

              Jackson John Jun of London

              Jackson John of Barrow Upon Humber

              Jackson John of Beaconsfield

              Jackson John of Lancaster

              Jackson John of London

              Jackson John of Stafford

              Jackson John of Tavistock

              Jackson Joseph of Carlisle

              Jackson L of North Shields

              Jackson N of Hammersmith

              Jackson Richard P of Darlington

              Jackson Robert of Gainsborough

              Jackson S of Coggeshall

              Jackson Tom of Sheffield

              Jackson W Richard Radley of Maidstone

              Jackson WH & S of London

              Jackson WH & Samuel of London

              Jackson WH of Upper Holloway

              Jackson William Henry of Farnham

              Jackson William Robert of Liverpool

              Jackson William Wilkinson of Frodsham

              Jackson William of Frodsham

              Jackson William of Liverpool

              Jackson William of London

              Jacob C William of Colchester

              Jacob Charles William of Colchester

              Jacob Henry of Manchester

              Jacob John G of Liverpool

              Jacob John Gibborn of Liverpool

              Jacob Robert of Halstead

              Jacob Robert of Liverpool

              Jacob Samuel of Weybridge

              Jacob T of Southend

              Jacobs and Lewis of Hull

              Jacobs AM & Co of London

              Jacobs Aaron of Hull

              Jacobs Bethal of Hull

              Jacobs David of Clacton

              Jacobs Eli of Cheetham Manchester

              Jacobs Eli of Manchester

              Jacobs Ephraim of London

              Jacobs Henry of London

              Jacobs PR of Stowmarket

              Jacobson Israel of Hartlepool

              Jacques James Thomas of Leytonstone

              Jacquet E of Coulsdon

              Jaggard George Hyam of Colchester

              Jagger Richard of Manchester

              Jago & Son of Eastleigh Southampton

              Jago Cyril of Bedford

              Jago WJ of St Albans

              Jago William Jn of St Albans

              James & Son of St Denys Southampton

              James Tate of Winterton

              James Walter of Liverpool

              James Alfred of Worthing

              James Arthur of Saffron Walden

              James Daniel of Llandovery

              James E of Farnham

              James Edward of Farnham

              James Edwin Arthur of Southend

              James G of Aberdeen

              James Henry of Godalming Surrey

              James Herbert of Godalming

              James J H of Staines

              James J of Egham Chertsey

              James JH of Egham Staines

              James James of Liverpool

              James John Henry of Egham

              James John of Liverpool

              James John of Saffron Walden

              James Arthur of Saffron Walden

              James Nicholas of Plymouth

              James Samuel of Stevenage

              James WA of Maidstone

              James William of Bath

              James William of Farnham

              James William of Woburn

              James William of Woburn Sands

              Jameson Thomas of London

              Jamieson Alexander of Coxhoe

              Jamieson James of Newton Stewart

              Jamieson MS of Kilmarnock

              Jamieson Stuart B of Newcastle

              Janes M of Southend

              JanesCharles Edward of Southend

              Janson John of Scarborough

              Jaques John of London

              Jarman Arthur of Sheffield

              Jarman Henry of London

              Jarvis Ernest George of Brightlinsea

              Jarvis George Weedon of London

              Jarvis John of Whitchurch

              Jarvis Stephen of Faversham

              Jarvis Thomas of Liverpool

              Jarvis William Arthur of Horncastle

              Jarvis William of Horncastle

              Javan Henry of London

              Jaye John of Ipswich

              Jefferie James H of Throston Hartlepool

              Jefferies AE of Skegness

              Jefferies Frederick of London

              Jefferies George of Ilford

              Jefferies J of Biggleswade

              Jefferies John of Biggleswade

              Jefferies Robert of Biggleswade

              Jefferies Robert of London

              Jefferies William of Maldon William

              Jefferson E & J of Hull

              Jefferson F of West Hartlepool

              Jefferson J of Hull J

              Jefferson Matthew of London

              Jefferson Samuel Henry of London

              Jefferson Samuel of London

              Jeffery Dennis W of Colchester

              Jeffery James of Canterbury

              Jeffery Joseph of Maidenhead

              Jeffery S of Farnham

              Jeffery Samuel of Farnham

              Jeffery Walter of Farnham

              Jeffery William Abbott of Plymouth

              Jeffery William Henry of Liverpool

              Jeffery William of London

              Jeffrey DW & Sons of Colchester

              Jeffrey DW of Colchester

              Jeffrey Dennis W & Sons of Braintree

              Jeffrey Dennis W of Colchester

              Jeffrey J of Wingham

              Jeffrey J of Witney

              Jeffrey JW of Forest gate

              Jeffrey Joseph of Maidenhead

              Jeffreys and Ham of London

              Jeffreys W of Kingson

              Jeffreys William of Lancaster

              Jeffries GF of Camberwell

              Jeffries John R of Skegness

              Jeffries Joseph of Hulme Manchester

              Jeffries Mary Ann of Manchester

              Jeffries Robert of Liverpool

              Jeffries Jefferys E Ms of Maldon Essex

              Jeffryes John B of London

              Jeffs John Thomas & Son of Luton

              Jeffs John Thomas of Luton

              Jeffs William of Coventry

              Jemini of Bournmouth

              Jemmett Samuel of Midhurst

              Jenkin Philip Henry and Son of Bideford

              Jenkin Philip Henry of Bideford Devon

              Jenkins D of Buckley

              Jenkins David Owen of London

              Jenkins F E of Wallingford

              Jenkins Frank E of Wallingford

              Jenkins Frederick of London

              Jenkins James of Mold

              Jenkins Thomas of Dowlais

              Jenkins William of London

              Jenkinson Edward B of Swinton Rotherham

              Jenkinson Edward of Bawtry

              Jenkinson Edward of Nottingham

              Jenkinson Thomas of Sandwich

              Jenkinson W of Winchester

              Jenkinsons of Merthyr

              Jennens John Creed & Son of London

              Jennens Joseph of London

              Jenner & Knewstub of London

              Jennings Charles of Idle

              Jennings John of Surbiton

              Jennings William of Colchester

              Jephcott T of Llandudno

              Jephcott Thomas of Llandudno

              Jepson Walter F of Manchester

              Jerger William of London

              Jergle Jonathan of Birmingham

              Jerome & Co Ltd of Liverpool

              Jerome & Co of Liverpool

              Jesse Charles of London

              Jesson Albert of Tonbridge

              Jessop George of Manchester

              Jessop George of Salford

              Jessop Josias of London

              Jeuchner Julius of London

              Jex Johnson of Letheringsett

              Jezeph J of London

              Job Frederick of London

              Job Henry William of Harrow

              Job Henry of London

              Job J H of St Leonards-on-sea

              Job J of Hastings

              Job Joseph of Hastings

              Job Robert of London

              Jobson Henry of Grimsby

              Jobson John of Woodford

              Jobson Julia of Walthamstow

              Jobson W of Walthamstow

              Jobson William of Woodford

              Joel S & N of Newcastle

              Joel Trytle of Newcastle

              Joel Walter Charles of Richmond

              Johannsen A & Co of London

              Johannsen C of Maidenhead

              John Glazebrook of Blidworth

              John David P of Denbigh

              Johns Alfred John & Son of Guildford

              Johns Thomas of Cerne Abbas

              Johnson Frederic of Tring

              Johnson Leonard of London

              Johnson Albert Edward of Birkenhead

              Johnson Albert Wicks of Rotherham

              Johnson B of Greenwich

              Johnson Benjamin P of South Shields

              Johnson Benjamin of Batley

              Johnson C of Stratford

              Johnson Charles of London

              Johnson Charles of Peckham

              Johnson Charles of Wigan

              Johnson Edmund & Spencer of Selsey Chichester

              Johnson Edward Daniel of London

              Johnson F of Edmonton

              Johnson George Courtenay of Lincoln

              Johnson George of Grantham

              Johnson HJ & Co of Devizes

              Johnson HT of Cefn

              Johnson Henry & Son of Luton

              Johnson Herbert of Sheffield

              Johnson Herbert of Manchester

              Johnson J S of North Shields

              Johnson John B of Marske-by-the-Sea

              Johnson John B of Middlesborough

              Johnson Joseph of Liverpool

              Johnson Mary of Liverpool

              Johnson Michael of Barnard Castle

              Johnson Nathaniel of London

              Johnson Norman of Horley

              Johnson Peter of London

              Johnson R & T of Darlington

              Johnson Richard of Oldham

              Johnson Robert of Darlington

              Johnson Rowland of Liverpool

              Johnson S of Harrow

              Johnson Thomas of Manchester

              Johnson Thomas of North Shields

              Johnson Thomas of Ratcliff Cross London

              Johnson W of High Wycombe

              Johnson W of Leighton Buzzard

              Johnson Walker & Tolhurst of London

              Johnson Walker & Tolhurst of London

              Johnson William B of Manchester

              Johnson William H of London

              Johnson William H of Sheffield

              Johnson William Henry of Sheffield

              Johnson William of Caversham Reading

              Johnson William of Kingston

              Johnson William of Kingston

              Johnson William of London

              Johnson William of Newbury

              Johnson William of Pwllheli

              Johnson William of Winchcombe

              Johnson William of Wycombe

              Johnston Charles of West Ham

              Johnston D of Tottenham

              Johnston H of London

              Johnston HT of Wrexham

              Johnston J & Co of Liverpool

              Johnston William of Leighton Buzzard

              Johnston William of Newcastle

              Johnstone H of London

              Johnstone Isaac of Liverpool

              Johnstone James of Liverpool

              Johnstone R of London

              Jokob OJ of Bedford

              Jolliffe Symon of Derby

              Jolliffe W & Son of Northampton

              Jolly Elizabeth of Claycross and Ripley

              Jolly HE of Saxmundham

              Jolly Henry of Alfreton & Huddersfield

              Jolly Thomas of Loughborough

              Jonas B of Exeter

              Jones & Arnell of London

              Jones & Co of Denbigh

              Jones & Son of Colwyn Bay

              Jones & Sons of Abergele

              Jones T of Holyhead

              Jones of Newtown

              Jones of Denbigh

              Jones A of Forest gate

              Jones Alfred T of Billingshurst

              Jones Arthur Edward of London

              Jones Arthur of Manor Park

              Jones Charles & Charles Vaughan of Liverpool

              Jones Christopher of Liverpool

              Jones D & A of Pwllheli

              Jones D Charles of Barmouth

              Jones D Lloyd of Pwllheli

              Jones D of Llangefni

              Jones D of Llanrwst

              Jones Dan of Amlwch

              Jones Daniel of Amlwch

              Jones David & Ann of Pwllheli

              Jones David P of Denbigh

              Jones David of Bala

              Jones David of Bangor

              Jones David of Bethesda

              Jones David of Cowbridge

              Jones David of Llanerchymedd

              Jones David of Llangefni

              Jones David of London

              Jones David of Newtown

              Jones David of Ruthin

              Jones David of St Asaph

              Jones Divid of Bala

              Jones E Edwin of Llanidloes

              Jones E of Amlwch

              Jones E of Bethesda

              Jones E of Maidstone

              Jones ED of Wrexham

              Jones EF of Rhyl

              Jones ES of Wrexham

              Jones Edward of Holywell

              Jones Edward of Liverpool

              Jones Edward of Llanrwst

              Jones Edward of London

              Jones Elias E of Bethesda

              Jones Ellen of Wrexham

              Jones Evan of Dolgelley

              Jones Evan of Machynlleth

              Jones Evan of Mold

              Jones Evan of Southwick Sunderland

              Jones F of Margate

              Jones Francis of Mold

              Jones Frank Albert of London

              Jones Frank of Walthamstow

              Jones Frederick of Bedminster Bristol

              Jones G & Son of Carnarvon

              Jones GR of Blaenau Festiniog

              Jones GR of Pen-y-Groes

              Jones GR of Pwllheli

              Jones Garwood of Beccles

              Jones George of Holyhead

              Jones George of Liverpool

              Jones George of London

              Jones Griffith R of Blaenau Festiniog

              Jones Griffith of Carnarvon

              Jones H of Holywell

              Jones HW of Denbigh

              Jones Hart of Kings Lynn

              Jones Henry W of Hackney

              Jones Henry W of Sheffield

              Jones Henry of London

              Jones Henry of Rhyl

              Jones Herbert of Newtown

              Jones Hugh of Aberconway

              Jones Hugh of Bangor

              Jones Hugh of Carnarvon

              Jones Hugh of Conway

              Jones Hugh of Pwllhelli

              Jones Humphrey of Oswestry

              Jones J & K Ltd of Sheffield

              Jones J of Holmes Rotherham

              Jones J & Son of Connah's Quay

              Jones J of Llanerchymedd

              Jones J of London

              Jones JH of Abergele

              Jones JH of Denbigh

              Jones JH of Kingston

              Jones JW of Criccieth

              Jones James C of Liverpool

              Jones James Horatio of Kingston

              Jones James of London

              Jones Jane of Bethesda

              Jones John & Son of Mold

              Jones John & Thomas of Conway

              Jones John P of Criccieth

              Jones John Parry of Aberystwyth

              Jones John Pritchard of Nevin

              Jones John R of Ebenezer

              Jones John W of Criccieth

              Jones John William of Barnstaple

              Jones John of Abergele

              Jones John of Aberystwyth

              Jones John of Bethesda

              Jones John of Carnarvon

              Jones John of Chester

              Jones John of Colwyn Bay

              Jones John of Dolgelly

              Jones John of Flint

              Jones John of Holyhead

              Jones John of Kington

              Jones John of Liverpool

              Jones John of Llandudno

              Jones John of Llanfair

              Jones John of Llanidloes

              Jones John of London

              Jones John of Manchester

              Jones John of Mold

              Jones John of Newtown

              Jones John of Pwllheli this maker

              Jones John of Rainhill

              Jones John of Reading

              Jones John of St Clears Carmarthenshire

              Jones John of Swindon

              Jones Jonathan of Hereford

              Jones Joseph of Coleford

              Jones L of Carnarvon

              Jones M of Conway

              Jones MC of Southend

              Jones Mansell of Brighton

              Jones Owen of Bryn Eglwys

              Jones Parry of Pwllheli

              Jones Peter of Liverpool

              Jones R & Co of Rhos

              Jones R of Denbigh

              Jones RA of Southend

              Jones RA & Sons Ltd of Southend

              Jones RA & Sons Ltd of Westcliff

              Jones RA & Sons of Southend

              Jones RA of Southend

              Jones RH of Wrexham

              Jones RW of London

              Jones Richard S of Liverpool

              Jones Richard of Hereford

              Jones Richard of Llanidloes

              Jones Robert & Son of Liverpool

              Jones Robert Henry of London

              Jones Robert S of Liverpool

              Jones Robert of Aberconway

              Jones Robert of Amlwch

              Jones Robert of Liverpool

              Jones Robert of Rhosllanerchrugog

              Jones Robert of Ruthin

              Jones Robert of Tonbridge

              Jones Robwert of Rhos

              Jones Samuel J of Liverpool

              Jones Samuel of Liverpool

              Jones Samuel of Sheffield

              Jones Samuel of Towyn

              Jones Simon of London

              Jones Stanley of Liverpool

              Jones Sydney of Liverpool

              Jones T of Southend

              Jones T of Whitstable

              Jones T Hywel of Holywell

              Jones T of Southend

              Jones TC of Towyn

              Jones TH of Holywell

              Jones Thomas Alfred of London

              Jones Thomas C of Towyn

              Jones Thomas of Bangor

              Jones Thomas of Bradford

              Jones Thomas of Conway

              Jones Thomas of Hulme Manchester

              Jones Thomas of Liverpool

              Jones Thomas of Llangollen

              Jones Thomas of London

              Jones W & Son of Colwyn Bay

              Jones W & Son of Old Colwyn

              Jones W of Connah's Quay

              Jones W of Ross

              Jones WH of Denbigh

              Jones WJ of Brynsiencyn

              Jones WM of Criccieth

              Jones WT of Blaenau Festiniog

              Jones WW & Son of Carnarvon

              Jones Walter of London

              Jones William Gurner of London

              Jones William H of Sheffield

              Jones William M jun of Criccieth

              Jones William Rees of Aberystwyth

              Jones William Williams of Carnarvon

              Jones William of Abergele

              Jones William of Connah's Quay

              Jones William of Flint

              Jones William of Hereford

              Jones William of Liverpool

              Jones William of Llanfyllin

              Jones William of London

              Jones William of Prescot

              Jones William of Rainhill

              Jones William of Rhyl

              Jones William of Ross

              Jones William of Salford

              Jones William of Tal-y-Sarn

              Jones William of Walsall

              Jonson & Abraham of Bodmin

              Jopling Philip of Chester le Street

              Jordan D of Chesham

              Jordan Harington William of Bath

              Jordan Isaac of Wickford

              Jordan Thomas of Chesham

              Jordan W of Rickmansworth

              Jordan William S of Menai Bridge

              Jordan William of Port Dinorwic

              Jordon John of Manchester

              Jordon Edward of Salford

              Joseph A & Sons of Plymouth

              Joseph Brothers of Liverpool

              Joseph Barnett L of Liverpool

              Joseph David of Liverpool

              Joseph E of Gosforth Newcastle

              Joseph Jacob of Sunderland

              Joseph Joseph of Redruth

              Joseph MT of Newcastle

              Joseph Moss of London

              Joseph W of Folkestone

              Joseph Walter of Guildford

              Josepher Simon Able of Leyton

              Josephs M T of Newcastle

              Jourdain William of London

              Joy Alfred of Chichester

              Joy James of Lindley-cum-Quarmby

              Joy Robert of Elland

              Joy Thomas of Hipperholm-cum-brighouse Halifax

              Joyce's of Denbigh

              Joyce Caleb of Berkshire

              Joyce H & Son of Denbigh

              Joyce HE of Ruthin

              Joyce Henry E of Ruthin

              Joyce Henry of Denbigh

              Joyce J of Newbury

              Joyce JP of Denbigh

              Joyce James & Son of Ruthin

              Joyce James of Ruthin

              Joyce John & Robert of Ruthin

              Joyce John of Newbury

              Joyce John of Ruthin

              Joyce Mary Ann of Newbury

              Joyce Robert G of Ruthin

              Joyce Robert Griffith of Ruthin

              Joyce Robert of Ruthin

              Joyce S & C of London

              Joyce S & G of London

              Joyce Samuel of London

              Joyce Thomas P of Manchester

              Joyce Thomas Price of Manchester

              Joyce Thomas of Whitchurch

              Joyce W of Ruthin

              Joyce Walter C of Ruthin

              Judge Arthur of Watford

              Judge J of Hampstead

              Judge Joseph of Watford

              Judge Matthew of Luton

              Judge T of Hampstead

              Judge T of Highgate

              Judge T of Manor Park

              Judge Thomas of Highgate

              Judge Thomas of London

              Judge Thomas of Potton Sandy

              Judge Thomas of Waltham Cross

              Judge William Cotterells of Hemel Hempstead

              Juggins W G of Toddington Dunstable

              Juggins William Crook of Toddington Dunstable

              Juggins William Crook of Toddington Dunstable

              Juler George of North Walsham

              Juler George of Southwold

              Juler Matthew of Bristol

              Juler William of Burnham Market

              Jump J & A of London

              Jump J & H of London

              Kaiser, Andrew of Richmond

              Kaiser, Arthur of East Molesey

              Kaiser, Elias of Cardiff

              Kaiser, John of London

              Kaiser, Joseph of London

              Kaiser, Kleyser & Co of London

              Kaiser, Martin of London

              Kaiser, William of London

              Kallansce, Charles of Devonport

              Kaltenbach, Adrian of Cardiff

              Kaltenbach, E of Cardiff

              Kaltenbach, Frederick of Vancouver

              Kaltenbach, Henry of Llanelli

              Kaltenbach, P of London

              Kaltenbach, Peter of London

              Kaltenback & Fuller of London

              Kammerer, Ignatius of Hull

              Kammerer, Joseph of London

              Kane, Thomas of Liverpool

              Kassel, A of Stratford

              Kates, James of Newmarket

              Katterns, Daniel of Thrapston

              Kauffman, A of London SW

              Kauffman, Abraham of London

              Kauffman, Carl of London

              Kauffman, H of Manchester

              Kauffmann, Carl of London

              Kaufman, Isaac of Hartlepool

              Kaufman of Hartlepool, Northumberland

              Kavanagh, Richard of Dublin

              Kay, John of Manchester

              Kay, Samuel of Manchester

              Kays of Worcester

              Keat, Henry of London

              Keat, Sophia, Mrs of London

              Keat, William of London

              Keates, George of Burton-upon-Trent

              Keates, George of Cheadle

              Keating, A of London

              Keeble, Josiah of Newport

              Keel, Frank of Tring

              Keeling, George A of London

              Keeling, George of London

              Keeling, J of Lincoln

              Keell, Bernard of Hull

              Keen, AC of Hammersmith

              Keene, James of Coventry

              Keens, Henry Lewis of Bradford

              Keepfer, W of Denbigh

              Keepfer, WL of Denbigh

              Keepfer, Wilhelm of Denbigh

              Keepfer, William of Denbigh

              Kefford, Thomas of Royston

              Keifer, Fidelous of Manchester

              Keir, Peter of Dalkeith,

              Keiser, John & Co of Wolverhampton

              Keith, Robert of Perth

              Keizer, Lawrence of Liverpool

              Kellaway, A & Son of Taunton

              Kellie, John of

              Kellock, Alex of Liverpool

              Kells, Richard of Preston

              Kelly, J of Richmond

              Kelly, James and Andrew of Glasgow

              Kelly, John E of Liverpool

              Kelly, John of Bristol

              Kelly, John of Liverpool

              Kelly, Philip of London

              Kelly, Robert G of Llangollen

              Kelly, Thomas of London

              Kelsey, Thomas of Barnet

              Kelt, Alexander of Dundee

              Kelt, William of Dundee

              Kelvey, Ebenezer of Nottingham

              Kember, J & W of Uxbridge

              Kember, J of Hendon

              Kember, James of Hendon

              Kember, William Henry of Kingston

              Kemp Edwin of Claygate, Esher

              Kemp, A of Tunbridge Wells

              Kemp, Benjamin of Chester

              Kemp, C of Hackney

              Kemp, Charles of Barnet

              Kemp, Charles of Hackney

              Kemp, Charles of London

              Kemp, Edwin of Claygate, Esher

              Kemp, George Edmund of London

              Kemp, George of London

              Kemp, H of Hurst Green

              Kemp, Henry & Son of Wokingham

              Kemp, Henry of Seaford

              Kemp, Herbert of Peterborough

              Kemp, Jabez of Wolverhampton

              Kemp, Sarah, Mrs of Rayleigh

              Kemp, Victor of Tunbridge Wells

              Kemp, William of Newhaven

              Kempfield, Richard of Winchester

              Kempthorne & Phillips of Richmond

              Kempton, Henry of Ely

              Kemshead & Son of Manchester

              Kemshead, Robert & Son of Manchester

              Kemshead, Widow of Manchester

              Kendal & Dent, of London

              Kendall & Son of Liverpool

              Kendall, WW of Wardour Tisbury

              Kendall, William of Shipley

              Kendall, William of Windhill

              Kennedy, Alexander of Hanley and Shelton

              Kennedy, J of Barnard Castle

              Kennedy, Mark of Macclesfield

              Kennedy, Sandy of Hanley and Shelton

              Kennedy, Thomas of Kilmarnock

              Kennedy, W of Gateshead

              Kennell, John of London

              Kennett, Charles of Ashford

              Kennett, WR of Peckham

              Kennett, William of Warwick

              Kent, Christopher David of London

              Kent, H of Saffron Walden

              Kent, John R of Liverpool

              Kent, John of London

              Kent, John of Manchester

              Kent, John of Saffron Walden

              Kent, John of Saffron Walden

              Kent, Joseph of London

              Kent, Richard of Appleton

              Kent, T of Newcastle

              Kent, Thoms of Newcastle

              Kent, William Worsley of Manchester

              Kent, William of Linton and Saffron Walden

              Kent, William of Plymouth

              Kenward, Claud of Horsham

              Kenyon, George R of Liverpool

              Kenyon, Isaac Walter of Liverpool

              Kenyon, Laurence of Manchester

              Kenyon, Lawrence of Stockport

              Kenyon, Walter of Liverpool

              Kerby, Isaac Blanch of Coleford

              Kercel, J of Rotherham

              Kerfoot, C of Sheffield

              Kerley, Charles of Sheffield

              Kerley, SF of Manor Park

              Kern, Joseph of Swansea

              Kernett, Wilfred of Reading

              Kernor, I of Poole

              Kernor, Ignax Peter of Poole

              Kernutt, Wilfred of Reading

              Kerr, Joseph of Bolton

              Kerridge, B of Wimbourne

              Kerridge, BJ of Wimborne

              Kerrison, Robert John of Brandon

              Kerry, Joseph of Liverpool

              Kershaw, Frederick William Jnr of Sheffield

              Kershaw, Frederick of Sheffield

              Kershaw, John of Oldham

              Ketley, Edward of Bath

              Ketterer, Bartholomew of London

              Ketterer, Brothers of Ware

              Ketterer, Constantine of Ware

              Ketterer, J & Co of Ware

              Ketterer, John B of St Albans

              Ketterer, Joseph of Carshalton

              Ketterer, Joseph of Ware

              Ketterer, Matthew of Frome

              Ketterer, Matthew of London

              Ketterer, Peter & Co of Greenock

              Kettering Joseph, of Carshalton

              Kettle, E of Stamford

              Kettle, James of Clacton

              Kew, Flora of Norwich

              Key & Co of South Shields

              Key, John of Lincoln

              Keyes, HW of London

              Keys, B of Plaistow

              Keys, Benjamin of Forest gate

              Keys, Benjamin of Romford

              Keys, Charles of Chelmsford

              Keys, Charles of Forest gate

              Keys, Charles of Ilford

              Keys, Joseph of Exeter

              Keys, Joseph of London

              Keysor, Ben & Co of London

              Keyte, George of Wolston

              Keyworth, Frederick of Lincoln

              Kibble, R of Greenwich

              Kibble, William of London

              Kidd family of Malton

              Kidd, Arthur J of Birkenhead

              Kidd, George of Ipswich

              Kidd, John of Birkenhead

              Kidd, Thomas L of Whitby

              Kidd, Thomas of Leadgate

              Kiddle, G of Chelmsford

              Kiddle, George of Chelmsford

              Kiddy, F of Wethersfield, Braintree

              Kiddy, Frederick of Wethersfield

              Kienzle, A of Peckham

              Kilham, John Henry of Hulme, Manchester

              Killen, Henry of Manchester

              Killick, Edmund of Eastbourne

              Killick, Harry of Eastbourne

              Killingworth, John of Olney

              Killingworth, W of Olney

              Killingworth, William of Olney

              Kilner, Charles Henry of Manchester

              Kilner, George of Croydon

              Kilpin, Edmund Burke of Llandudno

              Kilpin, Edmund of Beaumaris

              Kilpin, Joseph George of London

              Kimber, William George of Farnborough

              Kimich, J of Dunstable

              Kind, John of Liverpool

              King & Double of Ipswich

              King & Gibbs of London

              King Peter of London

              King of Isle of Wight

              King, A of Norbiton, Kingston

              King, AE of Framlingham

              King, Alfred of Chippenham

              King, Alfred of London

              King, Andrew of Hull

              King, B of Tottenham

              King, Benjamin of Tottenham

              King, Carl of Liverpool

              King, Charles WV of Liverpool

              King, Charles of Liverpool

              King, Christian of Yarmouth

              King, Edgar W of Reading

              King, Edgar William of Reading

              King, Edgar William of Worthing

              King, Edward of Shoebury

              King, Edward of Warwick

              King, Edward of Witham

              King, F of Windsor

              King, FG & Co Folkestone Ltd of Dover

              King, FG & Co FolkestoneLtd of Folkestone

              King, Frederick of Windsor

              King, George Henry of London

              King, George Sergeant of London

              King, George of Skelton-in-Cleveland

              King, H & Sons of North Weald, Epping

              King, H of Magdalen Laver, Ongar

              King, H of Ongar

              King, Henry H of Chelmsford

              King, Herbert F of Grays

              King, Herbert Frank of Grays

              King, J of Enfield

              King, J of London

              King, JJ of London

              King, James of Devizes

              King, James of London

              King, John of Enfield

              King, John of Stratford upon Avon

              King, Joseph of Leamington

              King, Joseph of Pinner

              King, Joseph of Skipton

              King, Joseph of Winslow

              King, Michael of Whitehaven

              King, Robert William of Redcar

              King, T & B of London

              King, Thomas of London

              King, William & Harry of Ipswich

              King, William Finch of Chelmsford

              King, William J of Chelmsford

              King, William Jnr of Louth

              King, William Joseph of Dunmow

              King, William Joseph of High Ongar, Brentwood

              King, William Joseph of Ingatestone

              King, William T of Oundle

              King, William of London

              King, William of Louth

              King, William of Ongar

              Kingdon, Henry H of Ipswich

              Kingerley, John of Manchester

              Kingsbury,William Bedford of Stoke-by-Nayland

              Kingston, J T of Ramsgate

              Kingston, Thomas of Manchester

              Kingstone, Alfred V of Colchester

              Kingstone, Alfred of Colchester

              Kingstone, Richard of Sandy

              Kinnear, John M of Cambridge

              Kinnear, M of Newcastle

              Kinsey, David P of Newtown

              Kipling, John of Stafford

              Kipling, John of Stafford

              Kirby & Son of Reading

              Kirby, AH of Peterborough

              Kirby, Arthur of Plaistow

              Kirby, Arthut H of Spalding

              Kirby, G of Canterbury

              Kirby, George Edward of Bromley, Kent

              Kirby, H of Ramsey

              Kirby, I Mrs of Great Driffield

              Kirby, J of Biggleswade

              Kirby, J of St Neot's

              Kirby, Joseph of Great Driffield

              Kirby, R B of Royston

              Kirby, William of Malton

              Kirby, William of Reading

              Kirk & Co Ltd of Liverpool

              Kirk & Co Ltd of Hull

              Kirk, Nathaniel of Kibworth, Leicestershire

              Kirk, W of Northampton

              Kirk, William of Stow Market

              Kirkby, William of Blaenau Festiniog

              Kirkland, James of Glasgow

              Kirkman, Edward R of Bognor

              Kirkman, Edward of Liverpool

              Kirkness, T & Sons of Scarborough

              Kirkpatrick, William of Faringdon

              Kirkpatrick, William of Lincoln

              Kirkup, George Harvey of Cambridge

              Kirmer, Anselm of London

              Kirner Brothers of London

              Kirner Brothers of Sheffield

              Kirner, A of Canning Town

              Kirner, AL of Oxford

              Kirner, Charles William of Sheffield

              Kirner, Frank Davis of Sheffield

              Kirner, Frank of Sheffield

              Kirner, Joseph of London

              Kirner, Lazarus of Sheffield

              Kirton, George of South Shields and Sunderland

              Kirton, George of Stockton

              Kirton, W of Newcastle

              Kirton, William of Newcastle

              Kistler, A of Romford

              Kistler, Andreas of Romford

              Kistler, Andrew of Romford

              Kistler, Matthew of Penzance

              Kitchen, B of London

              Kitchen, Stephen Francis of Hull

              Kiteley, David of Leighton Buzzard

              Klaftenberger, Charles I of London

              Klann, K of Sheffield

              Klavir, Isaac of Canning Town

              Klean, Michael & Co of London

              Klein, Henry of Richmond

              Kleiser & Son of Holyhead

              Kleiser & Troll of London

              Kleiser Brothers of Reading

              Kleiser, A & Co of Reading

              Kleiser, Andrew of Holyhead

              Kleiser, Anton of Reading

              Kleiser, Bernard of Harlow

              Kleiser, Constantine of Hereford

              Kleiser, Felix of Hereford

              Kleiser, J & A of Holyhead

              Kleiser, M of Guildford

              Kleiser, Matthias & Sons of Guildford

              Kleiser, Matthias of Guildford

              Kleiser, Percy of Guildford

              Kleiser, Richard of Holyhead

              Kleyser, James of London

              Kleyser, Joachim

              Knapp, Louis of London SW

              Knee, William Charles of Melksham

              Knighe Ltd of Southampton

              Knight & Bucknell of London

              Knight & Son of Northampton

              Knight & Son of Rushden

              Knight, Charles of Great Dunmow

              Knight, Alfred Charles of Thaxted

              Knight, Alfred Charles of Thaxted

              Knight, Alfred Henry, of Wimbledon

              Knight, C of Dunmow

              Knight, Charles of Liverpool

              Knight, Charles of New Malden

              Knight, Frederick of Devizes

              Knight, George of Holywell

              Knight, Henry of Dunmow

              Knight, Hugh of Stone and Stafford

              Knight, J of Northampton

              Knight, John of Coggeshall

              Knight, John of Fareham

              Knight, Joseph Harrison of Reading

              Knight, L of Felixstowe

              Knight, LS& Coe of Manchester

              Knight, Lewis S of Manchester

              Knight, Maurice of Crawley

              Knight, Thomas of Bristol

              Knight, Thomas of Chorlton on Medlock

              Knight, Thomas of Manchester

              Knight, Thomas of Thaxted

              Knight, W of Halstead

              Knight, Walter of Warminster

              Knight, William of Halstead

              Knight, William of Stafford

              Knights, George of Beccles

              Knights, SG & Co Ltd of Eastleigh, Southampton

              Knights, Sydney G of Eastleigh, Southampton

              Knock, Arthur John CMBHI of Ipswich

              Knock, Z of Worthing

              Knops, George CMBHI of Bournmouth

              Knowles, B of Wrexham

              Knowles, Edmund of Hulme, Manchester

              Knowles, George of Manchester

              Knowles, James of London

              Knowles, John of Liverpool

              Knowles, Robert of Liverpool

              Knowles, T of Hammersmith

              Knox, James of Paisley

              Knox, Robert of Paisley

              Knupfer, Herman of Salford

              Knurland, Max of Walton-on-Thames

              Konig, Joseph of London

              Konopka, EG of Chelmsford

              Kopel, Nathan of Newcastle

              Krafft, HK of Chelmsford

              Kredtz, E of East Ham

              Kreutz, & Sons of Ilford

              Kreutz, Andrew of East Ham

              Kreutz, Andrew of Ilford

              Kreutz, Andrew of Manor Park

              Kreutz, George of West Hartlepool

              Krohn & Co of London

              Krohn, H of London

              Krutz, Jacob, MG & Co of London

              Krzeczkowski, Stanilas of London

              Krzeczkowski, Stanislaus of Peckham

              Kuhn, Carl of Liverpool

              Kuhn, Henry E of Balham

              Kullberg, Victor of London

              Kunstle, CW of Mold

              Kurner Alloys of Ingatestone

              Kuss & Co of Newcastle

              Kuss, A & Co of Newcastle

              Kuss, Barnett of BW Sunderland

              Kuss, Benjamin of Newcastle

              Kuss, G & Co of Newcastle

              Kuss, G & Sons of Newcastle

              Kuss, Xaver of London

              Kwinter, H of Southend

              Kyezor, Louis jun of London

              Kyezor, Louis of London

              Kyezor, Louis sen of London

              Kyffin, William Henry of Sheffield

              Kyll, William of Ipswich

              L'Ange, Louis of London

              L'Hopital, Jof London

              L'ange, Auguste of London

              La Dell, Harry Robert of London

              Lacey, A of Bournmouth

              Lacey, George of Portsmouth Common

              Lacey, George of Portsmouth

              Lacey, John of Rainhill

              Lacey, Thomas of Manchester

              Ladd, John of London

              Ladds, William of London

              Ladley, Henry of Newcastle

              Ladyman, John of Liverpool

              Lages, Ernest of London

              Laidlaw, Thomas of Hetton-le-Hole

              Laing & Barton of Manchester

              Laing & Stowell of Manchester

              Laing of Glasgow

              Lait, Aof Dagenham

              Lake, Edmund E of Manchester

              Lake, Harry Johnson, of South Norwood

              Lake, Henry Johnson, of South Norwood

              Lake, Henry of Exeter

              Lake, James Arnold of London

              Lake, WBentall of Romford

              Lake, William Bentall of Romford

              Lakin, William of Tamworth

              Lalik, Victor of Rotherham

              Lamb & Son of Glasgow

              Lamb, Benjamin of London

              Lamb, Charles R of Kingston

              Lamb, George of Salford

              Lamb, HT of Woolwich

              Lamb, Harold James of Colchester

              Lamb, Henry T of London

              Lamb, Henry Thomas of London

              Lamb, Henry and James of Windsor

              Lamb, Henry of West Hartlepool

              Lamb, Henry of Windsor

              Lamb, J & Hof Windsor

              Lamb, J of Bicester

              Lamb, John of Horncastle and

              Lamb, John of Leighton Buzzard

              Lamb, John of Middlesborough

              Lamb, John of Sunderland

              Lamb, Richard of West Ham

              Lamb, William D of Durham

              Lamb, William of Glasgow

              Lambe, Hof Hammersmith

              Lambert, C of Brighton

              Lambert, E, of Hereford

              Lambert, Eliza of Hereford

              Lambert, Henry of London

              Lambert, John of London

              Lambert, S of London

              Lambert, S of Stoke Newington

              Lambert, William of Hereford

              Lambert, William of London

              Lambeth, John of Rotherham

              Lambeth, William Henry of Rotherham

              Lambie, Hugh of Liverpool

              Laming, Henry of Spalding

              Lammers, Charles of London

              Lamprey, John of Banbury

              Lamude, Reuben and John of

              Lancashire Watch

              Lancaster, Fraser of Liverpool

              Lancaster, George Ernest of Sheffield

              Lancaster, H of Liverpool

              Lancaster, James of Liverpool

              Lancaster, Thomas of Devonport

              Lancaster, Thomas of Prescot

              Lancaster, William of Plymouth

              Lancey, William of Bromyard

              Land, Thomas of Tottenham

              Land, William R of Bradford

              Landquist, Jack of Chelmsford

              Landsbert, Henry of London

              Lane, Charles Benson of London

              Lane, Charles of Helston

              Lane, F of Cefn

              Lane, FJ of Winchester

              Lane, Frederick of Liverpool

              Lane, Frederick of Old Colwyn

              Lane, James of Liverpool

              Lane, John of Crediton

              Lane, MMof Dublin

              Lang, Sullivan of Winchester

              Lange, Christian of London

              Langelaan, James of Goldaming

              Langemann, A of Belfast

              Langenbach, Michael of London

              Langford, Albert L of Colchester

              Langford, Joseph of London

              Langford, Thomas of London

              Langford, William of Bristol

              Langley, Charles of Dover

              Langley, Edward of Liverpool

              Langley, John of Burton-upon-Trent

              Langman, Alfred of Bilston

              Langman, Joh and Son of Wolverhampton

              Langmead, George of Dartmouth

              Langston, Charles Frederick of London

              Langton, Edward William of London

              Lanman, Horace Harold of Framlingham

              Lapham, HO of Winchester

              Larard , James of London

              Larby, Thomas of Haslemere

              Larcombe, James of London

              Larner, A of Camberwell

              Larner, Alfred Thomas of London

              Laroch, John of London

              Laroche, Edwin Hof Tooting Graveney

              Lashmar Richard Marchant of Brighton

              Lashmore, Alfred of Oswestry

              Lasseter, Charles of Steyning

              Lasseter, John of Arundel

              Lasseter, W of Arundel

              Lasseter, W of Steyning

              Last, Frank of Ipswich

              Last, James of Stalham

              Last, Walter of Sudbury

              Last, William Nelson of Bury St Edmunds

              Last, William of Acle

              Last, William of Bury St Edmunds

              Latch, Robert & Son of Ferrar & Limerick

              Latham, George of Sheffield

              Latham, J of Kilburn

              Latham, John of Macclesfield

              Latham, Thomas of Liverpool

              Latham, William of Macclesfield

              Lathom, George of Sheffield

              Latif, A of Leytonstone

              Latimer, John of Liverpool

              Latten, Robert James of Kings Lynn

              Latter, Albert E of Ramsgate

              Latter, Thomas of Hastings

              Laty, E of Beaminster

              Laughton, G W of Conisborough, Rotherham

              Laule, Martin of London

              Laurence, Daniel of

              Laurence, Edward of Louth

              Lavard, Frederick of Hull

              Laven, John of Sheffield

              Lavine, Isaac of Hull

              Law Brothers of London SW

              Law Brothers of London

              Law, Alexander of Errol

              Law, Anthony C of London

              Law, John Dudley of Salford

              Law, John of Paisley and Beith

              Law, Thomas & Son of London

              Lawler, R of Hertford

              Lawler, Ralph of Hertford

              Lawley, B of London

              Lawley, Bernhard of London

              Lawley, Joseph of Wellington

              Lawley, Theodore of London

              Lawn, Edward of Brentwood

              Lawn, Edward of Chelmsford

              Lawrance, George of London

              Lawrence, Edmund of London

              Lawrence, George of Keith

              Lawrence, James of London

              Lawrence, John of Lancaster

              Lawrence, Josiah of Chelmsford

              Lawrence, Richard of Goldaming

              Lawrence, S of London

              Lawrence, William of Cuddesdon

              Lawrinson, John of Rainhill

              Laws, Ernest & Stanley of Tunbridge Wells

              Laws, Michael G of London

              Lawson & Co of Glasgow

              Lawson, John Edward of London

              Lawson, John of Bradford

              Lawson, John of London

              Lawson, Peter of London

              Lawson, Rankin & Co Glasgow

              Lawson, Samuel of Keighley, Yorkshire

              Lawson, Stephen of Keighley, Yorkshire

              Lawson, Thomas and Son of Brighton

              Lawson, WL of Liverpool

              Lawson, William J of Gateshead, Northumberland

              Lawson, William of Millwood and Todmorden

              Lawson, William of Southampton

              Lawson, William of Todmorden

              Lawton & Co of Liverpool

              Lawton, John of Sheffield

              Lay, Edwin John of Swindon

              Lay, Thomas Stephens of Hayle

              Laycock, Joseph of Sheffield

              Laycock, K of Sheffield

              Laycock, Thomas of Bradford

              Layzell, John of London

              Lazarus & Coleman of Walthamstow

              Lazarus, David of Aylsham

              Lazarus, Elizabeth & Son of London

              Lazarus, Hof London

              Lazarus, Henry of London

              Lazarus, I of London

              Lazarus, Isaac of Exeter

              Lazarus, Isaac of London

              Lazarus, J of East Ham

              Lazarus, L of Manchester

              Lazarus, Mark of Manchester

              Lazarus, Morris of Walthamstow

              Lazarus, Samuel of London

              Le Cheminant, John of London

              Le Claire Augustus of London

              Le Comte, John of London

              Le Plastrier, Isaac of London

              Le Plastrier, William L of London

              Le Roy & Son of London

              Lea, James of Liverpool

              Lea, James of Prescot

              Lea, William of Smethwick

              Leach & Furse of Rayleigh

              Leach, Benjamin of Andover

              Leach, C of Stratford

              Leach, Charles of London

              Leach, Charles of Rayleigh

              Leach, Charles of Walthamstow

              Leach, George of Redhill

              Leach, Henry of Chorley

              Leach, John of Preston

              Leach, Mary Ann of Brighton

              Leach, Richard & Son of London

              Leach, Richard of London

              Leach, T of Tottenham

              Leach, Thomas jun of London

              Leach, Thomas of London

              Leach, William of Dagenham

              Leadbeater, Henry of Congleton

              Leadbeater, James of Rotherham

              Leadbeater, John of Hulme, Manchester

              Leadbeater, Peter Jun of Congleton

              Leadbeater, Peter of Congleton

              Leadbeater, Thomas of Sandbach

              Leadbeater, Thomas of Wrexham

              Leadbetter, Alice, of Manchester

              Leadbetter, Charles of Wigan

              Leadbetter, Henry of Salford

              Leadbetter, John of Kidsgrove

              Leadbetter, Thomas of Wrexham

              Leadbetter, William of Wigan

              Leader, E of Cambridge

              Leader, Elijah & William John of Cambridge

              Leader, JE of Cambridge

              Leaf, Henry R of Sheffield

              Leah Francis James of Hungerford

              Leah, Henry of Duckinfield

              Leah, Samuel Henry of London

              Leapman, Lewis of London

              Lear, Henry of Guildford

              Lear, James of Exeter

              Lear, Samuel of Torquay

              Leaver, Charles of Sheffield

              Lecky, Gabrier of London

              Lecluse, Felix of London

              Lecomber, John of Liverpool Lancashire

              Lecomte, E of Liverpool

              Lecount, Peter of London

              Leddra, John of Devonport

              Leders, John of Liverpool

              Ledger, Cyril of Sheffield

              Ledger, Eldred of Cobham

              Ledger, Sydney of Croydon

              Lee, Absolam of West Rudham

              Lee, Alfred of Sheffield

              Lee, CG& Son of Westbourne

              Lee, Charles Reginald of Sheffield

              Lee, Charles of Liverpool

              Lee, FW of Grantham

              Lee, George & Son of Chesterfield

              Lee, George of Sheffield

              Lee, George of Upper Holloway

              Lee, Henry of Bolton

              Lee, Henry of Burslem

              Lee, Henry of Hull

              Lee, Henry of Liverpool

              Lee, Henry of London

              Lee, Isaac J of London

              Lee, Isaac of Liverpool

              Lee, JS of Brighton

              Lee, James Griffith of London

              Lee, John of Liverpool

              Lee, Jubal of Hallifax

              Lee, Mark of Manchester

              Lee, Michael of Manchester

              Lee, Nathaniel of Liverpool

              Lee, Nicholas of Liverpool

              Lee, Nicholson of Liverpool

              Lee, Peter of Skipton

              Lee, Robert P & Sons Ltd of Berwick

              Lee, Robert P & Sons Ltd of Berwick

              Lee, Robert Patterson of Berwick

              Lee, S of Birchington

              Lee, Thomas Rowe of Northampton

              Lee, Thomas of Leicester

              Lee, WH of Liverpool

              Lee, William of Oakhampton

              Leech, RF of Littlehampton

              Leech, William of London

              Leeds, P of Sittingbourne

              Lees, Charles of Nottingham

              Lees, Edward of Broomfield

              Lees, James of Middleton

              Lees, John of Bury

              Lees, John of Middleton

              Lees, John of Wolverhampton

              Lees, Jonathan of Bury

              Lees, Mark of Walsall

              Lees, Samuel of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Lees, T of London

              Lees, Thomas of Bury

              Lees, Thomas of Manchester

              Lees, Thomas of Middleton

              Lees, William T of Haslingden

              Lees, William of Accrington

              Lees, William of Haslingden

              Leeson, Albert Henry of Coleshill

              Leeson, George of Coleshill

              Leeson, Henry of Coleshill

              Leeson, William

              Leete, Thomas of London

              Lefever, George of Wisbech

              Leffe, Benjamin & Sons of Malton

              Leffer, Martin of Tipton

              Leffler and Co of Tipton

              Lefler, John Martin of Tipton

              Lege, Annibal of London

              Legg, AL of Eastleigh, Southampton

              Legg, Henry of Brighton

              Leggat, William of Liverpool

              Leggatt, William of Liverpool

              Legran of London

              Lehmann, F of Aylesbury

              Lehmann, Joseph of Bedford

              Lehmann, Severin of Mold

              Leigh & Davies of Chester

              Leigh & Philips of London

              Leigh, James of Liverpool

              Leigh, Joshua of Liverpool

              Leileschutz, Adolph of Liverpool

              Leland, Thomas of Prescot

              Lelli, Samuel of Medina, Isle of Wight

              Lellylott, John of Havant

              Lemm, J of Esher

              Lemmon, Charles of Brentwood

              Lemmon, Charles of Croydon, Sussex

              Lemmon, Henry of London

              Lemon, Henry R of Liverpool

              Lemon, Henry of Willingdon, Eastbourne

              Lemon, J of Rhyl

              Lenggenhager, John G of London

              Lennie, Thomas of Liverpool

              Lennon, Edward of London

              Lenton, Ebonezor of Clapham

              Lenton, Edward of Liverpool

              Leon, George Isaac of London

              Leonard, Thomas of London

              Lepine, Edwin of London

              Lepine, Henry of Canterbury

              Leplastrier & Son of London

              Leplastrier, Isaac of London

              Leplastrier, L of London

              Leplastrier, Robert of Dover

              Lepp, James of Liverpool

              Lepp, John of Manchester

              Leriche, Charles L of London

              Leroy & Son of London

              Leslan, Ellis of Gravesend

              Lesleys of Westcliff

              Leslie, Robert of London

              Lester, Charles of Croydon

              Lester, James of London

              Lester, Percy W of Dunstable

              Lester, Walter of Dunstable

              Letchford, John G of Bromley

              Levasseur, Firmin of London

              Lever, G of London

              Leversha, J of Stogursey, Bridgwater

              Levett, Sylvester of Leigh

              Levey, E of Dover

              Levey, Emanuel of Dover

              Levi, Abraham of Liverpool

              Levi, Abraham of Wednesbury

              Levi, Alfred of London

              Levi, Barnet of Liverpool

              Levi, Barnit of Liverpool

              Levi, Bernard of Liverpool

              Levi, Coleman of Ross

              Levi, Henry of London

              Levi, IM of Oxford

              Levi, Isaac of Ross

              Levi, John of London

              Levi, Jonas & Son of London

              Levi, Joseph of Smethwick

              Levi, Lewis of Liverpool

              Levi, Markes of Plymouth

              Levi, Moses of Ipswich

              Levi, Robert of London

              Levien, Lewis Woolf of Liverpool

              Levin, Lewis of Liverpool

              Levin, Myer of London

              Levitt, Isaac & Morris Tobias of London

              Levitt, Isaac of London

              Levitt, MT of London

              Levitt, Stephen of Chelmsford

              Levy & Moss of London

              Levy, A & Son of Slough

              Levy, A of Eton, Windsor

              Levy, A of Newcastle

              Levy, Abraham M of Kingston

              Levy, Abraham of London

              Levy, Abraham of Romford

              Levy, Alexander of Eton

              Levy, Barnard of Liverpool

              Levy, Benjamin of London

              Levy, Charles of Truro

              Levy, Henry & Co of Manchester

              Levy, Jacob of Truro

              Levy, Jonas & Son of London

              Levy, Jonas of London

              Levy, Joseph & Son of London

              Levy, Joseph Solomon & Co of London

              Levy, Joseph of Gainsborough

              Levy, L of Bedford

              Levy, Lewis of Bedford

              Levy, Lewis of London

              Levy, Morris of Manchester

              Levy, R & Co of London

              Levy, S of South Shields

              Lewars, John of Kilmarnock

              Lewehwaite, Edwin of Hallifax

              Lewis & Co of Kingston

              Lewis & Son of Broadstairs

              Lewis & Son of London

              Lewis & Sons of Brighton

              Lewis & Taylor of Margate

              Lewis, Anthony of Coed Poeth

              Lewis, David of Dolgelley

              Lewis, George Samuel of Newcastle

              Lewis, George of Kingston

              Lewis, George of Manchester

              Lewis, H of Melcombe Regis

              Lewis, Henry of Frome

              Lewis, J of Ewell, Egham

              Lewis, J Sof Newcastle

              Lewis, J of Sunderland

              Lewis, John Philip of Bilston

              Lewis, John of Bilston

              Lewis, John of Brixton

              Lewis, John of Epsom

              Lewis, John of Ewell,Epsom

              Lewis, John of Llanidloes

              Lewis, John of London

              Lewis, Joseph Shaw of Liverpool

              Lewis, Thomas of Chester

              Lewis, W of Warren

              Lewis, William Blyth of South Beddington, Wallington

              Lewis, William of London

              Lewiston, Arthur of Lancing

              Lewitt, Alfred of Gainsborough

              Lewns, CF of Rye

              Lewns, Charles of Rye

              Lewton, George of Kingswood Hill, Bristol

              Leyden, Thomas of London

              Leyland, Thomas of Prescot

              Lezard & Son of London

              Libbey, Daniel of Devonport

              Lickert, Henry of Cambridge

              Lickert, J of Reading

              Lickert, John of Reading

              Lickert, Karl Henry of Sheffield

              Liddel, Edwin of Stockton

              Liddell, Adam of Liverpool

              Liddle, E of Saltburn-by-the-Sea

              Liddle, John of Middlesborough

              Liddle, John of Redcar

              Lidgett, James of Grimsby

              Lidstone, George of Dartmouth

              Lieberman, Isidor of Manchester

              Lievesley, H of Dronfield, Sheffield

              Lievesley, Hubert G of Sheffield

              Lievesley, Miriam, of Dronfield, Sheffield

              Lifford, William of West Byfleet

              Lifford, William of Weybridge

              Light, Henry of Manchester

              Lightfoot Federick of Dunstable

              Lilleker, John R of Sheffield

              Lillington, L Miss of Southampton

              Lilly & Willaume of Bedford

              Lilly, M of Poole

              Lilly, WC of Poole

              Lilly, Walter Cooper of Poole

              Lillywhite & Tinham of Worthing

              Limbrey, John of Olney

              Linahan, George of Longsight

              Linaker, Henry of Liverpool

              Lincoln, Benjamin Corbould of Aldborough

              Lind, N of London

              Lind, Nicholas of London

              Lindall, Thomas of Whitehaven

              Lindley, AR of Bedford

              Lindley, James of London

              Lindop, Robert J of Liverpool

              Linecar, John Henry of Brighton

              Lines, James B of Lowerstoft

              Linfold, Thomas of Banbury, Oxfordshire

              Linford, Edward of London Edward

              Ling, Edward of London

              Linggood, William of Southend

              Lingham, H of Maidstone

              Linley, Charles Pugh of London

              Linsey, Thomas B of London

              Linsey, Thomas Busby & Co of London

              Linsley, George of Southminster

              Lintell, Cof High Wycombe

              Linton, H of Byker, Newcastle

              Linton, John of Liverpool

              Lion, Sherwood of Bradford

              Lippold, Ernest Alfred of London

              Lisle, William of Exeter

              Lisseter, William of Ironbridge

              Lister, Frank of Grimsby

              Lister, George Davy of Hull

              Lister, James of Hallifax

              Lister, Timothy of Bingley

              Lister, William of Newcastle

              Liston, William James of London

              Litherland Davies & Co of Liverpool

              Litherland P of Liverpool

              Litherland, Ann of Liverpool

              Litherland, John of Warrington

              Lithgoe and Bentley of Stafford

              Lithgoe, J of Stafford

              Lithgoe, John of Stafford

              Lithgote and Bentley of Stafford

              Lithgow, William of Kirkmuirhill

              Little, James of London

              Little, Joseph James Gifford of Liverpool

              Littlewood, James Benjamin of Sevenoaks

              Lively, of Byker, Newcastle

              Livermore, Edward of London

              Livermore, George of South Stifford

              Livesey, Samuel of Llanfyllin

              Lloyd, A of Llanfair Caereinion

              Lloyd, D of Leominster

              Lloyd, D of Welshpool

              Lloyd, David of Hereford

              Lloyd, David of Leominster

              Lloyd, David of Welshpool

              Lloyd, Edward of Festiniog, Wales

              Lloyd, Edward of Llanfyllin, Wales

              Lloyd, Edward of Ruthin

              Lloyd, GLlewelyn of Towyn

              Lloyd, H of Bangor

              Lloyd, J of Hereford

              Lloyd, James of Guildford

              Lloyd, James of Liverpool

              Lloyd, James of Sutton

              Lloyd, John of Brecon John Lloyd of Brecon

              Lloyd, Payne & Amiel of Manchester

              Lloyd, Payne & Amiel of Shudehill

              Lloyd, R of Carnarvon

              Lloyd, RE of Barmouth

              Lloyd, Richard of Bridgnorth

              Lloyd, Robert Ellis of Carnarvon

              Lloyd, Samuel of London

              Lloyd, Thomas of Rushholme

              Lloyd, V& Son of Newtown

              Lloyd, Vincent & Alfred of Llanfair

              Lloyd, Vincent & Alfred of Llanfyllin

              Lloyd, Vincent of Llanfyllin

              Lloyd, William J of London

              Lloyd, William John of London

              Lloyd, William of Sheffield

              Lloydd, Robert E of Dolgelley

              Loaffier, Leopold & Co of London

              Loafier, Albert of London

              Loafler & Co of London

              Loat, Henry of Wrexham

              Lock, Frederick of Bromyard

              Lock, J of Camberwell

              Lock, John of London

              Lock, John of London

              Lock, Walter of Taunton

              Lock, William S of Leyton

              Lockhart, A of London

              Lockhart, A of Stoke Newington

              Lockhart, Adam Robson of Asbington, Morpeth

              Lockwood, Denis of Sheffield

              Lockwood, Frederick J of West Norwood

              Lockwood, Robert of Ipswich

              Lockwood, Robert of Needham Market

              Lockwood, William of Huddersfield

              Lockyer, AE of Tonbridge

              Lodder, Willam A of Southend

              Lodder, William Alfred of Southend

              Loder, John of Basingstoke

              Lodge, George of Barnsley

              Lodge, John & Sons of Hull

              Loeffler, U of Greewich

              Loffler, George of London

              Lofthouse, B of Manchester

              Loftus, John of Liverpool

              Logan, T of Dorchester

              Logan, Thomas of Dorchester

              Logan, Thomas of Maybole, Scotland

              Logan, William of Glasgow

              Lomas, James of Blackburn

              Lomas, Samuel of Blackburn

              Lomax of Blackburn the Lomax or Lomas

              Lomax, George of Brecon

              Lomax, James of Blackburn

              Lomax, John & Son of Manchester

              Lomax, Samuel of Blackburn

              Lombardine, Francis of Totnes

              London & Ryder of London

              London Clock Co

              London Watch Co of London

              London, J of London

              London, James of London

              Long, C of Hailsham

              Long, Joseph of Salford

              Long, Robert of Saint Austell

              Long, S of Putney

              Long, S of Kingston

              Long, Theodore of Gateshead

              Longden, William of Waltham Abbey

              Longdon, W of Edmonton

              Longdon, William of Edmonton

              Longley, Ernest Arthur of Sheffield

              Longley, Frederick William of Sheffield

              Longmore, William of Manchester

              Longsworth, Peter of Liverpool

              Longworth, James of Liverpool

              Longworth, Peter of Liverpool

              Loof, E F of Tunbridge Wells

              Loof, William of Tunbridge Wells

              Loom, Caleb of Croydon

              Loosley, George of Canning Town

              Loosley, Henry George of Canning Town

              Loosley, Richard of London

              Loraine, James of Newcastle

              Lord, Henry of Liverpool and Manchester Henry

              Lord, Tom of Rotherham

              Lord, William of Liverpool

              Lorimer & Edwards of London

              Lorimer, William of London

              Lormier, William of London

              Lorriman, John of London

              Lose Brothers of Southbourne

              Lotinga, A of West Hartlepool

              Loudan, William of London

              Loughborough, John William of West Hartlepool

              Loughborough, John of Durham

              Loughlin, Felix Joseph of Farncombe, Godalming

              Loughlin, Felix of Farnham

              Louis, Abraham of Birmingham

              Louth, Walter of Spalding

              Lovatt, Joseph of Audley

              Lovatt, Joseph of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Lovatt, Joseph of Tunstall

              Loveday & Sons Ltd of Chelmsford

              Loveday & Sons of Chelmsford

              Loveday, & Son of Chelmsford

              Loveday, Frederick W of Bishops Stortford

              Loveday, Frederick William of Maldon

              Loveday, James of Wakefield

              Loveday, W & Son of Chelmsford

              Loveday, William of Chelmsford

              Loveday, William of Witham

              Lovegrove, H of Slough

              Lovejoy, T of Wimbledon

              Loveland, Henry of Leyton

              Lovick, Robert of Bury St Edmunds

              Low, James of Errol, Scotland

              Lowdan, William of London

              Lowe & Sons of Chester

              Lowe & Sons of Llandudno

              Lowe, F & Co, Wholesalers of Rotherham

              Lowe, F & Co of Rotherham

              Lowe, Francis & Sons Ltd of Rotherham

              Lowe, Francis of Rotherham

              Lowe, Fras of Rotherham

              Lowe, Frederick J of East Grinstead

              Lowe, Frederick of London

              Lowe, George Cliff of Manchester

              Lowe, George of Chester

              Lowe, George of Gloucester

              Lowe, George of Llandudno

              Lowe, Henry of Lower Norwood

              Lowe, JB of Barmouth

              Lowe, JBO of Barmouth

              Lowe, Jesse of Darwen

              Lowe, John Alex of Guildford

              Lowe, John of Chester

              Lowe, John of Sarn

              Lowe, Joseph of Bawtry

              Lowe, Robert of Preston

              Lowe, Thomas of Dartford

              Lower, Thomas of Colchester

              Lower, Thomas of Sudbury

              Lowes, J of Consett

              Lowes, John W of Rotherham

              Lowin, Frank of Eastbourne

              Lowman, Jeremiah of Ramsgate

              Lownds, John of London

              Lowry, George of Ashton-under-Lyne

              Lowry, James of Manchester

              Lowry, Samuel of London

              Lowson F & G of Bridlington Quay

              Lowson, Robert of Bridlington Quay

              Lowson, Robert of Tamworth

              Lowther, Robert of Openshaw

              Lucas, AW of Winton

              Lucas, E of Leytonstone

              Lucas, Joseph of London

              Lucas, Stephen of Chatham

              Luck, Thomas of Haywards Heath

              Luckhurst, A of Leytonstone

              Luckhurst, Wof Dover

              Lucus, Joseph of South Norwood

              Ludbrook, Daniel of Berkhamstead

              Ludbrook, Daniel of Chelmsford

              Ludbrook, John of Soham

              Luddington, Edward of Ely

              Ludgate, George Frederick of Lincoln

              Lulman, Alfred of London

              Lum, Joseph of London

              Lumber, James of Chester

              Lumley, Mary of Bury St

              Lumpkin, Thomas of London

              Lums, Joseph of Chelmsford this

              Lunan, Charles of Aberdeen

              Lund and Blockley of London

              Lund Brothers of London

              Lundy, AJ of Grimsby

              Lundy, Emily, of Sheffield

              Lundy, James Freer of Grimsby

              Lundy, Joseph of Sheffield

              Lundy, S of Pocklington

              Lunn, Arthur of Newington, Hull

              Lunn, JH Ltd of Belfast

              Lunnon, Frederick John of Newbury

              Lupton George of Altrincham

              Lupton, Clifford of London

              Lupton, John of Altrincham

              Lurie, J of Stratford

              Lutz, Anton of Merton

              Lyddon, William of Molton

              Lyon & Son of Ilford

              Lyon, Charles of Walthamstow

              Lyon, Edward of Manchester

              Lyon, Henry of Manchester

              Lyon, J & Co of Croydon

              Lyon, J of Peckham

              Lyon, John of Liverpool

              Lyon, Judah of Plymouth

              Lyon, Lewis of London

              Lyon, Maurice & Samuel of London

              Lyon, Thomas of London

              Lyon, W of Walthamstow

              Lyon, William of London

              Lyons, Charles of Newmarket

              Lyons, Edward of London

              Lyons, Florence Gertrude, of Stratford

              Lyons, Henry of London

              Lyons, W & Co of Canning Town

              Lyons, William of Walthamstow

              Lythgo, Joseph of Rainhill

              M'Lardy, Samuel & Co. of Manchester

              Maber, Henry Austin of Sheffield

              Mabey, W.A of Southbourne

              MacDowall, Charles of London

              MacLennan, Donald of Cambridge

              MacPherson , Normand of Edinburgh

              Macbeth, John of Glasgow Macdonald

              Macey, Robert of Plymouth

              Macham or Matcham, Samuel of London

              Machin, F.T. of Upminster

              Machin, Frederick Thomas of Hornchurch

              Machin, Frederick Thomas of Romford

              Mack, James of Cromer

              Mackellow John of Maidstone, Kent

              Mackenzie, Charles of Birkenhead

              Mackie, George of London

              Mackie, James & George of London

              Mackie, James of London

              Mackinder Family of Spilsby

              Mackinder, Townson of Spilsby

              Mackinder, William of Spilsby

              Mackinney, Frank Williams of London

              Mackinney, H.J. of London

              Mackinney, Herbert Jones of London

              Macklin, Thomas of Weymouth

              Mackreth, F.G of Midsomer Norton, Bath

              Mackrill&Lait of Hull Mackrill&Lait of Hull

              Maclennan, K & W. of London

              Maclin, James & Son of Salisbury

              Macpherson, J.S. of Berwick

              Maddeford, C. of Reading

              Maddeford, Charles of Reading

              Maddeford, Charles of Theale

              Maddinson, Robert of Rugeley

              Maddock, Charles of Over

              Maddock, Edward of Liverpool

              Maddock, George of Middlewich

              Maddock, George of Tarporley

              Maddock, Thomas of Frodsham

              Maddox, Charles of Liverpool

              Maddox, J. of Hereford

              Maddox, James of Hereford

              Maers, Angel Jacob of London

              Maffia, A. of Hertford

              Maffia, . Angelo of Hertford

              Maggs, William of Bristol

              Maggs, William of Forest gate

              Maggs, William of Ilford

              Maggs, William of London

              Magnus, Edward of London

              Magnus, Simon of Swansea

              Simon Magnus of Swansea

              Magrath, C.F. of London

              Magrath, James S. of London

              Magrath, James of London

              Maguire, Miller & Co. of Liverpool

              Mahlendorff, Edward F. of London

              Mahood, Samuel & Son of London

              Mahr, Wendel of London

              Maidment, Arther George of Leigh

              Maidment, C.F. of Bournmouth

              Maier, Adolph of London

              Main, Frank of Faversham

              Mainsbridge, George .R. of Epsom

              Maizels, Ephraim I of Hull

              Major, John & Sons of Brighton

              Major, W & Sons of East Grinstead

              Major, William of Birkenhead

              Major, William of Cheltenham

              Major, William of Liverpool

              Majoram, Walter William of London

              Makeham, J. of Reading

              Makepeace, Arthur of Margate

              Makin, George & Son of Manchester

              Male, James of Cambridge.

              Malin, Arthur of Felpham, Bognor Regis

              Malkin, John of Kirkby-in-Ashfield

              Mallett& Son of Bath

              Mallett, H. of Harwich

              Mallett, Henry of Harwich

              Mallett, John of Barnstaple.

              Mallinson, Thomas of Holmfirth

              Malt, Charles E of Wisbech

              Malt, Charles Edwin of Wisbech

              Malt, James of Wisbech

              Maltby, V.G of Swavesey, St Ives, Hunts

              Malton, Jeremiah of Gaitsgill

              Mammatt& Sons of Sheffield

              Manchester, Thomas of Bolton

              Mancor, James of Bolton

              Mander, T. of Windsor

              Manger, John & Co. of London

              Manhood, William of Plaistow

              Maniglier, John of London

              Manistre, Arthur John of Woodford

              Manley, J.R. of Wrexham

              Manley, John of Chatham

              Manley, John of London

              Mann & Stephens of Coventry

              Mann, John of Norwich

              Mann, Matilda of Norwich

              Mann, William of Gloucester and Swindon

              Manning & Co. of London

              Manning or Maning, James of Wellingborough

              Manning, B. of London

              Manning, Charles of Loughton

              Mannings, James of Chichester

              Mannings, W of Steyning

              Mansel, Thomas of Manchester

              Mansell, Algernon B of Sheffield

              Mansell, J. Henry of Liverpool

              Mansell, James Henry of Teddington

              Mansell, William of Lincoln

              Mansfield, Adrian of London

              Mansfield, C. of Witton Park

              Mansfield, John Martin of Shepton Mallet

              Mansfield, Joseph of Shaftesbury, Dorset

              Manson, W. G. of Jarrow

              Mantegani, John of Wisbech

              Mantua, Peter and Joseph of Luton

              Manual &Brillman of London

              Manwaring, Hezekiah of Wandsworth

              Manwaring, R. of Maidstone

              Mappin Brothers of London

              Mapson, W of Plaistow

              Mapson, William of Hungerford

              Mapson, William of Pewsey

              Mapson, William of Romford

              Mapson, William, . of Romford

              March, C.T & Son of Hastings

              March, Charles of London

              Marchand, L. of London

              Marchand, Taylor & Co. of London

              Marchant, William of Huddersfield

              Marcus, Bernard of Liverpool

              Marcus, J & B. MBWCG of Bournmouth

              Margrett, W. of Hereford

              Margrett, William of Hereford

              Mark, J & A. of Peterborough

              Markes, Charles of Plymouth

              Markey & Son of Margate

              Markham, J.H. of Peterborough

              Markham, John of London

              Markland, Alfred of Sheffield

              Marks & Sons of Newcastle

              Marks, A. & Co. of Manchester

              Marks, A. & Sons of Newcastle

              Marks, Aaron & Sons of Newcastle

              Marks, Aaron of Sheffield

              Marks, Charles of Plymouth

              Marks, D. of Newcastle

              Marks, E. of Hertford

              Marks, Evan of Hertford

              Marks, George of Salford

              Marks, Kaufmann of Salford

              Marks, L. of Petworth

              Marks, Leon of Liverpool

              Marks, Lewis & Sons of Hull

              Marks, Lewis of London

              Marks, Mark of Cardiff

              Marks, Moses of Sheffield

              Marks, William of Woodford Green

              Markwick Markham of London

              Marley, John B of Minehead

              Marples, Robert Moffat of London

              Marr, E of Walthamstow

              Marr, Henry of London

              Marriner, F. of Ovingham

              Marriott, B. of London

              Marriott, George Edward of Colchester

              Marriott, Henry of Epworth

              Marriott, Herbert Henry of Belton, Doncaster

              Marriott, J. of London

              Marriott, Oliver H of Ramsey, Huntingdon

              Marriott, W. of Northampton

              Marriott, William of Cambridge

              Marsden, Samuel of London

              Marsh, Anthony of London

              Marsh, Arthur Frederick of Diss, Norfolk

              Marsh, H. of Dover

              Marsh, Harry of London

              Marsh, Herbert of Sheffield

              Marsh, J. of London

              Marsh, James of London

              Marsh, S. of London

              Marsh, Samuel of London

              Marsh, T. of Dorking

              Marsh, T. of Mortlake

              Marsh, Thomas of Dorking

              Marsh, W.C. of Barnwell

              Marsh, W.J of Waltham Abbey

              Marsh, Walter of London

              Marsh, William B. of Shoreditch, London

              Marsh, William Brinning of Hackney

              Marsh, William James of Waltham Abbey

              Marsh, William of Diss, Norfolk

              Marshall & Son of Skegness

              Marshall, Charles A. of Consett

              Marshall, Edward of London

              Marshall, Edward of Yarmouth

              Marshall, Edwin of Manchester

              Marshall, G.R. of Sleaford

              Marshall, George Innes of Alnwick

              Marshall, George William of Sleaford

              Marshall, Gregory of Rotherham

              Marshall, Herbert Alfred of Wimbledon

              Marshall, Herbert P of Louth

              Marshall, J. of Blaydon

              Marshall, John of Leicester

              Marshall, John of Sunderland

              Marshall, Joseph of Lincoln

              Marshall, Richard of London

              Marshall, Robert of Shotley Bridge, Durham

              Marshall, Robert of Sleaford

              Marshall, Robert of Whickam

              Marshall, W.H of Grimsby

              Marshall, W.J. of Whishaw, Lanarkshire

              Marshall, William & Sons of London

              Marshall, William Henry of Huddersfield

              Marshall, William Holmes of Skegness

              Marshall, William Holmes of Wainfleet All Saints

              Marshall, William James of London

              Marshall, William of Grantham

              Marshall, William of London

              Marshall, William of Market Rasen

              Marshman, A of Northampton

              Marshman, Albert of Northampton

              Marshman, Robert of Walthamstow

              Marshsall, Richard of Chesterfield

              Marson, Edward of Rugby

              Marston, Alfred Edward of Coventry

              Marston, J. & H. of Coventry

              Marston, Thomas of Coventry

              Marten &Bishopp of London

              Marten, Baskett& Marten of Cheltenham

              Marten, Henry & William of London

              Martin &Balchin of London

              Martin & Co., of Cheltenham

              Martin Family Of Coventry

              Martin, A. of Brighton

              Martin, David of Coventry

              Martin, F. of Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Maldon

              Martin, Francis of Tolleshunt D'arcy

              Martin, Frank of London

              Martin, Frederick of Vange, Pitsea

              Martin, G of Leytonstone

              Martin, H.B & Son of Brighton

              Martin, J of Walthamstow

              Martin, J. of Faversham

              Martin, Jesse of Pendlebury

              Martin, John C. of London

              Martin, John of Canterbury

              Martin, John of Faversham

              Martin, John of Southwick, Brighton

              Martin, R. of Eton, Windsor

              Martin, R. of Welshpool

              Martin, Robert of Worksop

              Martin, Sidney of Deal

              Martin, Sladden Ltd of Canterbury

              Martin, T. of Northampton

              Martin, Theophilus of London

              Martin, Thomas of Manchester

              Martin, W. of Guildford

              Martin, William W of Hull

              Martin, William of Buckley

              Martin, William of Chelmsford

              Martin, William of Darlington

              Martin, William of Guildford

              Martin, William of London

              Martin, William of Sheffield

              Martin, William of Wrexham

              Martin, Young of Dublin

              Martindale, William of Watford

              Martineau, Joseph of London

              Martlew, R of Ormskirk

              Mascall, A.G. of Middlesborough

              Mascall, William of Histon, Cambridge

              Mashford, James Chapman of Grimsby

              Mason, Henry of Bisley

              Mason, C. of Canterbury

              Mason, C. of East Ham

              Mason, Charles of East Ham

              Mason, E.H. of Middlesborough

              Mason, Edward of Worcester

              Mason, James of London

              Mason, John & Edward of Worcester

              Mason, John & Edward of Worcester

              Mason, John of London

              Mason, John of Rotherham

              Mason, Joan of Sheffield

              Mason, Richard of St Albans

              Mason, Robert of Worksop

              Mason, S. of Kettering

              Mason, Samuel taylor of Olney

              Mason, Seacome of Daventry

              Mason, Thomas of Blackburn

              Mason, Thomas of Colchester

              Mason, Thomas of Preston

              Mason, Timothy of Chesterfield

              Mason, William of Daventry

              Mason, William of Warwick and Leamington Spa

              Masper, Charles of Manchester

              Maspero, William A. of Leatherhead

              Maspero, William Angelo of Leatherhead

              Massey, Edmund of London

              Massey, Edward of Liverpool

              Massey, Edward of London

              Massey, F.J. of London

              Massey, Francis of Liverpool

              Massey, John of Hanley, Staffs

              Massey, John of Liverpool

              Massey, John of London

              Massey, Thomas of London

              Massey, William of Nantwich

              Massie, Alex, J.I. & Son of Sheffield

              Massingham, George Plowright of Sheffield

              Massingham, John of Fakenham

              Massingham, William of Kings Lynn

              Masson, H.P of Heathfield

              Masters, Alexander Francis of London

              Masters, Charles H of Stratford East

              Masters, Charles James, . of Stratford East

              Masters, E. . of York Town, Camberley

              Masters, Ellen, . of Camberley

              Masters, Florence, of Chatham

              Masters, J. of Tenterden

              Masters, John Neve Ltd., of Rye

              Masters, John of London

              Masters, Thomas of London

              Masters, Wallace Edwin of Manor Park

              Masterton, A.E of Penge

              Masterton, Alfred of East Ham

              Masterton, Alfred of London

              Matchless Supply Co. of Cambridge

              Mather, Ralph of Ormskirk

              Mather, Robert of Nottingham

              Mather, Walter of Manchester

              Mather, William of Nottingham

              Mathers& Son of Cambridge

              Mathers, Thomas Alex of Cambridge

              Mathewes, Robert of Ely

              Mathews, Edward of Welshpool

              Mathews, Joseph John of London

              Mathews, William of Leighton Buzzard

              Mathews, William of London

              Mathison, John S of Elgin

              Mating, Alfred of Liverpool

              Maton, George of Cambridge

              Mattews, S of Steyning

              Mattex, E.E. of Saxmundham

              Matthew, Edward (jun.) of Welshpool

              Matthew, P. of Uckfield

              Matthews, A. of Stanford-le-Hope

              Matthews, A.W. Ltd of Gillingham

              Matthews, Albert W. of Ipswich

              Matthews, Alfred of Leighton Buzzard

              Matthews, Charles of Rhyl

              Matthews, E. & Son of Welshpool

              Matthews, Edward of Welshpool

              Matthews, Edwin of Welshpool

              Matthews, Henry of Broadstairs

              Matthews, J. of Rhyl

              Matthews, Jacob of Bristol

              Matthews, James of Ely

              Matthews, John Francis of London

              Matthews, John of Bishop's Castle

              Matthews, John of Leighton Buzzard

              Matthews, John of London

              Matthews, Robert of Ely

              Matthews, Thomas & Richard of Oswestry

              Matthews, William of Penrith

              Matthey, Henry of London

              Maud, E & C. of Daventry

              Maud, E. of London

              Maud, John of Reading

              Maughan, J. H. of Gateshead

              Maule, J. W. of Newcatle

              Maule, William of Newcastle

              Maunder, John of Crediton

              Maunder, Michael of Bodmin

              Maw, Bielby of Beverley

              Mawdsley, Hargreaves of Southport

              Mawdsley, John of Manchester

              Mawkes, Thomas of Derby, Chesterfield

              Mawman, George of Patrington, Hull

              Mawson, W of Sheffield

              Maxey of London

              Maxwell, F. of London S.W

              Maxwell, W. of West Hartlepool

              Maxwell, William of London

              Maxwell, William of West Hartlepool

              May, H.J. of Walham Green

              May, J.W. & Son of Bromley

              May, John B of Bath

              May, John of Ingatestone

              May, John of Southampton

              May, Joseph Peters of Tenterden

              May, R.F. of Southend

              May, Samuel of London

              May, W. of Penge

              May, William of Brighton

              Mayell, Edwin of Liskeard

              Mayer, Anthony & Son of London

              Mayer, Anthony of London

              Mayer, F. of Reading

              Mayer, George of Oldham

              Mayer, Gustave& Co. of London

              Mayer, Henry of Tunstall, Staffordshire

              Mayer, Joseph of Liverpool

              Mayer, K. of Newcastle

              Mayer, M. of Reading

              Mayer, Martin of London

              Mayer, N. & Son of Manchester

              Mayer, N. & Son. of London

              Mayer, Nathan of Manchester

              Mayer, Saul of Manchester

              Mayes, Edward of EarlesColne

              Mayes, George & Sons of Earls Colne

              Mayes, George & Sons of Halstead

              Mayes, George and Sons of EarlesColne

              Mayes, George and Sons of Halstead

              Mayes, George of EarlesColne

              Mayes, John of London

              Mayfield, John W of Hull

              Mayhew, George Frederick of London

              Mayhew, Henry of Bury St Edmunds

              Mayhew, P.E. of Bury St Edmunds

              Mayhew, William of Parham and Woodbridge

              Mayler, W. of Llandudno

              Mayler, William of Llandudno

              Mayn, Benjamin of Kelvedon

              Maynard, William of Exmouth

              Mayne, Thomas of Stonehouse

              Mayner, Felix of Reading

              Mayo & Co. of London

              Mayo, Henry of Liverpool

              Mayo, John Dowse of London

              Mayo, William & Son of Manchester

              Mayo, William Edwin of Gloucester

              Mayo, William of Coventry

              Mayo, William of Manchester

              Mayor, G. of Colwyn Bay

              Mazzichi of Durham

              Mazzucchi, Charles B. of Crook

              McAdam, Robert of Durham

              McCabe & Strachan of London

              McCabe of London

              McCabe, Robert Jeremy of London, Lurgan and Belfast

              McCabe, Robert of London, Lurgan

              McCabe, Thomas of London, Lurgan

              McCall, Arthur of Sheffield

              McCall, George of Manchester

              McCall, James of Manchester

              McCann, Sarah, . of Liverpool

              McCartney, James of Ardwick

              McClacharty, Alexander of Wimbledon

              McClacherty, A. of Wimbledon

              McClaharty, Alex of Kingston

              McClellan & Co. of London

              McClellan & Son of London

              McClellan, Samuel of London

              McClennan, S. of Greenwich

              McConnell, Ira of Manchester

              McConnell, James of Manchester

              McConnell, John of Belfast

              McConville, Edward of Liverpool

              McCourt, Peter of Dudley

              McCreary, Edward of London

              McCreesh, John of Manchester

              McCulloch, Edgar Thomas of Manchester

              McCutcheon, David of Belfast

              McCutcheon, Hugh of Bangor

              McDonald, G. of Newcastle

              McDowall, Charles of London

              McDowell, R & Co. Ltd

              McElroy, William of Manchester

              McFarlane of Perth, Scotland

              McFerran, William of Manchester

              McGee, Michael of Liverpool

              McGhan, R. of Greenwich

              McGill, James of Chester

              McGilp, J. . of Conway

              McGilp, J. of Conway

              McGilp, . of Conway

              McGilvary, J of Oban

              McGovern, D.L. of Sheffield

              McGregor, Thomas of Ayton

              McInnes, R & T of Glasgow

              McIntryre, James of Liverpool

              McIntyre, James S. of Liverpool

              McIntyre, Joseph of Crieff

              McKay, Cunningham & Co, Edinburgh

              McKellen, Samuel D. of Manchester

              McKenna, John of Hull

              McKenny, G. of London

              McKenzie, Edwin Ltd of Sheffield

              McKeown, Thomas of London

              McKirdy, Hugh of Birkenhead

              McKnight, James of Leamington

              McLachlan, Charles of London

              McLachlan, Hugh of London

              McLacklan, Hugh of London

              McLardy, Makin & Smith of Manchester

              McLeod, George A of Rushden

              McLintock, S. . of Liverpool

              McMaster, Samuel of Ballymena, Co Antrim

              McMaster, William John of London

              McMillan, D. of Kirkdale and Liverpool

              McMillan, Peter of Aberdeen

              McNeish, John of Falkirk

              Mead, Abraham of London

              Meader, G. of Ilford

              Meader, John William of London

              Meaders Ltd of Bournmouth

              Meades, Henry of Sheffield

              Meadley, John of Liverpool

              Meadows, Frederick of Tunbridge Wells

              Meadows, G of Camberwell

              Meadows, George of London

              Meakins, William of Towcaster

              Mears, Alonzo of London

              Mears, George of London

              Mears, Henry of Wigan

              Mears, Thomas Joseph of London

              Measure, . L. of Hounslow

              Measure, S of Merton

              Mechin, Henry of London

              Mecklenburg, Paul of Hounslow

              Medall, Benjamin of Holt

              Medcalf, George of Haverhill

              Medcalf, Henry & Son of Balsham,Cambridge

              Medcalf, Henry of Balsham,Cambridge

              Medcalf, John of Liverpool

              Medcalf, Joseph of London

              Medcalf, Townley of Liverpool

              Medcraft, Charles Joseph of Daventry

              Medcraft, Charles, London

              Meddes, William of Newcastle

              Medhurst, S.C. FBHI of Cheltenham

              Medley, W Ward of Grimsby

              Medlock, Charles of London

              Mee, Henry of Chesterfield

              Mee, William of Hull

              Meek, Edgar William of Forest gate

              Meek, John of London

              Meek, Peter J. of London

              Meek, Peter Joseph of London

              Meek, Thomas of Felling

              Mego Jewellers of Sheffield

              Mein, William of Newcastle-on-Tyne

              Melhuish, Henry L. of Wimbledon

              Mellanby, Joseph of Stockton

              Melling, Henry of Liverpool

              Melling, James of Birkenhead

              Mellor, John of Liverpool

              Mellor, John of Manchester

              Melson, John of London

              Melton, Amos of Rotherham

              Melton, Robert J of Mexborough, Rotherham

              Memess, John of Garvock &Johnshaven

              Menadue, William of Camborne

              Menage, Ernest of London

              Mendelson, Henry of Manchester

              Mennie, John B. of Gateshead

              Mennie, John Branett of Newcastle

              Mentha, Fritz of Manchester

              Menzies, John of London

              Menzies, R.W. of London

              Mercer, John of Liverpool

              Mercer, Joseph H of Appleby

              Mercer, Thomas & Sons, Coventry

              Mercer, Thomas of Folkestone and Hythe

              Mercer, Thomas of St. Albans

              Mercer, William of Prescot

              Merchant, B.H of Shepton Mallet

              Meredith, Rees of Llanrhaiadr-yn-Mochnant

              Meredith, Thomas of Llanfyllin

              Meredith, Thomas of Llanrhaiadr

              Mergin, W.J. of Upper Norwood

              Meritt, W. of Canterbury

              Meritt, W. of Canterbury

              Merkel, A. of Newcastle

              Merkel, Aaron of Newcastle

              Merkel, C. D. of North Shields

              Merrick, Alfred of Eaton

              Merrick, Arthur of Salford

              Merrick, J. of Windsor

              Merrick, Joseph of Eton

              Merrick, Joseph of London

              Merrick, Joseph of Windsor

              Merrick, M. of Windsor

              Merricks, Thomas of London

              Merridew, A.W. of Rhyl

              Merridew, Arthur W. of Rhyl

              Merridew, E. of Colwyn Bay

              Merridew, F.H. & Co. of Colwyn Bay

              Merridew, F.H. of Holyhead

              Merridew, Fred of Carnarvon

              Merrill, H. of Richmond

              Merrill, John of Moor, Sheffield

              Merrin, H. of London

              Merrison, James of Norwich

              Merritt, J.A of Newhaven

              Merritt, James A of Seaford

              Merryweather Francis of Birmingham

              Merto, Joseph of Mold

              Mertz of Ballyjamesduff Co. Cavan

              Meryett, John of London

              Meryett, W. of Ripley, Woking

              Merz, Lawrence of London

              Merz, Matthew of London

              Merzbach, Lang &Feilheimer of London

              Messbam, Justin of Liverpool

              Messenger, Philip of Liverpool

              Mesure , Anthony of London

              Mesure, E. of Billericay

              Mesure, L. of London


              Metcalf, George Marmaduke of London

              Metcalf, Henry of Balsham,Cambridge

              Metcalf, James of Scarborough

              Metcalf, John of Liverpool

              Metcalf, Mark of Askrigg

              Metcalf, Mary of Maryport

              Metcalf, William of Northallerton

              Metcalfe, G.M. of London

              Metcalfe, Henry of Seaham Harbour

              Metcalfe, R. of Newcastle

              Metcalfe, Ralph of Newcastle

              Meyer & Co. of Bristol

              Meyer, A & Son of Hereford

              Meyer, David of Abingdon

              Meyer, Elias of Cheetham

              Meyer, Elias of Manchester

              Meyer, George of London

              Meyer, Jacob of London

              Meyer, Nicholas of London

              Meyer, Samuel of Manchester

              Meynell, J. R. of Middlesborough

              Michael Marks of Cardiff

              Michael, D. of London

              Michael, S. of Chesham

              Michaels, Abraham of Manchester

              Michaels, M & Co, of London

              Michaels, Maurice A. of Manchester

              Michaelson, David of Manchester

              Michaut, A of Stroud

              Michell, Benjamin of St Austell &Mevagissey

              Michell, Joseph of Penzance

              Michell, William of Saint Austell

              Michie, J.C. of Brixton

              Michie, J.E. Jun of Lower Norwood

              Michie, James Carey of London

              Michie, James Carey of Lower Norwood

              Michil, James C. of London

              Micklefield, Jacob of Goldhanger

              Middleditch, John of London

              Middlemass, M. of Newcastle

              Middlemiss, M. of Newcastle

              Middleton, Hugh of March

              Middleton, John D of Grimsby

              Middleton, John of Liverpool

              Middleton, T.R. of Eckington, Shefield

              Middleton, W.T. of London

              Middleton, William T. of London

              Midgley, William of Sheffield

              Midland Watch Co

              Midwinter Charles of Woking

              Migotti, G. jun. of London

              Milburn, William of Darlington

              Mildare& Co. of Newcastle

              Miles, Albert E of Langport

              Miles, George of Chipping Sodbury

              Miles, George of London

              Miles, Henry of Kingston

              Miles, James of Leamington

              Miles, John of Tavistock

              Miles, Robert of Sheffield

              Miles, S. of London

              Miles, Septimus of London

              Miles, Stephen of Kidderminster

              Miles, W.F. & Sons of Poole

              Miles, W.F. of Thame

              Miles, Walter James of Willingham, Cambridge

              Miles, William of Stockport

              Milham, J of Ore, Hastings

              Mill, William Jewell of Bideford

              Mill, William of Bideford

              Millar, Ernest Pryor of Sheffield

              Millar, James of Liverpool

              Millard, Francis of Leeds

              Millard, John Watts of Gloucester

              Millard, T. of Stratford

              Millard, Thomas Watts of Gloucester

              Millard, Thomas of London

              Millbank, F.J. of Upper Holloway

              Millbank, Joseph of London

              Millbank, Walter E of Plaistow

              Millburn, John of Leeds

              Miller & Co. of Brighton

              Miller & Sons of London

              Miller & Stewart of Hereford

              Miller Brothers of London

              Miller, Anton of London

              Miller, Catherine of Carnarvon

              Miller, F & Co. of London

              Miller, Frederick Arthur of Walthamstow

              Miller, G. of Batley

              Miller, J. & Son of Llandudno

              Miller, J. of Bedford

              Miller, James A of Penge

              Miller, James of London

              Miller, Richard William of London

              Miller, Robert of Bedlington

              Miller, Robert of London

              Miller, Robert of Perth

              Miller, S of Redhill

              Miller, Samuel Henry of Redhill

              Miller, Samuel of London

              Miller, Thomas of London

              Miller, Thomas of Meadow Hall

              Miller, Thomas of Salford & Manchester

              Miller, William . of Hereford

              Miller, William of Aberdeen

              Miller, William of Dover

              Miller, William of Hereford

              Miller, of Stephen Kidderminster

              Milleret, Paul & Co. of London

              Millest, Ernest G. of Dorking

              Millingen, Joseph of Chatham

              Millington, John James of London

              Millington, Thomas of London

              Millington. F of East Ham

              Millman, Arthur of Dorking

              Mills, Edward of Berwick

              Mills, Edward of Bungay

              Mills, Edward of Liverpool

              Mills, H. O. of South Bank

              Mills, Harry James of Southend

              Mills, Henry A. of Cheriton, Folkestone

              Mills, Henry Albert of Sandgate, Folkestone

              Mills, Henry of London

              Mills, J. of Dolgelley

              Mills, John of Ottery St Mary

              Mills, S.W. of Broadstone

              Mills, Sl. G. of South Molton

              Mills, Thomas & Son of London

              Mills, W of Maidstone

              Mills, W.B of Plaistow

              Mills, William C. of Watford

              Mills, William of Montgomery

              Mills, William of Tamworth

              Millward, Joseph S. of Manchester

              Milne, George of London

              Milne, John of Sheffield

              Milner, Thomas of Wigan

              Milnes, George of Manchester

              Milward, J. of London

              Milward, John of London

              Minchin, John of Moreton in the Marsh

              Minchin, John of Stow

              Minchull, John of Ashton-under-Line

              Minett, C of Chingford

              Minett, C of Leytonstone

              Minett, G. of Ross

              Minett, George of Ross

              Minikin, Thomas of Manchester

              Minors, G. of Woolwich

              Minott, J of Sheffield

              Minshul, John of Denbigh

              Minter, Charles J. of Penge

              Minter, P.A. of Brightlinsea

              Miroy Brothers of London

              Miroy, Ernest of London

              Misell, Woolfe of Liverpool

              Mitchell, Alexander of Glasgow

              Mitchell, Alexander of Irlams-o'-th'-height

              Mitchell, Barwise of Cockermouth

              Mitchell, Charles of Liverpool

              Mitchell, Charles of London

              Mitchell, Frank of Stamford

              Mitchell, Frederick Horace Henry of Clacton

              Mitchell, George of B.W. Sunderland

              Mitchell, H. of London

              Mitchell, Isaac of Manchester

              Mitchell, J. G. of North Shields

              Mitchell, J. of Wimbledon

              Mitchell, James of Liverpool

              Mitchell, James of Plymouth

              Mitchell, James of Stamford

              Mitchell, John of London

              Mitchell, John & William of Glasgow

              Mitchell, John & William of London

              Mitchell, John of B.W. Sunderland

              Mitchell, John of Wakefield

              Mitchell, R. of Birkenhead

              Mitchell, R.J. of Plymouth

              Mitchell, Richard John of Plymouth

              Mitchell, Richard of Lane End Staffordshire

              Mitchell, Robert of Sunderland

              Mitchell, Thomas of London

              Mitchell, William J. of London

              Mitchelson, Walter of London

              Mitcheson, J.G. of North Shields

              Mitcheson, J.G. of South Shields

              Mithchell, Harry Colin of West Byfleet, Weybridge

              Mithchell, J. of Wimbledon

              Mitschke, John of West Hartlepool

              Mitzman, Sara . of Hove

              Moevius, E of Liverpool

              Mogg, William George of London

              Mogg, William George of Peckham

              Moginie & Co. of London

              Moginie, Cornelius & Co. of London

              Mojon, Montandon& Co. of London

              Mold, J of Daventry

              Molenkamp, Douwe of Canningtown

              Molenkamp, John of Barking

              Moles, George of Woodbridge

              Moller, Jens Peter of London

              Molyneux, Henry of London

              Molyneux, John of Rainhill

              Molyneux, Robert & Sons of London

              Moncas, John of Liverpool

              Moncas, Thomas of Liverpool

              Money, Frank of Lowerstoft

              Money, Henry & Son of London

              Money, S & Son of Lowerstoft

              Money, Samuel of Lowerstoft

              Money, Sl of Lowerstoft

              Monk William of Berwick Saint John

              Monk, George of London

              Monk, John of Bolton

              Monk, Samuel of Wrexham

              Monkhouse, John of Darlington

              Monkhouse, Thomas of London

              Monkland, Thomas of London

              Monks, Francis Albert of Lower Norwood

              Monks, George Frederick of Whyteleaf

              Monks, George of Prescot

              Monks, Louis Philp of Sutton

              Monks, Louis of Sutton

              Monks, T. of Camberwell Green

              Monks, T.W. of Brixton

              Monks, Thomas W. of Camberwell

              Monks, Thomas of London

              Monks, W of Peckham

              Monks, Walter of London

              Monneret of London

              Monnier, John of London

              Monnoa, M Alexander of Faringdon

              Monro, Benjamin of London

              Monro, William of St. Helens

              Mons, W. of Maidstone

              Montana of Bournmouth

              Monti, A of Canterbury

              Monti, Alfred of Balham

              Monti, P. of Sandwich

              Moody, Matt of Cambridge

              Moon, Christopher of London

              Moon, T. of Sutton

              Moon, T.E. of Kilburn

              Moon, W.E of Gravesend

              Moon, William of London

              Moor & Son of Hastings

              Moor & Son of Hastings

              Moore, Alfred of London

              Moore, Arthur of London

              Moore, B. K. of Gateshead

              Moore, Charles of Tottenham

              Moore, Clement C of St Ives

              Moore, D. of Colchester

              Moore, Daniel of Coltishall

              Moore, Daniel of Coventry

              Moore, David of Colchester

              Moore, E.H of Tolleshunt Major, Witham

              Moore, E.T. of London

              Moore, Edward H. of Maldon

              Moore, Edward H. of New Malden

              Moore, Edwin Lock of London

              Moore, Francis M of Belfast & Dublin

              Moore, Francis of Ferrybridge, Yorkshire

              Moore, Frederic of London

              Moore, G. of London

              Moore, George & Son of London

              Moore, George of London

              Moore, Henry of London

              Moore, J. of Putney

              Moore, J. of Tottenham

              Moore, J. of Wandsworth

              Moore, John Curtis of Worthing

              Moore, John Hassell of Birmingham

              Moore, John Rutherford Lane of Benwell, Newcastle

              Moore, John of Norwich

              Moore, John of Putney

              Moore, John of Warminster

              Moore, Mark of Hilborough, Norfolk

              Moore, P. of London

              Moore, Thomas of Belfast

              Moore, Thomas of Ipswich, Suffolk

              Moore, Thomas of London

              Moore, W. B. of Worthing

              Moore, William of London

              Moore, William of Putney

              Moore, William of Walthamstow

              Moore-Marshall, Albert of Colchester

              Moorehouse, Robert of Padiham

              Moorhead, Samuel of Harpenden

              Moorhead, Samuel of St. Albans

              Moorhouse, George of Sheffield

              Moorhouse, Samuel of Heeley, Sheffield

              Moorhouse, William of Liverpool

              Moorhouse, William of Preston

              Moorwood, Elizabeth Ellen of Sheffield

              Moraller Brothers of London

              Morat, Joseph of Leeds

              Morath, Fedele& Brothers of Liverpool

              Morath, John of Liverpool

              Morath, Michael of London

              Morath, Thomas of London

              Morcom, Edgar J of Colchester

              Mordue, John of Newcastle

              Mordue, S. of Newcastle

              More, Alexander of London

              More, Ann, . of London

              More, C. A. of Leytonstone

              More, Charles Alexander of London.

              More, Charles of London

              More, John of Hull

              Moreland Thomas of Chester

              Moreland of Chester

              Moreland, Miss of Chester

              Moreland, S.J. & Sons of Liverpool

              Morely, Ernest & Sons of Mildenhall

              Morely, Ernest of Mildenhall

              Moreton, M.K. of Ipswich

              Moretti, Rocco of Cardiff

              Morgan of Newtown

              Morgan, E.H. of Newtown

              Morgan, Edward Herbert of Newtown

              Morgan, Edward of Newtown

              Morgan, Frederick J. of Ledbury

              Morgan, Frederick John of Ledbury

              Morgan, Frederick of Ledbury

              Morgan, George Henry of Acton

              Morgan, George of London

              Morgan, John Jnr of Bristol

              Morgan, John Varley& Charles of Liverpool

              Morgan, John Varley of Liverpool

              Morgan, John of Aberystwyth

              Morgan, John of Cambridge

              Morgan, John of Liverpool

              Morgan, Louis E. of Herne Bay

              Morgan, Robert of Gravesend

              Morgan, Robert of London

              Morgan, Thomas of Chorlton on Medlock

              Morgan, Thomas of Edinburgh

              Morgan, Thomas of Manchester

              Morgan, W. of Portland

              Morgan, W.L. of Hereford

              Morgan, William of Pontypool

              Morganti, John Baptist of Brighton

              Morice, D & W. of London

              Morice, David of London

              Morison, Alexander and Arthur of London

              Morley, Charles H of Halstead

              Morley, Edward of Fordham, Soham

              Morley, George of Burwell, Cambridge

              Morley, George of Fordham, Soham

              Morley, H. of Mildenhall

              Morley, Henry of Mildenhall

              Morley, Martin of Hallifax

              Morley, William of Cropton, Pickering

              Morrin, H. of London

              Morris & Co. of Ilford

              Morris & Co. of Stratford

              Morris and O'Meara of Newcastle

              Morris, Annie, . of Stratford

              Morris, Edward H. of Berkhamstead

              Morris, Edward H. of Great Berkhamstead

              Morris, Edward of Stone

              Morris, F. of Leytonstone

              Morris, George Henry of London

              Morris, George of Liverpool

              Morris, Gustave of Liverpool

              Morris, Harris of Walsall

              Morris, J of Walthamstow

              Morris, J. W. of Faversham

              Morris, J.W. & Co. of Margate

              Morris, James of Manchester

              Morris, John of Bristol

              Morris, John of Market Deeping, Lincolnshire

              Morris, Joseph of Newcastle

              Morris, Louis of London

              Morris, Mary of Bolton

              Morris, Maurice of Sheffield

              Morris, N. of East Ham

              Morris, Nathan of Canning Town

              Morris, Robert of Bala

              Morris, Robert of Stone

              Morris, Roland of Guildford

              Morris, Samuel of Windsor

              Morris, Sarah M. . of London

              Morris, Tobias & Co. of London

              Morris, W. of Eastbourne

              Morris, W.R. of Carnarvon

              Morris, William of Birkenhead

              Morris, William of Eastbourne

              Morrison, Charles Sutton of Plaistow

              Morrison, Edward of Liverpool

              Morrison, John of Liverpoo

              Morrison, John of London

              Morrison, P.G. of St. Albans

              Morrison, William of London

              Morrison, William of Walker

              Morroll, O of Eastbourne

              Morrow, John of London

              Morse, B.T of Watford

              Morse, Benjamin Samuel of Watford

              Morse, Fredk Mark of Swindon

              Morse, Henry of London

              Morse, J & Son of Hailsham

              Morse, John of Malmesbury and Lynham

              Morse, Richard of London

              Morss, Samuel of London

              Mortifee, John of Taunton

              Mortimer, David of Hereford

              Mortimer, William of Heckondwike

              Mortimore, Robert of Dartmouth, Devon

              Mortlake, William of Clare

              Mortlock, Martin of Clare

              Morton, G.J. of Chingford

              Morton, George of Liverpool

              Morton, Thomas of London

              Morton, Thomas of Manchester

              Morton, Thomas of Salford

              Morton, Thomas of St. Helens

              Moscow, S. of Newcastle

              Moseley, George of Surbiton

              Moseley, Robert & Son of London

              Mosely, Ephraim of London

              Mosely, M. of Brighton

              Mosely, Maurice of Brighton

              Mosely, Moses of London

              Mosely, Robert & Son of London

              Moses, Abraham of Brighton

              Moses, E. of London

              Moses, Edward of London

              Moses, Gilbert of Lincoln Moses

              Moses, Joseph of West Auckland

              Moses, Morris of London

              Moses, Moses of Dover

              Moses, T. & G. O. of Spennymoor

              Moses, Thomas & George Oliver of Bishop Auckland

              Moskow, S. of Newcastle

              Moskow, Samuel of Newcastle

              Mosley, Charles of London

              Mosley, John of Penistone, Yorkshire

              Mosley, John of Tideswell, Derbyshire

              Moss, David of Hull

              Moss, George of Carlisle

              Moss, James Dennet of Liverpool

              Moss, John of Rochdale

              Moss, M. of Barking

              Moss, Thomas of Frodsham

              Moss, Thomas of London

              Moss, Thomas of Widnes

              Moss, William S. of Manchester

              Moss, William Selby of Manchester

              Mosser&Wehrle of Devonport

              Mosson, E Ltd of Cleethorpes

              Mothersole, Thomas of Bury St Edmunds

              Mott, William of London

              Mottram, Thomas of Salford

              Mottu Brothers of London

              Mouland, J. of Mitcham

              Mouland, J. of Upper Mitcham Green

              Mouland, James of Upper Mitcham

              Mould, Charles James of Towyn

              Mould, William of Towyn

              Moulder, John Charles of Luton

              Mouling, Charles of Liverpool

              Moulinie, J.F. & Co. of London

              Mount, W. H. of Ramsgate

              Mountain, Alfred of London

              Mountstephen, A.J. of Chatham

              Mountstephen, A.J. of Gillingham

              Mouse, Richard of London

              Mowat, Alex of Bath

              Mowcar, James of Bolton

              Mowday, S. of Great Berkhampsted

              Mowrie, John George of Liverpool

              Moxhaam, H.J of Scotter, Kirkton in Lindsey

              Moxham, Henry of Scotter, Kirkton in Lindsey

              Moy, W. of Hornsey

              Mozard, James of London

              Much, Nathan of Rainhill

              Muckarsie, George James of London

              Mudge, George of London

              Mudge, H of Bognor Regis

              Mudge, Thomas & Dutton Fleet Street, London

              Mudie, David of Forfar

              Mudon, John of London

              Mueller &Leuchs of London

              Mueller, Johann Heinrich of London

              Muir, William of Falkirk

              Mukle, Nicholas of London

              Muler, J.G.M of Oxford

              Mules, William of Stratton

              Muller Brothers (Geneva) of London

              Muller Brothers of London

              Muller, Berthold of Twickenham

              Muller, Charles of London

              Muller, Theodore of Horley

              Mumford, W.R & Son of St Leonards

              Mummery, T. of Dover

              Mummery, Thomas of Dover

              Munby, Jos of Heighington

              Muncaster, Charles of London

              Muncaster, John of Ulverston

              Muncaster, William of Egremont and Douglas, Isle of Man

              Muncey, P. of Clapham

              Munday, Thomas H of Leighton Buzzard

              Mundy, Frederick Charles of Vange, Pitsea

              Munford, Edward of Yarmouth

              Munford, John of Crewkerne

              Munk, James of Tenterden

              Munn, W. of Sheerness

              Munns, J. of St. Albans

              Munro, Benjamin of London

              Munsey, David of Cambridge

              Munster, George of Bristol

              Murch, John and Matthew of Honiton

              Murch, John of Honiton.

              Murch, Matthew of Honiton

              Murfitt, J. of Cottenham

              Murfitt, John of Cottenham Cambridge

              Murfitt, Rayment of Cottenham, Cambridge

              Murfitt, Robert of Littleport, Ely

              Murphy, J.H. of Leigh

              Murphy, James William of Leigh

              Murphy, Robert of Appleton

              Murray & Co. of London

              Murray & Mitchell of London

              Murray & Strachan of London

              Murray Family of Longtown, Scotland

              Murray, Andrew of Bellingham

              Murray, David of Edinburgh

              Murray, Frederick of London

              Murray, J. jun of Hastings

              Murray, James of London

              Murray, James of Rothbury and Sunderland

              Murray, John W. of Newcastle

              Murray, John of Aberdeen

              Murray, John of Longtown and Dumfries

              Murray, Joshua Joyce of London

              Murray, Joshua of London

              Murray, Robert of Bellignham and Richmond, Yorkshire

              Murray, Willam of Liskeard

              Murray, William of Edinburgh, Dumfries, Longtown, and Bellingham

              Murray, William of Longtown, Bellingham and Rothbury

              Murray, William of West Jesmond, Newcastle

              Murrell, Henry of Putney

              Murrell, William John of Brandon

              Muscutt, James of Nuneaton

              Musgrave, Richard of Maryport, Darlston

              Musgrove, James of Burton-Upon-Trent

              Musgrove, John of Keswick

              Musgrove, Joseph of Burton-Upon-Trent

              Muskett, Frederick Thomas of London

              Mussell, F.E of Crowborough

              Mussell, John of Hove

              Mussell, T. of Middlesborough

              Musson, Balthazar and George of Louth

              Muston and Gath of Bristol

              Muston, Charles of London

              Muston, George of London

              Mutch, John of Prescot

              Mutter & Herr of Liverpool

              Mutter, Julius of Salford

              Muzzell, Cornelius of Horsham

              Myall, Charles of Framlingham

              Mycock,Thomas of Waterfall

              Mycock,Thomas of Waterhouses

              Myer, Abraham of Hereford

              Myer, Israel of Sheffield

              Myers, Abraham of London

              Myers, Daniel of London

              Myers, John & Co of Chaux de Fonds

              Myers, John & Co of London

              Myers, John of London

              Myers, Joseph of Manchester

              Myers, Mary of London

              Myers, Richard of Darlington

              Myers, Solomon of London

              Myers, Thomas Henry of Birkenhead, Cheshire

              Myers, Thomas of Sheffield

              Mylbourne, Samuel of London

              Mylne, George E. of London

              Mylrea, Basil of Hulme, Manchester

              Mylrea, Basil of Manchester

              Mylrea, Edward A. of Manchester

              Nadal, Jean of London

              Nadauld, William of London

              Naftel, Thomas Andre of Guernsey

              Nahim, David of Westcliff

              Nahim, L. . of Southend

              Nahim, Lena, . of Westcliff

              Nahim, Lionel D of Southend

              Naish, Theo of Bristol & Clutton

              Nancollas, Anthony of Falmouth

              Nargale, Philip of Wolverhampton

              Nash, Albert of Reading

              Nash, F.W. of Upton Park

              Nash, Frederick Francis of London

              Nash, George of London

              Nash, Henry of Forest gate

              Nash, Irving of Rotherham

              Nash, Elizabeth C of Manor Park

              Nash, William J. of Liverpool

              Nash, William James of Liverpool

              Nash, William of Bridge and Canterbury

              Nash, William of Plaistow

              Nash, William of Upton Park

              Nathan & Levi of Liverpool

              Nathan, Asher of Manchester

              Nathan, D. of Canterbury

              Nathan, David of Liverpool

              Nathan, Elias of Manchester

              Nathan, John of Liverpool

              Nathan, L & J of Manchester

              Nathan, Lewis R. of Liverpool

              Nathan, Mosely of Liverpool

              Nathan, Philip of Liverpool

              Nathan, Phillip of Liverpool

              Nathan, Phineas of London

              Nathan, Samuel of Bredbury

              National Time Recorders Ltd.

              Naunton, Charles of Woodbridge

              Naunton, G. of Rochford

              Naunton, George of Rochford

              Naunton, W.J of Woodbridge

              Navey, William of Cleckheaton

              Nayler, F.C. of Leyton

              Naylor, Andrew of Scotter, Kirkton in Lindsey

              Naylor, Edward of London

              Naylor, J. of London

              Naylor, J.F. of Penge

              Naylor, James of Liverpool

              Naylor, W.L. of Sheffield

              Naylor, William of Owston, Bawtry

              Neal, E.M. Miss of Northampton

              Neal, E.D. of Southampton

              Neal, Henry J of Bourne

              Neal, Henry Johnson of Bourne

              Neal, Henry of Liverpool

              Neal, John of London

              Neal, Roy, Ltd of Luton

              Neal, William of Manchester

              Neale & Simmonds of Frinton-on-Sea

              Neale, George of Hackney Wick

              Neale, H. of London

              Neale, Henry of London

              Neale, John of Liverpool

              Neale, Thomas of Newtown

              Neale, W. of Brighton

              Neale, William of Brighton

              Neale, William of Liverpool

              Neame, William John of Stonehouse, Plymouth

              Neat, George Thomas of London

              Need, Robert of London

              Needham, James G. of Rotherham

              Needham, James Goodrick of Rotherham

              Neely, Robert of Maghera Ireland

              Neep, William Edward John of Cambridge

              Neeve, Benjamin, of Saxmundham

              Neighbour, W. of Tetsworth

              Neilson, Robert of Liverpool

              Neilson, Thomas Walker of London

              Neilson, Thomas of London

              Neilson, William of Tobermore

              Neineger, W. of Brighton

              Nelmes, Robert of London

              Nelson, John of Limerick, Ireland

              Nelson, Barnett P. of Liverpool

              Nelson, Charles of Manchester

              Nelson, Gerard of Liverpool

              Nelson, Henry of Birkenhead

              Nelson, James of Liverpool

              Nelson, John of Bury

              Nelson, John of Liverpool

              Nelson, John of London

              Nelson, Robert of Liverpool

              Nelson, Robert of Manchester

              Nelson, T. of Woodstock

              Nelson, Thomas of Liverpool

              Nelson, Thomas of London

              Nesbitt, George of B.W Sunderland

              Nesbitt, James of Sheffield

              Nesham, Joseph of Sunderland

              Ness, G of Kirby Moorside

              Nethercott, Henry Jn of Wellington

              Netherton, Arthur of Leytonstone

              Nettleship, Frederick of Sheffield

              Netto, J. of London

              Neuens, Peter of London

              Neuhoff, Theodore of London

              Neuman, Levi of Dudley

              Neumann, Charles of London

              Neuren, D.B.D of London

              Neve , Henry of London

              Nevill, John of Norwich

              Newall, Henry of Cleobury Mortimer

              Newbery, William of Dorking

              Newbitt, Charles Robert of Epworth

              Newbitt, Charles Robert of Gainsborough

              Newbould, John of Parkgate, Rotherham

              Newbould, Willaim A of Sheffield

              Newby of Kendal

              Newby, James & William

              Newby, Richard of Liverpool

              Newby, William of Halesworth

              Newcomb, W.A. & Co. of Liverpool

              Newcombe, R of Henley-in-Arden, Birmingham

              Newell, S.G. of Barnes

              Newington, Harry of Wadhurst, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

              Newington, J. O. of Hurst Green

              Newland, J. of Frensham, Farnham

              Newlands, John Buchanan of Paisley

              Newlyn, Alfred of London

              Newman, Alfred James of Guildford

              Newman, Allan Edward of Croydon

              Newman, Edward of Wisbeach

              Newman, George of Crediton

              Newman, J. of Chatham

              Newman, John of Bournmouth

              Newman, William of London

              Newnham, Edwin of Coulsdon

              Newsome, E. of Leeds

              Newson, George A. of Wokingham

              Newson, NelsonWellinginton of Halesworth

              Newstead, William of Repton

              Newton & Boyce of Ipswich

              Newton Brothers of Bradford

              Newton, Francis of Norwich

              Newton, H.E. . of Grays

              Newton, John of London

              Newton, Joseph of Liverpool

              Newton, Thomas Wallace of Salisbury

              Newton, Thomas of Manchester

              Newton, William Frederick of Gravesend

              Newton, William of London

              Newton, William of Saffron Walden

              Niablingate, William of Liverpool

              Niblett, F of Weston-super-Mare

              Niblett, F.T.Y. of Hammersmith

              Nichels, H.W. of Leigh

              Nichlson, Edwin of Boston

              Nichol & Chadwick of Bury

              Nichol, Thomas of Radcliffe

              Nicholas, Caleb of Birmingham

              Nicholas, J. of Daventry

              Nicholas, Jeremiah of Liverpool

              Nicholas, John Samuel of Daventry

              Nicholas, Samuel & Son of London

              Nicholas, Stephen of London

              Nicholas, William of London

              Nicholds, Edward of Brewood

              Nicholds, Thomas of Brewood

              Nicholls, Edward of London

              Nicholls, H. & Co. of Liverpool

              Nicholls, Hammond of Canterbur

              Nicholls, Henry John of Liverpool

              Nicholls, Henry of Liverpool

              Nicholls, John Robert of Gillingham

              Nicholls, John of Plympton-Earl

              Nicholls, R.C. of Leominster

              Nicholls, Richard C. of Leominster

              Nichols, A.L. of Streatham

              Nichols, George E of Cambridge

              Nichols, Peter of Parkgate, Rotherham

              Nichols, William R of Walton-on-the-Naze

              Nichols, William of Cheltenham

              Nicholson, Benjamin of Plymouth

              Nicholson, Charles of Brighton

              Nicholson, G. of Wandsworth

              Nicholson, George of London S.W

              Nicholson, H. of Brighton

              Nicholson, James of Brighton

              Nicholson, R & Co. of London

              Nickalls & Knight of Reigate

              Nickalls, T. of Reigate

              Nickels & Son of Goodmays

              Nickisson, John of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Nickisson, S. of London

              Nicklin, W.G. of Guildford

              Nickolds, Edward of Brewood

              Nicks, John of Exmouth

              Nicole & Co. of London

              Nicole Nielson Ltd of London

              Nicole, Nielsen & Co. of London

              Nicoll, John of London

              Nicoll, W. of London

              Nidd, Robert W of Grimsby

              Nieuetun, of London

              Nightingale & Davies of Manchester

              Nimenko, W. of Ipswich

              Ninnes, J. W. of Tunbridge Wells

              Nix, P.W. of Northampton

              Nixon, J. of Newcastle

              Nixon, S. Henry of Bridlington

              Nixon, Thomas & Son of Sheffield

              Noakes, G.R. of Peterborough

              Noakes, J. of Battle

              Noakes, J. of Hurst Green

              Noakes, James of London

              Nobb, W.S. of Lowerstoft

              Nobbs, Alfred of Coggeshall

              Nobbs, Henry C of Scunthorpe

              Nobbs, William Stephen of Lowerstoft

              Nobel, William of Brixton

              Noble, A.E. of Bromley

              Noble, Hugh James of Liverpool

              Noble, J. of Brentwood

              Nokes, John of Hulme, Manchester

              Nolan & Wilkinson of Liverpool

              Nolan, John of Liverpool

              Nolloth, William H. of Bungay

              Noon, Thomas of Burton-Upon-Trent

              Noquet, William Benjamin of Middleton-in-Teesdale, Darlington

              Norbury Clock and Watch Co of London

              Norbury, John & Son of Liverpool

              Norbury, John N. Liverpool

              Norbury, John of Liverpool

              Norcross, Frank. of Manchester

              Nordmann, Jules of London

              Norman, Albert of Wanstead

              Norman, Charles of Peterborough

              Norman, Charles of Willingham, St Ives

              Norman, Edward of Sherborne

              Norman, H & A of Wimbledon

              Norman, Henry of London

              Norman, J.P. Ltd of Southampton

              Norman, James of Prescot

              Norman, Ralph of Poole

              Norman, Thomas of Eckington, Chesterfield

              Norman, Thomas of Eckington, Shefield

              Normington, David of Stokesley

              Norminton, James of Hallifax

              Norris & Campbell of Liverpool

              Norris of Whittlesey

              Norris, A of Salisbury

              Norris, Alfred of London

              Norris, Arthur J of Whittlesey

              Norris, Arthur Thomas of Horsham

              Norris, Edwin of Canvey Island

              Norris, Francis of Liverpool

              Norris, George Alfred of London

              Norris, George of Aldborough

              Norris, George of Woodbridge

              Norris, H. of London

              Norris, Henry J of Coventry

              Norris, Henry of Liverpool

              Norris, J. of Brighton

              Norris, James of Whittlesey

              Norris, John Alfred of March

              Norris, Patrick of Liverpool

              Norris, Sabina . of March

              Norris, Thomas of Eccleshall

              Norris, Thomas of Norbury

              Norris, Thomas of Whittlesey

              Norris, W. of Mortlake

              Norris, Walter James of Lowerstoft

              Norris, William of Liverpool

              North, Alfred of Ilford

              North, Charles of London

              North, Henry of Ilford

              North, J. jun of Great Ilford

              North, James & Sons of Great Ilford

              North, James of Great Ilford

              North, Thomas of London

              Northen, Richard of Hull

              Northern Jewellers of Llandudno

              Northern, Richard of Hull

              Northey, John of London

              Northfield, Henry J. of London

              Northfield, W.H. of Ipswich

              Northgraves, Denton of Hull

              Northwood, James of Newport, Shropshire

              Norton, C. of Tottenham

              Norton, C. of Tottenham

              Norton, Eardley of London

              Norton, Henry of Stamford

              Norton, Samuel of London

              Norville of Gloucester

              Notermann, Fabian Sebastian of London

              Nottingham & Walsh Ltd. Torquay

              Noyes, Thomas William of Bracknell

              Nundy, George Espin of Stamford

              Nunn, James A. of Coggeshall

              Nunn, James Alma of Braintree

              Nunn, James of Stowmarket

              Nunn, W. of Lowerstoft

              Nurenburg, Nathan of Croydon

              Nurse, Richard of Snettisham

              Nurse, Thomas of Kings Lynn

              Nuwendam & Kluyskens of London

              Nye, Edward of Pulborough

              Nye, Edwin James of Cheshunt

              Nye, T. of Chatham

              O'Brian, J of Canterbury

              O'Clee & Son of Folkestone

              O'Clee, A. of Shefford, Biggleswade

              O'Clee, Alfred of Shefford

              O'Clee, J. of Luton

              O'Connor, T. of Merionethshire

              O'Connor, Timothy of Manchester

              O'Connor, Timothy of Salford

              O'Dell, Charles of Southend

              O'Keefe, John of Liverpool

              O'Neill, Thomas of Durham

              O'Reilly, Michael & John of Liverpool

              Oakden, Thomas of Pendleton, Manchester

              Oakes, John of Liverpool

              Oakes, John of Oldham

              Oakley, William of London

              Oberle, Adolph of Manchester

              Oberle, Otto of Manchester

              Oberle, Paul of Manchester

              Oclee, Edwin John of Markyate Street

              Oclee, John of Luton

              Oclee, John of Ramsgate

              Odell, Tom of Grimsby

              Odell, Tom of Weelsby, Grimsby

              Odgers, J.C. of Eston, Middlesborough

              Odgers, William Herbert of Sheffield

              Odling, William of Navenby

              Offer, Edwin Arthur of Worthing

              Ogden, Mary of Darlington

              Ogden, Samuel of Mexborough, Rotherham

              Ogden, Thomas of Oldham

              Ogden, William of Eastbourne

              Ogg, Alexander of Leeds

              Ogg, William of

              Oglesby, T.R. of Liverpool

              Oglethorp, Joseph of Middleton-in-Teesdale

              Ogletree, James of B.W. Sunderalnd

              Ohlschliiger, Theodore of London

              Okell, George of East Ham

              Older, P. of Guildford

              Older, Peter Upton of Guildford

              Oldfield, Robert C. of Liverpool

              Oldham, A & Son Rochdale

              Oldham, Charles of Southam, Warwickshire

              Oldham, Hurbert of Sheffield

              Oldham, John of Southam

              Oldham, Joseph of Liverpool

              Oldham, Thomas of Hyde

              Oldreive, L.R. of Herne Bay

              Oldridge, Henry W. of Birkenhead

              Oldridge, Henry W. of Liverpool

              Oliphant, Robert of London

              Olive, Frederick of Penryn

              Olive, John of Falmouth

              Olive, Thomas of Penryn

              Oliver, Harry of Grimsby

              Oliver, James of Sutton Bridge, Wisbech

              Oliver, Richard James of London

              Oliver, William of London

              Oliver, William of Newcastle

              Olling, Charles of Chadwell Heath

              Ollivant & Botsford of Manchester

              Ollivant, J.T. & J. of Manchester

              Ollivant, Thomas & John of Manchester

              Ollive, Thomas of Tenterden

              Olorenshaw, Joseph & Co. of London

              Olphert, Charles Robert of Barnes

              Olphert, Edgar S. of Kingston

              Onett, William of London

              Onwood, Leopold of Romford

              Opie, Phillip of Brightlinsea

              Opoczynski, J. of Bedford

              Oppenheim, E. of London

              Oppenheim, William of London

              Oppermann, Carl of London

              Opwood, Henry of Cottenham

              Oram George of London

              Oram, A.H. of London

              Oram, Alexander Frederick of London

              Oram, George Jarvis of London

              Oram, H. of Finchley

              Oram, Henry of Finchley

              Orams, George F of Manningtree

              Orams, J.E. of Newbury

              Orams, Jeremiah of Chelmsford

              Orams, Jeremiah of Daventry

              Orams, Mrs J & Son of Daventry

              Orchard, Henry of Fowey

              Orchard, J.M of Stratford East

              Ord, Matthew of Hexam

              Ordoyno, George of Nottingham

              Orford, Edward of Liverpool

              Orford, Robert of London

              Organ, William of Bideford

              Orgion, John of Stockport

              Orme, Henry of Manchester

              Ormes, Brothers of Walthamstow

              Ormes, Edward of Stratford

              Ormes, Edward of Walthamstow

              Ormes, Thomas of Oldham

              Orpwood, George of London

              Orpwood, R.W. of London

              Orpwood, William of Woodbridge and Ipswich

              Orr, James of Greenock

              Orrell, John of Preston

              Orrell, Peter of Liverpool

              Orrin, Thomas George of Grays

              Ortelli, A. of Godalming

              Orton, G. of Epsom

              Orton, Hugh of Liverpool

              Orton, John & Co. of Newcastle

              Orton, John of Salford

              Orton, Joshua of Sheffield

              Osborn, F of Bedford

              Osborn, G. of Bedford

              Osborn, George of Bedford

              Osborn, Henry of Bedford

              Osborn, Henry of London

              Osborn, John Frederick of Bedford

              Osborn, John of Bognor

              Osborn, T. of Banbury

              Osborn, William of Kingsbridge

              Osborne & Co. of Grantham

              Osborne & Son of Buckhurst Hill

              Osborne & Wilson

              Osborne Ann & Co of Birmingham

              Osborne Ann & James of Birmingham

              Osborne Ann & Son of Birmingham

              Osborne James of Birmingham

              Osborne, Albert Sidney of Maldon

              Osborne, Alfred of Buckhurst Hill

              Osborne, F of Bury St Edmunds

              Osborne, Henry William & Co. of Bedford

              Osborne, Henry of Colchester

              Osborne, John of Grantham

              Osborne, Joseph of Lane End

              Osborne, Joseph of Longton

              Osborne, Joseph of Newtown

              Osborne, Sidney Septimus of London

              Osborne, Thomas of Soham

              Osborne, William Henry of Bedford

              Osbourn, Arthur B of Burnham

              Osbourn, Francis of Bedford

              Osbourn, Henry of Bedford

              Osbourn, John Frederick of Bedford

              Osbourne, A of Cambridge

              Osbourne, Elam of Hull

              Osbourne, H & Co. of Croydon

              Oswald, Robert of Durham

              Oswin & Co. Ltd. of Leominster

              Oswin, W.H. of Hereford

              Oswin, William Henry of Hereford

              Otley, Jonathan of Keswick

              Ottiwell, John of Ferrar & Limerick

              Otto, Edward of London

              Otty, Adam of Hallifax

              Ousey, Frank of Manchester

              Ovenden, E. of Greenwich

              Ovenden, Frederick J. of Barking

              Ovenden, Frederick J. of Plaistow

              Ovenden, Frederick John of Plaistow

              Over, John of Liverpool

              Over, Thomas of Liverpool

              Overton, Henry of Earlsdon, Coventry

              Owen of Bethesda

              Owen, C. of Newtown

              Owen, Cornelius of Newtown

              Owen, Daniel of Carnarvon

              Owen, E. of Streatham

              Owen, Edward of Birmingham

              Owen, Edwin of Wrexham

              Owen, Elizabeth of Llanrwst

              Owen, Evan of Dolgelly

              Owen, G.E. of Barmouth

              Owen, Griffith Ellis of Barmouth

              Owen, Griffith of Llanrwst, Wales

              Owen, Hugh of Bethesda

              Owen, Hugh of Llanidloes

              Owen, Hugh of Llanrwst and Bangor

              Owen, Humphrey of Carnarvon

              Owen, Humphrey of Llanrwst

              Owen, J.J. of Bethesda

              Owen, J.L. of Bethesda

              Owen, J.W. of Llanerchymedd

              Owen, J.W. of Tal-y-Sarn

              Owen, James L. of London

              Owen, Jane of Blaenau Festiniog

              Owen, John of Amlwch

              Owen, John of Criccieth

              Owen, John of Holyhead

              Owen, John of Llanberis

              Owen, John of Llanerchymedd

              Owen, John of Llanwrst

              Owen, John of Pwllheli

              Owen, Lewis of Pen-y-Groes

              Owen, R. of Llanerchymedd

              Owen, R.P. of Dolgelly

              Owen, Richard of Llanerchymedd

              Owen, Robert of Carnarvon

              Owen, Robert of Llanrwst

              Owen, Robert of Port Dinorwic

              Owen, Samuel of Ilford

              Owen, Shadrach of Amlwch

              Owen, Shadrach of Blaenau Festiniog

              Owen, W. of Holyhead

              Owen, Watkin of Llanrws

              Owen, William & Son of Egham

              Owen, William J. of Dolgelley

              Owen, William of Egham

              Owen, William of Holyhead

              Owen, William of Llanrwst

              Owens, Edwin of Wrexham

              Owens, Griffith of Llanrwst

              Owens, John of Amlwch

              Owens, John of Pwllheli

              Owens, Lewis of Holyhead

              Owens, Owen of Amlwch, Anglesey

              Owens, Owen of Liverpool

              Owens, Owen of Llanerchymedd

              Owens, P. of Prestatyn

              Owens, Percy S. of Prestatyn

              Owens, Richard of Llanerchymedd

              Owens, William of Harlech

              Owens, William of Liverpool

              Owewn, W.J. of Dolgelley

              Owston, John of Keighley

              Owston, William of Malton

              Owttrim, Thomas of London

              Oxbrow, W. of Braintree

              Oxbrow, Walter of Braintree

              Oxbrow, William of Braintree

              Oxford & Sons of Winchester

              Oxley, Edwin J. of Manchester

              Pace, Charles of London

              Pace, Edmund of London

              Pace, H. of Loughton

              Pace, Henry of London

              Pace, Henry of Loughton

              Pace, John of Bury St.Edmunds

              Pace, Thomas of London

              Packer & Son of Newbury

              Packer, Charles of Reading

              Packer, J. of Newbury

              Packer, John of Newbury

              Packer, John of Tingewick & Buckingham

              Packer, Richard of Tingewick

              Packer, William of Buckingham

              Packer, William of London

              Packer, William of Tingewick

              Pacy, P.A. Mrs of Gravesend

              Padbury, T. of Chertsey

              Paddon, William of Modbury

              Padgett, J.W. of Sheffield

              Padgett, Joseph Henry of London

              Padgham, John of Tenterden

              Page, Alfred of South Shields

              Page, Arthur Thomas of Walthamstow

              Page, Charles of Leighton Buzzard

              Page, Charles of London

              Page, Edward of Yoxford

              Page, G of Leytonstone

              Page, George & Son of Navenby

              Page, George of Donington

              Page, George of Guiseborough

              Page, George of Navenby

              Page, J. of Northampton

              Page, J.E. of Bournmouth

              Page, John Austin of Caistor

              Page, John Edward of Hereford

              Page, John Edward of Leominster

              Page, John of Brighton

              Page, John of Market Rasen

              Page, Robert of Yarmouth

              Page, Saul Bensley of Bungay

              Page, Stanley R of Ilford

              Page, Thomas of Caistor

              Page, Thomas of Market Rasen

              Page, William George of Faversham

              Page, William Robert of London

              Page, William of London

              Paiba, Henry of Brentwood

              Paillard, Vaucher Fills & Co. of London

              Pailthorp, Arthur Charles, Mrs of Cleethorpes

              Pailthorp, Arthur Charles, Mrs of Grimsby

              Pailthorp, Charles of Louth

              Pailthorp, Daniel of Grimsby

              Pain & Grant of Windsor

              Pain of Godstone

              Pain, G. of Dover

              Pain, George Jnr of Stow

              Pain, M. of Sandwich

              Paine & Balliston of London

              Paine, A.J & Son of Canterbury

              Paine, Charles of London

              Paine, J. of Banbury

              Paine, J. of Chipping Norton

              Paine, J.P. of London

              Paine, James of Shoreham

              Paine, John P. of London

              Paine, Richard of Windsor

              Paine, Thomas Richard of London

              Paine, Thomas of London

              Painter, John of Liverpool

              Palethorpe, A. & J. of Rhyl

              Palethorpe, Harry of Rhyl

              Palfryman, William of Liverpool

              Pallant, Charles Nathaniel of London

              Palmer, Adam of Haddenham, Ely

              Palmer, Benjamin of Bromyard

              Palmer, C. of Henley-on-Thames

              Palmer, C.R. of Henley-upon-Thames

              Palmer, Charles of Hastings

              Palmer, Clifton Rodney. of Ipswich

              Palmer, Edwin of Taunton

              Palmer, Frank of Chelmsford

              Palmer, Frank of Chelmsford

              Palmer, Fred and Son of Leatherhead

              Palmer, Fred of Leatherhead

              Palmer, Frederick of Louth

              Palmer, George of Billericay

              Palmer, Henry Phillips of Leominster

              Palmer, Henry of Haverhill

              Palmer, Henry of Leominster

              Palmer, J. of Oxford

              Palmer, John Henry of London

              Palmer, Joshua of London

              Palmer, Robert of Cambridge

              Palmer, Robert of London

              Palmer, Sebastian of Chippenham

              Palmer, T. of Croydon

              Palmer, Thomas of Brighton

              Palmer, Thomas of Croydon

              Palmer, W. of Oxford

              Palmer, W.E. of Montgomery

              Palmer, Whitfield of Newbury

              Palmer, William E. of Maidstone

              Palmer, William of Epping

              Panil, Philip of London

              Pannett, Frank of Lewes

              Panter, Frank of Manchester

              Panter, George W of Bedford

              Panter, George of Rushden

              Panton, Bert Charles of Lincoln

              Pape, John of Blyth

              Pape, William of London

              Pardoe, Horace E of Cheltenham

              Paris, T. J. & Co. of Liverpool

              Park, Henry of Barnsley

              Park, James of Preston

              Park, James of Salford

              Parke, Joseph of Liverpool

              Parker, A.H. of Sheffield

              Parker, Alfred James of Swindon

              Parker, Charles H. of Ilford

              Parker, Charles Thomas of Withington

              Parker, F. of Stratford

              Parker, G. of Daventry

              Parker, George of Leeds

              Parker, George of Nuthurst, Birmingham

              Parker, George of Sawtry, Peterborough

              Parker, George of Ulverston

              Parker, H. of London

              Parker, Henry of London

              Parker, Henry of Sheffield

              Parker, Isabla, Mrs of Otley

              Parker, James of Retford

              Parker, James of Sheffield

              Parker, John of Lindfield

              Parker, John of Liverpool

              Parker, John of London

              Parker, Joseph of Pudsey

              Parker, Philip of Limerick

              Philip Parker of Limerick

              Parker, Richard of Hereford

              Parker, Richard of Salford

              Parker, Thomas of London

              Parker, Thomas of Pudsey

              Parker, William & Sons of Sheffield

              Parker, William T. of South Norwood

              Parker, William of Hillsborough, Sheffield

              Parker, William of Manchester

              Parkes, W.F. & Son of Braintree

              Parkes, W.F. of Braintree

              Parkes, H.A & W.F. of Braintree

              Parkes, Henry A & W.F. of Braintree

              Parkes, Henry of Bedford

              Parkes, William of Liverpool

              Parkhouse & Wyatt of Southampton

              Parkhouse, S.A of Brighton

              Parkin, George of Bishop Auckland

              Parkin, George of Gateshead

              Parkin, George of Newcastle

              Parkin. Richard A. of Liverpool

              Parkins & Gotto of London

              Parkins, W.G. of Ramsgate

              Parkinson & Bouts of London

              Parkinson & Co. of London

              Parkinson & Frodsham of London

              Parkinson, George A. of Liverpool

              Parkinson, H. of London

              Parkinson, Thomas of Bury

              Parlington, William of London

              Parlow, -- of Montgomery

              Parlow, Alfred of Montgomery

              Parlsow, John Richard of Chelmsford

              Parlsow, John of Chelmsford

              Parmer, Charles of Bedminster, Bristol

              Parnell, Frederick Charles of London

              Parnell, Thomas & Henry of London

              Parnell, Thomas of London

              Parr, Edward of London

              Parr, George Henry of Wallsend

              Parr, John of Liverpool

              Parr, Mary of Liverpool

              Parr, William C. of Beswick

              Parr, William of Liverpool

              Parrish, Charles of Stokesley

              Parriss, Joseph of Rugby

              Parroe, T. of Kilburn

              Parry & Griffiths of Pwllheli

              Parry, David of Carnarvon

              Parry, John of Mold

              Parry, John of Rhosllanerchrugog

              Parry, John of Ruthin

              Parry, John of Tremadoc

              Parry, John of Wrexham

              Parry, O. of Barmouth

              Parry, Owen of Barmouth

              Parry, Owen of Pwllheli

              Parry, R. of Pwllheli

              Parry, Robert of Pwllheli.

              Parry, T. & Son of Conway

              Parry, Thomas of Conway

              Parry, William J. of Penrhyn Deudraeth

              Parry, William John of Liverpool

              Parslow, John of Liverpool

              Parson, Donald of Perth

              Parsonage, John of Liverpool

              Parsons, A. of Harwich

              Parsons, A.A of Harwich

              Parsons, A.C. of Harwich

              Parsons, Alfred Augustus & Son of Harwich

              Parsons, Augustus William of Harwich

              Parsons, C. of Luton

              Parsons, E.G and Son of Romford

              Parsons, Edward Arthur of Ilford

              Parsons, Frank A. of Woking

              Parsons, George Frederick of London

              Parsons, J. S. of Old Brentwood

              Parsons, J. of Chipping Norton

              Parsons, J. of Ealing

              Parsons, Joseph S. of Ealing

              Parsons, T of Halesworth

              Partenschlager, Joseph of London

              Partington, Joseph of Manchester

              Partington, William of London

              Parton, William of Sunderland

              Partridge, & Co. of Chadwell Heath

              Partridge, C. of London

              Partridge, James of Forest gate

              Partridge, Robert of Chadwell Heath

              Partridge, William H. of Reading

              Parys, L. of Luton

              Pascoe, Hodgson of Penzance

              Pass, Edwin of Coventry

              Passmore, Richard of Barnstaple

              Passmore, Richard of Torrington

              Passmore, Sns of Plymouth

              Patchett, Luke of Hebden Bridge

              Patching, H of Shoreham

              Pateck of London

              Patek, Phillippe & Co. of London

              Paterson, John of Airdrie and Coatbridge

              Patient, Charles of Southend

              Patient, William & Co. of London

              Patrick, J. of Strood

              Patten, Evelyn Maurice of Southend

              Patten, Percy John of Witham

              Patten, Robert of Liverpool

              Pattenden, Edward of Caterham, Caterham Valley

              Patterson, James of Manchester

              Patterson, Robert of Liverpool

              Pattinson, S & J. W. Mrs of Worksop

              Patton's of Guildford

              Patton, Robert of Liverpool

              Pattrick,Thomas of Wisbech

              Paul, J.N. Ltd. of Abingdon

              Paul, James Nairne of Abingdon

              Paul, William G. of Croydon

              Paveley, James Durval of London

              Pawson, Elijah of Boston

              Paxton, J. of St. Neots

              Paxton, W. of St. Neot's

              Payne & Co. of Bath

              Payne & Son of Hadleigh, Suffolk

              Payne, C. of Abingdon

              Payne, Charles & Robert of Abingdon

              Payne, Charles of Abingdon

              Payne, E of Bradford on Avon

              Payne, E.W. (Bromley) Ltd of Beckenham

              Payne, F.R. of Sheffield

              Payne, Fred of Cranbrook

              Payne, Frederick of London

              Payne, George A & Son Ltd of Bournmouth

              Payne, George of Hadleigh, Suffolk

              Payne, H. Mrs of Sheffield

              Payne, H. of Sheffield

              Payne, J. of London

              Payne, James of London

              Payne, John & Son of Wallingford

              Payne, John Gosford of Wallingford

              Payne, John of Hadleigh

              Payne, Richard of London

              Payne, Richard of London

              Payne, T of Banbury

              Payne, W.P. of Banbury

              Payne, William & Co. of London

              Payne, William of London

              Payne, William of Ludlow

              Payne, William of Wallingford

              Peach, H of Griffithstown

              Peach, H. of Bridport

              Peach, Henry of Beaminster

              Peach, J. of Colwyn Bay

              Peacock, George of London

              Peacock, J. of Huntingdon

              Peacock, John of Huntingdon

              Peacock, Samuel of Kimbolton

              Peacock, W. of Kimbolton

              Peacock, William of Chatteris

              Peaff, C. of Brighton

              Peak, Robert of London

              Peake, Thomas of London

              Pearce, B. of Machynlleth

              Pearce, B.M. of Corwen

              Pearce, Benjamin of Machynlleth

              Pearce, Benjamin of Towyn

              Pearce, C. of Malvern

              Pearce, E. of Leytonstone

              Pearce, Edward of Bourne

              Pearce, Edward of Launceston

              Pearce, Edwin Roper Johnstone of London

              Pearce, G. of Aberdovey

              Pearce, George Weeks of Liverpool

              Pearce, George of Buckley

              Pearce, George of Liverpool

              Pearce, George of Machynlleth

              Pearce, George of Ruabon

              Pearce, H.J. of Manor Park

              Pearce, Henry & Sons of Grantham

              Pearce, Henry & Sons of Huddersfield

              Pearce, Henry & Sons of Leeds

              Pearce, Henry & Sons of Leicester

              Pearce, Henry of Grantham

              Pearce, Henry of Huddersfield

              Pearce, Henry of Leeds

              Pearce, Herbert John of West Norwood

              Pearce, James of Hull

              Pearce, James of Redditch

              Pearce, John of London

              Pearce, John of St Agnes

              Pearce, John of Stratford upon Avon

              Pearce, K.J. of Poole

              Pearce, Thomas of Bourne

              Pearce, Thomas of Kew

              Pearce, William George of London

              Pearce, William of London

              Pearce, William of Newbury

              Pearce, William of Stratford-on-Avon

              Peardon, John of Dalston

              Peardon, Richard of London

              Pearey, Richard of London

              Pearkes, Frederick of London

              Pearman, E. of Kings Langley

              Pearman, Edward of Hemel Hempstead

              Pearman, Edward of Royston

              Pearman, Mary, Mrs of Hemel Hempstead

              Pears, G of Coventry

              Pearse & Bounsall of Tavistock

              Pearse, George Thomas of Radstock, Bath

              Pearse, Thomas of Cirencester

              Pearson, Albert of Sheffield

              Pearson, Alfred Alexander of Ilford

              Pearson, C. of Towcaster

              Pearson, Edmund of Stony Stratford

              Pearson, Edward L. of London

              Pearson, Fanny, Mrs of Sheffield

              Pearson, Frederick Vincent of Sheffield

              Pearson, H. of Oxford

              Pearson, Henry Andrew of London

              Pearson, James Molesworth of Bidgnorth

              Pearson, John Leigh of London

              Pearson, John of Louth

              Pearson, John, of Bishop Auckland

              Pearson, R. of Shildon

              Pearson, Thomas of Lowerstoft

              Pearson, Tom of Sheffield

              Pearson, William of Berwick

              Pearson, William of Blackburn

              Pearson, William of Sheffield

              Pearsons, Earnest George of Romford

              Pearsons, Thomas of Lowerstoft

              Peaty, Alfred C of Castle Cary SO

              Peaty, D. of Dorchester

              Peaty, Frederick of Chard

              Pechey, Arthur of Ipswich

              Peck, F. Jun. of Richmond

              Peck, Herbert S. of Southwold

              Peck, W. of Sharnbrook

              Peckover, Richard of London

              Pedduck, Henry of Hanley

              Pedley, Thomas of Derby

              Pedrone, Lewis of Liverpool

              Pedrone, Louis of Liverpool

              Peel, James of Bradford

              Peel, Robert Francis of Louth

              Peers, George of Chester

              Peet, R.S. of Norbiton, Kingston

              Pegden, Thomas of Sandwich

              Pegden, V. of Deal

              Pegler, Edwin S. of Hallifax

              Peirson, J. Worthy of London

              Pell, A.J. of West Mersey

              Pell, John of Sheffield

              Pellai, Antonio of London

              Pellant, William of Harpenden

              Pellant, William of St Albans

              Pemberton, Alexander Houston of St. Helens

              Pembroke, J.E. of Bedford

              Pembroke, James Earl of Bedford

              Pembroke, James of Bradford

              Pendergast, William of Manchester

              Pendlebury, James T. of Manchester

              Pendleton, John of Prescot

              Penfold, J. of East Dulwich

              Pengelly, John of Barnstaple

              Penistan, John of Horncastle

              Penlington & Hemingway of Liverpool

              Penlington, John of Liverpool

              Penlington, Joseph of Manchester

              Penlington, Samuel of Liverpool

              Penlington, Thomas of Liverpool

              Penn & Knight of London

              Penn, John & Son of London

              Penn, Walter E of Storrington, Pulborough

              Penn, Walter E. of Brixton

              Pennell, Mary of Lichfield

              Pennell, William Henry of Bromyard

              Pennington & Typke of London

              Pennington, Christopher of Kendal

              Pennington, Francis of Manchester

              Pennington, James of Liverpool

              Pennington, Jno. of Liverpool

              Pennington, John of Liverpool

              Pennington, John of London

              Pennington, Joseph of Liverpool

              Pensotti, J. of Gravesend

              Pentecost, Charles Frederick of London

              Pentecost, Charles of London

              Pentecost, William of Saint Austell

              Penton, Charles of London

              Peplow, William of Wellington

              Pepper, B. Mrs of Potton, Sandy

              Pepper, John of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Pepper, R. of Corbridge

              Pepper, William George of Rhyl

              Perangley, V. of Wimbourne

              Percey, Zephaniah of Mendlesham

              Percival, T. J. of Woolwich

              Percy Brothers of Walthamstow

              Percy, Charles of Framlingham

              Percy, Charles of Walthamstow

              Percy, Frederick of Stonham

              Percy, John H of Stowmarket

              Percy, John Hotspur of Stonham

              Percy, John of Debenham

              Percy, John, F of Stowmarket

              Perigal &Dut(t)errau of London

              Perigal, Francis & Son of London

              Perigal, John of London

              Perivale Clock Manufacturing

              Perkin, Frederick K. of Wakefield

              Perkin, John of Altofts, Wakefield

              Perkins, Francis Joseph of Frome

              Perkins, J.F. of Peterborough

              Perkins, T. of Peterborough

              Perkins, William of North Shields

              Perks, Harry of Manchester

              Perks, John of Wednesbury

              Perren, Loie Smith of Hull

              Perrenoud, F. of London

              Perret Fils, D. of London

              Perrett, Felix of Roadhill

              Perrett, J of Cleveden

              Perrett, William Edward of Weston-super-Mare

              Perrier, M.A. of London

              Perrin, William of Liverpool

              Perring, Henry sen. of London

              Perrins, A.H.L. & Son of Ipswich

              Perrott, James of Bristol

              Perry & Co. Ltd. of London

              Perry Brothers of Southend

              Perry, B. W. of Stockton

              Perry, Christian K. of Liverpool

              Perry, Christian of Liverpool

              Perry, F. of Wimbledon

              Perry, G of Bournmouth

              Perry, John & Son of London

              Perry, John of London

              Perry, Robert W. of Manchester

              Perryman, John of Barnstaple

              Perthen, Edward of Canning Town

              Perthen, William H. of Rainham

              Peskett, S of Lewes

              Petch, Alfred of Conway

              Petegrew, Robert of Carluke

              Peterkin, Eliz. Mrs of Sheffield

              Peterkin, John of London

              Peters, E.J. of Hereford

              Peters, James B.G. of Liverpool

              Peters, James Buchanan Graham of Liverpool

              Peters, James Whyte & Co. of Liverpool

              Peters, James of Cambridge

              Peters, Jonathan of Bristol (03 Dec 2004)

              Pethick, John Cater of Stratton

              Petit, Frederick William of Hackney

              Petitpierre & Co. of London

              Pettigrew, C. S. of North Shields

              Pettigrew, William of London

              Pettit, Elizabeth, Mrs. of London

              Pettit, John of Epping, Chipping

              Pettit, John of London

              Pettit, William of London

              Petts, W. N. of Hertford

              Petvin, John Finner of Street

              Pexton, John Henry of Beverley

              Pfaf, S. of Oxford

              Pfaff, Charles of Brighton

              Pfahlmer, Albert of London

              Pfeuffar, Hermann of Wimbledon

              Pfrangley, V. of Wimborne

              Pheasant, George of Crowle, Doncaster

              Phelan, Thomas of London

              Philcox, George of Canterbury

              Philcox, George of London

              Philcox, Mervyn of West Norwood

              Philcox, William of Wandsworth

              Philip, Edmund D. of Liverpool

              Philip, James of Callington

              Philip, Richard of Oakhampton

              Philips, Israel & Son of Liverpool

              Philips, Israel of Liverpool

              Philips, John of Bromyard

              Philipson, Henry Sen. of Ulverston

              Philipson, Henry jun of Ulverston

              Philipson, Henry of Ulverston

              Phillip, E. D. of Liverpool

              Phillip, M of Banbury

              Phillipp, Charles of Carshalton

              Phillippo, James of East Rudham

              Phillipps, S. of Forest gate

              Phillips & Curtis of Hull

              Phillips & Phillips of London

              Phillips Brothers & Son of London

              Phillips Brothers of London

              Phillips, Abraham of London

              Phillips, Charles of London

              Phillips, H of Bicester

              Phillips, Henry J of March

              Phillips, Israel of Liverpool

              Phillips, J. of London

              Phillips, James & Charles of London

              Phillips, James of London

              Phillips, James of Southam

              Phillips, Joel of London

              Phillips, John of Rugby

              Phillips, M. of Banbury

              Phillips, P. of London

              Phillips, Philip of London

              Phillips, Phillip Solomon of Hull

              Phillips, Richard H. of Chesterfield

              Phillips, Richard H. of Chesterfield

              Phillips, Robert & Co. of Redhill

              Phillips, Samuel of Liverpool

              Phillips, Sander of London

              Phillips, Thomas of Ludlow

              Phillips, William & Co. of East Ham

              Phillips, Woolf of East Ham

              Phillips-Wodey, James of Southend

              Phillipson of Ulverston

              Phillis, H.A. of Winchester

              Philo, E. of Lambourn

              Philo, Ernest A. of Hungerford

              Philp, Robert James of Brighton

              Philpot, Edward Charles of Sutton

              Philpot, William of London

              Philpott, F.W. of Faversham

              Phipps, Thomas Joseph of Kilburn

              Piaget, Henry of London

              Piaget, Victor of London

              Piccard, Joseph of London

              Pick, Blomfield of Manchester

              Pickard, A. of Brotton

              Pickard, Joseph & Miss Sarah Ann (Geneva) of London

              Picken & Peters of Liverpool

              Pickering, Bernard of Tarporley

              Pickering, George W of Stratford

              Pickering, George of Hull

              Pickering, George of London

              Pickering, Hannah, Mrs of Stratford-on-Avon

              Pickering, John Hunter of Stone

              Pickering, John of Eccleshall

              Pickering, Joseph of Liverpool

              Pickering, William of Atherstone

              Pickering, William of Kilburn

              Pickers, Thomas Henry of Forest gate

              Pickett & Pursers Ltd of Southampton

              Pickett, George James of Abingdon

              Pickett, Thomas of Woodford Green

              Pickford, John of Liverpool

              Pickford, Richard of Liverpool (05 Jul 2002)

              Pickford, William of Duckinfield

              Pickford, William of Stalybridge

              Pickman, William of London

              Pidduck, Henry & Sons of Manchester

              Pidduck, Henry of Hanley and Shelton

              Pidduck, W.B. of Manchester

              Pidgeon, James of Walthamstow

              Pidlyskyj, H. of Bedford

              Pierce, D.D. of Wrexham

              Pierce, Thomas of Berkley l

              Pierrepoint, William of Liverpool

              Pierrepout, William of Liverpool

              Piers, Charles of Liverpool

              Pige, Alexis of London

              Piggin, John of Norwich

              Piggott, Percy H.H. FSCM FIO of Worthing

              Pigott, C.A. of Herne Bay

              Pike & Green of London

              Pike, Edward of Manchester

              Pike, H.C. of Peckham

              Pike, Henry Clark of London

              Pike, R. Mrs. of Eltham

              Pike, William of Totnes

              Pikthall, Robert of Cumbria

              Pilbeam, Frederick, W. of Croydon

              Pilbeam, Thomas of Battle

              Pilch, Robert of North Walsham

              Pile, William of London

              Pilgrim, Henry of London

              Pilgrim, Henry of Wanstead

              Pilgrim, Herbert James of Hollington, St Leonards

              Pilgrim, T. CMBHI of Chelmsford

              Pilgrim, T. of Chelmsford

              Pilkington, Edward of Byker, Newcastle

              Pilkington, Hugh Joseph of Chorley

              Pilling, Alfred of Manchester

              Pilling, Jonathan of Bacup

              Pilot, James of Welshpool

              Pindar, James J. of London

              Pinder, Bertie of Northampton

              Pinfold, A & G of Heckmondwike

              Pinfold, George V. of Margate

              Pinhey, Richard Lear of Plymouth

              Pink, William of Laindon

              Pinkerton, Robert of London

              Pinney, Francis & Sons of Peterborough

              Pinney, Francis & Sons of Stamford

              Pinney, Francis & Sons of Uppingham

              Pinnington, James of Liverpool

              Pinnington, Thomas of Liverpool

              Pinnock, Robert of Sandy

              Pinzing, Martin of West Bromwich

              Piolaine, Joseph & Co. of London

              Pipe, Francis of Southwold

              Pipe, Isaac & William of Manchester

              Piper, L.H of Hove

              Pirkis, G. of Strood

              Pistor, -. of London

              Pitchford, John of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Pitkin, George of London

              Pitman, Henry C of Castle

              Pitman, James of London

              Pitman, Thomas of Bristol

              Pitt, Charles of London

              Pitt, Francis of London

              Pitt, J. of Hackney

              Pitt, John of Basingstoke

              Pitt, John of Hackney

              Pitt, John of London

              Pitt, John of Tetbury

              Pitt, T.S. of Abingdon

              Pitt, Thomas Sargent of Abingdon

              Pitt, Thomas of Abingdon

              Pitt, W. Golledge of London

              Pitt, William Hilson of London

              Pitt, William of London

              Pitt,William of Lowerstoft

              Pizzi & Ortelli of Buckingham

              Place, James of Preston

              Plant, Robert of Bakewell

              Plant, Robert of Stockport

              Plant, Thomas of Tideswell

              Plant, William of Manchester

              Plant, William of Walsall

              Plaskett, Charles of London

              Plaskett, James of London

              Plaskett, Peter of London

              Plaskett, Richard of Ilford

              Plaskett, Rueben of London

              Plasketts of Hornchurch

              Plater, Fras. William of Addlestone

              Plater, Fraser William of Addlestone

              Platman, B.F. of Leyton

              Platt, George of Manchester

              Platter and Collier of London

              Platter, Fras William of Felpham, Bognor Regis

              Platts, John of Mansfield

              Player, H.R. of London

              Player, Horatio J. of London

              Player, Horatio of London

              Player, J and Son of Coventry

              Player, James of Reading

              Player, John of Reading

              Player, John of Wallingford

              Player, Joseph of London

              Player, M.E. Mrs. of Wokingham

              Playford, George Albert of Gainsborough

              Playsted, Frederick Sydney of Tunbridge Wells

              Playsted, William of Newnham

              Pleasance & Beal Ltd of Sheffield

              Pleasance, Charles Ross of Sheffield

              Pleasance, Frederick of London

              Pleass, William of Taunton

              Plimmer, William of Tunstall

              Plimmer, William of Utoxetter

              Plowman, E. Mrs of Colchester

              Plowman, Joseph of Chichester

              Plowman, Thomas of Lancaster

              Pluck, Frank of Denbigh

              Plum, E. Mrs. of Maidenhead

              Plum, E. of Maidenhead

              Plum, S.L. Miss. of Maidenhead

              Plum. Emma, Mrs. of Maidenhead

              Plumbly & Parr of London

              Plumbly, Charles of London

              Plummer, Herbert of Liverpool

              Plummer, John of Ruston (East)

              Plymsell, Henry Vowler of London

              Podmore, Thomas William of Manchester

              Poignand, Louis of Jersey

              Pointon, Joel of Congleton

              Poll, Philip of Bungay

              Pollard, Alexander of Seven Kings

              Pollard, Alexander of seven kings

              Pollard, E. of Sherborne

              Pollard, J of Seaton

              Pollard, J. of Canterbury

              Pollard, John of Crediton

              Pollard, W. of Gravesend

              Pollard, William of Camborne

              Pollard, William of Canterbury

              Pollio, Angelo of Leeds

              Pollitt, Joseph F. of Hulme, Manchester

              Polston & Woolnough of Liverpool

              Pomfrith, Horatio of Manchester

              Pomfritt, Alfred of Manchester

              Pomfritt, Horatio of Manchester

              Poncy, Abraham of London

              Pond, W. of Abingdon

              Pond, William Samuel of London

              Pond, William of Abingdon

              Poney, Francois of London

              Pool, James of Liverpool

              Poole, Arthur G of Barton-on-Humber

              Poole, James of Liverpool

              Poole, James of London

              Poole, John of London

              Poole, T. Gibson of Darlington

              Poole, T. Gibson of Hartlepool

              Poole, T. Gibson of West Hartlepool

              Poole, T.G of Middlesborough

              Poole, Thomas G. of Stockton

              Poole, W. of Whitstable

              Pooley, Alfred of Ealing

              Pooley, John William of Reigate

              Pooley, W. of Dunstable

              Pope, W. of Plymouth

              Popple, John W of Horncastle

              Porter Joseph Metcalfe of Northallerton

              Porter, Charles of Dartford

              Porter, Charles of London

              Porter, Harold of Hove

              Porter, Philip of Ilminster

              Porter, S. of London

              Porter, S. of Wokingham

              Porter, Samuel of London

              Porter, Samuel of Oakingham

              Porter, Samuel of Wokingham

              Porter, Thomas of Gainsborough

              Porter, Thomas of London

              Porter, W. of Great Marlow

              Porter, William of Liverpool

              Porter, William of Marlow

              Porthouse, John of Penrith

              Porthouse, Thomas of London

              Porthouse, William of Penrith

              Portique of Bournmouth

              Portlock, Henry Arthur of London

              Portman, Robert of London

              Postill, Edwin Allison of Beeford

              Poston, Joseph of Liverpool

              Pots, Josh of Hastings

              Potter Brothers of Liverpool

              Potter William of Wotton

              Potter, Alex Henry of Sutton

              Potter, George Augustus of Clerkenwell, London

              Potter, Richard of Manchester

              Potter, Thomas Wilson of London

              Pottier, Joseph Augustus of Walthamstow

              Potts (W) & Sons of Newcastle

              Potts, A. T. of Plaistow

              Potts, W & Sons Ltd of Newcastle

              Potts, William of Leeds

              Poulson, Edward of Newtown

              Poulson, John of London

              Poulton, Edward of Newtown

              Poulton, James of Hetton-le-Hole

              Poulton, R. of London

              Pound, Harry J of Southend

              Pound, Stephen of Shrivenham

              Powell, Albert of Leigh

              Powell, C.A. of Leigh

              Powell, E. of Chester

              Powell, Edward of Chester

              Powell, George of Ilford

              Powell, Henry James of Reading

              Powell, James of London

              Powell, James of Worcester

              Powell, John of London

              Powell, John of Manchester

              Powell, P.G. of Manchester

              Powell, Philip G. of Manchester

              Powell, William Louis of Liverpool

              Powell, William of Liverpool

              Powis, Richard of London

              Pownall, James of Hulme, Manchester

              Pownall, James of Manchester

              Powne, Thomas of East Looe

              Powton, Robert of Stockton

              Poynter, William & Son of Bracknell

              Poynter, William of Bracknell

              Pragnell, Frederick of Northampton

              Prall (Winchester) Ltd of Winchester

              Prall Ltd of Winchester

              Pratt Brothers of London

              Pratt, C. of Chipping Barnet

              Pratt, Charles of Epping

              Pratt, Charles of London

              Pratt, George of Harlow

              Pratt, J. of Bishop Stortford

              Pratt, J. of Bishop Stortford

              Pratt, J. of Huntingdon

              Pratt, J.W. of Bishops Stortford

              Pratt, James & Co. of London

              Pratt, James of London

              Pratt, John of London

              Pratt, John of Nottingham

              Pratt, Matthew of Swaffham

              Pratt, T. of Canterbury

              Pratt, Thomas of Ware

              Pratt, W. of Harlow

              Pratt, W. of Hereford

              Pratt, W. of Sawbridgeworth

              Pratt, William of Canvey Island

              Pratt, William of Great Berkhamstead

              Pratt, William of Harlow

              Pratten, Joseph Thomas of London

              Prebble, James of Margate

              Precey, Edward of Reading

              Preddy, William of Langport

              Preddy, William of Totnes

              Pree, Henry of South Norwood

              Preece, Henry J. of Folkestone

              Preece, Rodolphud of Hereford

              Preiss, Edward of London

              Prentis & Son of London

              Prentis, Daniel of London

              Prescot, George of Chester

              Prescot, John of Prescot

              Prescot, Thomas of Prescot

              Prescott, George of Liverpool

              Prescott, George, Mrs. of Chester

              Prescott, Mrs. of Chester

              Prescott, Thomas of Chester

              Pressinger, John of London

              Prest, John of Bradford

              Prest, Thomas of Bradford

              Prestbury William of Coventry

              Preston, Francis, sen. of Liverpool

              Preston, Henry Wharf of Stanford-le-Hope

              Preston, Job of Prescot

              Preston, John of Prescot

              Preston, John of Spalding

              Preston, Joseph of Prescot

              Preston, Thomas & Co. of Whitby

              Preston, William of Lancaster

              Prestwidge, Thomas Pierson of Southwold

              Prevost, Adolphe S. of London

              Prew, Thomas of Tewkesbury

              Price John of Kennington and Ashford, Kent

              Price, Charles Edwin of London

              Price, Charles of London

              Price, Frederick W. of Barnsley

              Price, G. of Hereford

              Price, George of Hereford

              Price, J. of Wrexham

              Price, James of Ashford

              Price, John of Burslem

              Price, John of Eckington, Shefield

              Price, John of Wrexham

              Price, Joseph of Chatham

              Price, Nathaniel of Hulme, Manchester

              Price, Nathaniel of Manchester

              Price, Nathaniel of Wolverhampton

              Price, P. of Chester

              Price, Paul of Chester

              Price, Peter Darrington of Liverpool

              Price, Robert of Gaythorn

              Price, Robert of Manchester

              Price, T. R. of Maidstone

              Price, T. of Ashford

              Price, William H of Ilford

              Price, William of Reading

              Prices of Southend

              Pridden, Joseph Thomas of Shipley

              Pridden, Joseph of Keighley

              Pridham, Arthur W. of Manchester

              Pridmore, A of Luton

              Pridmore, Alfred of Luton

              Pridmore, Enoch of Luton

              Priest, George of Norwich

              Priest, John of Liverpool

              Priest, Jonas of Liverpool

              Priest, William Jnr of Grantham

              Priest, William Owen of Boston

              Priest, William of Boston

              Priet, James & John of Newark

              Priet, William of Newark

              Primavesi & Co. of Wareham

              Primavesi, A.C. of Reading

              Primavesi, George of Reading

              Primavesi, J. of Poole

              Prince, Albert of Wantage

              Prince, G. of London

              Prince, Isaac of Wantage

              Prince, Issac of Faringdon

              Prince, J. of Hammersmith

              Pringle, D. of Gateshead

              Pringle, Thomas of Sunderland

              Pringle, William of Sunderland

              Prinsky, Elec. of South Shields

              Prinsky, Louis of Stockton

              Prior, Ambrose H. of Ascot

              Prior, Edward of London

              Prior, Thomas Rhea of South Shields

              Pritchard, B. of Epsom

              Pritchard, D. of Wrexham

              Pritchard, David of Carnarvon

              Pritchard, F. of Dover

              Pritchard, George of Handsworth

              Pritchard, George of London

              Pritchard, J. of Edmonton

              Pritchard, John of Chichester

              Pritchard, R.J. of Portmadoc

              Pritchard, Richard of Carnarvon

              Pritchard, Thomas of Leominster

              Pritchard, Thomas of Runcorn

              Pritchard, William of Birmingham

              Pritchett, F. of Croydon

              Probert, Mark of Barking

              Probert, Mark of Southend

              Probin, Thomas of London

              Procter, C.S. of Newcastle

              Procter, Charles S. of Newcastle

              Procter, Sarah of Ross

              Proctor, T. of Ross

              Profaze, George of London

              Profazi, Constantine of London

              Prout & Orr of Hull

              Pruce, James of Swindon

              Pryor, E. Mrs. of London

              Pryor, Robert of London

              Puckeridge, J. of London

              Puckeridge, John of London

              Puckridge, Alfred J. of London

              Puckridge, J. of London

              Puckridge, John of London

              Pugh, R. of Barmouth

              Pugh, Richard Dyke of Liverpool

              Pughe, Lewis of Liverpool

              Pugsley, William of Bristol

              Pullen, Sidney James of Leyton

              Pulman, Philip of Axminster

              Pumbly, James of London

              Pumfrey, William of Polegate

              Purchase, Richard of Yeovil

              Purden , John of London

              Purkis, E. Miss of Newmarket

              Purkiss, Isaac of Newmarket

              Purnell, John of London

              Purser, J & Sons Ltd of Southampton

              Purser, Richard Stephen of London

              Putley, F. of London

              Putley, F. of St Albans

              Putley, Francis of London

              Putley, Frederick W. of Dover

              Putman, Norris of Walthamstow

              Putnam, N. of Walthamstow

              Putnam, Norris of Walthamstow

              Putnam, William Norris of Walthamstow

              Puttick, W.G & Son of Worthing

              Pybus, William of Wisbech

              Pye, H.A of Canterbury

              Pye, Thomas of Liverpool

              Pye, William J. of Canterbury

              Pyefinch, Edwin Henry of Grays, Thurrock

              Pyefinch, F & H. of Dartford

              Pyke, James George of Bury St Edmunds

              Pyke, William of Birkenhead

              Pyne, William of Reading

              Pynock, William of Ely

              Pyott, James of London

              Quaife, T. of Battle

              Quaife, T.S. of Bath

              Quartermain, G. of Kingston

              Quartermain, George of Baldock

              Quartermain, H. of Birchington

              Quartermain, Horace George of Westgate-on-Sea

              Quarterman, G of Bournemouth

              Quartier Fils SA

              Quartier, Olivier of Le Locle & Paris

              Quass, Michael of London

              Quenouillere, Ralph George of Itchen, Southampton

              Quick Milton, J of Torquay

              Quick, Francis of Bristol

              Quick, John F. of Birkenhead

              Quick, John of Liverpool

              Quilliam, Samuel & Son of Liverpool

              Quilliam, Samuel & Sons of Liverpool

              Quilliam, Samuel of Liverpool

              Quilter, Hernietta, Mrs of Clacton

              Quilter, Percy of Clacton

              Quin, Thomas D. of London

              Quin, Thomas of London

              Quintard Brothers of Poughkeepsie, N.Y

              Raay, Franz de of London

              Raban, WR of Luton

              Rabbetts, HC of Parkstone

              Rabson, P of London

              Race, EA of Dovercourt

              Racher, Robert J of Barnard Castle

              Radcliff, Charles of Liverpool

              Radcliffe Brothers of London

              Radcliffe, Charles of Liverpool

              Radcliffe, Pollard & Co of Sheffield

              Radford, Edward of Hanley and Shelton

              Radford, Edward of Hanley

              Radford, Family of Leeds

              Radford, George W of Liverpool

              Radford, George of Liverpool

              Radford, Henry of Hanley

              Radford, Thomas of Stoke

              Radges, Joseph & Co of London

              Rae, William & Co of Liverpool

              Raflery, William of London

              Raftery, Thomas of London

              Raggett, J of Hemel Hempstead

              Raggett, James of Ramsgate

              Railton, RJ CMBHI of Sheffield

              Railton, William J of Liverpool

              Raine, Joseph of Durham

              Raine, Joseph of Wolsingham

              Rainer, John of Rayleigh

              Rainer, John of Southend

              Rainforth & Son of Bridgwater

              Rains, Albert of Sittingbourne

              Ralph, George of Loughton

              Rampton, Charles of Farnham

              Rampton, Henry H of Newbury

              Ramsay, James of Dundee

              Ramsbottom, John of Hall Green,

              Ramsbottom, R of Crook

              Ramsden, Charles William of Wakefield

              Ramsey, Edward of Devonport

              Ramsey, George of Billericay

              Ramsey, George, Mrs of Billericay

              Ramsey, James, W of Felling

              Ramstein, Charles of London

              Randall, Albert of Bath

              Randall, George of Gravesend

              Randall, Henry William of Hereford

              Randall, James & Son of Erith

              Randall, Jne of Holt

              Randall, Richard of London

              Randall, William of London

              Randell, Alick of Burnham RSO

              Randell, Nathaniel of Bury St Edmunds

              Randell, Thomas of Cromer

              Randle, John of Atherstone

              Randle, William of Coventry

              Range, John of Prescot

              Ranger, Michael of London

              Ranger, Thomas of Chipstead

              Ransom of Hull

              Ransome, Henry of Norwich

              Ranson, George of Boston

              Raper, Sidney of Thirsk

              Raper, Thomas of Dublin

              Rapp, A of Dovercourt, Harwich

              Rapson & Son of London

              Rasmussen, Audun of Sheffield

              Ratcliff, Alex H of Coventry

              Ratcliffe, John of Chester

              Ratley, Willaim of Battersea

              Ratliff, Brothers of Ipswich

              Ratliff, Charles John of Ipswich

              Raven, William of Sheffield

              Ravenhill, Charles of Cranleigh, Guildford

              Ravenscroft, George of Harwich

              Raw, Francis Ayre of London

              Rawe, John of Liverpool

              Rawley, John of Guildford

              Rawling, AJ of Croydon

              Rawling, Peter of

              Rawlings, CW of Margate

              Rawlings, James of Farnham

              Rawlings, Robert of Sutton Bridge, Wisbech

              Rawlingson, George of Sleaford

              Rawlinson, J & Son of Ruabon

              Rawlinson, J & Sons of Rhos

              Rawson, John of Penrith

              Rawsthorne, John of Clitheroe

              Ray, Benjamin of Grimsby

              Ray, S Miss of Battle

              Ray, W S of Brighton

              Ray, W of Bury St Edmunds

              Ray, William of Battle and Brighton

              Ray, William of Battle

              Ray, William of Sudbury

              Rayment, John Of Huntingdon

              Raymond, Edwin of Hungerford

              Raymond, George of Woodbridge, Suffolk

              Raymond, W Stanley of Tonbridge

              Rayner, William of Manchester

              Raynor, Ernest V of Sheffield

              Reach, William & Son of Bournmouth

              Read & Son of Coventry

              Read, A H of Coventry

              Read, AEJ of Uxbridge

              Read, Charles Albert of Manningtree

              Read, Charles of Coventry

              Read, Daniel of Ipswich

              Read, George of London

              Read, HG of Chelmsford

              Read, James of Ipswich

              Read, James of Sudbury

              Read, James of Weymouth

              Read, John Mabyn of Helston

              Read, Jonathan of Beccles

              Read, R of Barking

              Read, Robert Henry of Forest gate

              Read, Thomas Edward of Aldbourne

              Read, W of Buntingford

              Read, William of Buntingford

              Read, William of Camberwell

              Read, William of Hulme, Manchester

              Read, William of Manchester

              Read, William of Thornton Heath

              Reading, FL of Llandudno

              Reading, FL of Prestatyn

              Reading, George of Hackney

              Reading, H of Llandudno

              Readman, J of Stockton

              Readon, John of Liverpool

              Ready, Christopher W of Sudbury

              Rechard, Karl L of Sheffield

              Reddall, H of Eversholt, Woburn

              Reddall, W, T & R of Eversholt

              Redfearn, Thomas of London

              Redfern, Charles Edward of London

              Redgrave, Thomas of London

              Redman, William of Liverpool

              Redrup, Eli of Chesham , Buckinghamshire

              Redshaw of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Redshaw, Samuel of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Redshaw, Thomas of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Redwood, William of London

              Reece, Alfred of Manchester

              Reece, James J of Portmadoc

              Reed, A of Reading

              Reed, Alfred of Cambridge

              Reed, Benjamin of Bristol, Somerset

              Reed, Benjamin of Plymouth

              Reed, G of Chelmsford

              Reed, George of Chelmsford

              Reed, Henry C of Eastbourne

              Reed, Henry of Reigate

              Reed, James of Liverpool

              Reed, John of Allenheads

              Reed, John of Wolsingham

              Reed, Nelson of Hastings

              Reed, T & Son of Cambridge

              Reed, Thomas of Cambridge

              Reed, Vincent of Liverpool

              Reed, W of Sunderland

              Reeman, Albert of Southend

              Rees of Llanidloes

              Rees, Alexander Hugh of London

              Rees, John of Machynlleth

              Rees, MV of Barmouth

              Rees, Robert of Rhyl

              Rees, Robert of Towyn

              Rees, W of Aberdovey

              Rees, WH of Llanidloes

              Reese & Evans of Bala

              Reese, JJ of Bala

              Reese, JJ of Portmadoc

              Reese, James J of Tremadoc

              Reese, James T of Portmadoc

              Reese, John of Machynlleth

              Reeve, John Jun of Leicester

              Reeve, Michael of Huddersfield

              Reeve, Samuel of Ipswich

              Reeves ,James of Capel, Dorking

              Reeves, Benjamin of Berkeley

              Reeves, Charles of Hereford

              Reeves, David of Dorking

              Reeves, E of Lewes

              Reeves, Edward Burton of Lincoln

              Reeves, J of Capel, Dorking

              Reeves, James of Capel, Dorking

              Reeves, M of Lower Clacton

              Reeves, Richard of London

              Reeves, W & H of Chatham

              Reeves, W of Guildford

              Reeves, W of Hereford

              Reeves, William & Son of London

              Reeves, William of Hereford

              Reeves, William of London

              Regan, Herbert of Hull

              Regarnez and Co of London

              Register, LR of Littleport

              Rehfeld, Charles J of London

              Reich, FL & Son of Folkestone

              Reich, L & Sons of Tunbridge Wells Reid Family of Newcastle

              Reid, A of Greenwich

              Reid, Christian John of Newcastle

              Reid, Christian Ker of Newcastle

              Reid, Christian Leopold Newcastle

              Reid, David of Newcastle

              Reid, Francis & Sons of Glasgow

              Reid, Robert of Bristol

              Reid, Thomas Arthur of Newcastle

              Reid, Vincent of Liverpool

              Reider, Joseph of London

              Reiner, Andrew of London

              Reiner, Caspar and Co of Dudley

              Reiner, Samuel of Godstone

              Relf, AE of Woodford Green

              Relf, Albert Earnest of Walton-on-the-Naze

              Relph, George Brown of London

              Renel of Eastleigh, Southampton

              Renk, Charles & August of Salford

              Renk, Theophila of Salford

              Rennie, Alexander David of Arbroath

              Rennie, JAs of Hamilton

              Rennie, James of Carlisle

              Rennie, William & Co of Manchester

              Rennison, R L of Sunderland

              Rennison, William of Newcastle

              Rennolese, T of London

              Renouf, Edouard of Jersey

              Renton, James of Bradford

              Rentzsch, Sigismund of London

              Renu Watch and Clock Repair Service & Sales of Guildford

              Renvoize, George of London

              Rest, John Peter of London

              Restell, R of Croydon

              Restell, Richard of Croydon

              Reuben, Jacob of Dover

              Revell, E of Eton, Windsor

              Revell, E of Slough

              Revell, Edwin of Eaton

              Revell, Edwin of Slough

              Revill, William of Tickhill, Yorkshire

              Revis, Thomas of Cambridge

              Rews, Joseph of Dunstable

              Rey, G Junior Paris of London

              Reymond Brothers of London

              Reyner, Fred of Redcar

              Reynolds and Co of Kingswinford

              Reynolds, FR of Leamington Spa

              Reynolds, George W M of Sheffield

              Reynolds, George of Eye

              Reynolds, H of Potton

              Reynolds, HW of Wickham Market

              Reynolds, J of Sittingbourne

              Reynolds, J of Stourbridge

              Reynolds, James of Bodmin

              Reynolds, John of Holsworthy

              Reynolds, R of Southam SO

              Reynolds, Thomas of London

              Reynolds, William Jnr of Launceston

              Reynolds, William of Launceston

              Reynolds, William of Padstow

              Reynoldson, Thomas of Hull

              Rhead, William of Rugeley

              Rheumer, Albert J of Colchester

              Rheumer, Albert of Colchester

              Rhind, James of Manchester

              Rhodes, James W of Manchester

              Rhodes, John of Gaythorne

              Rhodes, John of Manchester

              Rhodes, M & Son of Bradford

              Rhodes, Manoah & Sons of Bradford

              Rhodes, Richard of Manchester

              Rhodes, William of Stoke-upon-Trent

              Rice, Benjamin of Neath

              Rice, Nicholas of Hayle

              Rich, James of Bridgwater

              Rich, James of Brighton

              Rich, John of Manor Park

              Richard Quelch of Wantage

              Richard and Co of Paris and London

              Richard, Henry of Llangefni, Anglesey

              Richard, Henry of Llangefni, Anglesey

              Richard, John of Exeter

              Richard, Robert of Uttoxeter

              Richards, Henry William of Epsom

              Richards, JT of Abersoch

              Richards, James and Son of London

              Richards, John of Bala

              Richards, John of Bilston

              Richards, John of Manchester

              Richards, John of Tiverton, Cullompton & Honiton

              Richards, John of Walsall

              Richards, Lewis of Bromyard

              Richards, Lewis of Towyn

              Richards, Lloyd CMBHI of Torquay

              Richards, Owen of Bala,

              Richards, Owen of Bangor

              Richards, Owen of Glanrafon

              Richards, Owen of Upper Bangor

              Richards, Robert Jun of Uttoxeter

              Richards, Robert of Uttoxeter

              Richards, S of Loftus

              Richards, Thomas James of London

              Richards, Thomas of Manchester

              Richards, William Joseph of London

              Richards, William of Sheffield

              Richards, William of Wakefield

              Richardson, Alfred of Cambridge

              Richardson, Catherine, Mrs of Manchester

              Richardson, D of Stratford

              Richardson, David of Stratford

              Richardson, Frederick of Stockton

              Richardson, Henry of Manchester

              Richardson, J W & Co of Darlington

              Richardson, JV of Bury St Edmunds

              Richardson, James M of Bedford

              Richardson, John of Blaydon

              Richardson, John of Bubwith and Howden

              Richardson, John of Hexham

              Richardson, John of Manchester

              Richardson, Joseph of Hexham

              Richardson, Joseph of Northwich

              Richardson, R of Middlesborough

              Richardson, Robert of Eastbourne

              Richardson, Thomas and William of Brampton, Cumberland

              Richardson, Thomas of Howden

              Richardson, Thomas of Manchester

              Richardson, WG of Buckley

              Richardson, WG of Hawarden

              Richardson, WM of Taunton

              Richardson, William of Alloa

              Richardson, William of Bishop Auckland

              Richardson, William of Brampton

              Richardson, William of Paisley

              Richbett of London

              Riche, William of Dovercourt

              Riche, William of Maldon

              Richlieu of London

              Richman, Henry of London

              Richmond of York

              Richmond, John of Stockton

              Rickards, John of Dursley

              Rickards, Thomas of Wotton

              Ricketts, John of Pershore

              Ricks, Mortimer of Paington

              Riddick, Charles of Epsom

              Riddick, James N of Bromley

              Riddick, James Nathan of Chislehurst

              Rider, J of London

              Rider, Job of Belfast, London Dublin

              Rider, Richard of Welshpool

              Rider, Tyrell of Manchester and Preston

              Ridley, Francis of Walthamstow

              Ridley, Henry & Son of London

              Ridley, Henry John of Cateaton

              Ridley, Henry John of Manchester

              Ridley, Henry of London

              Ridley, John of London

              Ridley, T & Son of London

              Ridley, Thomas of London

              Ridley, Thomas of Woodford

              Ridley, W of East Dulwich

              Ridsdaly, Walter of Market Rasen

              Rieder, Gebr & Co of South Wimbledon

              Rieder, John Lorenz & Co of London

              Riegger, Otto of Manchester

              Riego, Miguel del of London

              Riesle, Egidius of London

              Riesle, John of London

              Riess, Albert of London

              Rigby & Co of London

              Rigby & Rigby of Ruthin

              Rigby, E of Chester

              Rigby, Eliz & Son of London

              Rigby, Elizabeth of Ruthin

              Rigby, James & Co of London

              Rigby, James of Liverpool

              Rigby, Jas & Joshua & Co of London

              Rigby, John of Coventry

              Rigby, Peter of Widnes

              Rigby, TH of Ruthin, Wales

              Rigby, Thomas of Prescot

              Rigby, WD of Bala

              Rigby, Walter of Sheffield

              Rigby, William D of Ruthin

              Rigby, William of Ashton-in-Mackerfield

              Rigby, William of Coventry

              Rigby, William of Leigh

              Rigby, William of Liverpool

              Rigby, William of Rainhill

              Rigby, William of Sheffield

              Rihll, William of Moreton

              Rimmer, Fullerton of Liverpool

              Rimmer, Robert of Liverpool

              Rimmers, Henry Frank of London

              Rinecker, Cajetan, A of London

              Ring and King of London

              Ring, George of Brentwood

              Ringe, George of Brentwood

              Ripley, William of Louth

              Rippin, Alfred W of Spilsby

              Rippin, James of Holbeach

              Rippin, James of Spalding

              Rippin, Mrs Ann of Holbeach

              Rippon, E of Sheffield

              Rippon, Edwin of Sheffield

              Rippon, Edwin of Sheffield

              Rippon, James of Spalding

              Rippon, William of South Shields

              Risagra, A of Cheltenham

              Risch, Henry of Maidstone

              Riseam, John of Hull

              Riseam, Joseph of Hull

              Risle, Alois of London

              Rita of Shirley, Southampton

              Ritchie, James & Son of Edinburgh

              Ritchie, N of Newcastle

              Riva, John of Weymouth

              Rivers, David & Son of London

              Rivett, T of Winslow

              Rivett, Thomas of Winslow

              Rivron, AH of Ipswich

              Rivrorn, Domine of Ipswich

              Rix Brothers of London

              Rix, Florence, Mrs of Hastings

              Rix, Isaac of London

              Rix, Thomas Julians of London

              Rix, W P of Brighton

              Rizzi, A S of Newcastle

              Robb, William of Seaford

              Robbie, A & J

              Robbins, Alfred G of Epping

              Robbins, Frederick James of Englefield Green

              Robbins, J of London

              Robbins, Joseph of London

              Robbins, T of Dover

              Robert, James of Halstead

              Robert, Jn of Edinburgh

              Robert, Stauffer, Son & Co of London

              Roberto, Alfred of Buckley

              Roberton, G of Henley-upon-Thames

              Roberton, George of London

              Roberts & Owen of Carnarvon

              Roberts Bros of Penrhyn Deuddraeth

              Roberts Family of Otley, Yorkshire

              Roberts of Mold

              Roberts, A of Maidstone

              Roberts, AT of Wrexham

              Roberts, Alfred T of Wrexham

              Roberts, Cadwalader of Tremadoc

              Roberts, Charles of East Sheen

              Roberts, D of Llangollen

              Roberts, David of Bymmillyn, Llanrhaiadr

              Roberts, David of Llahrhaiadr

              Roberts, David of Llanrhaiadr-yn-Kimmerch

              Roberts, David of Rhosymedre

              Roberts, EE of Barmouth

              Roberts, EH of Barmouth

              Roberts, Edward of Llangefni

              Roberts, Edward of Llanrwst

              Roberts, F of London

              Roberts, H of Anglesey

              Roberts, H of Llangefni

              Roberts, Healen of London

              Roberts, Henry F of Liverpool

              Roberts, Henry of London

              Roberts, Holly Foulger of Littlehampton

              Roberts, Hugh of Holyhead

              Roberts, Hugh of Llanerchymedd

              Roberts, Hugh of Llangefni

              Roberts, Isaac of Ruabon

              Roberts, J of Birkenhead

              Roberts, J of Folkestone

              Roberts, J of Liverpool

              Roberts, J of Mold

              Roberts, Jacob of Stourbridge

              Roberts, James of Birkenhead

              Roberts, James of London

              Roberts, Jesse of Ruthin

              Roberts, John of Amlwch

              Roberts, John of Bedford

              Roberts, John of Burnley

              Roberts, John of Criccieth

              Roberts, John of Dudley

              Roberts, John of Hipperholm-cum-brighouse, Halifax

              Roberts, John of Llanrwst

              Roberts, John of London

              Roberts, John of Long Sutton

              Roberts, John of Ruabon

              Roberts, John of Rye

              Roberts, Jonathan of Otley

              Roberts, Joseph of Otley

              Roberts, Michael of Bury

              Roberts, Michael of Radcliffe

              Roberts, Michael of Salford

              Roberts, O of Amlwch

              Roberts, O of Llanerchymedd

              Roberts, OE of Llandudno Junction

              Roberts, OH of Amlwch

              Roberts, OJ of Sarn

              Roberts, Owen E of Conway

              Roberts, Owen H of Llangefni

              Roberts, Owen of Amlwch

              Roberts, Owen of Carnarvon

              Roberts, Owen of Gaerwen

              Roberts, Owen of Llangefni

              Roberts, Philip W of Liverpool

              Roberts, Phillip W of Liverpool

              Roberts, RH of Bala

              Roberts, Rees Pughe of Dolgelley

              Roberts, Richard Henry of Bangor

              Roberts, Robert H of Bala

              Roberts, Robert S of Leamington

              Roberts, Robert of Bangor

              Roberts, Robert of Ruabon

              Roberts, Roberts Owen of Rhuddlan

              Roberts, Roger of Hempnall and London

              Roberts, Roger of Liverpool

              Roberts, T of Oxford

              Roberts, T of Llandudno Junction

              Roberts, Thomas of Derby

              Roberts, Thomas of Ruabon

              Roberts, W of London

              Roberts, WE & Son of Canterbury

              Roberts, WE of Llanfair Caereinion

              Roberts, Walter James of Mold

              Roberts, William of Brixton

              Roberts, William of Derby

              Roberts, William of Fewston, Otley

              Roberts, William of Liverpool

              Roberts, William of Llangefni

              Roberts, William of London

              Roberts, William of Rhyl

              Roberts, family of Derby

              Robertshaw, John Jnr of Manchester

              Robertshaw, John of Manchester

              Robertson, Alexander of Ipswich

              Robertson, David of Airdrie

              Robertson, Ebenezer of Ipswich

              Robertson, Frederick of Liverpool

              Robertson, Henry of Amble, Acklington

              Robertson, Henry of Ipswich

              Robertson, John of Manchester

              Robertson, Joseph of Manchester

              Robertson, Peter of London

              Robeson, William of Newcastle

              Robin & Sons of London

              Robins, G of Sheffield

              Robins, Gordon of Sheffield

              Robins, John William of Upton Park

              Robins, John of London

              Robins, Joseph William of Manor Park

              Robinson & Co of Welshpool

              Robinson Brothers of Haywards Heath

              Robinson, A of Ascot

              Robinson, Andrew of Liverpool

              Robinson, Benjamin of Salford, Manchester

              Robinson, Charles of Hexham

              Robinson, Charles of London

              Robinson, Edward & Co of Welshpool

              Robinson, Fred of Wisbech

              Robinson, G of Chester-le-Street

              Robinson, George of Leeds

              Robinson, George of Liverpool

              Robinson, Henry T of Chesterfield

              Robinson, Henry of Hallifax

              Robinson, Henry of Reigate

              Robinson, James of Bala

              Robinson, James of London

              Robinson, James of Warrington

              Robinson, John of Burton upon Strather

              Robinson, John of Chesterfield

              Robinson, John of Dewsbury

              Robinson, John of Liverpool

              Robinson, John of Manchester

              Robinson, Joseph H & Sons of Northampton

              Robinson, Joseph H & Sons of Northampton

              Robinson, Richard of Sheffield

              Robinson, Samuel of Bakewell, Derbyshire

              Robinson, Samuel of Hull

              Robinson, Samuel of Louth

              Robinson, T W of Newcastle

              Robinson, T of Sunderland

              Robinson, Thomas B of Hebburn

              Robinson, Thomas B of Liverpool

              Robinson, Thomas of Carlisle

              Robinson, Thomas of Kendal

              Robinson, Thomas of Liverpool

              Robinson, William Denis of Sheffield

              Robinson, William of Brigg

              Robinson, William of Darlington

              Robinson, William of Dudley

              Robinson, William of Lincoln

              Robinson, William of Liverpool

              Robson, Elizabeth and Michael of Chester-le-Street, Co Durham

              Robson, Frederick of New Shildon

              Robson, George of Cradley Heath, Worcestershire and Rowley Regis

              Robson, George of Five Ways, Cradley

              Robson, George of Halesowen

              Robson, J S of South Shields

              Robson, James of Newcastle

              Robson, John T of South Shields

              Robson, Joseph of Bishop Auckland

              Robson, Joseph of Houghton

              Robson, Mark of Gateshead

              Robson, Matthew of Belford

              Robson, Peter of Uxbridge

              Robson, Robert of Thirsk

              Robson, Samuel of North Shields

              Robson, Thomas of Darlington

              Robson, W E of Newcastle

              Robson, William of London

              Robson, William of Newcastle

              Robson, William of Rugby

              Rochat, Jules of London

              Rochefort, Louis of London

              Rock, Conrad & Joseph of London

              Rodgers & Co of Rhyl

              Rodgers, Walter of Belford

              Roe & Jacob of Liverpool

              Roe & Son of Cambridge

              Roe, GH of Cambridge

              Roe, George H of Cambridge

              Roe, Henry of Liverpool

              Roe, John F of Dartford

              Roe, John of Chesterfield

              Roe, Joseph of Ipswich

              Roe, William of Midhurst

              Roebotham, Charles of Leicester

              Rogan, Edward of Liverpool

              Rogers Herbert of Chichester

              Rogers, C of London

              Rogers, Daniel of Saffron

              Rogers, E Miss of Stevenage

              Rogers, Ellen, Mrs of Liverpool

              Rogers, Henry of London

              Rogers, Isaac of London

              Rogers, J of Cambridge

              Rogers, J of London

              Rogers, James of Dudley

              Rogers, John of London

              Rogers, Richard of Dudley

              Rogers, Robert of Cambridge

              Rogers, T of Wednesbury

              Rogers, Thomas of Bilston

              Rogers, Thomas of Manchester

              Rogers, WV of Canterbury

              Rogers, William of Liverpool

              Rogg, Charles of Salisbury

              Rolbin, Nathan of Sheffield

              Rolez, Jules of Manchester

              Rolfe, R of Streatham

              Rolfe, Robert of London

              Rolfe, Robert of Streatham

              Rollings, Walter of Poole

              Rollins, John G & Co Ltd of London

              Rollisson, Dollif of Halton, Leeds

              Romain, Samuel A of Liverpool

              Romain, Samuel Anidger of Stratford

              Romain, Samuel of Liverpool

              Roman, J of Colwyn Bay

              Romaniuk, M of Luton

              Rombach & Schwab of Edinburgh

              Rombach Brothers of London

              Rombach, Auguste of London

              Rombach, Augustus of London

              Rombach, Joseph of Glasgow

              Rombach, Matthias of London

              Rombach, William of Swanley Junction

              Rome, Henry of London

              Rome, Joseph of London

              Rome, William of London

              Romer, Thomas of Liverpool

              Romney, N of Rochester

              Rompel, John Baptiste of Surrey

              Rompel, Wiegand of East Molesy

              Rompel, William J of East Molesey

              Rooke, Frank Edward MBHI of Sheffield

              Rooker, Richard of London

              Rooks, Edwin of Taunton

              Rooney, John & Frank of North Shields

              Roots, Charles P of Ashford

              Roper, Charles of Chesterfield

              Roper, Martin of Penrith

              Roper, R of Oakham

              Roper, William of London

              Rosbrook, Edgar George of Ipswich

              Roscow, Robert of Liverpool

              Roscow, Thomas of Liverpool

              Rose & Dickinson of Bath

              Rose H D of Ramsgate

              Rose, C B of Tring

              Rose, CV Mrs of Maldon

              Rose, Charles James of Whitstable

              Rose, Charles of Framlingham

              Rose, Hans Frederick of Sutton

              Rose, Isold of East Ham

              Rose, J H of Ramsgate

              Rose, Jacob of London

              Rose, James of Middlesborough

              Rose, John of Liverpool

              Rose, Joseph of Halesowen

              Rose, Robert Alban of Sandy

              Rose, Sidney W of Stradbroke,Diss

              Rose, William of Ascot

              Rose, William of Dublin A

              Rosen, Israel of London

              Rosen, M of Manor Park

              Rosen, Morris of Manor Park

              Rosenberg, Joseph of Newcastle

              Rosenbohm, Ernest of London

              Rosenfeld, Jacob of Manchester

              Rosenthal, A of Leeds

              Rosenthal, Joseph of Manchester

              Rosigne, John Henry of London

              Roskell, Nicholas of Liverpool

              Roskell, William of Liverpool

              Ross & Peckham of London

              Ross & Ross of Berwick

              Ross, Daniel of Exeter

              Ross, Henry of London

              Ross, JH of Battersea

              Ross, James of Glasgow

              Ross, James of Wrexham

              Ross, Joseph of Belford

              Rosse, Samuel of Islington, London

              Rossi, George of Norwich

              Rossiter, George of Weston-super-Mare

              Rossiter, George of Yatton RSO

              Rossiter, J of Weston-super-Mare

              Rossiter, Walter of Truro

              Rosson, Wallis G of Croydon

              Rosson, Walter of Kingston

              Rostern, John of Radcliffe

              Roswell, William Thomas of London

              Roth, J & Co of London

              Roth, Joseph of Canning Town

              Rothan Watch Factory of London

              Rothchild, Isaac of Bristol

              Rotherham (& Sons Ltd) of Coventry

              Rothery, Joseph of Hallifax

              Rothwell, John of Ormskirk

              Rottersman, D of Newcastle

              Rottersman, David of Newcastle

              Round, G of Charshalton

              Rous, Alfred S of Stowmarket

              Rouse, Jeremiah of Wisbech

              Rouse, William of Cheltenham

              Routledge, Adam jun of Carlisle

              Routledge, Adam of Carlisle

              Routledge, John of London

              Routley, EG of Croydon

              Routley, Edwin of Bath

              Row of Alton, Hampshire

              Row, Ann, Mrs of Alton

              Row, John H of Portland

              Row, Richard Whitefield

              Row, W of Midhurst

              Row, WT & Son

              Row, William Harris of Devonport

              Row, William Trimmer of

              Row, William of

              Rowden Charles John & Son of Ongar

              Rowden, Charles John of Chipping Ongar

              Rowden, Frederick J of Witham

              Rowe John of London

              Rowe, Benjamin Chalwenn of Falmouth

              Rowe, Gordon C of Torquay

              Rowe, John Allen of Guernsey

              Rowe, John of Guernsey

              Rowe, Richard of Norwood

              Rowell, Henry Alan of Preston, Brighton

              Rowell, P G of Brighton

              Rowell, RR of Oxford

              Rowell, T of Brighton

              Rowell, Thomas of Brighton

              Rowland, David of Aberystwyth

              Rowland, Henry of Liverpool

              Rowland, J of London

              Rowland, John of Bangor

              Rowland, Joseph of Burton-upon-Trent

              Rowland, T of Dover

              Rowland, T of Llanidloes

              Rowland, William of Pwllhelli

              Rowlands & Son of Llanfyllin

              Rowlands & Son of Meifod

              Rowlands, Christopher of London

              Rowlands, David of Harlech

              Rowlands, David of Pwllheli

              Rowlands, E & Son of Meifod

              Rowlands, EE & SA of Llanfyllin

              Rowlands, EE of Llanfyllin

              Rowlands, Evan of Meifod

              Rowlands, J A (Mrs) of Newcastle

              Rowlands, James of London

              Rowlands, John of Pwllheli

              Rowlands, T of Caersws

              Rowlands, T of Llanidloes

              Rowlands, Thomas of Caersws

              Rowlands, William of Manchester

              Rowlands, William of Pwllheli

              Rowley, A & H of London

              Rowley, Bertha, Mrs of Southend

              Rowley, EH of Southend

              Rowley, Henry of Liverpool

              Rowley, Henry of Shrewsbury

              Rowley, J & Sons of Chester

              Rowley, J of Rhyl

              Rowley, William of Manchester

              Rowlinson, Albert of Cambridge

              Rowlinson, Thomas of Liverpool

              Rowntree, John of Brigg

              Roworth, William of Bath

              Rowse, William of Wells

              Rowson, C & Son of Liverpool

              Rowson, Christopher & Son of Liverpool

              Rowson, Christopher of Liverpool

              Roy James of Falkirk and New York

              Roydon, Charles, John & Son of Ongar

              Royle and Rawson of Wigan

              Rubens, Reuben of Liverpool

              Rudd, Fraser E of Grimsby

              Rudd, Thomas of Dudley, Worcestershire

              Ruddick, Mary, Mrs of South Shields

              Ruddick, W of Gosforth, Newcastle

              Ruddick, W of Newcastle

              Ruddick, William of Newcastle

              Rudge, Samuel Thomas of Swindon

              Rudking, Frederick of Sutton-on-Sea

              Rudolph, Henry Ethelbert of Ilford

              Ruff, Albert R of Eastleigh, Southampton

              Ruff, Anton & Godfrey of London

              Ruff, George Henry of London

              Ruff, Joseph of Stratford

              Ruff, Pius of London

              Ruff, SR CMBHI of Southampton

              Ruff, SR FBHI of Southampton

              Ruffell, William of Tunbridge Wells, Kent

              Rugless, Samuel of London

              Rugless, T of Bury St Edmunds

              Rugless, T of London

              Rugless, Thomas of London

              Ruh, JG of Camberwell

              Ruh, John George of London

              Rule, J of Hackney

              Rule, James of Hackney

              Rule, James of Portsmouth Common

              Rulerm William of Hull

              Rumbelow, W Ltd of Luton

              Rumbelow, Walter of Luton

              Rumbold, John of Salisbury

              Rush, Edward of Botsdale Scole

              Rush, JS of Forest gate

              Rush, James Stanley of Forest gate

              Rush, James Stanley of Manor Park

              Rushby, George of Louth

              Rushden, George of Highbridge RSO

              Rushton, Joseph of Colne

              Russell & Snow of Newcastle

              Russell's Ltd of Llandudno

              Russell, Arthur of Sheffield

              Russell, Benjamin Edward of London

              Russell, Benjamin of Norwich

              Russell, DY & Son of Boscombe

              Russell, Edward of Buxton

              Russell, Edward of Foulsham

              Russell, George of Walsall

              Russell, George of Walsall

              Russell, Henry George of London

              Russell, Henry George of London

              Russell, James & Co of Liverpool

              Russell, James of Liverpool

              Russell, John of Cawston

              Russell, TR of Llandudno, Wales

              Russell, Thomas & Son of Liverpool

              Russell, Thomas E of Woking

              Russell, Thomas of Lancaster

              Russell, William of Falkirk

              Russells Ltd of Llandudno

              Russells of London

              Rust, B of Newcastle

              Rust, Benjamin of Stony Stratford

              Rust, Henry of London and Hull

              Rutherford, Alexander of London

              Rutherford, G of Harwick

              Rutherford, William of Castle Town

              Rutherford, William of Ipswich

              Rutter, Henry of London

              Rutter, Samuel of London

              Ryall, Thomas of Manchester

              Ryalls, Joe F of Barnsley

              Ryan & Walkden of Manchester

              Ryan, Charles Thomas of Stamford

              Ryan, Malachy of Ferrar &

              Ryder, John & Richard of Plymouth

              Ryding, Walter of Sheffield

              Rye, George of Ipswich

              Ryland, John of Ormskirk

              Ryley & Son of Coventry

              Ryley, FGS of Olton, Birmingham

              Ryley, William of Otley

              Saalmans, Henry & Son of Birkenhead

              Saalmans, Henry C. of Liverpool

              Saalmans, Henry Charles of Liverpool

              Saalmans, Henry senr. of Liverpool

              Sabin, Henry T of Sheffield

              Sach, Edmund of London

              Sach, Edward of Chelmsford

              Sadd, Robert of Cambridge

              Saddleton, James Parlett of Kings Lynn

              Safford, Thomas Jnr of Cambridge

              Sagar, A. of Newcastle

              Sagar, James of Blackburn

              Sagar, Michael of Liverpool

              Sagar, Robert Holgate of Blackburn

              Sainsbury Brothers

              Sainsbury of Wiltshire, Somerset and London

              Sainsbury, Ernest of Chingford and Walthamstow

              Sainsbury, Richard of London

              Sainsbury, William of London

              Salberg Brothers & Co. of London

              Salked, John of London

              Salmon, Alfred of London

              Salmon, H. S. of Chatham

              Salmon, Henry of London

              Salmon, Isidore of Southend

              Salom, Bernhard of Liverpool

              Salsbury, R & Son of Guildford

              Salsbury, R. & Sons of Guildford

              Salsbury, Robert & Sons Ltd of Guildford

              Salsbury, Robert of Guildford

              Salt, John Thomas of Woodhouse, Sheffield

              Saltby, Alfred John of Alford

              Saltby, Alfred Johnson of Alford

              Salter, Henry Williams of London

              Salter, Robert of Topsham

              Salter, William of Salford

              Saltmarsh & Co. of Chelmsford

              Salveta, Fred of Sheffield

              Salvidge, A.G.J. CMBHI of Paington

              Salzedo, S. of Llandudno

              Sambrooks Ltd of Sheffield

              Sammons, A of Southend

              Sammons, Frank of Southend

              Sammons, Maria Elizabeth, Mrs. of Southend

              Samnel, Flora of Liverpool

              Samper, Maurice & Co. of London

              Sample, J. of Hebburn

              Sample, J. of Waterloo, Blyth

              Sample, John of Whitby

              Sampson, Emanuel of London

              Sampson, John of London

              Sampson, Thomas of Liverpool

              Samson, Lazarus of London

              Samuel & Co. of Liverpool

              Samuel & Rogers of Liverpool

              Samuel, A & Son of London

              Samuel, A. & Son of London

              Samuel, Abraham & Son of London

              Samuel, Abraham of London

              Samuel, Alexander of London

              Samuel, Alfred of Liverpool

              Samuel, Douglas R. of Liverpool

              Samuel, Douglas Ralph of Liverpool

              Samuel, Edgar of Manchester

              Samuel, F & Co. of Liverpool

              Samuel, Harriet of Manchester

              Samuel, Henry of Liverpool

              Samuel, John of London

              Samuel, L.H. & Co. of Liverpool

              Samuel, Lewis of Liverpool

              Samuel, Louis & Co. of Liverpool

              Samuel, Louis of Liverpool

              Samuel, M. Mrs. of Richmond

              Samuel, Moses of Liverpool

              Samuel, Nathan of Liverpool

              Samuel, S.H. & Co. of Liverpool

              Samuel, Samuel Morris & Co. of London

              Samuel, Samuel Morris of London

              Samuel, Samuel of Liverpool

              Samuel, Samuel of London

              Samuel, Samuel. J of Liverpool

              Samuel, Simpson & Co. of Liverpool

              Samuel, Simpson of Liverpool

              Samuel, Sylvester L. of Liverpool

              Samuel, Walter of Liverpool

              Samuels, B. of Brighton

              Samuels, H of Reading

              Samuels, H. of Croydon

              Samuels, Henry of Southend

              Samuels, Samuel of London

              Samuels, Samuel of Louth

              Sancto, Albert of Newcastle

              Sancto, Alex. of Byker, Newcastle

              Sanders & Co. Ltd of Winchester

              Sanders, A. of Newbury

              Sanders, Alexander of Newbury

              Sanders, Daniel of London

              Sanders, George of Atherstone

              Sanders, Henry of Stratford

              Sanders, J. of Sheffield

              Sanders, James & Co. of Highbridge

              Sanders, James of Bath and Bridgwater

              Sanders, John of London

              Sanders, Joseph of Longton

              Sanders, Mary, Miss of Stansted Mountfitchet

              Sanders, W. of Stansted Mountfitchet

              Sanders, William Frederick of Staines

              Sanders, William of Stansted Mountfitchet

              Sanderson, John Snr of Wigton

              Sanderson, John of Dublin

              Sanderson, Richard of London

              Sanderson, Thomas of Dublin

              Sanderson, Thomas of London

              Sandford, William C. of London

              Sandilands, Charles H. of Welshpool

              Sandilands, Charles of Welshpool

              Sandler, E of Sheffield

              Sandler, J & Sons of Sheffield

              Sandow, Thomas of Saint Ives

              Sanger, John R of Colchester

              Sansom, Charles of London

              Sant, Robert of Windsor

              Saphena of Chelmsford

              Saphin, Peter of London

              Saphin, T. of London

              Saphin, Thomas of London

              Saqui & Lawrence Ltd of Ipswich

              Saqui & Lawrence Ltd of Sheffield

              Sare, Henry Frank of Bath

              Sargeant, S.A. of Clare

              Sargent, J.B. of Waltham Abbey

              Sargent, John of London

              Sargent, Thomas of London

              Sargisson, George William of Soham

              Sarl, John of London

              Sarles, H. of Brighton

              Sarles, Henry of Hastings

              Sarsons, B. & D. of East Grinstead

              Sarson of East Grinstead, Sussex

              Satchell, Edwin of St. Albans

              Satchell, John William of Botsdale, Diss

              Sattele, Albert of Lincoln

              Sattele, Alois of Lincoln

              Sattely, William of Sherston

              Sauber, Abraham of Ilford

              Saubor, Herrmann A. of London

              Saum, J. & Co. of Mold

              Saum, J. & Son of Mold

              Saum, J. of Mold

              Saum, John & Co. of London

              Saum, Joseph of Mold

              Saum, Matthew of Perth, Scotland

              Saunders, Arthur Charles of Broadstairs

              Saunders, Daniel of London

              Saunders, Edward of Croydon

              Saunders, G.F of Romford

              Saunders, George of London

              Saunders, Joseph Smith of Sheffield

              Saunders, T. of Dorchester

              Saunders, Thomas of London

              Saunders, Walter of Brentwood

              Saunders, William of Great Torrington

              Saunders,Thomas of Dorchester

              Saurey, James of Rugby

              Sauze, Eugene of London

              Savage & Vincent of London

              Savage, A.J. of Paington

              Savage, James of London

              Savage, John of Shrewsbury

              Savage, Thomas of London

              Adey B, Savory of London

              Savory, Adey B, of London

              Savory, Joseph of London

              Savory, Thomas Cox & Co. of London

              Sawdon, William of Whitby

              Sawers, Robert of Edinburgh

              Sawers of Edinburgh

              Sawtell, Edwin of Bristol

              Sawyer, Alfred George of Sleaford

              Sawyer, Alfred of Sleaford

              Sawyer, Francis of Bath

              Sawyer, H. of Herne Hill

              Sawyer, Henry James of Boston

              Sawyer, John of Leeds

              Sawyer, W.H. of Peterborough

              Sawyer, Walter C of Peterborough

              Sawyer, Walter H. of Tooting Graveney

              Saxby, G.W. & Son of Margate

              Sayer, Andrew of London

              Sayer, James of Bromyard

              Sayer, John of Bowes, Darlington

              Sayfritz, Henry of Wolverhampton

              Scales, Edward of Manchester

              Scales, John of Liverpool

              Scales, Joseph of Manchester

              Scales, Joshua of Manchester

              Scales, Mary of Manchester

              Scales, William of Kendal

              Scales, William of Manchester and Salford

              Scamble, Peter of Liverpool

              Scanlan, David of London

              Scarcliffe, Henry of Stamford

              Scarfe, Thomas of Ingatestone

              Scarisbrick, Thomas of Prescot

              Scarratt, Family of Worcester

              Scatliffe F of Lincoln

              Scawthorpe, William of Wainfleet

              Schalfino, Lewis of Taunton

              Schearwood, Jac. of London

              Scheible, J. & P. of Dartford

              Schelble, Paul of Edmonton

              Schenk, F. of Brighton

              Scherer, Charles S of London

              Scherer, George Frederick of London

              Scherzinger, C. of London

              Schewerer, Jacob of Falmouth

              Schierwater & Lloyd of Liverpool

              Schilsky, Joseph Henry of London

              Schimitz, John of Swindon

              Schindler, Maurice of Sheffield

              Schindler, Paul of London

              Schmault, Frederick of Walthamstow

              Schmidt, Louis Jeanne of Tunbridge Wells

              Schmitnagel, G. J. of Brighton

              Schnabel, Louis of Croydon

              Schneider, Henry of Axbridge RSO

              Schneider, Perret-Gentil & Co. of London

              Schofield, J. of London

              Scholefield, Francis of Dewsbury

              Scholfield, James of Barnsley

              Schon, L. of Chester

              Schoof, William George of London

              Schott, M. of London

              Schriber, Hironius of Kingswinford

              Schuessler, Louis of London

              Schulen & Boby of Ipswich

              Schulen, Charles of Ipswich

              Schuler, J & Co. of London

              Schuler, Joachim of London

              Schuler, M & J. of London

              Schultis & Co. of Battersea

              Schultis, S of East Ham

              Schultis, Schwar & Co. of London and Pretoria

              Schultis, Sebastian of East Ham

              Schultis, Sebastian of London

              Schultz, Gustav of London

              Schun, Frederick of Liverpool

              Schwar, Andrew & Co. of London

              Schwar, Benitz & Co. of London

              Schwarb, Joseph of London

              Schwarck, D &Son of Leamington

              Schwarck, Diederich of Leamington

              Schwarck, Edward P. D. of Leamington

              Schwartz, A. of Flint

              Schwartz, A. of Holywell

              Schwartz, Anthony of Holywell

              Schwartz, Augustine of Flint

              Schwartz, Augustine of Holywell

              Schwartz, L. of Barnet

              Schwartz, L. of South Mimms

              Schwatz & Sons of Holywell

              Schwearer, Anthony of London

              Schwehr, Constantine of Wolverhampton

              Schwerer, Conrad of London

              Schwerer, D. of St Mary Cray

              Schwerer, Edward of London

              Schwerer, George of Colchester

              Schwerer, J & C of Northampton

              Schwerer, Joseph of London

              Schwerer, Nicholas of Colchester

              Schworer, Joseph of London

              Schwrer, Karle of London

              Scolding, John of London

              Scorah, John B. of Bradford

              Scorfield, William of North Shields

              Scotcher, F.L. of Wrexham

              Scotcher, N.S. of Wrexham

              Scotcher, Nicholas S. of Wrexham

              Scotcher, Nicholas Stuart of Wrexham

              Scotcher, Nicholas of Wrexham

              Scotchmer, C & Son of London

              Scotchmer, H. of Folkestone

              Scotchmer, John Davis of London

              Scotson of Liverpool

              Scotson, Ellen of Liverpool

              Scotson, Isaac of Liverpool

              Scotson, Joseph of Liverpool

              Scott Cooper Ltd of Cheltenham

              Scott of Ballynahinch, Ireland

              Scott, Alfred of Sheffield

              Scott, Austin of London

              Scott, Austin of London

              Scott, Charles & William & Co. of London

              Scott, Charles E. of Old Colwyn

              Scott, D. A. of Hartlepool

              Scott, Edward of Hull

              Scott, Frederick C. of Wallington

              Scott, Henry of Hammersmith

              Scott, Henry of Leyton

              Scott, J. of Dorchester

              Scott, J.G. of Heaton, Newcastle

              Scott, James Galloway of Rotherham

              Scott, James of Bedlington

              Scott, James of Kendal

              Scott, James of Rochester

              Scott, Jessie, Mrs. of London

              Scott, John James of Newcastle

              Scott, John Joseph of Ashington

              Scott, John of Hexham

              Scott, John of Walker

              Scott, Joseph M. of Liverpool

              Scott, Joseph of Liverpool

              Scott, Joseph of Manchester

              Scott, Robert Clavering of Alnwick

              Scott, Robert of Glasgow

              Scott, Robert of London

              Scott, Thomas of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

              Scott, Thomas of Jarrow

              Scott, Thomas of London

              Scott, William Henry of Hove

              Scott, William Henry of Liverpool

              Scott, William of Bedlington

              Scott, William of London

              Scott, William of Sheffield

              Scott, Wing & Co. of London

              Scotten, John of Enfield

              Scourse, Jesse of Cheddar

              Scovell, Richard of Newbury

              Scovell, Sarah of Newbury

              Screeton, G. A. of West Hartlepool

              Scriven, John of London

              Scrivener & Co. of Maidstone

              Scrivener, Edward Keer of Diss

              Scrivener, Edward M of Soham

              Scrivener, J.R. of Kimbolton

              Scrivener, John R of Tilbrook, Huntingdon

              Scrivener, Philip of Stowmarket

              Scrivener, William C. of London

              Scrivener, William Camden of London

              Sculley, A. of Richmond

              Sculley, Arthur of Richmond

              Seabrook, S. of Romford

              Seager, John of Liverpool

              Seale, Robert M & Co. of Lowerstoft

              Sealey, Edward James of Manningtree

              Sealey, William of Egremont

              Sealy, Albert Robert of London

              Sealy, R. of Peckham

              Sear, John of Southend

              Searby, Walter of Sheffield

              Searle, G. Elliot of Stonehouse

              Searle, George of Chudleigh and Plymouth, Devon

              Searle, George of London

              Searle, Joseph James Baldwin of Great Berkhamstead

              Searle, Robert M. of Lowerstoft

              Sears, William of Manchester

              Sebber, Ann of Dover

              Sebley, Edwin Charles of Cambridge

              Seddon, A. of Upper Sydenham

              Seddon, A. of Wimbledon

              Seddon, Charles of London

              Seddon, Edwin M. of Hertford

              Seddon, Edwin M. of Hitchin

              Seddon, Edwin Macintosh of Hitchin

              Seddon, Henry William of Manchester

              Seddon, Mary of Manchester

              Seddon, William of Hulme, Manchester

              Seddon, William of Liverpool

              Sedman, John Fowler of Scarborough

              Seed, John of Liverpool

              Seed, John of Southampton

              Seeger, Jacob of Sheffield

              Seeley, George H. of Llangollen

              Seeley, George of Llangollen

              Seeley, J. of Llangollen

              Seeley, Mrs of Llangollen

              Seffler, Charles of Manchester

              Segal S & Co. of Newcastle

              Segal, B. of Newcastle

              Segar, John of Liverpool

              Seilwarston, Isaac of Strangeways

              Selby & Co. of Frinton-on-Sea

              Selby & Co. of Southend

              Selby & Co. of Walton-on-the-Naze

              Selby & Jackson of Scunthorpe

              Selby, Arthur of Offord Cluny, Huntingdon

              Selby, William & Cornelius of Wareham

              Self, William of Croydon

              Selfe, Fraser W. of Erith

              Selfe, H. of Poole

              Selfe, Henry Milborne of East Dulwich

              Selfe, Henry of Bristol

              Selfe, W. of Sheerness

              Selfe, W. of Woolwich

              Selig Benjamin of Penzance

              Selig, Kaspar of London

              Seligmann, Selloff of London S.W

              Seligson, Jonas of Liverpool

              Sellar, A. of Reading

              Sellar, Alexander of Reading

              Sellard, R. of Bampton

              Sellers, J.D of Gainsborough

              Sellman, A. of St Leonards-on-sea

              Sellman, G.J of Rye

              Selwood or Sellwood, William of Lothbury

              Semin, Joseph & Sons Ltd of Sheffield

              Semmons, Herman of Truro

              Senecal, Louis of London

              Senior, J. of Melcombe Regis

              Sephton, Thomas of Prescot

              Sergeant, Edward of Harrow

              Serjeant, J. of Hammersmith

              Serjeant, Thomas Henry of Liverpool

              Sermin & Kaltinbach of Salford

              Sermin, Joseph & Sons of Sheffield

              Sermin, Joseph of Sheffield

              Servard, Thomas of Barnet

              Sessarego, Joseph of Hereford

              Sessford Robert of Newcastle-on-Tyne

              Sessford, Joseph of Newcastle-on-Tyne

              Seth Thomas Clock Co. of London

              Settle & Co. of London

              Settle Brothers of London

              Sewell, Frank of Lowerstoft

              Sewell, J. of Buntingford

              Sewell, John William of Grantham

              Sewell, Stanley O. of Southwold

              Sewell, T. of Newcastle

              Sewill, Joseph of Liverpool

              Sewills of Liverpool, London and Glasgow

              Sexton, Emanuel of Sheffield

              Sexty Brothers of Grantham

              Seyer, Andrew of London

              Seyer, John of London

              Shackell, Joseph of London

              Shackleton, Jno of Manchester

              Shackleton, Percival of Sowerby Bridge

              Shackleton, William of Todmorden

              Shacklock, Francis of Stanfree, Derbyshire

              Shacklock, Godfrey of Bolsover

              Shacklock, Godfrey of Chesterfield

              Shadwell, Clarence of Cheltenham

              Shafe, William of York

              Shakel, Robert, Geroge & Son of Ongar

              Shakenburge, George of Sheffield

              Shakeshaft, Lawrence of Preston

              Shakeshaft, William of Preston

              Shakespear, James Henry of Leytonstone

              Shakespear, James Henry of Leyton

              Shakespear, William of Manor Park

              Shan, Jonathan of London

              Shappere, Solomon of Walsall

              Sharland, John of Tiverton

              Sharman, George William of Spalding

              Sharman, George of Lowestoft

              Sharp & Son of London

              Sharp, Austin of Salford

              Sharp, Charles Henry of Darlington

              Sharp, George & Hadarezer of London

              Sharp, George Griffin of Horncastle

              Sharp, George of Horncastle

              Sharp, George of London

              Sharp, J. of London

              Sharp, John & Son of London

              Sharp, John Bunyea of Faversham

              Sharp, John H. of Sheffield

              Sharp, John T. of Mexborough, Rotherham

              Sharp, John of Newcastle

              Sharp, M. of Chester

              Sharp, Mary of Gateshead

              Sharp, William Henry of London

              Sharpe, A.P. of Winchester

              Sharpe, Charles of Salford

              Sharpe, George of Sheffield

              Sharpe, William of Bourne

              Sharpe, William of Retford

              Sharples, Henry of Manchester

              Sharples, James of Liverpool

              Sharples, Joseph William of Manchester

              Shaw, Alfred of Liverpool

              Shaw, Allan of Wincobank, Sheffield

              Shaw, Edward of Wirksworth

              Shaw, George Henry of Sheffield

              Shaw, George of Bedford

              Shaw, Hugh of Wirksworth

              Shaw, John Henry of London

              Shaw, John of Liverpool

              Shaw, Joseph of Sheffield

              Shaw, Samuel of Bilingborough

              Shaw, Samuel of Spalding

              Shaw, Samuel of Spilsby

              Shaw, Solomon of stratford

              Shaw, T.G. of Walthamstow

              Shaw, William J of Moor, Sheffield

              Shaw, William of Lincoln

              Shaw, William of London

              Shear, Harris of Dagenham

              Sheard, J. of Oxford

              Sheard, James of Oxford

              Sheard, John James of Salford

              Sheard, Nathan of Leeds

              Shearer, Henry of Liverpool

              Shearing, Samuel of Croydon

              Shearsmith, George of Louth

              Shearson, Robert of Liverpool

              Shearstone, George of Sheffield

              Sheffield, H. of Barking

              Sheffield, James of Barking

              Sheirs, George Frederick & Son of South Norwood

              Sheldon, James of Birmingham

              Sheldon, John of Birmingham

              Sheldrake, Cecil G of Holland-on-Sea

              Sheldrake, Cecil Graham of Clacton

              Shell, J of Forest gate

              Shelley, Frederick Charles of Margate

              Shelley, Joseph Henry & Son of Hull

              Shelton John. G. of Woodbridge

              Shelton, John George of Botsdale Scole

              Shenfield, John of Manchester

              Shepheard & Reed of London

              Shepheard, Jabez of Plymouth

              Shepherd, Charles of London

              Shepherd, D.R. of Sheffield

              Shepherd, J. of London

              Shepherd, John W of Eastbourne

              Shepherd, William of Liverpool

              Shepley, John of Glossop

              Shepley, John of Hyde

              Shepley, John of Manchester

              Shepley, John of Stockport

              Shepley, Sam of Stockport

              Sheppard, Charles of Walsall

              Sheppard, Thomas of Devonport

              Sheppard, William of Netheravon

              Shepperley & Pearce of Nottingham

              Sheraton, J. of Newcastle

              Sheraton, Joseph of Newcastle

              Sheraton, R. & J. of Newcastle

              Sheraton, Raimund & Joseph of Newcastle

              Sherbird, J. of London

              Sherburd, John of London

              Shere, A. of Canterbury

              Shergold, R. of Epping

              Sherlock, Arthur T of Ilford

              Sherlock, Holmes of Ilford

              Sherrard, H & L J. of Belfast

              Sherratt, Jabez of Wigan

              Sherratt, M.F. of Flint

              Sherratt, James of Stone, Staffordshire

              Sherriff & Ward Ltd of Winchester

              Sherring, John of Alford

              Sherwin, J.E. of East Ham

              Sherwin, Joseph of Burton-upon-Trent

              Sherwin, Julius of Barnet

              Sherwood, J. of Faversham

              Sherwood, W. of Sittingbourne

              Sherziner, T. of Farnborough

              Sherzinger, Robert of London

              Shibko, Lewis of Hull

              Shiels, John of London

              Shiers, George Frederick & Son of South Norwood

              Shildrake, William of Norwich

              Shilling, Mrs. H. of Sittingboune

              Shilling, Mrs. H. of Sittingbourne

              Shilling, Sydney of Milton Regis, Sittingbourne

              Shilling, W.A. of Sudbury

              Shimels, Tom F of Market Rasen

              Shimels, Tom of Market Rasen

              Shindlers of Bexhill

              Shipley, James of Derby

              Shipsea, Henry of Guilford

              Shipton & Co. Ltd of Margate

              Shipton & Co. Ltd. of Felixstowe

              Shipton & Co. Ltd. of Felixstowe

              Shipton & Co. of Clacton

              Shipton, H. of Bognor

              Shipton, A & Co. Ltd of Torquay

              Shires, Martin of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Shirsk, John of Liverpool

              Shirt, William of London

              Shirton, John Caspar of Manchester

              Shmider, Landolin of Hereford

              Shoeps Brothers of Manchester

              Shole, Simeon of London

              Shoolbred, Jas & Co London

              Shoretell, Leonard of Coulsdon

              Shorey, W. of Wareham

              Shorey, William of Swanage

              Shorrock, William of Pendleton, Manchester

              Shorrock, William of Salford

              Short, Albert of Liverpool

              Short, Martin of Liverpool

              Short, Samuel of Bideford

              Shorter, H. of London

              Shortman, Samuel of Brentwood

              Shortman, Samuel of Penzance

              Shorto, David of London

              Shorto, Edward of Yarmouth

              Shortsinger, Engelbart & Co. of Belfast, Dublin, Ballymena and Greenock

              Shotter, William of Bethnal Green Road, London

              Showerings of Taunton

              Shrimpton, William of Haverstock Hill

              Shrivel, R. of Brighton

              Shrivell, Richard of Brighton

              Shufflebotham, Samuel & Joshua of Coventry

              Shultis, William of Grimsby

              Shure, Isaac of Croydon

              Shuttleworth, F. of London

              Sibbald, William of London

              Sibley, Charles Edward of Hampton

              Siddle, James of Blyth

              Sidey, J. of Walthamstow

              Sidwell, Charles david of Yeovil

              Siebe, Aug. of London

              Siedle, A. of Greenwich

              Siedle, L. of Woolwich

              Siegwart K. of Ipswich

              Silbrook, T of Ipswich

              Silcock, Earnest of Sheffield

              Silence, George of Aylsham

              Silke, John of Elmstead, Kent

              Sillito Thomas of Uttoxeter

              Sills, William of London

              Silman, H of Leeds

              Silver, Barnet of Liverpool

              Silver, Benjamin of London

              Silver, C. F. of Southend

              Silver, Charles F & Son of Southend

              Silver, Charles F of Southend

              Silver, Ernest Ltd of Bournmouth

              Silverman, Davis of Canning Town

              Silverman, Soloman & Son of London

              Silversides, Henry William of London

              Silverstone, Simeon of London

              Silverthorne, Sidney E. of Salisbury

              Silvester, Joseph of London

              Silvester, Sidney Roland of Freemantle, Southampton

              Simco, Charles of London

              Simcock, John of Manchester

              Simcock, Thomas of Warrington

              Simcock, William of Warrington

              Simkin, Alfred Vincent of Southend

              Simkins, William of Mansfield

              Simkiss, Harold William of Basingstoke

              Simmonds, Alfred of Deal

              Simmonds, Alfred of Guildford

              Simmonds, Arthur of Crowborough

              Simmonds, J of Oxford

              Simmonds, J. Johnson of Hereford

              Simmonds, J. of Froxfield, Wiltshire

              Simmonds, Joseph Johnson of Hereford

              Simmonds, Rebecca, Mrs. of Plaistow

              Simmonds, W of Oxford

              Simmons & Humphrey of Rotherham

              Simmons, Alexander of Warwick

              Simmons, E. of Stoke Newington

              Simmons, E.L. of London

              Simmons, Ebenezer L. of London

              Simmons, Edward Mons of Canning Town

              Simmons, Isaac of Manchester

              Simmons, J. of Streatham

              Simmons, John Saddler of Henley

              Simmons, Joseph of London

              Simmons, Morrice of London

              Simms C.W. of Colchester

              Simms, C. of Chipping Norton

              Simms, Charles of Watford

              Simms, Edward of Kings Lynn

              Simms, Frederick of London

              Simms, S. of Chipping Norton

              Simner, Richard of London

              Simons, E. of Leyton

              Simons, George & Moses of London

              Simons, George of London

              Simpson & Co. of Gosport

              Simpson & Roberts of Liverpool

              Simpson & Son of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

              Simpson, Benjamin of London

              Simpson, Caleb of Hadleigh

              Simpson, Christopher of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

              Simpson, Daniel of Workington

              Simpson, F.W. of Upper Tooting

              Simpson, Frederick W. of London

              Simpson, Frederick William of London

              Simpson, G of Scarborough

              Simpson, G.H. of Windsor

              Simpson, Isaac of Chorley

              Simpson, Isidore of Gosport

              Simpson, J. of Aylesbury

              Simpson, James of Aylesbury

              Simpson, James of Colnbrook

              Simpson, John Tidd of Hull

              Simpson, John of Garstang

              Simpson, John of Liverpool

              Simpson, John of Wigton

              Simpson, Jonathan Wortley of Preston, Lancashire

              Simpson, Jonhn of Liverpool

              Simpson, Joseph of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

              Simpson, Joseph of Preston

              Simpson, Joseph of Wolverhampton

              Simpson, Mary of Cockermouth

              Simpson, R of London

              Simpson, Richard of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

              Simpson, Robert William of Croydon

              Simpson, Robert of London

              Simpson, Robert of Poulton

              Simpson, Thomas of London

              Simpson, Thomas of London

              Simpson, W & E of Bognor

              Simpson, Walter of Park, Sheffield

              Simpson, William Manley of Great Yarmouth

              Simpson, William of Liverpool

              Simpson, William of Rickmansworth

              Sims, B of Southend

              Sims, Bertram of Southend

              Sims, C. of Watford

              Sims, Frederick Coltonham of London

              Sims, John Charles of Watford

              Sims, R. of Amersham

              Sims, Richard of Amersham

              Sims, William of Peckham

              Simson and Groombridge of Hertford

              Simson of Hertford

              Simson, E.A. & Co. of Hertford

              Simson, Edward Augustus & Co. of Hertford

              Simson, George of Hertford

              Simson, M. Mrs. of Hertford

              Simson, Thomas of Hertford

              Sinclair & Co. of Orpington

              Sinclair, Walter of London

              Sinderby, Francis H. of London

              Singleton, Henry of Leamington

              Sizeland, J.H. of London

              Sizer of Paington

              Sizer, John of Grimsby

              Skarratt, Elizabeth of Kington

              Skarratt, John & Co. of Worcester

              Skarratt, Thomas Carleton of Kington

              Skee, G. H. of Bishop Auckland

              Skeggs, William of London

              Skellern Bros. of Rhyl

              Skellorn, John of Liverpool

              Skelton, E. of Hammersmith

              Skelton, F. of Tooting Graveney

              Skelton, George of London

              Skelton, H of Sheffield

              Skelton, Matthew William of Liverpool

              Skelton, Robert of Malton

              Skelton, T & Son of Leytonstone

              Skelton, T of Leytonstone

              Skelton, T. of Lower Tooting

              Skelton, T.A. of Lower Tooting

              Skelton, Thomas Alfred of Lower Tooting

              Skelton, William of London

              Skerrett, George of Devonport

              Skerritt, Robert of Camberley

              Skerry Brothers of London

              Skerry, William of London

              Skevington, William Henry of Bath

              Skidmore, John of Askrigg

              Skidmore, John of Tipton

              Skiller, Henry of Rochester

              Skillman, W.R. of Barking

              Skinner, Arthur of Portslade-by-Sea, Brighton

              Skinner, Charles of London

              Skinner, Charles of Peckham

              Skinner, Charles of Sheffield

              Skinner, John of Exeter

              Skinner, Martin William & Richard of Southend

              Skinner, Osbert of Sheffield

              Skinner, W.H. of Leamington

              Skipper, Samuel of Thirsk

              Skipton, James Frederick of Cirencester

              Skirrow, James of Wigan

              Slack, Joseph of Ipstones

              Slack, Leonard of Sheffield

              Slack, Samuel & Son of Chesterfield

              Slack, Uriah of Chesterfield

              Sladden, S & L.E. of Canterbury

              Sladden, S of Canterbury

              Slade, Edward of Mevagissey

              Slade, John of Penryn

              Slade, William of Penryn

              Slark, William of London

              Slater, George of Burslem

              Slater, George of Kidsgrove

              Slater, George of Liverpool

              Slater, George of Tunstall

              Slater, George of Uttoxeter

              Slater, James of Ormskirk, Lancashire

              Slater, James of Uttoxeter

              Slater, John of Burton-upon-Trent

              Slater, John of Hanley and Shelton

              Slater, John of Steyning

              Slater, John of Uttoxeter

              Slater, Joseph of Ormskirk, Lancashire

              Slater, Thomas and William of Uttoxeter and Lichfield

              Slater, William of London

              Slater, William of Shoreham

              Slater, William of Tunstall

              Slater, William of Utoxetter

              Slaughter, William George of Ramsgate

              Sleefrig, Israel H. of Liverpool

              Sleep, John of Liskeard

              Sleigh, William of Stockton

              Slight John of Sheffield

              Slingsby, Tom of Wingate

              Sloan, Ralph of Byker, Newcastle

              Sloan, Ralph of Necastle

              Sluce, William of London

              Sly, C. Mrs. of Oxford

              Sly, R. of Oxford

              Sly, Samuel of Norwich

              Sly, Thomas & Son of Salisbury

              Slydel, E. G. & Son of Brighton

              Slyth, John of Audlem

              Smale, John of Exeter

              Smale, Timothy of Kingsbridge

              Small, George of Coventry

              Small, Joseph of Perth

              Small, Timothy of Kingsbridge

              Smallbones, John Thomas of Chatteris

              Smalley, Joseph S. of London

              Smalley, Peter Marsh of London

              Smalley, T. N. of Liverpool

              Smalley, Thomas N. of Liverpool

              Smallman's South Shields Ltd of Ashington

              Smallpage, James of Leeds

              Smallpage, Wilfred of Sheffield

              Smallwood, John of Lichfield, Staffordshire

              Smallwood, Joseph of Lichfield

              Smallwood, Thomas of Lichfield, Staffordshire

              Smart Brothers of Liverpool

              Smart, A. of Wimbledon

              Smart, Alexander of London

              Smart, John of Finchingfield

              Smee, E.A. & E.F. of Chelmsford

              Smerdon, John of Newton Abbot

              Smethurst, Henry of Stafford

              Smith & Hind, of Hartlepool

              Smith & Son of Croydon

              Smith & Son of London

              Smith & Wills of Bath

              Smith Brothers of Rotherham

              Smith of Sheffield

              Smith, A & Co. of Huddersfield

              Smith, A & Son of Sudbury

              Smith, Abraham of London

              Smith, Alfred of Croydon

              Smith, Alfred of Huddersfield

              Smith, Ambrose of Dunmow

              Smith, Angelo of Sudbury

              Smith, B of Canning Town

              Smith, Benjamin of Stratford

              Smith, Benjamin of Tong

              Smith, Bolton of London

              Smith, Charles Joshua of Thrapston

              Smith, Charles M of Manningtree

              Smith, Charles Milton of Manningtree

              Smith, Charles Milton of Manningtree

              Smith, Charles Roe of Bangor

              Smith, Charles William of Surbiton

              Smith, Charles of London

              Smith, Charlotte of Long Sutton

              Smith, Clement Joseph of Pewsey

              Smith, D. of Reading

              Smith, Daniel of Bedford

              Smith, Dennis of Reading

              Smith, E Trench of Huntingdon

              Smith, E. S. of Sittingbourne

              Smith, Edward of Barton under Needwood

              Smith, Edward of Newbury

              Smith, Edward of Newcastle

              Smith, Edward of Richmond

              Smith, Eric M. of Folkestone

              Smith, Ernest A. of Dorking

              Smith, F. and Son, of Southampton

              Smith, F. of Blandford

              Smith, Frederick of London

              Smith, G. E. of Lower Norwood, Surrey

              Smith, G. of Brighton

              Smith, G.T. of Towcaster

              Smith, Gabriel of Chester

              Smith, George & Son of Liverpool

              Smith, George J. of West Dulwich

              Smith, George James of Ely

              Smith, George of Leamington

              Smith, George of March

              Smith, George of South Shields

              Smith, Harold F of Grays

              Smith, Harry of Gateshead

              Smith, Henry & Son of Reading

              Smith, Henry John of Plaistow

              Smith, Henry of London

              Smith, Herbert of Wantage

              Smith, Horatio of London

              Smith, Isaiah of Cefn, Ruabon

              Smith, J of Chelmsford

              Smith, J of Leamington

              Smith, J. of Billericay

              Smith, J.A.of Chipping Sodbury

              Smith, J.B. of Kington

              Smith, J.H. of London

              Smith, J.J. & Co. of Putney

              Smith, J.W. of Mapperley, Nottingmshire

              Smith, James A. of Croydon

              Smith, James B. of Kington

              Smith, James Barton of Kington

              Smith, James R. of Lower Mitcham

              Smith, James R.W. of Brackley

              Smith, James and Son of London

              Smith, James of Grantown, Inverness

              Smith, James of Great Dunmow

              Smith, James of London

              Smith, James of Rayleigh

              Smith, James of Saxmundham

              Smith, Jason of Grimsby

              Smith, John C. of London

              Smith, John Samuel of Salford

              Smith, John of Ashton-under-Line

              Smith, John of Bathgate

              Smith, John of Hulme, Manchester

              Smith, John of Keighley

              Smith, John of Leek

              Smith, John of Liverpool

              Smith, John of London

              Smith, John of Macclesfield

              Smith, John of Manchester

              Smith, John of March

              Smith, John of Newcastle

              Smith, John of Newtown

              Smith, John of Rochdale

              Smith, John of Salford

              Smith, John of Thirsk

              Smith, John of Wrexham

              Smith, Joseph of Bristol

              Smith, Joseph of Folkestone

              Smith, Joseph of Gainsborough

              Smith, Joseph of London

              Smith, Joseph of Sheffield

              Smith, Mary Helen, Mrs. of Liverpool

              Smith, Mary, Mrs. of Bedlington

              Smith, Morton of Bramley, Guildford

              Smith, P of Kirton-in-Linsey

              Smith, Philip of London

              Smith, R.D. of Croydon

              Smith, Richard of London

              Smith, Richard of Outwell, Wisbeach

              Smith, Richard of Scarborough

              Smith, Robert D. of Croydon

              Smith, S. of Tonbridge

              Smith, Samuel and Sons of Tatenhill

              Smith, Samuel and Sons of Walton-on-Trent

              Smith, Samuel of London

              Smith, Samuel of Middlesborough

              Smith, Samuel of Sheffield

              Smith, Samuel of Walton-upon-Trent

              Smith, Samuel of West Bromwich

              Smith, Sidney Ltd of Parkstone

              Smith, Sidney Frank of Marden

              Smith, T of Sheffield

              Smith, T.W. of London

              Smith, Theophilus of Wisbech

              Smith, Thomas George of Dover

              Smith, Thomas H. of Reading, Berkshire

              Smith, Thomas William of Canning Town

              Smith, Thomas of Ashbourn

              Smith, Thomas of Bilston

              Smith, Thomas of Burnley

              Smith, Thomas of Chatteris

              Smith, Thomas of Choppington

              Smith, Thomas of Edenbridge

              Smith, Thomas of Horsmanden

              Smith, Thomas of Lincoln

              Smith, Thomas of Liverpool

              Smith, Thomas of London

              Smith, Thomas of Sheffield

              Smith, Thomas of Sheffield

              Smith, Tylar of Sheffield

              Smith, W. A. of Tow Law

              Smith, W. of Broadstairs

              Smith, W. of Canterbury

              Smith, W. of Carnarvon

              Smith, W. of Herne Bay

              Smith, W. of London

              Smith, Walter Fletcher of Lincoln

              Smith, William E. of Southend

              Smith, William Tylar of Sheffield

              Smith, William of Bingham

              Smith, William of Cambridge

              Smith, William of Canterbury

              Smith, William of Crowland, Peterborough

              Smith, William of Epworth

              Smith, William of Leamington

              Smith, William of Manchester

              Smith, William of March

              Smith, William of Market Deeping & Crowland

              Smith, William of Southend

              Smith, William of Walton, Measham

              Smiths English Clocks Ltd

              Smiths Industries

              Smithson, Robert of Newcastle

              Smorthwaite, John of Colchester

              Smyth, C. of Tunbridge

              Smythson, Alfred George of London

              Snashall, William of Marden, Kent

              Sneezum, A.J. & Son of Ipswich

              Sneezum, Walter of Bury St Edmunds

              Snell, Albion of London

              Snell, John Holder of Tavistock

              Snell, William of Crediton

              Snellgrove, Fred of Forest gate

              Snelling, Burgess & Edward of London

              Snelling, J. of Ashford

              Snelling, James of Alton

              Snelling, James of Newton Abbott

              Snelling, John of Romney

              Snosswell, William of London

              Snoswell, William of London

              Snow Charles J. of Worksop

              Snow, John of Frome

              Snow, Richard R. of Ripon, Yorkshire

              Snowball, George of London

              Snowden, Henry of Sunderland

              Snowden, J. G. of Sunderland

              Soar, James of London

              Sobey, William Rawlins of Exeter

              Society of Divine Compassion of Plaistow

              Soffe, F. of Burnham

              Softly, Thomas of Louth

              Solca, A. of East Grinstead

              Solca, Joseph of Hull

              Solca, Lewis of Hull

              Soldano, Louis & Son of London

              Soldano, Vve de J. Fils of London

              Sollitt, F.N. of Portswood, Southampton

              Solomon, A. of Newcastle

              Solomon, Abram of Hull

              Solomon, Emanuel of Canterbury

              Solomon, Henry & Co. of London

              Solomon, Henry of London

              Solomon, L of Oxford

              Solomon, Morris of Kings Lynn

              Solomon, Moses of London

              Solomon, P. of London

              Solomon, Phineas of London

              Solomon, S.C. of London

              Solomon, Samuel of Lewes, Sussex

              Solomon, Solomon of Newcastle

              Somershall, Richard of London

              Somerwill, Thomas of Taunton

              Sommers, George of Ilfracombe

              Sones, Benjamin Elisha of Lowerstoft

              Sorg, Charles of London

              Sorley, Robert and James of Glasgow

              Sorrell, George of London

              Sorrell, Henry Charles of Brighton

              Sorrell, Herbert Woodhams of Ilford

              South, G.T of Scunthorpe

              South, Henry of Rotherham

              Southam, C. of Coventry

              Southampton Goldsmiths Co. Ltd of Southampton

              Southbourne Jewellers of Bournmouth

              Southcomb, W. of Liverpool

              Southcomb, William of Liverpool

              Southworth, E. of Carnarvon

              Sowerby, Frank C of Saltburn

              Sowry, James of Leeds

              Sowter, J. of Oxford

              Sowter, William I. of Cleethorpes

              Spahn, F. of Leighton Buzzard

              Spahn, Frederick of Leighton Buzzard

              Spalding, S. of Croydon

              Spark, James of Manningtree

              Sparke, J. of Colchester

              Sparke, James of Colchester

              Sparkes, James of Brighton

              Sparrow, Albert J of Frome

              Sparrow, Ernest R. of Kingston

              Sparrow, Henry Joshua of Richmond

              Sparrow, Henry of Richmond

              Spasshatt, J. of London

              Spaul, Alex of Battersea

              Speakman, Charles of Liverpool

              Spears, Frederick of Liverpool

              Speers, Charles of Liverpool

              Spencer & Cook of London

              Spencer, C & Son of Reigate

              Spencer, Edward of Chelmsford

              Spencer, Eli of Bolton

              Spencer, Emma of Chester

              Spencer, Frederick Augustus of Needham Market

              Spencer, Harry of Luton

              Spencer, Henry of Chester

              Spencer, J.A. of Leigh

              Spencer, James G. of Liverpool

              Spencer, James of Stalybridge

              Spencer, John of Chelmsford

              Spencer, John of Liverpool

              Spencer, Roger of Liverpool

              Spencer, Thomas of Manchester

              Spencer, W.G. of North Brixton

              Spencer, William of Brackley

              Spendlove, John of Thetford

              Sperry, James of Sturminster Newton

              Speth & Brothers of Liverpool

              Spiegelbalter & Son of Malton

              Spiegelhalder, Auselm of Exeter

              Spiegelhalder, Ferdinand of London

              Spiegelhalter, Albert of London

              Spiegelhalter, G. of London

              Spiegelhalter, George & Co. of London

              Spiegelhalter, George & W. of London

              Spiegelhalter, John N. of Bradford

              Spiegelhalter, Leo of Sutton

              Spiegelhalter, Otto & Co. of London

              Spieglehalder, A. of Exeter

              Spier, Samuel of London

              Spiess, William of London

              Spikins from Dent of Guilford

              Spikins, William C of Upton Park

              Spikins, William Charles of Guildford, Kingston

              Spiller, Francis Jn of Taunton

              Spiller, Joel of Wellington, Somerset

              Spiller, John of Wellington

              Spindler, Cyril & Co. Ltd of Colchester

              Spindler, Cyril of Colchester

              Spink & Son of London

              Spink, George of Canning Town

              Spinner, George Albert of Gillingham

              Spinney, John of Blandford

              Spiridion, Wladislaw of Cardiff

              Spittall James Oyers of Whitehaven

              Spittall John of Whitehaven

              Spittall, Familyof Whitehaven

              Spittle, Henry of Hathern and Loughborough

              Spivey, Joseph of Milnsbridge, Linthwaite

              Spratt, Sidney Walter of Forest gate

              Spratt, William of Ardmillan and Saintfield, Ireland

              Spreat, John Henry of Manchester

              Spring, Robert of London

              Springall, Isaac of Buxton

              Springall, Isaac of Norwich

              Springate, Henry of London

              Springate, Thomas of Leyton, Essex

              Springett, Charles Edward of Forest gate

              Spry, William of Hereford

              Spurge, C.H. of Gillingham

              Spurge, J. of Rochford

              Spurge, James of Billericay

              Spurge, James of Billericay

              Spurge, W. of Woolwich

              Spurr, Frederick of Liverpool

              Squire, Ephraim of Chertsey

              Squire, Ephraim of Weybridge

              Squire, James of Kendal

              Squires, James of Chatteris

              Squirrell, C. of Sutton

              Squirrell, S. of Croydon

              Squirrell, Samuel of Ipswich

              Srawley, Tom of Liverpool

              Srerner, S. of Nottingham

              Srrafield, Henry of Twyford

              Stace, J. of Folkestone

              Stacey, Albert of Sheffield

              Stacey, George of Dulverton

              Stacey, George of Worksop

              Stacey, John H of Wiveliscombe

              Stackhouse, Richard of Hulme, Manchester

              Stadden, Ernest E of Bourne

              Staden & Roe of London

              Stadler, J. of Ipswich

              Stafford, George of Birkenhead

              Stafford, George of Liverpool

              Stafford, William of Dublin

              Stafford, William of London

              Stagg, L. of Bridport

              Staight, P.L. of Leigh

              Stainton, Alfred of Brighton

              Stamper, Charles of Louth

              Stanbury, William of London

              Stancliff, John of Burnley

              Standard Time Company, London

              Standen, T. of Ramsgate

              Standring, James H. of Bradford

              Standring, Jeremiah of Bolton

              Standring, Samuel of Manchester

              Stanford, Elizabeth of Bridport

              Stanford, J of Middlesborough

              Stanger, Hugh Fisher of London

              Stanger, Joseph of Maidstone, Kent

              Stanhope, Arthur William of Tarring, Worthing

              Staniforth, Alfred of Beighton

              Staniforth, John of Sheffield

              Stanley, Ferdinando of London

              Stanley, Harry of Faversham

              Stanley, James Hill of London

              Stanley, John T. of Manchester

              Stanley, John of Manchester

              Stanley, John of Sheffield

              Stanley, Richard of London

              Stanley, Samuel Ferdinaldo of London

              Stanley, Samuel of London

              Stanley, Thomas of Rainhill

              Stanley, William of Manchester

              Stannard, Noel of Ipswich

              Stansall, Frederick William of Salford

              Stansfield, H. of Prestatyn

              Stansfield, W.J. of Corwen

              Stansfield, William James of Corwen

              Stanton, John of March

              Stanton, Nathaniel of Jarrow

              Stanton, Thomas of Oswestry

              Stanton, W. of Ampthill

              Stanton, W. of Fenny Stratford

              Stanton, William of Ampthill

              Stanton, William of Buckingham

              Stanyar, John of Chester

              Staples, James of Odiham, Hampshire

              Staples, John of Boston, Lincolnshire

              Stapleton, Thomas H. of Battersea

              Starey, Robert of Ledbury

              Starfield, Samuel of Grimsby

              Stark, J. of Croydon

              Starkey, Richard of Birmingham

              Starkie, William of Salford

              Starley, William Henry of London

              Starr, William James of London

              Startridge, John of Lymington

              Stauffer, Julius of London

              Stauffer, Son & Co. of London

              Stauton, William of Buckingham

              Stead, George of Leeds

              Steadman, William Henry of Wellingborough

              Steane, J. of Abingdon

              Steane, Jabez of Abingdon

              Steane, Sarah, Mrs. of Abingdon

              Stearns, Henry of Manchester

              Stedman James Walker of Petworth

              Stedman John S. of Herts and Hampshire

              Stedman Mrs Ann of Petworth

              Stedman Sone of Midhurst

              Stedman, C. S. Mrs. of Godalming

              Stedman, C. S. of Midhurst

              Stedman, Charles Hawthorn of Chelmsford

              Stedman, Charles of Chelmsford

              Stedman, J. of Stonington

              Stedman, J.S. of Godalming, Petworth

              Stedman, Richard of Godalming, Surrey

              Stedman, W.H of Clacton

              Stedman, W.H. & Son of Clacton

              Stedman, William Hawthorne of Clacton

              Stedman, William Hawthorne of Colchester

              Steel, Abraham of Manchester

              Steel, Alexander Y. of Whitley Bay

              Steel, Alfred John of Norwood

              Steel, Samuel of London

              Steel, William F. of London

              Steel, William Francis of London

              Steele, Alfred John of Norwood

              Steele, Frederick of Hull

              Steele, George Edward of Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham

              Steele, Joseph of London

              Steer, Frederick of Croydon

              Steer, John of Burton-upon-Trent

              Steer, M.D. of Beccles

              Steer, William of Beccles

              Steiert, Martin of London

              Steinbach, Charles of London

              Steinbach, Mary, Mrs. of London

              Steinberg, S. of Sunderland

              Steiner, Leon of London

              Steinmann, Daniel of London

              Stembridge, George Percy of Sheffield

              Stenhouse, J. of Newcastle

              Stening & Son of Brighton

              Stening, C. of Hove, Brighton

              Stenlake, Benjamin of Tavistock

              Stephens, Ambrose of Tooting Junction

              Stephens, Edward Riley of East Molesey, Kingston

              Stephens, Henry of London

              Stephens, Richard of Bridgnorth, Shropshire

              Stephens, Richard of Leek

              Stephens, William of Godalming

              Stephenson & Farrow of London

              Stephenson or Stevenson, Charles of Congleton

              Stephenson, C. of Leiston

              Stephenson, Charles of Haywards Heath

              Stephenson, Cyril of Aldeburgh

              Stephenson, George of Warminster

              Stephenson, J.W & Co. Supply Stores of Shepton Mallet

              Stephenson, Thomas White of Hull

              Stephenson, William of Dorchester

              Stephenson, William of Leiston

              Stephenson, William of Saxmundham

              Stephenson, William of Yoxford

              Steptoe, James of Hitchin

              Sterk, William of London

              Stern, Jacob of Manchester

              Sternberg Brothers of Manchester

              Sternberg, Nathan of Manchester

              Sterry, William O. of Lowerstoft

              Steuert, Lambert of London

              Stevens, Alfred A. of Manchester

              Stevens, Daniel J. of London

              Stevens, E. of Newbury

              Stevens, Edward of Boston

              Stevens, Edward of London

              Stevens, Edwin of London

              Stevens, Ezek. of London

              Stevens, Frederick of Heathfield

              Stevens, George William of Tunbridge Wells

              Stevens, J of Weston-super-Mare

              Stevens, Mark of London

              Stevens, Richard of Leicester

              Stevens, S. of Woodside

              Stevens, Solomon of Gainsborough

              Stevens, T. of London

              Stevens, W & J of London

              Stevens, W. P. of Hounslow

              Stevens, William G. of London

              Stevens, William Paul of Hounslow

              Stevens, William jun of London

              Stevens, William of London

              Stevenson & Co. of Sevenoaks

              Stevenson of London

              Stevenson, William of Nottingham

              Steward, William of London

              Stewardson, J of East Ham

              Stewart Brothers of North Shields

              Stewart Oscar of Liverpool

              Stewart, Alexander & Co. of London

              Stewart, Alexander of London

              Stewart, David of Stirling

              Stewart, Henry of Liverpool

              Stewart, Jas of Glasgow

              Stewart, John of Liverpool

              Stewart, Joseph Henry of East Ham

              Stewart, Robert of Glasgow

              Stewart, T. of Gravesend

              Steyert, J of Loftus, York

              Stickler, Henry Charles of Frome

              Stiebel, B. of London

              Stier, Michael & Son of Bath

              Stigner, J.M & Son of Guildford

              Stigner, Jean Michael of Folkestone

              Stinson, Arthur of Worksop

              Stirling, John of London

              Stock, Charles of Street

              Stock, Jabez of London

              Stockall Marples & Co. Ltd of London

              Stockbridge, Arthur W. of Ipswich

              Stockdale, T of Great Driffield

              Stockford, Joseph of Thame

              Stockton, George of South Shields

              Stockwell & Co. of Woodford Green

              Stoddart, Charles of Morpeth

              Stoddart, J. of London

              Stoddart, James of London

              Stoddart, Joseph of Huddersfield

              Stoddart, Robert of London

              Stoessiger, Alex G. of Royston

              Stoessiger, Alex and Co. of London

              Stoessiger, Frederick of London

              Stoker, Henry of London

              Stoker, William of London

              Stokes, J. of Bocking, Braintree

              Stokes, John jun of Braintree

              Stokes, John of Braintree

              Stokes, John of Congleton, Macclesfield and Knutsford

              Stokes, John of Macclesfield and Congleton

              Stokes, William of Stourbridge

              Stokes, William of Walton

              Stolz, Matthew of London

              Stone, Charles Henry of Salford

              Stone, Charles of Liverpool

              Stone, Earnest of Ilford

              Stone, Edwin of London

              Stone, Frederick of Bristol

              Stone, Frederick of Cottenham, Cambridge

              Stone, H. of Maidstone

              Stone, John James of London

              Stone, John of Exeter

              Stone, John of London, Thame and Aylesbury

              Stone, R.W. of Wallsend

              Stone, Robert & Son of Manchester

              Stone, Robert W. of Wallsend

              Stone, William Henry of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

              Stonefield, L Ltd of Sheffield

              Stonefield, Louis of Sheffield

              Stonehouse, Christopher of Cullercoats, Whitley

              Stonehouse, Richard of Whitby

              Stones, George of Blackburn

              Stoppard, J.E. of Sheffield

              Storer, Charles of London

              Storer, James of London

              Storer, R & Son of London

              Storer, Robert G. of South Shields

              Storer, Walter P. of London

              Storey & Sedman of Dewsbury

              Storey, Arthur of Birchington

              Storey, Benjamin of Tuxford

              Storey, Edward of Cartmel

              Storey, James of Bury St Edmunds

              Storlands, John of Lancaster

              Storr, Marmaduke of York and London

              Stott, Eli of Wakefield

              Stott, James Thomas of Rothbury

              Stow, Edward of Camberwell

              Stowbridge, Henry of Chudleigh

              Stowbridge, Henry of Dawlish

              Stoy, G. of Colchester

              Stradling & Sons of Newbury

              Stradling, Alfred & Son of Newbury

              Straham, William of Barton Upon Humber

              Straiton, A. of London

              Strange, C. Mrs. of Croydon

              Strange, C. of High Wycombe

              Strange, Charles of Wycombe

              Strange, F. of Croydon

              Strange, F. of Croydon

              Strange, T. of Banbury

              Strange, Thomas & Son of Wycombe

              Strange, W of Banbury

              Strange, William of Kingston

              Strap, O.A. of Cambridge

              Stratford, James of London

              Stratford, William of Cheltenham

              Strath, Benjamin of London

              Stratton & Strickland of Oxford

              Stratton, G. of Oxford

              Stratton, John B. of Southend

              Stratton, John Bennett of Southend

              Stratton, John of London

              Straub & Hebting of London

              Straub, Ferdinand of Camberwell

              Straus, Morris of Faringdon

              Street & Co. of Newcastle

              Street, G.W & Sons of Hove

              Street, R. of Hitchin

              Street, Richard of Bidgnorth

              Street, Robert of Evesham

              Street, Robert of Hitchin

              Streeter, Edwin W. FRGS of London

              Streeter, Ernest & Daughter of Petworth

              Streeton, Gustavius of Luton

              Stretton, William of London

              Strickland, Alfred William of Bury St Edmunds

              Strickland, Charles of London

              Strickland, William of London

              Strickland, William of Tenterden

              Strigel, G.P. of London

              Stringer, Frederick of Bilston

              Stripling, Thomas & William of Lichfield

              Stripling, Thomas of Lichfield

              Stripling, William of Lichfield

              Stripp, William of East Grinstead

              Stripp, William of Lingfield

              Stromier, Joseph of Glasgow

              Strond, Henry of London

              Strong, J. of Parkstone

              Stroud, D.G. of Taunton

              Stroud, E. Mrs. of London

              Stroud, G. of Brixton

              Stroud, George of London

              Stuart, C.S. of Bournmouth

              Stuart, G. of Newcastle

              Stuart, George of Newcastle

              Stuart, H. & Co. of Liverpool

              Stuart, Henry of Liverpool

              Stuart, R.V. Ltd of Bournmouth

              Stubbs, F.B. of Ipswich

              Stuber, C. of Bedford

              Stubington, Henry of London

              Stubley, Benjamin of Liverpool

              Stubley, John of Liverpool

              Stubley, Samuel of Liverpool

              Stubley,Abraham of Liverpool

              Stuck, Frederick W of Brighton

              Stunt, Charles of London

              Sturges, Thos. of London

              Sturgess, C.B of Nuneaton

              Sturips, William Henry of New Malden

              Sturrock, R of Bournmouth

              Sturrock, William of Edinburgh

              Sturt, George H.F Burley of Brighton

              Stuttard, Richard of Bradford

              Style, T of Cambridge

              Suddens, Benjamin of Kenilworth

              Suffolk, Samuel of London

              Sugden, John A of Sheffield

              Sugg, Walter of Tolworth, Surbiton

              Suggate, George of Halesworth

              Suggett, John of Little Walsingham

              Suggett, William of Stockton

              Sulivan, Frank of Barking

              Sulley, Richard of Nottingham

              Sullivan, Charles of Croydon

              Sullivan, Charles of Norwich

              Sullivan, G. of Greenwich

              Sullivan, Richard of London

              Sullivan, W. of Upper Norwood

              Sullivan, William of Anerley

              Sullivan, William of Norwood

              Sulman, Alfred of Wilburton, Ely

              Summerfield & Son of Newcastle

              Summerfield, David of Newcastle

              Summerfield, Isidore of Newcastle

              Summers, James of Hamilton

              Summers, Joseph R of Bedale

              Summers, W. F. of Bedford

              Summersgill, Robert of Preston

              Summerton, John Henry of Coventry

              Sumner, George of Northampton

              Sunderland, Prince M of Sheffield

              Sunter, Robert of Bradford

              Sutcliffe, Henry of Salford

              Sutcliffe, John of London

              Sutcliffe, Joseph T. of Moor, Sheffield

              Sutcliffe, Thomas of Elland

              Sutton, Alfred W. of Herne Bay

              Sutton, Charlotte of Tonbridge

              Sutton, F. W. of Arundel

              Sutton, John of Burton-Upon-Trent

              Sutton, John of Burton-upon-Trent

              Sutton, John of London

              Sutton, Robert of Barton Upon Humber

              Sutton, Robert of Whitehaven

              Sutton, Thomas of Maidstone

              Sutton, William of Liverpool

              Swaine, Alfred of Cleckheaton

              Swaine, Richard of Stratford upon Avon

              Swan, George Edward of Lowerstoft

              Swan, H & G of Westcliff

              Swan, H & Son of Southend

              Swan, H of Southend

              Swan, H.F. of Southend

              Swann, George of Lowerstoft

              Swearer, G. of Colchester

              Swearer, John of London

              Sweetman, William of Liverpool

              Swift, Charles of Leeds

              Swift, G. of Sheerness on Sea

              Swift, Henry M of Braintree

              Swift, Thomas of Manor Park

              Swift, William of Scarborough

              Swinburn, Jobb of Durham

              Swinburn, T. of Newcastle

              Swinburne, E. Mrs. of Gateshead

              Swinburne, T. of Wallsend

              Swinburne, T. of Newcastle

              Swindells, - of Macclesfield

              Swinden, John B. of Chesterfield

              Sykes & Williams of London

              Sykes, David & Co. of Manchester

              Sykes, Henry of Gainsborough

              Sykes, James of Huddersfield

              Sykes, Samuel of Golcar

              Sykes, T.H. of Huddersfield

              Sykes, William Henry of Heckmondwike, Yorkshire

              Sylvester, Joseph of Hogsthorpe, Alford

              Symes, Frederick of Folkestone

              Symington, Andrew of Kettle, Fife

              Symonds, Benjamin of London

              Symonds, C.G. of Rushden

              Symons, Benjamin of London

              Symons, James of Totnes

              Symons, John of Hull

              Syrett, George of London

              Taberner, Robert S. of Liverpool

              Taberner, Robert Seddon of Liverpool

              Tabraham, Arthur of Cambridge

              Taffinder, Abraham of Rotherham

              Taffinder, Abraham of Sheffield

              Taft, Herbert E. of Manchester

              Tainsh, Ernest of Weston-super-Mare

              Tait, J. H. of Tow Law

              Tait, W. of London

              Talbot & Son of London

              Talbot, Alfred Y. of Crook

              Talbot, Alfred Y. of Gateshead

              Talbot, George of Cambridge

              Talbot, William of Wilburton, Ely

              Talintyre, George Douglas of South Shields

              Tallibart, Louis of London

              Talpot, John of Portsmouth Common

              Tander Clock Co. of Bowling Green Lane

              Tanner, Charles L. of Wimbledon

              Tanner, Edwin Somerset of Reading

              Tanner, Job of London

              Tanner, Joseph of Cirencester

              Tanner, L.M. Mrs of Kingston

              Tanner, Lloyd of Lower Norwood

              Tanner, Lloyd of West Norwood

              Tanner, Thomas of Lewes

              Tanner, Thomas of Tirphil

              Tanner, William E. of Redhill

              Tanner, William of Hailsham and Lewes

              Tanner, William of Short Street, Finsbury Pavement, London

              Tansley, Thomas of Birmingham

              Tansom, Thomas of Guildford

              Tanton, Albert of Lyminge

              Tarleton & Son of Liverpool

              Tarleton, Thomas

              Tarleton, William of Liverpool

              Tarling, William Pipe of Dorking

              Tarrant, John Frederick of Reading

              Tasker, George of London

              Tasker, William of Bristol

              Tate family of Winterton, Lincolnshire

              Tate, James of Liverpool

              Tate, Richard Henry of Horncastle

              Tate, William G of Winterton

              Tate, William of Manchester

              Tattersall, Robert William of London

              Tatton of Edinburgh

              Taute, Herman of Kingston

              Taute, Hermann of Kingston

              Taylor & Dent of London

              Taylor & Son of Bristol

              Taylor of Bridgnorth, Shropshire

              Taylor, A. of Overton-on-Dee

              Taylor, Alfred of Croydon

              Taylor, Alfred of London

              Taylor, Archie of Sudbury

              Taylor, Arthur of London

              Taylor, Charles & Son of London

              Taylor, Charles William of Bury St Edmunds

              Taylor, Charles of Utoxetter

              Taylor, Christopher of Woodhouse, Sheffield

              Taylor, David of Batley

              Taylor, David of London

              Taylor, E.A. of Wimbledon

              Taylor, Farnk Alfred of Worthing

              Taylor, Frank of Worthing

              Taylor, Frederick of Leighton Buzzard

              Taylor, George E. of Darlington

              Taylor, George of Dover

              Taylor, George of Sunderland

              Taylor, George of Wolverhampton

              Taylor, Harry of Spalding

              Taylor, Henry of Hull

              Taylor, Henry of Liverpool

              Taylor, Henry of Newcastle

              Taylor, Henry of Rotherham

              Taylor, Henry of Windsor

              Taylor, J. B. of Sandgate

              Taylor, J. of Colwyn Bay

              Taylor, J. of Newcastle

              Taylor, James of B. W. Sunderland

              Taylor, James of Liverpool

              Taylor, James of Manchester

              Taylor, James of Salford

              Taylor, Jeannie, Miss of Manchester

              Taylor, John & Bartholomew Need

              Taylor, John & Co. of Liverpool

              Taylor, John Edmundson of Huntingdon

              Taylor, John George of Newcastle

              Taylor, John and Edmund of Rochdale

              Taylor, John of London

              Taylor, John of M.W. Sunderland

              Taylor, John of Manchester

              Taylor, John of Morpeth

              Taylor, John of Rochdale

              Taylor, Jonathan W. of Leeds

              Taylor, Joseph T. of Bala

              Taylor, Joseph of Pontefract, Yorkshire

              Taylor, Joseph of Wakefield

              Taylor, Joseph of Wolverhampton

              Taylor, Mary Mrs. of Morpeth

              Taylor, R. of Southgate

              Taylor, R. of Woodford Green

              Taylor, Richard of Exeter

              Taylor, Richard of Wainfleet

              Taylor, Robert Henry of Manchester

              Taylor, Robert of Hull

              Taylor, Robert of Leeds

              Taylor, Robert of Southgate

              Taylor, Robert, Roger of London

              Taylor, S of Plaistow

              Taylor, Samuel of Debenham

              Taylor, Samuel of Framlingham

              Taylor, Sarah of Birmingham

              Taylor, T.F of Leighton Buzzard

              Taylor, Thomas & Son of Liverpool

              Taylor, Thomas Lee of Pontefract

              Taylor, Thomas of Belper

              Taylor, Thomas of Bradford

              Taylor, Thomas of Ellesmere

              Taylor, Thomas of Liverpool

              Taylor, Thomas of Manchester

              Taylor, Thomas of Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire

              Thomas Taylor of Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire

              Taylor, Thomas of Worcester

              Taylor, William Gayler of London

              Taylor, William Norris of Kirton-in-Linsey

              Taylor, William S. of Sheffield

              Taylor, William T. of Liverpool

              Taylor, William Thursfield of

              Taylor, William of Dumfries

              Taylor, William of Hull

              Taylor, William of

              Taylor, William of London

              Taylor, William of Newcastle

              Taylor, William of North Watford

              Taylor, William of Salford

              Taylor, William of Wimbledon

              Taylor, William of Wolverhampton

              Tayton, Ernest of Ilford

              Teague, Thomas of Bridgwater

              Teal, Samuel Jackson of Greasborough, Rotherham

              Telford, Arthur William of Newcastle

              Telford, Edward of Carlisle

              Telford, John George of South Shields

              Telford, John of Bellingham

              Telford, John of Keswick

              Telford, John of Wigton

              Telley, Joseph of Liverpool

              Temple, James of Seaham Harbour

              Temple, Solomon of Manchester

              Temple, Thomas of London

              Tenac, John Van of Hove

              Tenchio, R of Bicester

              Tennant, G.J of Luton

              Tennison, Reuben of Chesterfield

              Tepper, H.A. of Balham

              Terlizick, Edwin of Maidenhead

              Terry, Alfred of London

              Terry, E.M & Son of Salisbury

              Terry, Edward of Sunderland

              Terry, Isaac of London

              Terry, J. of Newcastle

              Terry, S of South Bank

              Terry, Thomas of Manchester

              Terry, W. & F. of Manchester

              Terry, Walter F. of Margate

              Terry, William & Francis of Hulme, Manchester

              Terry, William of Mildenhall

              Tesseyman, William of Northallerton

              Tester, Wilfred L. of Sidcup

              Tew, J. of Hereford

              Thackray, S.K of Middlesborough

              Thackwell, George of Gloucester

              Tharp, James Jn. of Croydon

              Thatcher, J. of Hungerford

              Thatcher, J. of Wantage

              Thatcher, James of Lambourn

              Thatcher, James of Wantage

              Theaker, John J. of Rotherham

              Thelwall, Charles John of Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester

              Thelwell, Richard of Manchester

              Thelwell, Richard of Sheffield

              Theobald, O. of Long Melford

              Thevenaz Freres of London

              Thew, Fred Willis of North Shields

              Thick, Frank of Frome

              Thick, William of Frome

              Thirlwell & Bibby of Rotherham

              Thirwall, Robert of Rotherham

              Thitchener, T. of Chelmsford

              Thitchener, Thomas C. of London

              Thitchener, William of London

              Thoden, Ferdinand of London

              Thoermer, Adolph Ferdinand Erdmann of London

              Thoma & Kammerer of London

              Thoma, Conrad of London

              Thomas Bowra of Sevenoaks

              Thomas Brothers of Ilford

              Thomas Cairns of Brampton

              Thomas, Alfred of Birkenhead

              Thomas, Arthur William of Surbiton

              Thomas, Arthur of Birkenhead

              Thomas, B. of Ruthin

              Thomas, Bonner of Portmadoc

              Thomas, Bonner of Ruthin

              Thomas, Charles of Ilford

              Thomas, D. of Stoke Newington

              Thomas, David Perry of Bitterne, Southampton

              Thomas, George of Liverpool

              Thomas, H. of Menai Bridge

              Thomas, H.S. Mrs of Bitterne, Southampton

              Thomas, Henry of Barnet

              Thomas, Henry of London

              Thomas, Henry of Menai Bridge

              Thomas, J & J of Carmarthen

              Thomas, J. of Pen-y-Groes

              Thomas, J.C of Ilford

              Thomas, J.J. of Penrhyn Deuddraeth

              Thomas, J.J. of Portmadoc

              Thomas, J.R. of Penrhyn Dreudraeth

              Thomas, J.T. of Penrhyn Deudraeth

              Thomas, James of Chester

              Thomas, James of Newton Abbott

              Thomas, John C of Ilford

              Thomas, John Thomas of London

              Thomas, John of Carmarthen

              Thomas, John of Carnarvon

              Thomas, John of Chesterfield

              Thomas, John of Hallifax

              Thomas, John of Pen-y-Groes

              Thomas, John of Redruth

              Thomas, Joseph of Hanley and Shelton

              Thomas, M. of Criccieth

              Thomas, Margaret of Rhiwbryfdir

              Thomas, Maria & Son of London

              Thomas, Matthew of Shelton

              Thomas, Moses of Conway

              Thomas, Moses of Criccieth

              Thomas, Owen of Festiniog

              Thomas, Percy A. of Rhyl

              Thomas, Richard B. of Tremadoc

              Thomas, Richard Bernard of Portmadoc

              Thomas, Richard Bonner of Portmadoc

              Thomas, Richard of London

              Thomas, Richard of Oswestry

              Thomas, Robert of Carnarvon

              Thomas, W H of Harrogate

              Thomas, W. of Chester

              Thomas, William A. of Llangollen

              Thomas, William Alfred of Surbiton

              Thomas, William Henry of Barnet

              Thomas, William of Lincoln

              Thomas, William of Surbiton

              Thompson & Profaze of London

              Thompson & Sons of Moor, Sheffield

              Thompson & Vine of London

              Thompson family of Darlington

              Thompson, Adam of London

              Thompson, Alfred H of Cambridge

              Thompson, Andrew of London

              Thompson, Charles of Croydon

              Thompson, Christopher and Thomas of Belford

              Thompson, D.E. of Sidcup

              Thompson, Ebenezer of London

              Thompson, Edward J. of London

              Thompson, Edward of Liverpool

              Thompson, Edward of London

              Thompson, F.W of Sheffield

              Thompson, Frederick George of Forest gate

              Thompson, G. of Croydon

              Thompson, G. of Kingston

              Thompson, George of London

              Thompson, Herbert of Liverpool

              Thompson, J. of Sunderland

              Thompson, James of Batley

              Thompson, James of Darlington

              Thompson, James of Huddersfield

              Thompson, John D. of Louth

              Thompson, John of Acle

              Thompson, John of Acle

              Thompson, John of Bury St.Edmunds

              Thompson, John of Chesterfield

              Thompson, John of London

              Thompson, John of Moor, Sheffield

              Thompson, John of Sheffield

              Thompson, Joseph of Liverpool

              Thompson, Joseph of Whitehaven

              Thompson, Joshua of Staindrop

              Thompson, M. G. of Tunbridge

              Thompson, Mary, Mrs. of Chesterfield

              Thompson, Matthew of London

              Thompson, Philip of Woodbridge

              Thompson, R. P. of Sunderland

              Thompson, R. of Newcastle

              Thompson, T.W of Middlesborough

              Thompson, Thomas of Liverpool

              Thompson, Thoms C. of Egham

              Thompson, W. of Gateshead

              Thompson, W.H. of Liverpool

              Thompson, William George of London

              Thompson, William Henry of

              Thompson, William J of Colchester

              Thompson, William Joseph of Colchester

              Thompson, William of Chester

              Thompson, William of Harrold, Bedford

              Thomson & Profaze of London

              Thomson, John of Coatbridge

              Thomson, John of Leslie, Fife

              Thomson, Thomas Robert of Bourne

              Thomson, William Henry of Oulton, Lowestoft

              Thorburn, Frederick Charles of Cambridge

              Thorn, Frank of Croydon

              Thornbeck, Thomas of Bradford

              Thorndike/Thorndyke, Samuel of Ipswich

              Thorne, J. C. of Witham

              Thorne, James of London

              Thorne, John Frederick of London

              Thorne, John of London

              Thorne, Josiah Cornelius of Witham

              Thorneleo, Jonathan of Sheffield

              Thorneloe & Co. of Sheffield

              Thorneloe, Ann, Mrs of Hillsborough, Sheffield

              Thorneloe, Charles of Lichfield

              Thornhill, Henry Dyer of London

              Thornhill, John & Son of London

              Thornton, Joseph of Leeds

              Thornton, Richard of Scarborough

              Thornton, W. of Leamington

              Thornton, William Turner of Woodbridge, Suffolk

              Thorpe, J.R. of Buckley

              Thorpe, John Hughes of London

              Thorpe, John of Ingham, Market Rasen

              Thory, John of Holbeach

              Threader, William of Brentwood

              Thristle, Francis of Wilton

              Thristle, Joseph of Mark

              Thristle, Joseph of Stowey & Stogursey

              Thwaites and Reed

              Thwaites, A & L. of London

              Thwaites, Aynsworth

              Thwaites, Robert and Robert Bell Thwaites of Barnard Castle

              Tibbett, Gordon of Dunstable

              Tickell, Charles P of Kingsbridge

              Tickell, John N of Kingsbridge, Devon

              Tidmarsh, C & S. of London

              Tidmarsh, Charles & Samuel of London

              Tidmarsh, J. of Twickenham

              Tidmarsh, Joseph of London

              Tidmarsh, Samuel of Hackney

              Tidmas, T. C. of Edmonton

              Tidmas, Thomas C. of London

              Tierney, James of Beswick

              Tiller, Alfred Frederick Low of Richmond

              Tilley, James A. of Liverpool

              Tilley, John of Liverpool

              Tilley, Joseph of Manchester

              Tilley, P.W. F of Parkstone

              Tillinghast, Stephen of Liverpool

              Tilsley, H & Son of Sheffield

              Tilsley, Henry of Hillsborough, Sheffield

              Tilsley, Leonard of Hillsborough, Sheffield

              Time Jewellers of Luton

              Time Recorders Ltd of Sheffield

              Timecheck of Boscombe of Bournmouth

              Timings, George Henry of Dudley

              Timmins, G.H. of Dudley

              Timmis, John of Burslem

              Timmis, William of Alfreton

              Timmons, James of Liverpool

              Timms, Arthur of Bognor

              Tims, Thomas of Smethwick

              Tingle, Joseph S R of Long Sutton

              Tingle, Joseph S R. JP of Holbeach

              Tingle, Joseph of Holbeach

              Tinker, Joseph of Dewsbury

              Tinkler, John of Stanhope

              Tinkler, Nicholas Watson of Newcastle-on-Tyne

              Tinkler, Strachan of Newcastle and Gateshead

              Tinkler, Thomas Edward of Rushden

              Tinsey, George of Redhill

              Tinsey, George of Wrecclesham Farnham

              Tinsley, James C. of Liverpool

              Tinsley, James of Leigh, Lancashire

              Tinson, T. of Liverpool

              Tippen, F.W. of Marden

              Tippen, J. of Staplehurst

              Tipping, J. of Maidstone

              Tipping, James of Liverpool

              Tipping, Robert of Liverpool

              Tipple, E.A. of Chatham

              Tisdale, C of Brighton

              Tiso, H. of Bangor

              Tisseman, E. of South Shields

              Tissot & Bonetto of London

              Titley, C. & Co, of Manchester

              Tizard, G & Son of Crawley

              Tobias & Levitt of London

              Tobias, M.I. & Co, Liverpool

              Tobias, M.J. of Liverpool

              Tobias, Morris of London

              Todd, Charles Louis of Newcastle

              Todd, G. of Newcastle

              Todd, Griffith of Hastings

              Todd, Joseph of Fence Houses

              Todd, Percy J. of Camberley

              Todman, Ernest of Pulborough

              Todman, R. of Cobham

              Toft, - of Hanley and Shelton

              Tole, H. of Stoney Stratford

              Tole, Henry of Stony Stratford

              Tole, J. of Newport Pagnnell

              Tole, T. of Newport Pagnnell

              Tole, Thomas of Newport Pagnell

              Tole, Thomas of Newport

              Toleman, John of Carnarvon

              Toleman, John of Pwllheli

              Toleman, Richard Henry of Carnarvon

              Toleman, William of Carnarvon

              Tolhurst, H. of Hurst Green

              Tolkien & Dancer of London

              Tolladay, A of West Ham

              Tollady, Alfred Edward of Bury St Edmunds

              Tollady, Dollar of Bury St Edmunds

              Tolputt, John of Portsmouth

              Tolton, John of Hull

              Tomes, Henry John of Rhyl

              Tomkies, Richard B. of Rhyl

              Tomkins, James of Ruabon

              Tomkins, T. of Leominster

              Tomkins, Thomas of Leominster

              Tomkinson, Joseph of Nantwich

              Tomlinson, Edward of Newcastle-Under-Lyme

              Tomlinson, J of Watlington, Tetsworth

              Tomlinson, J. of Thame

              Tomlinson, J. of Watlington

              Tomlinson, John of Horncastle

              Tomlinson, Thomas of London

              Tomlinson, William of London

              Tompion, Thomas of London

              Tompson, Joseph William of London

              Tompson, Joseph of London

              Toms, Joseph Edward of Redhill

              Toms, Thomas S. of London

              Toms, W. jun of Dorchester

              Tonkin, Ernest Robert of Colchester

              Tonks, William Henry of Liverpool

              Took, Samuel of Kings Lynn

              Toole, John Edward of Sheffield

              Tooley, A. of Woburn

              Tooley, George Aylesbury

              Tooley, Harry, John of Ware

              Toomer, John of Glastonbury

              Toop, John of Southend

              Toop, Samuel of Caterham Valley

              Toop, Samuel of Leigh

              Toop, Samuel of Southend

              Toop, Samuel of Westcliff

              Tootell, John of Eccles

              Tootell, William of Chorley

              Topham, James of Nantwich

              Topham, William of Ipswich

              Topley, Charles of London

              Topley, Frederick of London

              Torkington, W.H. of Manchester

              Torley, John of Bilston

              Torr, Edwin Elijah of London

              Torr, Eli of London

              Torry, J. of Birkenhead

              Torry, John of Liverpool

              Tosen, John James of London

              Touchon, Henry of London

              Tourlain, William of London

              Tovey, Frank Ivor of Bath

              Tovey, William of London

              Towers, Alfred of London

              Townend, Alfred of Manchester

              Townley, James of Liverpool

              Townley, Quilliam of Liverpool

              Townley, Thomas & Son of Liverpool

              Townley, Thomas E. of Manchester

              Townley, Thomas E. of Rusholme

              Townroe, James of Sheffield

              Townsend & Page of Dartford

              Townsend & Sons of Dartford

              Townsend, George Jnr of Canning Town

              Townsend, R. of Plaistow

              Townsend, Richard of Pitsea

              Townsend, William Wood of London

              Townson, Samuel of London

              Towson, John Thomas of Devonport

              Tozer, Benjamin E. of Sheerness

              Trail, Edwin of London

              Trail, William of Fife, Scotland

              Trail, William of London

              Traill, Alexander of Liverpool

              Traill, William of Kirkcaldy

              Trankle, A. of South Shields

              Trankmore of London

              Tranmer, Richard of Pickering

              Tranmer, William of Wakefield

              Trapp, Isaac of Liverpool

              Tratchler, John of Bolton

              Travers, Samuel Holt of Rainhill,

              Travers, Adam of Liverpool & London

              Travers, Henry of St. Albans

              Travers, Henry of Upper Holloway

              Travis, John Thomas of Darnall

              Travis, Robert W of Kirton-in-Linsey

              Travis, William of Leek

              Treadwin, John of Exeter

              Tree, John of Newington, London

              Tree, Stephen of

              Treeby, James of Richmond

              Treinen, Michael of London

              Treleaven, Silvester of Moreton Hampstead

              Treleaven, Thomas of Bodmin

              Trelegon and Turner of London

              Treliving, John of Devonport

              Tremearne, Maurice Rainer of Ipswich

              Trenckner, William Charles of London

              Trendel, George of Maidenhead

              Trendell, G. of Maidenhead

              Trendell, George of Maidenhead

              Trendell, James of Reading

              Trengove, Arthur of Croydon

              Trent, Henry S. of Ipswich

              Tresher, Fesser and Co. of Wolverhampton

              Trevena, William of Redruth

              Trevena, William of St Agnes

              Trevor, A.E. of Dolgelley

              Trevor, Edward of Higher Broughton

              Trewinnard, Alfred of London

              Trewinnard, Arthur of London

              Trewinnard, Edward of London

              Trewinnard, J & J. of London

              Trewinnard, J. of London

              Trewinnard, J.J. of London

              Trewinnard, Joseph of London

              Trewinnard, Joshua of London

              Trezies, James of London

              Tribe, Daniel of Portsmouth

              Tribe, John Carr of London

              Trick, William of Bideford

              Triggs, John R of South Norwood

              Triggs, William of Guildford

              Trimnell, W. H. of Canterbury

              Tring, Robert of Stoke, Guildford

              Tringham, George of London

              Trippet, William of London

              Tripplin, Julien Besancon of London

              Trist, Benjamin of Brixham

              Trist, James of Torquay

              Trist, Sarah of Brixham

              Tristram, James of Liverpool

              Tristram, James of Liverpool

              Tristram, William of Carnarvon

              Tritschler & Co. of Carlisle

              Tritschler & Willmann of London

              Tritschler, Joseph & Co, of London

              Tritschler, A of Scarborough

              Tritschler, E & Co, of London

              Tritschler, Miller & Co. of London

              Tritschler, William and Ferdinand of Carlisle

              Trobe W & Co. of Newcastle

              Trobe, William of Newcastle

              Trotman, Benjamin of London

              Trotman, Samuel of Godalming

              Trott, Albert of Luton

              Trotter, Alexander of Jedburgh

              Trotter, Henry of Alnwick

              Trotter, Joseph of Newcastle

              Troup & Sons of London

              Troup, Alexander of Aberdeen & Halifax, Nova Scotia

              Troup, James of London

              Troup, John of London

              Trowbridge, E. of Staines

              Trowbridge, Edward of Staines

              Trower, Robert of Prittlewell

              Trower, W. of Orsett

              Trower, William of Orsett

              Truck, Robert of Sutton

              Trudgill, Jacob of Ipswich

              Truin, James Bray of Cambridge

              Truman, Anthony of Sheffield

              Trumble, A.H. of Newcastle

              Trundle, Charles of Harwich

              Truscott, George of London S.W

              Truscott, Joseph of Saint Austell

              Truscott, William H. of Welshpool

              Truscott, William Howell of Aberystwyth

              Tuchman, Louis Benjamin of Birmingham

              Tuck, John of Wareham

              Tucker, Alice Kate & Eliza Fenella, Misses of Burnham

              Tucker, Arthur & Sons of Gillingham

              Tucker, Arthur of Chatham

              Tucker, Elisha of London

              Tucker, John Walter Tothill of Tiverton

              Tucker, Robert of Bideford

              Tucker, Walter James Kellaud of Exeter

              Tuckfield, Joseph of London

              Tuff, Arthur Robert of Romford

              Tumbleton, John of Manchester

              Tunks, David of Accrington

              Tunnell, John of London

              Tunnicliff, J.H of Leamington

              Tunnicliffe, George of Derby

              Tupman of London

              Tupman, George and Henry of

              Tupman, George of London

              Tupman, James of London

              Turk & Co. of Gillingham

              Turk, Jack of Deal

              Turk, John of Ashford

              Turnbull & Bunyan of Manchester

              Turnbull of Whitby

              Turnbull, A. of South Shields

              Turnbull, C. & Co. of Blyth

              Turnbull, John S. of Blackley

              Turnbull, John S. of Manchester

              Turnbull, Richard of Wooler

              Turner & Bonner of Colchester

              Turner & Leveridge of Colchester

              Turner & Sons of Surbiton

              Turner's of Folkestone

              Turner, A. of Welshpool

              Turner, Albert of Welshpool

              Turner, Alfred of Cheddar

              Turner, Arthur of Langport

              Turner, Benjamin A. of Ashford

              Turner, Charles & Alfred of London

              Turner, Charles of Oswestry, Shropshire

              Turner, Cornelius of Taunton

              Turner, Felix Percy of Surbiton

              Turner, Frank of Salford

              Turner, George of Honiton

              Turner, George of London

              Turner, George of Torquay

              Turner, H. of Chester

              Turner, H. of Colchester

              Turner, H.E. of Leigh

              Turner, Henry C of Oswestry

              Turner, Henry C. of Colchester

              Turner, Henry of Colchester

              Turner, Herbert P. of Kingston

              Turner, J of Chipping Ongar

              Turner, J of Leek, Staffordshire

              Turner, J. of Kimbolton

              Turner, James of London

              Turner, James of Sheffield

              Turner, John of Chipping Ongar

              Turner, John of Kings Lynn

              Turner, John of Leytonstone

              Turner, John of Manchester

              Turner, John of Southwell

              Turner, L. of Kingston

              Turner, R.G. of Caergwle

              Turner, Richard of Lewes

              Turner, Victor G. of Horham

              Turner, William of Caterham

              Turner, William of Coventry

              Turner, William of London

              Turner, William of Nayland, Colchester, Essex

              Turpin of London

              Turrell, John of Burnham

              Turton, Matthias of Leeds

              Turton, Nathaniel of Manchester

              Turville, Thomas of Northampton

              Tuson, H.J. & Sons Ltd of Bournmouth

              Tustin, Horace C. of Whitstable

              Tutin, John Allen of Leeds

              Tutton, E. of Richmond

              Tuxford, Thomas Haynes of Boston

              Tuxford, Weston Ingram of Boston

              Twaites, John of London

              Tweed, James of Liverpool

              Tweedy, William of Newcastle-on-Tyne

              Twigg, Thomas of Sheldon

              Twinn, James George of London

              Twist, H. of Welshpool

              Twist, Henry Clement of Sheffield

              Twist, Joseph of Ormskirk, Lancashire

              Twist, Thomas J. of Sheffield

              Twyford, Robert of London

              Tyacke, George of Breage, Cornwall

              Tyas, John of Salford

              Tyass, John of Salford

              Tydeman, George of Stowmarket

              Tydeman, James of Bildeston

              Tye, Robert of Spalding

              Tyler, Charles of London

              Tyler, Edward Jun of London

              Tyler, Edward of London

              Tyler, Ernest Gabriel of Hale End

              Tyler, George of London

              Tyler, Henry Alfred of Shepherd's Bush

              Tyler, John William of London

              Tyler, Richard of Wallingford

              Tyler, William of Romford

              Tymms, Henry of London

              Tymms, William Robert of Cheltenham

              Tyrell, H. of Hastings

              Tyrell, Walter of Hastings

              Tyrer Brothers of Sheffield

              Tyrer, H. of London

              Tyrer, Henry J. of Sheffield

              Tyrer, James Henry of London

              Tyson, Henry of Egremont

              Tyson, Henry of Whitehaven

              Tyson, Thomas of Bolton

              Tyte, Cornelius of Wells, Swansea and London

              Tyte, George William of Well

              Udall, Thomas of London

              Uglo, William of Truro

              Ulph, Robert of Stalham

              Ulrich, John Thomas of London

              Underhill & Son of Wolverhampton

              Underhill & Sons of Wolverhampton

              Underhill, Charles of Chatteris

              Underhill, Samuel of Wolverhampton

              Underhill, William of Newport, Shropshire

              Underwood, C. of London

              Underwood, James of Rochford

              Underwood, Robert of London

              Underwood, Samuel of Rugby

              Underwood, W.J. of Kelevdon

              Underwood, William J. of Kelvedon

              Underwood, William J. of Tiptree

              Undy, John of Hull

              Unsworth, James of Chorley

              Unthank, Francis of Birkenhead, Liverpool

              Unthank, Thomas of Stokesley

              Unwin, R. of Morpeth

              Upjohn & Bright of London

              Upjohn, Bright & Wood of London

              Upjohn, E. Mrs. of Maldon

              Upjohn, J. & Son of New Brentford

              Upjohn, James of London

              Upjohn, John of Exeter

              Upjohn, Peter of London

              Upjohn, Richard of London

              Upjohn, Robert & James of Exeter

              Upjohn, Thomas Oliver of Maldon

              Upjohns & Bright of London

              Upsall, Samuel of Yeovil

              Urch, William of Weston-super-Mare

              Urguhart & Hart of London

              Usher & Cole of London

              Usher, Charles of Kettering

              Usher, James of Lincoln

              Usher, William of North Shields

              Usmar, O. of Wrotham

              Usmar, W. of Maidstone

              Vale & Richardson of Bury St Edmunds

              Vale & Rotherham of Coventry

              Vale, George Frederick of London

              Vale, Howlett & Carr Rotherham

              Vale, John of Coleshill

              Vale, Samuel of Coventry

              Vale, William of Lichfield, Staffordshire

              Vale, William of London

              Valentine, David of Hitchin

              Valiant, David of Yoxford

              Valiant, George of Eye

              Valiant, S. E. of Leiston

              Valiant, Samuel of Leiston

              Valler, James Edwin of Ilford

              Valler, John E of Seven Kings

              Valogne, Charles of London

              Van Scolina, R. of London

              VanGoor, Colman of London

              Vanburgh, Jacob of West Bromwich

              Vance, William of Sheffield

              Vanstone, James of Holsworthy

              Varah, Arthur of Darnall

              Varah, Arthur of Sheffield

              Varah, George of Sheffield

              Vardy, Thomas of Alnwick, Northumberland

              Varley, Joseph of Duckinfield

              Varley, Thomas of Fakenham

              Varneau, S of London

              Vassalli, B. Mrs of Scarborough

              Vaucher, Francis. of London

              Vaughan, George of London

              Vaughan, J. of Staplehurst

              Veal, Charles Thomas of Chadwell Heath

              Veal, William J. of Liverpool

              Veal, William of Bath

              Veale, John of St. Day, Redruth

              Veale, William of Liverpool

              Veals, Harry of Birkenhead

              Veals, James of Exmouth

              Vearcombe, J of Bridgwater

              Veare, George Lewis of Hereford

              Veats, C.B. of Wickham

              Veliam, William of Crowland

              Vellenoweth, William Henry of London

              Vellenoweth, William of London

              Venables, Charles C. of Bury St Edmunds

              Venables, Charles of South Norwood

              Venables, Charles of Wycombe

              Venables, H of Guildford

              Venables, Horace of Guildford

              Venables, Joseph of Dorchester

              Venables, Joseph of Oxford

              Vennall, Edwin of Scarborough

              Vennall, James of Sandwich

              Vennell, J. of Deal

              Venning, J.H. of Balham

              Vercoe, Reginald of Stansted Mountfitchet

              Verity Time Company

              Verity, Edwin of Hillsborough, Sheffield

              Verity, James Edwin of Sheffield

              Verity, Walter of Sheffield

              Verity, William of Leeds

              Verley, Daniel of Liverpool

              Vernon, Henry of Alnwick

              Vernon, J. of Watlington

              Vernon, Thomas of Liverpool

              Vernon, W. of Thame

              Vesper, Thomas of London

              Vesper, William of London

              Vessey, C. of Ramsey

              Vessey, Charles of Ramsey

              Vey, J. of Wimbourne

              Vey, John of Wimborne

              Vibert, John Pope of Penzance

              Vicarino, Adolphe of London

              Vicary, John of London

              Vick, John of Stroud

              Vick, Richard of London

              Vickers, Arthur of Waifleet All Saints

              Vickers, Isaac of Lancaster

              Vickery, Henry of Windsor

              Viel, George Hypolite of London

              Viener, Maurice & A. of London

              Vieyres & Repingon of London

              Vieyres, Anthony of London

              Vigne, Ferdinand of London

              Vile, Jacob of Deal

              Vile, W. of Saffron Walden

              Vile, Walter of Saffron Walden

              Vilinger, Ferdinand of Clacton

              Villeneuve, Delonde& Co. of London

              Villinger, Anthony of Liverpool

              Villinger, Ferdinand of London

              Villinger, William of London

              Vimpany, Henry Daniel of Rickmansworth

              Vimpany, John Dean of London

              Vincent, E.H. of Chatham

              Vincent, Hugh of Lingfield

              Vincent, J. B. of Edmonton

              Vincent, J. Jun. of Melcombe Regis, Weymouth

              Vincent, John of London

              Vincent, John of Weymouth

              Vincent, Robert of Stratford

              Vincent, W. of Melcombe Regis

              Vincent, Walter S of Worthing

              Vine, Edward of Eye. This

              Viner, Charles Edward of London

              Vinten, Issac of Bridgewater

              Vipond, T. of Shildon

              Vipond, T.W. of Newcastle

              Virgo, Benjamin of Egham

              Vivian, A.J. of Bournmouth

              Vivier, Octave of London

              Voak, James of London

              Voeght, William Francis of Salford

              Vogan, Robert William of Bexley Heath

              Voght, Alfred Fidelius of Long Buckby, Rugby

              Vogt, Anthony of London

              Vogt, Charles & Frederick of London

              Vogt, F. of Thrapston

              Vokes, Edward of London

              Vokes, Edwin James of Bath

              Vola, Parisian Diamond Co. of Newcastle

              Volk, Julius of Sheffield

              Volk, M. of Brighton

              Volk, Piazi of London

              Volk, Plazi of London

              Volmant, Peter of London

              Vowles, Joseph of Hallifax

              Voysey, John of Kenton

              Vuille Brothers of London

              Vulliamy, Benjamin Lewis of London

              Vulliamy, Benjamin of Pall Mall, London

              Vulliamy, Justin Theodore of London

              Vulliamy, Justin of London

              Vurley, Peter of Wisbech

              Vurley, Thomas of Wisbech



              Wacholder, D. of Hull


              Wacholder, Solomon of Hull

              Waddell, Andrew of Liverpool

              Waddell, John of Liverpool

              Waddington of Chorley

              Wade, C. Rice of Aylsham

              Wade, George of Manchester

              Wade, S. W. of Liverpool

              Wade, William Henry of Kineton, Warwick

              Wadge, Josiah & Francis of Callington

              Wadham, Earnest William of Frinton-on-Sea

              Wadham, Earnest William of Walton-on-the-Naze

              Wadham, S. of Hounslow

              Wadsworth, John of Cheshunt

              Wadsworth, T. of Cheshunt

              Wadsworth, Thomas of Ponder's End

              Waghorn, Brothers of Croydon

              Waghorn. W & A. of Croydon

              Wagland & Son of Windsor

              Wagland, William of Windsor

              Wagner & Gerstley of London

              Wagner, Anthony of Hull

              Wagner, E of Hull

              Wagstaff, Alfred of London

              Wagstaff, George James of London

              Wagstaff, James of London

              Wagstaff, William of London

              Waight, John of Birmingham

              Waight, William of Birmingham

              Waight, William of London

              Wain, William of Alfreton

              Wain, William of Burslem

              Wainman, Samuel of Leeds

              Wainscott, Charles of Hereford

              Wainwright, Henry of Liverpool

              Wainwright, Humphrey of Bunny and later Nottingham

              Wainwright, John of Nottingham

              Wainwright, John of Ormskirk

              Wainwright, Samuel of Nottingham

              Wainwright, Thomas of Ashbourne

              Wainwright, William of Nottingham

              Wait, Edward B of Leytonstone

              Waite, Alfred of Huntingdon

              Waite, E of stratford

              Waite, E.B of stratford

              Waite, James Thomas of Sheffield

              Waite, John T of Sheffield

              Waite, John of Bath

              Waite, John of Stafford

              Waite, Thomas of Cheltenham

              Waite, William of Cheltenham

              Waite, William of Leytonstone

              Waite, William of London

              Waites, John of Whitehaven

              Waites, Michael of Ross

              Waizenker, Alfred T. of Maidenhead

              Waizenker, J & Son of Maidenhead

              Waizenker, J.E. of Maidenhead

              Waizenker, Julius of Maidenhead

              Wakefield & Co. of London

              Wakefield family of Gateshead

              Wakefield, Edwin of Gateshead

              Wakefield, Eleanor

              Wakefield, J.H. of Homerton

              Wakefield, John Samuel of Hartlepool

              Wakefield, John of Ayton Banks, Lumesley, Gateshead

              Wakefield, John of Chester-le-Street, Hartlepool and Gateshead

              Wakefield, John of Gateshead

              Wakefield, John of London

              Wakefield, Thomas of Willington

              Wakefield, William of Lancaster

              Wakelin, William of London

              Wakelin, William of Northampton

              Wakeman, C.J. of London

              Walbrook, Ernest of Manchester

              Walden, Charles of Ascot

              Walden, Samuel of Ascot

              Walden, Samuel of Wokingham

              Walder, Thomas of Arundel

              Waldfogel, Beha & Co. of Kings Lynn

              Waldvogel, Anthony of London

              Waldvogel, Matthew of Bury

              Waldvogel, Paul of London

              Wale, Francis of Reading

              Wales & McCulloch of London

              Walford, Charles of Kidderminster

              Walford, James of Great Bardfield

              Walford, John Austin of Leek, Staffordshire

              Walford, W. of Brackley, Northamptonshire

              Walford, W. of Brackley, Northamptonshire

              Walford, W. of Buckingham

              Walkden, John of Blackburn

              Walker, Benjamin of Liverpool

              Walker, Christopher of Manchester

              Walker, Edward of Liverpool

              Walker, Ernest Emery of Clevedon

              Walker, Francis of Maryport

              Walker, Frederick of London

              Walker, George of Manchester

              Walker, H.G. of Winchester

              Walker, J. E. & Son of Sunderland

              Walker, J. of London

              Walker, J. of Nantwich

              Walker, James & Co. Ltd of Poole

              Walker, James & Son Ltd of Maidstone

              Walker, James Fraser of Leeds

              Walker, James Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Ltd of Romford

              Walker, James Ltd of Canterbury

              Walker, James Ltd of Chelmsford

              Walker, James Ltd of Colchester

              Walker, James Ltd of Dartford

              Walker, James Ltd of Romford

              Walker, James Ltd of Sheffield

              Walker, James Ltd of Sidcup

              Walker, James Ltd of Southend

              Walker, James of Liverpool

              Walker, James of Malmesbury

              Walker, James of Montrose

              Walker, James, Goldsmith and Silversmith Ltd of Gillingham

              Walker, James, Goldsmith and Silversmith Ltd of Maidstone

              Walker, John Nathaniel of North Woolwich

              Walker, John of Liverpool

              Walker, John of London

              Walker, John of London

              Walker, Joseph of London

              Walker, Joseph of Stratford

              Walker, Joseph of Workington

              Walker, Josiah of Mildenhall

              Walker, Michael of Chester-Le-Street

              Walker, Oliver Arthur of Ipswich

              Walker, P & A of Liverpool

              Walker, Richard of Burslem

              Walker, Robert of Blaydon

              Walker, Robert of Montrose, Angus, Scotland

              Walker, Samuel of Liverpool

              Walker, Sidney E. of Mildenhall

              Walker, Sidney of Mildenhall

              Walker, Thomas & Son of London

              Walker, Thomas B. of Liverpool

              Walker, Thomas of Liverpool

              Walker, Thomas of Manchester

              Walker, Thomas of Retford

              Walker, Thomas of Strathaven, Lanarkshire

              Walker, William of Keighley

              Walker, William of Liverpool & St. Helens

              Walker, William of Liverpool

              Wall, John G. & Son of Ross

              Wall, John Golding of Ross

              Wall, John, John of London

              Wall, S.D. of Felixstowe

              Wall, Samuel D. of Felixstowe

              Wall, William of Richmond, Surrey

              Wallace, Richard of Limerick

              Wallace, Robert of Croydon

              Wallace, Thomas Black of Liverpool

              Wallen, William of Reading

              Waller, Charles of Drypool, Hull

              Waller, Charles of Southend-on-Sea

              Waller, James of London

              Waller, Thomas of Preston

              Waller, W. J. of Woolwich

              Walley or Whalley, Richard of Liverpool

              Walling, Thomas of Liverpool

              Wallington, William of Abingdon

              Wallis, E J of Birmingham

              Wallis, Ebenezer of London

              Wallis, F.G of Leytonstone

              Wallis, H. I. of Peckham

              Wallis, Harold of Chelmsford

              Wallis, I of Leamington

              Wallis, J of Manor Park

              Wallis, J.W. of Camberwell Green

              Wallis, James William of Camberwell

              Wallis, John of London

              Wallis, John of Romford

              Wallis, M.A. Mrs. of London

              Wallis, Robert of Jarrow

              Wallis, William J. of London

              Wallis, William of Rayleigh

              Wallwork, Abel of Salford

              Walmsley, Edward of Manchester

              Walmsley, James of Buckley

              Walmsley, John of Barnard Castle

              Walmsley, Robert of Manchester

              Walsh, Arthur Paul of London

              Walsh, Arthur of London

              Walsh, Henry of Reading, Berkshire

              Walsh, James of Durham

              Walshaw, Robert of Liverpool

              Walter & Co. of Wantage

              Walter Cairns of Brampton

              Walter of Efford

              Walter, Augustus of Wells

              Walter, E & Son of Burford

              Walter, E. of Witney

              Walter, Edmund of Lincoln

              Walter, Edward of Caterham Valley

              Walter, Edward of Woking

              Walter, Edwin S. of Wimbledon

              Walter, H. of Ipswich

              Walter, J.B of Burford

              Walter, John of Manchester

              Walter, Joseph of Manchester

              Walter, Michael of Plymouth

              Walton, B. of Chester

              Walton, F. of Connah's Quay

              Walton, F.J. of Connah's Quay

              Walton, James of Warwick

              Wangler, J.G. of Oxford

              Wangler, L & Co. of Oxford

              Wangler, Richard of London

              Wantock, Edward of Sheffield

              Warbrick, Richard of Liverpool

              Warburton, John of Liverpool

              Warburton, Sidney G & Son of Manor Park

              Warburton, Sidney George of Manor Park

              Warburton, Thomas and Son of Bollington, Cheshire

              Warburton, Thomas of Liverpool

              Ward & Co. of Sheffield

              Ward, Abraham of Grimsby

              Ward, C of Shrewsbury

              Ward, Charles of Cambridge

              Ward, Charles of Manchester

              Ward, E. of Colwyn Bay

              Ward, E.E. of Bethesda

              Ward, Edward of Grimsby

              Ward, Frederick of Bocking, Braintree

              Ward, G. of Hounslow

              Ward, G. of London

              Ward, James of Liverpool

              Ward, James of Stratford upon Avon

              Ward, John Horace of Birkenhead and Liverpool

              Ward, John M. of Chesterfield

              Ward, John Thomas of Richmond

              Ward, John of Liverpool

              Ward, John of London

              Ward, Joseph of Grimsby

              Ward, Richard of London

              Ward, Robert of Acle

              Ward, Samuel of Strangeways

              Ward, Thomas of Ipswich

              Ward, William H. of Liverpool

              Ward, William Henry of Liverpool

              Ward, William of Liverpool

              Ward, William of London

              Warden and Bower of Falkirk

              Warden, J. of Waltham Abbey

              Warden, John S. of Waltham Abbey

              Warden, Robert of Falkiirk

              Wardlaw, Henry of Liverpool

              Wardlow, Henry of Liverpool

              Ware, E. G. of Woolwich

              Ware, Edward George of London

              Wareham, E of Chelmsford

              Wareham, John of London

              Warey, D G of Kirkburton

              Waring, James of Stockport

              Warley, J. of York

              Warman, C of Bampton

              Warmisham, John of Manchester

              Warmisham, William of Manchester

              Warn, William of Leytonstone

              Warne, Robert & Co. of Liverpool

              Warne, Walter of Plaistow

              Warner & Hinds of Dublin

              Warner, Ann, Mrs & Co. of Tring

              Warner, Elizabeth of Evesham

              Warner, J. of Bridport

              Warner, John Henry of Great Berkhamstead

              Warner, John Smith of Moreton

              Warner, John of Kington

              Warner, Robert of Pershore

              Warner, Thomas of Campden

              Warner, Tom of Manchester

              Warner, William of Liverpool

              Warr, Jarvis of Luton

              Warr, William of Markyate Street

              Warren, Albert of West Bromwich

              Warren, G.W. of London

              Warren, George of Tottenham

              Warren, Henry of Kettering

              Warren, Henry of Stamford

              Warren, John of Attleborough

              Warren, John of Ipswich

              Warren, John of London

              Warren, John of London

              Warren, Joseph of Ixworth

              Warren, Robert Gates of Woodford Green

              Warren, W. of Olney

              Warren, William of London

              Warrington, Thomas of Manchester

              Warry, John of Bristol

              Warschauer, Sally of London

              Warski, Joseph of Colwyn Bay

              Wartski, C. & H. of Llandudno.

              Wartski, Morris of Bangor

              Warwick, George T. of Mortimer

              Warwick, Samuel of London

              Warwick, Thomas of Birmingham

              Washbourn, Samuel of Marlow

              Waster, Frederick of Northampton

              Watch & Clock Repair Service of Torquay

              Watch & Clock Repairing Co. of Billericay

              Watch & Jewellery Co. of Ipswich

              Waterfall, A. & Co. of Manchester

              Waterfall, William of Coventry

              Waterhouse and Co. of Cork

              Waterlow, William Henry of London

              Waters, Charles James of Epsom

              Waters, Henry of London

              Waters, John Henry of Gateshead

              Wathew & Butt of

              Wathew, John F. of Chester

              Watkin, John of Widnes

              Watkins, A. of Middlesborough

              Watkins, A. of West Hartlepool

              Watkins, Alexander of London

              Watkins, Daniel of Barking

              Watkins, E. of Chester

              Watkins, Ernest of Bracknell

              Watkins, Jno Stickley of Birmingham

              Watkins, Joseph of London

              Watkins, Thomas Henry of Birmingham

              Watkins, William Augustus of London

              Watmough, William of Southport

              Watson, Charles Sparkes of Cambridge

              Watson, Edward of Lincoln

              Watson, Edward of London

              Watson, Emerson & Sons of Newcastle

              Watson, Frederick of Beverley

              Watson, Henry of London

              Watson, Hugo of Bradford

              Watson, Inglis of London

              Watson, J.W of Great Driffield

              Watson, James of London

              Watson, John Cooke of Hull

              Watson, John of Blackburn

              Watson, John of Kirriemuir

              Watson, John of Manchester

              Watson, John of Sunderland

              Watson, Joseph of Cambridge

              Watson, Joseph of London

              Watson, Joseph of Market Rasen

              Watson, R. of Newcastle

              Watson, Robert of Newcastle

              Watson, Thomas of Newcastle

              Watson, Thomas of Wakefield

              Watson, Walter of Altringham

              Watson, William of London

              Watt, James of Burnham

              Watt, James of Liverpool & Southport

              Watters, W of Pathhead

              Watts, Edward of Poole

              Watts, G.P. of Southampton

              Watts, Gilford of London

              Watts, Henry R of Westbury

              Watts, Mary, Mrs. of Liverpool

              Watts, Stuart of Boston

              Watts, Thomas of Liverpool

              Watts, W,G. of Wandsworth

              Watts, W.E of Nottingham

              Watts, William of Tenbury

              Waugh, William of Liverpool

              Waycott, Charles of Glastonbury

              Waycott, Robert of Torquay

              Wayland, Clarence Pinto of Southend

              Wayland, H. J. & J. of Stratford

              Wayland, H.J. & James of London

              Wayland, Henry & James of West Ham

              Wayland, Henry John & James of Stratford

              Wayland, Sidney Ernest of Westcliff

              Waylett, J. of London

              Weare Family of Wincanton

              Weare, Bernard Herbert of Wincanton

              Weare, Charles of Sherborne, Dorset

              Weare, Ernest Spencer of Wincanton

              Weare, Frederick Charles of Chichester

              Weare, Joseph of Wincanton

              Weare, Josiah of Wincanton

              Weare, Robert of Welshpool

              Weare, William of Wincanton

              Wearer's Jewellery Shop of Canterbury

              Weatherall, Frank of Stockton

              Weatherell, Joseph of Leytonstone

              Weatherhead J. of Kirkby Lonsdale

              Weatherhead Leonard of Kirkby Lonsdale

              Weatherhead Miles of Kirkby Lonsdale

              Weatherhead family of Kirkby Lonsdale

              Weatherhill, Samuel of Liverpool

              Weatherilt, Samuel Snr of Liverpool

              Weatherilt, Samuel of Liverpool

              Weatherilt, William of Liverpool

              Weatherilt/ Weatherbilt, John of Liverpool

              Web & Hudson of London

              Web, Charles Clarke of London

              Web, James of London

              Web, Thomas Edward of London

              Webb & Son of Newbury, Berkshire

              Webb & Theobold of Walthamstow

              Webb, Benjamin of London

              Webb, C. of Banbury

              Webb, Charles Clarke of London

              Webb, D.J. & Son Ltd of Winton

              Webb, E.F. of Hadleigh, Essex

              Webb, Edward of Buerton

              Webb, Ernest of Leytonstone

              Webb, George J of Biggleswade

              Webb, George James of Baldock

              Webb, George James of Biggleswade

              Webb, George of Barking

              Webb, George of Dagenham

              Webb, George of Newbury

              Webb, Henry Edward of Bedford

              Webb, Henry of Frome

              Webb, John William & Son of Herne Bay

              Webb, John of Liskeard

              Webb, John of Stocksbridge, Sheffield

              Webb, Joseph William of Penge

              Webb, R of Plaistow

              Webb, Richard of Brecon

              Webb, Robert of London

              Webb, Sydney of Luton

              Webb, T of Thaxted

              Webb, Thomas Edward of South Woodford

              Webb, Thomas of Birmingham

              Webb, William Daniel of Norbiton, Kingston

              Webb, William of London

              Webb, William of Newbury

              Webb, William of Thaxted, Essex

              Webber & Son of Dover

              Webber, A.C. of Colchester

              Webber, George of Crediton

              Webber, Henry of Bideford

              Webber, Henry of Ilfracombe

              Webber, John of Falmouth

              Webber, John of Woolwich

              Webber, L, Miss. of Bury St Edmunds

              Webber, Lewis J. of London

              Webber, Richard of Stowmarket

              Webber, S.F of Stowmarket

              Webber, W.G. Ltd of Chelmsford

              Webber, Walter of Gateshead

              Webber, William Grose of Chelmsford

              Webber, William of Frinton-on-Sea

              Weber, Charles of Peterborough, Northamptonshire

              Weber, Joseph V. of London

              Weber, Joseph Valentine of London

              Weber, Louis of London

              Webster family of London

              Webster, Charles Louis of Stanford-le-Hope

              Webster, Charles of London

              Webster, Ernest of London

              Webster, George of Nottingham

              Webster, Henry & Sons of London

              Webster, Henry of London

              Webster, James Jun. of Prescot

              Webster, James of Bradford

              Webster, James of Prescot

              Webster, James of Shrewsbury, Shropshire

              Webster, John of Edinburgh

              Webster, John of Manchester

              Webster, Peter of Liverpool

              Webster, Thomas of Spalding

              Webster, W.B. of Stoke Newington

              Webster, William F.R.A.S. of London

              Webster, William of London

              Webster, William of Prescot

              Websters of London

              Weeden, Arthur F. of Surbiton

              Weeden, W. of Saffron Walden

              Weeden, William Farnham of London

              Weeden, William of Great Chesterford

              Weeks, J. of Haslemere

              Weeks, Percy F. of Ramsgate

              Weeks, Thomas of London

              Weeks, Thomas of Wednesbury

              Weeks, W. of Petworth

              Weeks, W. of Trotton

              Weeks, William Thomas of Lowerstoft

              Weeks, William of Lowerstoft

              Wegg, Nathaniel of Deptford

              Wehlan, George of Baldock

              Wehlen, Gustav Paul & Co. of London

              Wehrle & Fehrenbach of Bishop Stortford

              Wehrle Brothers of London

              Wehrle, Andrew of

              Wehrle, Fabian of London

              Wehrle, Henry & Co. of London

              Wehrle, Otto of Barking

              Wehrle, Paul of Cambridge

              Wehrle, Philip of Ipswich

              Wehrle, Sebastien & Co. of London

              Wehrle, Stephan & A. of London

              Wehrly, Theodore of Leeds

              Weighell & Clidero of Middlesborough

              Weightman, Edwin of Croydon

              Weill & Harburg of London

              Weinburg, Henry of Newcastle

              Weir, James of Glasgow

              Weir, Robert of Lanark

              Weir, W. of Newcastle

              Weissbeck, H of Scarborough

              Weissbeck, L. of Llandudno

              Weissbeck, Louis of Llandudno

              Weisser, J. of Brighton

              Welbourn, Edward of Mold

              Welbourn, Frederick of Thirsk

              Welch & Co. of Bangor

              Welch, A. & Son of Ebchester

              Welch, Augustus of Bedlington

              Welch, C.R. of Hull

              Welch, Charles & Co. of Liverpool

              Welch, F. & Co. of Annfield Plain

              Welch, F. of Kingston

              Welch, Frederick of Surbiton

              Welch, G. of Bangor

              Welch, J. & Co. of Bangor

              Welch, James of Houghton-le-Spring

              Welch, John of Bangor

              Welch, John of Sedgefield

              Welch, Joseph of Newburn

              Welch, W. of Kingston

              Weldone of London

              Weldrick, Thomas Alfred of Sheffield

              Welham, George of Needham Market

              Wellburn, Robert of Worksop

              Weller & Co. of Croydon

              Weller & Cook of Sevenoaks

              Weller, G.T. of Croydon

              Weller, T. of Croydon

              Weller, Thomas Ernest G of Vange, Pitsea

              Weller, Thomas of Croydon

              Weller, W. H. of Arundel

              Weller, W.A. of West Malling

              Wellings, E.M. of Brighton

              Wellings, E.M. of Hove

              Wellman, J. of Charmouth

              Wellman, Joseph of Bangor

              Wells, Charles of Liverpool

              Wells, Francis Gregory of London

              Wells, Frederick of Merton

              Wells, George W. of Wimbledon

              Wells, George of Shipston upon Stour

              Wells, H.A. of Greenhithe

              Wells, Henry of Newport, Monmouth and Shrewsbury

              Wells, J. of Acton

              Wells, J. of Barnet

              Wells, J. of St. Albans

              Wells, J.H. of Brixton

              Wells, James of London

              Wells, John of Kensington

              Wells, John of St. Albans

              Wells, Joseph of Hadley, Herts

              Wells, Leonard Arthur of Leytonstone

              Wells, Nugent of Newport

              Wells, R.G.A. (Horologist) Ltd of Guildford

              Wells, S.J. of Billericay

              Wells, Samuel J of Billericay

              Wells, Stanley J of Billericay

              Wells, T. of Banbury

              Wells, Thomas of Cambridge

              Wells, Thomas of Shipston upon Stour

              Wells, W & C. of Oxford

              Wells, W. of Gravesend

              Wells, W.H. of Oxford

              Wells, Walter & Son of Stroud

              Wells, Walter James of Barnet

              Wells, Walter James of Barnet

              Wells, William & Charles of Liverpool

              Wells, William of Horley

              Wells, William of Solihull

              Wells. James of London

              Welsby, William of Cronton

              Welsh, J. & Co of Bangor

              Welsh, J.A. of Tunbridge Wells

              Welsh, John James of Houghton-le-Spring

              Welsh, T. C. D. of Sunderland

              Wenham, D. of East Dereham

              Wenham, George of Watton

              Wenham, William of Newmarket

              Wenham, William of Stoke Newington

              Wenham, William of Wymondham

              Werni, G & Son of Reading

              Weslake, James of London

              Weslake, John of London

              Weslake, W. of Barnet

              West John of Topsham

              West Kenneth Arthur of Ipswich

              West, C.S.W. of Twyford

              West, Charles Sidney William of Twyford, Reading

              West, E & Son of Twyford

              West, E of Wellingborough

              West, Edwin of London

              West, Emma, Mrs. of Twyford

              West, Ernest of Upminster

              West, J. of Putney

              West, James of Bolton

              West, James of Manchester

              West, James of Sheffield

              West, John Joseph of Putney

              West, Joseph of Holbeach

              West, T. of Oxford

              West, Thomas of Reading

              West, Walter George of Guildford

              West, William W of Leigh

              West, William of Bolton

              West, William of Wrexham

              Westaway Henry of Woolwich, Kent

              Westaway, J.A. of London

              Westbrook, William of London

              Westcombe, Harold of Chelmsford

              Westhead, Benjamin of Liverpool

              Westlake, John of London

              Westley, James of Soham

              Westmore, Robert of Preston

              Westmoreland, Joseph of Haartlepool

              Westmoreland, William of West Hartlepool

              Westmorland, John of Hartlepool

              Weston, Benjamin of Hanley

              Weston, Benjamin of Shelton

              Weston, George P. of Wooler

              Weston, James of Ipswich

              Weston, R. of Hastings

              Weston, Ralph of Wolsingham

              Weston, Robert of Hastings

              Weston, Thomas of London

              Westrap, Henry of Coventry

              Westrope, Thomas of Cambridge

              Westwood, Robert of London

              Wetherell, Charles of Tipton

              Weymss, James of Appleby

              Whale, Alfred J. of Ilford

              Whale, Alfred Joseph Edward of Ilford

              Whale, Roger of Rugby

              Whale, William Augustus of Tantobie

              Whaley, John of London

              Whaley, William of Hartlepool

              Whalley, Henry of Wrington

              Whalley, Richard of Liverpool

              Whalley, Samuel of Manchester

              Wham, George Snr of Ely

              Wham, George of Ely

              Wham, S.E & E.T. Misses of Ely

              Wham, William Thomas of Beaconsfield

              Wharton, A of Grimsby

              Wharton, S of Grimsby

              Wharton, S. Mrs of Grimsby

              Whateley, Fanny, Mrs. of Lichfield

              Whealan, Joseph of Kenilworth

              Wheatley, Charles of London

              Wheatley, George of Biggleswade

              Whebie, Thomas of London

              Wheel, William of Sunderland

              Wheeldon, Frederick H. of Salford

              Wheeler, Cornelius of Bidgnorth

              Wheeler, Frank of Bridgwater

              Wheeler, George of Wenlock

              Wheeler, J.H. of Kettering

              Wheeler, James of Torquay

              Wheeler, Philip of Worksop, Nottinghamshire

              Wheeler, Thomas of Preston

              Wheeley, Arthur John Kent of Upton Park

              Whelan, Christopher J. of London

              Wherle, Julius of Cambridge

              Wherle, Otto of Cambridge

              Wherley, Silvester of Bishop Auckland

              Wherly & Sheraton of Sunderland

              Wherly, Philip of Barnstaple

              Whibley, T.R. of Southborough

              Whiley, George of Burgh-in-the-Marsh

              Whiley, George of Burgh

              Whipp, Thomas of Bacup

              Whipp, Thomas of Rochdale

              Whiston, George of Stafford

              Whiston, Joseph of Newport

              Whitaker Brothers of Parkgate, Rotherham

              Whitaker, George of Rawtenstall

              Whitaker, James of Guiseborough

              Whitaker, Richard of Haworth

              Whitaker, William of Camberwell, Surrey

              Whitaker, William of Chapletown,Sheffield

              Whitaker, William of Hallifax

              Whitaker, William of Parkgate, Rotherham

              Whitaker, William of Rotherham

              Whitbread, John of Ampthill

              Whitcher, John of London

              Whitchurch, Samuel of Kings Wood

              White, A of Woburn Sands

              White, A.J. of Framlingham

              White, Alfred James of Wickham Market

              White, Anthony of Manchester

              White, Charles Steward of London

              White, Charles of Barmouth

              White, Charles of London

              White, E.J. of Nuneaton

              White, Edward of Birmingham

              White, Edward of London

              White, Edward of Louth

              White, Emma, Mrs. of London

              White, Ernest J of Grantham

              White, F C of Luton

              White, F. of Lowerstoft

              White, Francis W. of Liverpool

              White, Francis of Liverpool

              White, Fras & Son of Liverpool

              White, George Joseph of Liverpool

              White, George R of Brighton

              White, George of London

              White, Henry of Manchester

              White, Herbert J Ltd of Taunton

              White, James & Son of Liverpool

              White, James of Wickham Market

              White, John of Hersham, Walton-on-Thames

              White, John of Kirton

              White, John of London

              White, John of Weybridge

              White, Joseph of Coventry

              White, R. of Newcastle

              White, Reginald, F. of Wickham Market

              White, Samuel of Beccles

              White, W of Newport Pagnell

              White, William S of Grimsby

              White, William of Aswarby

              White, William of Newport Pagnell

              White, William of Tewkesbury

              White, William of Walsall

              Whiteaves and Reeves of London

              Whiteaves, R. of London

              Whiteaves, Richard of London

              Whiteel, John Woodfine of Liverpool

              Whitehall, Thomas Batkin of Nottingham

              Whitehead & Son of Chichester

              Whitehead of Bournmouth

              Whitehead, Albert William of Sittingbourne

              Whitehead, Benjamin of London S.W

              Whitehead, E. of Sevenoaks

              Whitehead, Edward of Sevenoaks

              Whitehead, H. of Dartford

              Whitehead, H.A. of Dartford

              Whitehead, Louis H of Sheffield

              Whitehead, Robert of London

              Whitehead, William of Manchester

              Whitehorn, T. of Hampstead

              Whitehouse, F. of Horley

              Whitehouse, Frederick of Burgess Hill

              Whitehouse, James R of Cheltenham

              Whitehouse, Samuel of Lichfield Staffs

              Whitehurst & Son of Derby

              Whitehurst, John of Derby

              Whitehurst, William of Derby

              Whiteing, George H of Grimsby

              Whitelegge, S.O. of Torquay

              Whiteley, Harriet, Mrs of Manchester

              Whiteley, Joseph of Barnsley

              Whiteley, Nathan of Sheffield

              Whiteley, Thomas Jun. of Ripponden

              Whiteley, William of London

              Whitemore, Howitt of Bedford

              Whiterow, John of London

              Whiteside, James of Ormskirk

              Whiteside, Joseph of London

              Whiteway, Joseph & Son of Liverpool

              Whiteway, Joseph of Liverpool

              Whiteway, Richard of Birkenhead

              Whiteway, Richard of Liverpool

              Whiteway, W. J. T. of Liverpool

              Whiteway, William of Liverpool

              Whitfield, R. of Sunderland

              Whitfield, Richard of Newcastle

              Whitford & Son of London

              Whitford, George of London

              Whithum, John of Congleton

              Whiting, Alfred E of Sheffield

              Whiting, Charles F. of Sheffield

              Whiting, George of Moor, Sheffield

              Whiting, William of London

              Whitlock, William of Blisworth

              Whitmore & Son Ltd. of Northampton

              Whitmore & Son of Northampton

              Whitmore, H.E. of Bedford

              Whitmore, Henry of Manchester

              Whitmore, M & Son of Manchester

              Whitmore, William of Stockport

              Whitnall, James of Newcastle

              Whitnell, T. of Newcastle

              Whitrod, J. of Harling

              Whitt, Thomas of London

              Whittaker & Land of Mexborough, Rotherham

              Whittaker, William of Manchester

              Whittaker, William of Openshaw

              Whittingham, William of London

              Whittington, Henry of Bawtry

              Whittington, Henry of Manchester

              Whittington, Joseph C. of Manchester

              Whittle, John W. of Liverpool

              Whittle, Peter of Oldham

              Whitwam, Samuel of Mirfield

              Whitworth, George of Hull

              Whitworth, J of Lussley, Lancashire

              Whyatt, C.D. of Hadleigh, Suffolk

              Whyte, Thomson & Co. of Glasgow

              Whytock, Peter of Dundee

              Wichman, William of Sheffield, Yorkshire

              Wickens, A. of Bury St Edmunds

              Wickes, Alfred Nelson of London

              Wickes, Elizabeth & Son of London

              Wickes, George James of Cambridge

              Wickes, Henry of London

              Wickes, J.H. of London

              Wickes, John of Burwash

              Wickes, Valentine of Merton

              Wickes, W.G. of London

              Wickham & Son of Plaistow

              Wickham & Son of Southend

              Wickham A.J. & Son of Plaistow

              Wickham, Alfred James of Stratford

              Wickland, R.C.A. of Sheffield

              Widdowson, J.D. of Poole

              Widdowson, John - watchcase maker of Liverpool

              Widenham & Adams of London

              Widenham, Thomas of London

              Widmer, Gabriel of Liverpool

              Widmer, James of London

              Widmore, Christopher Dickinson of Lincoln

              Wiehl, H. of Sunderland

              Wiehl, R. of Sunderland

              Wiehman, William of Sheffield

              Wieland, Charles of London

              Wieland, F. of London

              Wieland, John of London

              Wieland, William of London

              Wiessner, Leopold of London

              Wigg, Arthur Samuel of Newmarket

              Wigg, Wiliam of Halesworth

              Wiggall, George of London

              Wiggan, Holes of Colne,

              Wiggins, Frederick & Sons. of London

              Wiggins, Sidney of Sheffield

              Wigginton, William of London

              Wightman, James of London

              Wightman, T. of London

              Wightwick & Moss of London

              Wiglesworth, Thomas of Caistor,

              Wigley, Henry of Dursley

              Wignall, Charles of Liverpool

              Wignall, Henry of Burnley

              Wigston, Thomas L. of Berwick upon Tweed

              Wilcocks, James Fraser of Ampthill

              Wilcockson, Henry of Liverpool

              Wilcockson, James of Liverpool

              Wilcockson. Mrs. of Chesterfield

              Wilcox, J. of Woolwich

              Wilcox, Louise, Mrs. of Farnham

              Wilcox, Thomas of London

              Wilcox, William of Wolverhampton

              Wild, Alexander of Liverpool

              Wild, Alfred William of Colchester

              Wild, Francis J of Dundee

              Wild, W. of Brighton

              Wilday, C. of Tottenham

              Wilday, William of Liverpool

              Wilde, Michael of Wakefield

              Wilders, John of London

              Wilding, William of Liverpool

              Wildmore, C.D. of Swaffham

              Wildmore, Christopher D Snr of Sleaford

              Wildmore, Henry D. of Sleaford

              Wilds, William T. of Liverpool

              Wiles, Edwin James of London

              Wiles, George of Hersham, Walton-on-Thames

              Wiles, Henry of Newcastle

              Wiles, Stephen of Chippenham

              Wilkes, E.H. of Wrexham

              Wilkes, George Henry of London

              Wilkes, R.M. of Rhos

              Wilkes, Richard M. of Wrexham

              Wilkes, William Thomas of Walthamstow

              Wilkie, R. of Great Stanmore

              Wilkie, Robert of Cupar, Fife

              Wilkie, Robert of Great Stanmore

              Wilkins & Reeves of Norbiton, Kingston

              Wilkins, Charles of Epsom

              Wilkins, Frank of Sheffield

              Wilkins, George of London

              Wilkins, Samuel of London

              Wilkinson, Benjamin of Windsor

              Wilkinson, Brothers of Woodford

              Wilkinson, Charles of Ilford

              Wilkinson, Charles of Leytonstone

              Wilkinson, Emerson jun. of Dipton

              Wilkinson, Henry William of Leytonstone

              Wilkinson, James of Manchester

              Wilkinson, John Hodgson of Annan

              Wilkinson, John of Cartmel

              Wilkinson, John of Liverpool

              Wilkinson, John of Stone

              Wilkinson, Joseph of Coventry

              Wilkinson, Joseph of Moor, Sheffield

              Wilkinson, Joseph of Sheffield

              Wilkinson, Joseph of Wigton

              Wilkinson, Maurice of Nantwich

              Wilkinson, Stanley of Westcliff

              Wilkinson, Walter of Leyton

              Wilkinson, William of Frodsham

              Wilks, E.H. of Wrexham.Denbighshire

              Wilks, F. of Broadstairs

              Wilks, Henry of Mexborough, Rotherham

              Wilks, Joseph of Liverpool

              Wilks, Mrs. of Wrexham

              Wilks, R.M. of Wrexham

              Wilks, Richard M. of Wrexham

              Willard, Jonas & Co. of Manchester

              Willcot, John of Liverpool

              Willcox, Thomas William of Alnwick

              Willey, Frederick of Liverpool

              William Bowra of Sevenoaks

              William Isaac of Llanelli

              William James of Salisbury

              William Tate of Winterton

              William W. Cartwright of

              William, Edward of Ipswich

              Williams & Co. of Chatham

              Williams & Co. of Llandudno

              Williams & Pritchard of Carnarvon

              Williams & Son of Ewell, Epsom

              Williams & Son of Worcester Park

              Williams Bros. of Dolgelley

              Williams, Adrian of London

              Williams, Alfred & Co. of Carnarvon

              Williams, Arthur of Falmouth

              Williams, Augustus of London

              Williams, B.W. of Wrexham

              Williams, C.O & Co. of Cardiff

              Williams, Charles P of Sandy

              Williams, Charles of Exeter

              Williams, D.H. of Rhyl, Denbighshire, Wales

              Williams, Daniel of Bangor

              Williams, Daniel of Glanrafon

              Williams, Earnest of Southend

              Williams, Ellen of Llanrwst

              Williams, F.J. of Chester

              Williams, Frank of Penmaenmawr

              Williams, G of Newington, Hull

              Williams, G. Owen of Dolgelley

              Williams, G.O. of Dolgelly

              Williams, George of Bristol

              Williams, George of London

              Williams, George of Montgomery

              Williams, Griffith Owen of Dolgelly

              Williams, H. of Wimbledon

              Williams, H.G. of Holyhead

              Williams, H.P. of Trawsfynydd

              Williams, Henry of Hastings

              Williams, Henry of New Wandsworth

              Williams, Howell of Trawsfynydd

              Williams, Hugh of Edern

              Williams, Hugh of Ederyn

              Williams, Humphrey & Co. of Carnarvon

              Williams, Isaac of Coed Poeth

              Williams, Isaac of Penygelli

              Williams, Isaac of Wrexham

              Williams, J of Ipswich

              Williams, J. Pierce of Abergele

              Williams, J. of Beaumaris

              Williams, J. of Machynlleth

              Williams, J. of Wrexham

              Williams, J.T. of Rhosneigr

              Williams, James Morris of East Grinstead

              Williams, James W. of Hulme, Manchester

              Williams, James of Bethesda

              Williams, James of Bristol

              Williams, James of Chiddingfield, Godalming

              Williams, James of Liverpool

              Williams, Jane, Mrs of Bethesda

              Williams, Jasper of Saint Ives

              Williams, John of Abergele

              Williams, John of Bideford

              Williams, John of Denbigh

              Williams, John of Great Torrington

              Williams, John of Liverpool

              Williams, John of Manchester

              Williams, John of Newcastle-under-Lyme

              Williams, John of Torrington

              Williams, John of Wrexham

              Williams, Joseph of Denbigh

              Williams, Joseph of Henllan

              Williams, Matthew of Bettws-y-Coed

              Williams, Morris of Bethesda

              Williams, N.A.G. & Co. Ltd of Chatham

              Williams, Owen of Llanrwst

              Williams, Owen of Port Dinorwic

              Williams, Owen of Tremadoc

              Williams, Peter Parry of Liverpool

              Williams, R. H. of Llanrwst

              Williams, R. of Denbigh

              Williams, R. of Llandudno

              Williams, R.H. of Llanfairfechain

              Williams, Richard of Dolgellau

              Williams, Richard of Dolgelley

              Williams, Richard of Liverpool

              Williams, Robert of Bagillt

              Williams, Robert of Llanrwst, Wales

              Williams, Robert of Manchester

              Williams, Robert of Wrexham

              Williams, Stuart of Liverpool

              Williams, T. of Brackley

              Williams, Thomas E. of Port Dinorwic

              Williams, Thomas of Liverpool

              Williams, W. of Banbury

              Williams, W. of Chester

              Williams, W. of Dolgelly

              Williams, W. of Liverpool

              Williams, W. of Llanidloes

              Williams, W.D. of Hoole

              Williams, W.P. of Amlwch

              Williams, Walter M. of Bangor

              Williams, Walter of Bangor

              Williams, Walter of Liverpool

              Williams, William Arthur of Forest gate

              Williams, William Prichard of Holyhead

              Williams, William Pritchard of Holyhead

              Williams, William of Radcliffe, Bury, Manchester

              Williams, William of Bethesda

              Williams, William of Cheltenham

              Williams, William of Dolgelley

              Williams, William of Liverpool

              Williams, William of Llanidloes

              Williams, William of Reading

              Williams, Wynn B. of Wrexham

              Williamson, A.G. of Bournmouth

              Williamson, C. of London

              Williamson, Charles of Salford

              Williamson, Christopher of London

              Williamson, David J. of Clacton

              Williamson, Henry of London

              Williamson, Jacob of Liverpool

              Williamson, John of London

              Williamson, John of Warrington

              Williamson, Joseph of Rochdale

              Williamson, Thomas of Stalybridge

              Williamson, W. H. of Newcastle

              Williamson, William of Pinner

              Willis, E.B. of Rochester

              Willis, Ephraim of Reepham

              Willis, G.W. & Son Ltd of Basingstoke

              Willis, George of Northwich

              Willis, George of Northwich

              Willis, Henry James of Barking

              Willis, T. of Dunmow

              Willis, Thomas of Dunmow

              Willliams, Hugh of Edern

              Willliams, Thomas of Bala

              Willman, C. of Norwood

              Willman, C. of Upper Norwood

              Willman, Joseph of Bangor

              Willman, R & Co. of London

              Willman, W. of Wimbledon

              Willman, William of Wimbledon

              Willmann, C of Norwood

              Willmann, Elias of Croydon

              Willmann, Phillip of London

              Willmott, John of Spalding

              Willoughby, Robert of Newcastle

              Wills, M of Torquay

              Willson, Alfred of Ipswich

              Willson, Glaude V. of London

              Willson, J.S of Littleport, Ely

              Willson, Joseph of Sutton Mill

              Willson, Robert W of Lincoln

              Wilman, Joseph of Bangor

              Wilmot, Frederick of London

              Wilmot, Richard Frederick of London

              Wilmshurst, Stephen of Odiham

              Wilmshurst, T. of Chichester

              Wilmshurst, Thomas of Deal

              Wilsdon, William of London

              Wilson & Gandar of London

              Wilson & Sharp of Edinburgh

              Wilson, Alexander of Bradford

              Wilson, Alexander of Kelso

              Wilson, Arthur of Thorpe-Le-Soken

              Wilson, E of Leytonstone

              Wilson, Edward of New Wanstead

              Wilson, G. of London

              Wilson, G. of Peterborough

              Wilson, George F. of Huyton Lancashire

              Wilson, George Harry of Peterborough

              Wilson, George of Appleby

              Wilson, GeorgeW. of Bury St Edmunds

              Wilson, Gustavas of Liverpool

              Wilson, Harry of Epping

              Wilson, J. & E. of Newcastle

              Wilson, J. W. of Newcastle

              Wilson, J. of London

              Wilson, J. of Newcastle

              Wilson, James of Belfast

              Wilson, James of Dublin

              Wilson, James of Hawick, Scotland

              Wilson, James of Loop, Scotland

              Wilson, James of Stamford

              Wilson, Jeremiah of Gateshead

              Wilson, John & Edward of Newcastle

              Wilson, John of Bourne

              Wilson, John of Bradford

              Wilson, John of London

              Wilson, John of Manchester

              Wilson, John of Newcastle

              Wilson, John of Nuneaton, Warwickshire

              Wilson, John of Peterborough

              Wilson, John of Sheffield

              Wilson, Joseph of Chichester

              Wilson, Joshua of London

              Wilson, Lucy of Lincoln

              Wilson, Oliver of Heaton, Newcastle

              Wilson, Ralph of Stamford

              Wilson, Reuben of Ipswich

              Wilson, Reuben of Newcastle

              Wilson, Richard of Lincoln

              Wilson, Richard of Liverpool

              Wilson, Robert Emilius of London

              Wilson, Robert of Nuneaton

              Wilson, Robert of Nuneaton

              Wilson, Samuel of Chesterfield

              Wilson, Stanley of Maidstone

              Wilson, T. of Ruabon

              Wilson, T. of St. Ives

              Wilson, Thomas F of Sheffield

              Wilson, Thomas of Barnard Castle

              Wilson, Thomas of Birkenhead

              Wilson, Thomas of Bourne

              Wilson, Thomas of Burton-Upon-Trent

              Wilson, Thomas of Cambridge

              Wilson, Thomas of Chorlton on Medlock

              Wilson, Thomas of Chorlton on Medlock

              Wilson, Thomas of Manchester

              Wilson, Thomas of Sheffield

              Wilson, Thomas of Spalding

              Wilson, W of North Shields

              Wilson, W. of Newcastle

              Wilson, W.W. of Croydon

              Wilson, William & Son of London

              Wilson, William Henry of London

              Wilson, William R. of Newcastle

              Wilson, William Robert of Stanley

              Wilson, William of Kendal

              Wilson, William of Manchester

              Wilson, William of Sheffield

              Wilton, William Thomas of London

              Wilton, William of St. Day, Redruth

              Wiltshire, George of London

              Wiltshire, Thomas William of Leyton

              Wimble, George of Faversham and Ashford

              Wimble, Jeremiah of Ashford

              Wimble, John of Ashford

              Wimbury, Henry of Guildford

              Winch, Charles of Burnham

              Winch, Charles of Maidenhead

              Winch, James of Maidenhead

              Winch, Richard William of Reading

              Winch, W. of Reading

              Winch, William Henry of Reading

              Winch, William P. of Reading

              Winch, William of Reading

              Winchester Co. of Liverpool

              Winder, J. C. of Canterbury

              Winder, Thomas of Lancaster

              Winder, W. of Reading

              Windle, William of Stockton, Co. Durham

              Windsor, James of London

              Windus, John of Liverpool

              Wing, James William of Canning Town

              Wing, Mark of London

              Wing, S. Miss. of Braintree

              Wing, Sarah, Mrs. of Braintree

              Winger, M Ltd of Leyton

              Winger, M of Walthamstow

              Winger, Mark of Walthamstow

              Winkle, James of West Bromwich

              Winn, George of Manchester

              Winrow, David of Liverpool

              Winser, A. of Brighton

              Winship, Robert of Barton Upon Humber

              Winsor, Thomas of Paignton

              Winstanley Family of Holywell, Wales

              Winstanley, Charles of Holywell

              Winstanley, Edward of Holywell and Mold

              Winstanley, Edward of Wigan

              Winstanley, Edwin of Holywell

              Winstanley, Ellen of Holywell

              Winstanley, John Wood of Holywell

              Winstanley, John of Holywell

              Winstanley, Joseph of Liverpool

              Winstanley, Richard of Liverpool

              Winstanley, Robert of Golborne, Lancashire

              Winstanley, Robert of Holywell

              Winstanley, Robert of Ormskirk

              Winstanley, Samuel of Liverpool

              Winstanley, Thomas of Holywell

              Winstanley, William Wood of Holywell

              Winstanley, William of Flint and Mold

              Winter, Abraham of Hereford

              Winter, Charles Edwin of Ealing

              Winter, Elizabeth, Mrs. of Bexley

              Winter, George of Thornaby-on-Tees

              Winter, J. of London

              Winter, R. of Chieveley

              Winter, R. of Newbury

              Winter, Richard of Chieveley

              Winter, Richard of Newbury

              Winter, Robert of London

              Winter, S. of Mold

              Winter, Thomas of Liverpool

              Winter, William C. of Sheffield

              Winterbotham, W of Stockport

              Winterbourne, Thomas of London

              Winterhalder & Co. of London

              Winterhalder & Quenett of Sheffield

              Winterhalder, A. of London

              Winterhalder, Alois of London

              Winterhalder, Andrew of London

              Winterhalder, C. of London

              Winterhalder, Cirel of London

              Winterhalder, George of Surbiton

              Winterhalder, J. of London

              Winterhalder, John of London

              Winterhalder, L. of Kettering

              Winterhalder, Leo of Canterbury

              Winterhalder, M. of London

              Winterhalder, William of London

              Winterhalter, D. of Maidstone

              Winterhalter, Joseph of London

              Winwood, R. of West Hartlepool

              Wire, William of Colchester

              Wirgman, G of London

              Wiright, William Henry of Manchester

              Wise, William of Wantage, Berkshire

              Wise, Charles Arthur of Hull

              Wise, Emanuel of

              Wise, Francis of Walthamstow

              Wise, Herbert of Bardney, Lincoln

              Wise, Herbert of Lincoln

              Wise, John of London

              Wise, Luke of Reading

              Wise, R. of Bognor

              Wiseman, Frank Edward of Ipswich

              Wiseman, H.S. of London

              Wiseman, John of London

              Wiseman, Walter of Salford

              Wish, Henry of London

              Wisser, John of London

              Wiswall & Co. of London

              Witbill, Mrs. Elizabeth of Hotham

              Witham, Henry, William of Abingdon

              Witham, P. Mrs. of Abingdon

              Witham, Prudence (Mrs) of Abingdon

              Witham, W & Son of Abingdon

              Witham, William Charles of Abingdon

              Witham, William Charles of Hungerford

              Withers, William of Bristol

              Withers, William of London

              Witherson, John of Hereford

              Withington, W.B. of Devizes

              Withington, William of Taunton

              Withnall, Samuel of Manchester

              Witt, I. of Kettering

              Wittenberg, Frederick of Canning Town

              Wittman, Waltfogel & Co. of Norwich

              Wixley's of Southend

              Wixley, A & Sons of Southend

              Wixley, Alex of Lowerstoft

              Wixley, Alexander of London

              Wixley, John of Walthamstow

              Wixleys of Southend

              Wlaker, Mathew of Litcham

              Wolf, Alfred of Liverpool

              Wolf, George of Liverpool

              Wolf, Isaac of Liverpool

              Wolf, Moses of London

              Wolf, Shreiner of Liverpool

              Wolfe, Elias of Sunderland

              Wolfe, H. of Manchester

              Wolfe, Henry of Manchester

              Wolfe, J.F. of Croydon

              Wolff, B. Mrs. of Richmond

              Wolff, David of Sunderalnd

              Wolfle, J.F. of Croydon

              Woller, Charles of Birmingham

              Wolsey, H. of Colwyn Bay

              Womersley, George of Huddersfield

              Wontner, John of Shoreditch & London

              Wood Charles of Whitley Bay

              Wood, A & Co. of Sheffield

              Wood, A.H.J & Co. Ltd of Sheffield

              Wood, Albert of Rawmarsh, Rotherham

              Wood, Albert of Rotherham

              Wood, Alfred and Son of Ilford

              Wood, Alfred of Ilford

              Wood, Alfred of London

              Wood, Alfred of Rhyl

              Wood, Alfred of Stratford

              Wood, Arthur Henry of London

              Wood, Arthur of Bagshot

              Wood, Charles Richard of Thornton Heath

              Wood, Charles of Chelmsford

              Wood, F. of Staines

              Wood, Frank N of Leigh

              Wood, Frank N. Mrs. of Leigh

              Wood, G of Bognor Regis

              Wood, George T of Crowland, Peterborough

              Wood, George of Mortlake

              Wood, George of Putney

              Wood, George of Sheffield

              Wood, H.R. of Masborough, Rotherham

              Wood, Henry of Brixton

              Wood, Henry of Chobham

              Wood, Henry of Consett

              Wood, Henry of Manchester

              Wood, Henry of Sheffield

              Wood, James of Llandudno

              Wood, James of Neston

              Wood, James of Oldham

              Wood, John Bolton of Hulme, Manchester

              Wood, John of Leeds

              Wood, John of Little Hampton

              Wood, John of Liverpool

              Wood, John of Nailsworth

              Wood, John of Sheffield

              Wood, John of Stroud

              Wood, Joseph F. of Liverpool

              Wood, Joseph F. of Manchester

              Wood, Joseph John of Richmond

              Wood, Joseph of Bury

              Wood, Joseph of Morley

              Wood, Mary A. Mrs. of Leigh

              Wood, Peter of Brighton

              Wood, Robert of Bolton

              Wood, Robert of London

              Wood, Robert of Workington

              Wood, Roger H Ltd of Bournmouth

              Wood, Ronal Herbert of Masborough, Rotherham

              Wood, Samuel of Ludlow

              Wood, T. of Clapham?

              Wood, T. of Sunbury

              Wood, T.J. of London

              Wood, Thomas D. Ltd of Margate

              Wood, Thomas J. of London

              Wood, Thomas James of London

              Wood, Thomas James of Sunbury

              Wood, Thomas of Knutsford, Cheshire

              Wood, Thomas of London

              Wood, Thomas of Southam

              Wood, W.R. of Newtown

              Wood, Walter H. of Newtown

              Wood, William and William Frederick of Kingsland and Leominster

              Wood, William of Bolton

              Wood, William of Leeds

              Wood, William of Liverpool

              Wood, William of Stanningley, Yorkshire

              Woodall, T.J. of London

              Woodburn, Samuel of Liverpool

              Woodcock of Shaftsbury

              Woodcock, F. of Shaftsbury

              Woodcock, Ham of Deepcar, Sheffield

              Woodcock, J. of South Shields

              Woodcock, Samuel of London

              Woodd, Joseph of Manchester

              Woodey, James Valentine of Southend

              Woodey, John V of Southend

              Woodfine, Robert of Liverpool

              Woodfull, Richard of Corwen

              Woodham, Ambrose James of Hungerford

              Woodham, Ambrose of Hungerford

              Woodham, Henry of Hungerford

              Woodham, Henry of Lambourn

              Woodham, J. of Hungerford

              Woodham, James Ambrose of Hungerford

              Woodham, James of Hungerford

              Woodham, James of Hurley

              Woodhams, T. of Sevenoaks

              Woodhead, W. of Huddersfield

              Woodhouse, Matthew H. of Manchester

              Wooding, A of Northampton

              Woodley Brothers of Llandudno

              Woodley, Josiah of Henley

              Woodley, W. of Newbury

              Woodley, William of Newbury

              Woodmancey, M.A. Mrs. of Hull

              Woodmansey, Henry of Doncaster, Yorkshire

              Woodroofe, Robert of Birkenhead

              Woodroofe, Robert of Liverpool

              Woodrow, Robert of Lowerstoft

              Woodruff, C. of Margate

              Woodruff, W. C. & C. of Dover

              Woodruff, William J. of Margate

              Woods, C.F. of Sandgate

              Woods, C.R. of London

              Woods, H. of Chobham, Farnborough

              Woods, Joseph CMBHI of Maidstone

              Woods, Matthias of Wigan

              Woods, Peter of Liverpool

              Woods, Robert of Norwich

              Woods, Walter Samuel of Sheffield

              Woodward, Bernard James of Shoreham-by-Sea

              Woodward, Charles of Ipswich

              Woodward, Hendry of West Croydon

              Woodward, John of London

              Woodward, Robert of London

              Woodward, Walter John of Bath

              Woof, Harry of Howden

              Woog, Adolphe of London

              Woog, Moses & Samuel of London

              Wool(l)ey, Thomas of Chester

              Woolard, John of London

              Wooler, Joseph of Wolverhampton

              Wooley, George of Bristol

              Wooley, George of Shiffnall

              Wooley, John of Codnor

              Wooley, William of Tong

              Woolf, Frank of Debenham, Stowmarket

              Woolf, H of Oxford

              Woolf, Jonas of London

              Woolf, L of Oxford

              Woolf, Lewis of Liverpool

              Woolfall, Richard of Liverpool

              Woolfe, Nathan of Liverpool

              Woollard, T. of Cheshunt

              Woollard, Thomas of Cheshunt

              Woolley, John Thomas of Bourne

              Woolnough, John of Carnarvon

              Woolnough, Joseph of London

              Woolnough, Joseph of London

              Woolnough, Stanley of Cheltenham

              Woolnought, Robert Henry of Hitchin

              Woolrich, John of Wolverhampton

              Woolsey, William H of Grantham

              Woolsey, William of Gainsborough

              Woolsey, William of Grimsby

              Wooltorton, Jerome of Saxmundham

              Wooltorton, Robert Woods of Saxmundham

              Woosey, William of Liverpool

              Wooton, John of Manchester

              Wooton, John of Salford

              Wootton, John of Chorlton on Medlock

              Worboys, Julius Carter of Baldock

              Worboys, Julius of Baldock

              Worcester, Martin of Wednesbury

              Wordley Bros of London

              Wordley, Herbert of Shoreham-by-Sea

              Wordley, James of Liverpool

              Wordley, William of London

              Worgan, Matthew of Bristol

              Worley, Simon of Stanton

              Wormald, John of Morley

              Worrall, A & E of Sheffield

              Worrall, John of Liverpool

              Worrall, John of London

              Worrallow, John of Wolverhampton

              Worrell, Samuel of Wardenton

              Worsfold, William of Andover

              Worsley, Edwin George of Luton

              Worthington, Thomas of Burton-upon-Trent

              Wotner, J & Son of London

              Wrapson, Charles of Midhurst

              Wrapson, M. Mrs. of Midhurst

              Wrathall, Henry John of Kingston

              Wratten, Charles of Chesterfield

              Wray, Arthur M of Boston

              Wray, John of Brigg

              Wray, John of Ulceby, Lincolnshire

              Wray, Richard of Kirton-in-Linsey

              Wreghitt, James of Hull

              Wren, Frederick of Hastings

              Wrench A of Leamington

              Wrench, C. of London

              Wrench, Charles of London

              Wrench, John of Chester

              Wright & Bentley of Stafford

              Wright & Smith of Maldon

              Wright, Alfred of London

              Wright, Benjamin of London

              Wright, Edward of London

              Wright, G. F. of Liverpool

              Wright, George F. of Liverpool

              Wright, George Horace Sydney of Rotherham

              Wright, George of Liverpool

              Wright, J of Leyton

              Wright, James of London

              Wright, James of Manchester

              Wright, John of Bangor

              Wright, John of Liverpool

              Wright, John of London

              Wright, John of Manchester

              Wright, John of Newcastle

              Wright, Joseph R. of Sheffield

              Wright, Joseph of Warwick

              Wright, L.J. & Co. of Manchester

              Wright, R & J of Liverpool

              Wright, Richard of London

              Wright, Robert of Kennoway

              Wright, Robert of Manchester

              Wright, Robert of North Walsham

              Wright, S. of Watford

              Wright, Samuel of London

              Wright, Samuel of West Ham

              Wright, Stanley of Halesworth

              Wright, Sydney Joseph of West Ham

              Wright, T. of Camberwell

              Wright, Thomas F. of Birkenhead

              Wright, Thomas Frederick of Birkenhead

              Wright, Thomas of Dorking

              Wright, Thomas of Liverpool

              Wright, Thomas of London

              Wright, Thomas of London

              Wright, U.G. of Thornton Heath

              Wright, W Ltd of Bournmouth

              Wright, W. Ltd of Cheltenham

              Wright, W. Ltd of Southampton

              Wright, William of Cambridge

              Wright, William of London

              Wright, William of Maldon

              Wrights Ltd. of Llandudno

              Wrightson, Horace John of Ramsgate

              Wulfson, Lewis of Manchester

              Wyatt, Edward of Exeter

              Wyatt, Lewis of Hanley and Shelton

              Wyatt, Lewis of Manchester

              Wyatt, Lewis of Shelton

              Wyatt, Robert of Plymouth

              Wyatt, Thomas of Altringham, Cheshire

              Wyatt, W.T. of Blandford

              Wycherley, John of Prescot

              Wyke, John of Liverpool

              Wyld, J. of Macclesfield

              Wylder and Son of London

              Wylie, David of Greenock

              Wylie, Matthew of Paisley, Scotland

              Wymark & Son of London

              Wymark, M & Son. of London

              Wymark, Mark of London

              Wymark, Philip of Brighton

              Wynn, J. Lawrence of Alresford

              Wynn, John of Guildford

              Wynn, William of Hinstock

              Wynn, William of London

              Wynstanley, John of Ruabon

              Wyse, John of London

              Xever Chen of London

              Xoon of China

              XZ of London

              Yabsley, James Benjamin of Yacker

              Yaffe, Max of Sheffield

              Yance, Mrs Edith Mary of Sheffield

              Yandell, William & Co. of London

              Yanpolsky, Jacob of Southend

              Yardley, Charles George of Croyden, Surrey

              Yardley, J. of Tottenham, London

              Yardley, P. of Bishop Stortford

              Yardley, Thomas of Warwick

              Yarndley, Charles of Manchester

              Yarnold, F.W. of Malmesbury

              Yates & Hess of Liverpool

              Yates, Ellis & Samuel and Co. of Liverpool

              Yates, Henry of Liverpool

              Yates, J. of Wandsworth

              Yates, John of Liverpool

              Yates, Peter of Haslingden

              Yates, Thomas of Preston

              Yates, William of Wolverhampton

              Yeates, A. of Brighton

              Yeates, Anthony R. of Penrith

              Yeates, John Robinson of Penrith

              Yeo, Thomas of Holsworthy, Devon

              Yeomans, Edward of Salford and Manchester

              Yeomans, Henry of Nottingham

              Yeomans, James of Manchester

              Yeomans, James of Stone

              Yeomans, Samuel of Coventry

              Yewdall, Albert of Leeds

              Yewdall, H of Leeds

              Yoell, Edwin Frederick of Retford

              Yoeman, R. of Birtley

              Yolland, James V. of London

              Yonge, George & Walter of London

              Yonge, George of Andover

              York, W. of Daventry

              Yospa, G of Sheffield

              Youles, Harry of March

              Young, Isaac of Liverpool

              Young, James Thomas of Barnard Castle

              Young, James of Perth

              Young, Joseph of Bewdley

              Young, Joseph of Whittington

              Young, M. & Son of Newcastle

              Young, M. Mrs. of Newcastle

              Young, Mark of Newcastle.

              Young, Mary of Newcastle

              Young, Mary, Mrs.& Sons of Newcastle

              Young, Sarah, Mrs. of London

              Young, William Henry of Boston

              Young, William Henry of Swaffham, Norfolk and Cambridge

              Young, William T. of Staindrop, Darlington

              Young, William of Dundee

              Younge, George and Son of London

              Younge, James of London

              Younge, Walter of London

              Younge, William of London

              Younghusband, Joseph of Norwich

              Youngs, Philip Alfred of Felixstowe

              Zacharias, A of Oxford

              Zagnani, Francis of London

              Zicree, Prosper Montague of Cheetham

              Ziehler, James of Crewe

              Ziemelis, B. of Bedford

              Zipfel, John of Norwich, Norfolk

              Zipfel, Joseph of Norwich

              Zipfelbrnd, George of Norwich

              Zobin, Ellis of Manchester

              Zolki, Abraham of Sheffield

              Zolki, Simon of Sheffield

              Zotti, Rotnualdo of London

              Zucker, Alexander of London

              Zucker, Charles of London

              Zucker, David of London

              Zucker, Joseph of London and Essex

              Zucker, Lewis of London

              Zucker, Moses of London